Customer Reviews: NBA 2K14 - Xbox One
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on November 26, 2013
I'm not here to hate on the game because we all know the game is great and highly better than it's competitor NBA Live 14 (If you want to call it a competitor right now at this time, as far as the future hopefully they'll improve majorly). As far as 2K14 is concerned it's already noted that gameplay it's really good, despite the fact the A.I lacks a bit at times especially on defense because they give your opponent too much space on the floor, so they can come back with a quick three.

But I'm not here to talk about gameplay so much, but I'm here to speak on the microtransactions and how its ruining the game if you ask me anyways. So lets get into it shall we? For one the accessories for your myplayer (compression sleeves, calf sleeves, headbands, goggles, etc.) you have to pay for each individual item and I what I mean by this is if you buy one color of the same sleeve and want to get the same style sleeve you have to pay for another color for the same item. Secondly, the attributes that they put on the adidias items aren't even that much of a boost to your myplayer in stats wise. For instance the dwight howard sleeve that costs 5,000VC for a +2 three point shot and a color of your choosing. It's as if your paying more for the name then the stats because if you use that on your MyPlayer then you could certainly achieve more then +2 to your 3 point rating unless its almost at max status. I'm sorry, but I believe they should go back to the nba 2k12 format of giving you the accessories for free and give your choice of team color 1/2, white, black, and also add any other colorway of your choosing. Also note that the headband accessory is 200 VC more then on last gen when it was 1000VC. Thirdly, you have to buy tattoos on next gen which is insane, I'd rather just have refined imagery from last gen and keep them free. But now you have buy tattoos that aren't even that cool, soon not even the shoes that you use in your MyCareer regardless of endorsement are going to be free more than likely. Plus you can you buy your Myplayer stats to make your guy ultra beast and be a troll online. The fun of the game is not where it used to be unfortunately.

To end this review off I'd also like to note that no matter the difficulty you play on even if you play on Hall of Fame and get a 2X amount in VC it's still a hell of a grind to even aquire a lot of accessories not to mention paying for signature skills, as well as jumpshots, dunk packages, dribbles packages, etc. Even if you conserve that VC it goes pretty dang rapidly more then you know it. In the end I believe they need to up the amount you recieve or in the end you'll just have to keep spending money in order to afford certain things just to get IN GAME. Not outside in life IN GAME and also note that if 2K15 doesn't allow you to bring your Myplayer over just like the past NBA 2K Games then consider all that money you spent gone and now have to respend it on a new character.

Oh and I'm sorry for those who can't do the VC glitch in order to attain there MyTeam players that seem to give a lot of duplicate cards by the way. Plus the contracts that they you recieve from a pack aren't even a lot, 5 contracts is the highest it goes unlike MUT on Madden where it gives you 25 contracts for a player which is awesome. 13,000VC for one gold pack (Only one type of gold pack, unlike last gen where they had 3 gold packs each having different traits) also you only get one gold player out of the pack, so it really limits you on who you could get plus the possibilities of getting duplicates are tremendously high unless your extremely lucky.

I'm sorry if you guys hate me for spitting the truth, but in the end I'm just trying to let you know theres not much free left in that game other then the game modes and that's about it. Its a huge gripe for me and I don't know about the rest of you but I hope someone agrees with me.
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on November 28, 2013
As most every reviewer of this title has stated the game clearly has stunning graphics. I can't comment on other game modes other than the "My Career" mode as this is where I have spent most of my time so far. Unlike the previous editions of this game, there is a very extensive story mode that unfolds a little at a time as you play the game. It may get old eventually and I'll get tired of the same repetitive stuff similiar to the in-game annoucers. You can only hear the exact same conversation so many times! At first it seems really cool that they say so many different things, but then the next game they say it all over again. This is what I'm imagining will happen with this new story mode thing they've got going with "My Career", but for now it's new and fun. You don't want the same game every year with updated rosters and especially with a $60 price tag. Now time for what really suprised me and not in a good way. Every year this game has pushed online play a little harder and this year you have to be online the whole time. NBA 2k13 allowed you to choose whether or not you wanted your "My Career" player to be online earning VC (virtual credit) or offline earning SP (skill points). Really no difference as far as I could tell with game play, but trying to save after a game only to find out that you can't connect to the 2K servers was so frustrating. It required you to replay the game again if you couldn't connect. I'm guessing this is why they changed it with this years edition. Now if you have no connection, you can't even play the game. Selecting "My Career" does nothing. It just sayes, you must be connect to the 2k servers. For me this usually means turning off my XBOX ONE and restarting because I have a good connection to the internet just not 2K. If you are playing the game it will stop and kick you back to the start screen if you lose connection while playing. This can be almost as frustrating as not being able to save after a game. For gamers that don't have a reliable internet service or people like mysef that do, but it seems 2K doesn't this is a real issue and why I only gave it 3 stars.
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on December 31, 2013
I actually really love this series and this iteration is quite good. The updated graphics are impressive and the gameplay is fun and natural. It is probably the best sports sim on the market. But this series has always been plagued by poor server support and rampant bugs (particularly when it come to ANYTHING done online) for some time and this version takes it to a whole new level of awful.

