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Format: Video Game|Change
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on October 27, 2012
I've played NCAA for over ten years and this was the worst edition of the game. The worthless cut scenes and score updates for other fictional games was one thing, but the gameplay has actually managed to get worse. The rating system, which always gave good or great players a leg up in gameplay, now actually handicaps players who aren't good or great. Have an average QB? Prepare to miss dump off passes. How about a slightly above average safety? Doesn't matter when you're playing a team that's ranked higher - he'll get torched by WRs and dropped by running backs on inside runs. It's a little absurd that the only way you can enjoy the game anymore is to play with a top 5 team. Next thing you know EA will eliminate gameplay altogether and just run simulations based on some pre-season rankings they made up. That was the last EA Sports product I'm ever buying.

Way to kill a billion dollar franchise EA.
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on August 3, 2012
This game is quite buggy. Here are the bugs that bother me the most

- It crashes a lot. I especially love the 2-3 second freezes in the middle of play. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, but I'd wait on buying it until it is fixed.

- Omniscient defense. If you pass, you usually have to do some sort of trick to get a catchable ball thrown because the defense is super aggressive and swarms. They also run better routes than your wide recievers! They will start running towards your receiver the second you release. The end result is lots of interceptions unless you do play action or screens a lot. This also works in your favor when you play defense. Play action works way too well because they are super