2K does not properly test their games and their online interactions. They push updates and modifications to the game without properly testing those changes. And when they introduce huge bugs, their support staff is unresponsive and unhelpful.

They made a change last week that wiped out My Player and all of the paid VC upgrades I had purchased. The game was actually unplayable and it put me in an endless loop continually asking me to create a new My Player over and over and over and over. I emailed them and tweeted them with no response for 5 days. When they did respond, they told me to check my internet connection. But I had already explained multiple times that my internet was fine and that it was their issue. There were many other complaining of similar problems and issues.

2K is a text-book example of how a very good game can quickly turn south when they introduce horrible bugs and horrible support. The game I took out of the box would have gotten 4 or 5 stars. But after all of the newly introduced bugs that made my game unplayable and server bugs and lack of support or help they deserve 1 star.

Wish I could rate it higher, but they deserve 1-star. They made my game unplayable with their (untested) patches and updates.
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on December 31, 2013
I've been a fan of the NBA 2K games since the original one on the Dreamcast, and although each new year doesn't always bring a lot of game-changing new features, it's always been the best basketball game out there. Trying to play the Xbox One version has been a nightmare though.

In terms of changes over the previous versions I have played on XBox 360 and other consoles:

The Good
- The more storyline oriented aspect of MyCareer is nice. Certainly better than the old "answer the same old questions at a press conference over and over" system, and they could probably build on it for future years.
- Looks nice

The Bad
- Very microtransaction heavy. That's fine for a free-to-play game, but when I pay $60 for a next-gen AAA title and then get forced to spend $20 on fake money to unlock core aspects of the game (especially in MyGM mode) it becomes very annoying. There should be more of a system to earn arbitrary amounts of money in game by grinding (maybe practice?) because right now the in-game microtransactions heavily favor players who pay for extra money.

The Ugly
- Always online connectivity requirements for the main offline single-player mode combined with huge server problems is a terrible combination. There's no benefit to the player for forcing the single player modes to be connected, and the end result so far is that I have only been able to play the game for a few hours on two different days in the last week I've owned it. And adding insult to injury, today the saves I had made for that amount of time stopped working and it seems that I have to start all over. Submitted a ticket to 2K last week and never got a response, but checking online shows that pretty much everyone else who bought the game is in the same boat.

Overall this is the worst rollout and initial playing experience of any game I've ever owned. It's understandable to have server problems the first few days but things are just getting worse rather than better, and I don't trust 2K to make things right. There are hundreds of games that cost a fraction of the price of this one that would be a better buy, don't waste your money.
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on February 7, 2014
This game is full of things that 2k makes you pay vc for, from clothes to the ability to be able to edit your rotation in mygm mode. Yes, you have to spend vc on basic things like changing the rotation or being able to fire a coach. The entire game heavily pushes you to pay real money. My Career and My GM modes are full of cut scenes and interactions that are very poorly done. The My Career also forces some things to happen to move along the narrative such as getting injured, which really takes all the control out of your hands. Some of this would be forgivable if the gameplay was great. The gameplay looks very good, but a large percentage of the things that happen are decided by animations the game chooses. 2k's new engine removes a lot of control from the player to make the game appear smooth and real. To top all of this off all major parts of the game are based 2k servers, which are spotty to say the least. This game is a major step back from the previous years of the franchise.
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on December 6, 2013
This review may sound like I don’t like the game but nothing could be further from the truth, so I’ll start with the positives. I own a PS4 and Xbox One and of the next-gen games I’ve played to this point, 2K14 and Forza 5 are the two that stand out as making me feel like “this is next-gen” when I play them. For both games, the gameplay is familiar while at the same time I can feel the difference. When a screen is set you can feel the weight of it. Spacing feels better and more meaningful. Last but not least, it is visually stunning. Someone stopped by my home while I was in the middle of the game and as they passed by the TV they said, “that looks real”. It is a step forward and when in a game I have no complaints at all. If you love basketball you’ll probably love the way this game feels when you play it.

All that great stuff said, when you get to the game modes, it feels like a free-to-play game filled with microtransactions trying to get you to spend money. Now if 2K wants to make this series a free download and fill it with microtransactions then I’m all for it, but after spending $60 for a game I don’t want to feel like I need to buy at least $20 worth of VC to make it fun. To elaborate, the old modes have been revamped, so what used to be franchise mode is now MyGM. This makes running a franchise like a pseudo MyPlayer mode with the GM being your MyPlayer. To make lineup changes you have to have opened up level 1 coaching, which cost 500 VC. There are multiple areas the GM has to upgrade from Training, Coaching, Scouting, and so forth where VC will need to be spent to upgrade your GM attributes. Some of these things just add additional bonus’ to your franchise like players recovering faster from injuries, but as stated about the lineup, some of these things are basics that you shouldn’t need to spend VC to be able to do affectively. In essence your ability to run a franchise will be greatly impacted by how much VC you get. Just like your MyPlayer experience is greatly impacted by how much VC you acquire.

That’s the main drawback to this game. There needs to be better balance between how much VC needs to be spent, what VC should be used for, and how much VC can be earned for free in a reasonable amount of time. There is a difference between using microtransactions as a way to add a bit of additional income and making a game built around microtransactions. This game seems to be the latter. When paying for a game it should be expected that the player should be able to feel as though they get the complete experience without feeling the need to purchase extra. I don’t get that sense with this game unless you have countless hours of free time to grind for VC. If this is the direction the franchise is going then they need to consider simply going free-to-play then I could spend $75 on VC and it’d feel justified.
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on December 21, 2013
When it works it is great but there is times when there is server problems and most of the features is based on servers like My gm and my player modes(along with online of course). This game looks a lot better then nba live 14 and plays better but a lot of the times it is hindered by 2k horrible servers. They also took a lot of the other features out of this game like almost to the point of like Madden 06 for xbox 360
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on March 11, 2014
I haven't owned a basketball game since bulls vs blazers and have only been to one NBA game in my life. I noticed a few friends online playing this and laughed at them....they swore it was awesome and because i bend to peer pressure, I bought it.

I have to admit it is a great game....the graphics are amazing and looks almost like the real thing. Upgrading your player/team skills is neat-o! It does take ridiculously long to upgrade if you solely rely on earning VC through gameplay. I was getting annoyed of stinking and spent $10 to raise some skills.

I've been playing career and gm mode; both have been a lot of fun. So bottom line, even a guy that doesn't like basketball can enjoy this game! Main reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of needing to be connected to 2k servers to play career/gm and the low amount of VC you earn during normal play.
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on September 2, 2014
I haven't played a basketball game since NBA Live 10 and I have to say I can finally see what everyone loves about the 2k games. I started out last gen with NBA Live 07-08 and I was one of the few that really liked them for the arcade feel and how easy they were to play and get though quickly so you could get through a season quickly. I did have NBA 2k7 and 2k9 but found them too clunky and hard to score in however NBA 2k14 changes everything. I know the 2k games have been well liked for many years now and they definitely did not disappoint on their next gen debut. The graphics out of the gate are nearly easily confused with the real life players and courts and also the crowd and benches and coaches look great too, especially compared to other sports games on the Xbox One which don't look as good nor are as all around detailed.

I don't care for the menus much at all or how you have to be in the game modes to access most of the features you'd normally be able to access form the front menu but it's not much of a con considering the game looks and plays great. I don't know everything about running plays in basketball but it is much easier to pick up and play compared to those older 2k games I had. It reminds me of MLB The Show in the way that I find the normal (or whatever the average difficulty is) very challenging and the higher up ones nearly impossible to be competitive in. I am getting better on whatever difficulty I'm playing on and I do like the challenge as it seems it's not one of those games that are super easy to master even on the hardest level.

The only mode I've tried is the Season mode but I've only heard good things about My Career and I'm sure it will be even better next year and more features will be added back in. I'd like to see a bit more lines added in the commentary so I don't hear the same ones over when I'm playing as the same team but compared to other sports games this commentary is on a totally different level and sounds much more authentic, flows better, and has more emotion than other games. Again I'm sure in future releases it will get even better.

NBA 2k14 started out great with the stellar graphics, gameplay, and realism so I'm sure all the future editions will be among the best experiences in sports simulation games. However I don't buy most sports games every year and since this one is so good I might not be interested in NBA 2k15 or might buy it used a lot cheaper. If you love NBA though this game is worth it and from what 2k has shown so far NBA 2k15 and all the future ones will all be worth getting as well.
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on February 23, 2014
Game was okay, there really isn't anything more to say about it. Basketball isn't my number one favorite sport but I do enjoy watching it when there aren't any soccer games going on. I heard a lot of great things about this game and so I bought it with the expectation it would be great but honestly it was nothing special. I preferred 2K13 to this one any day.
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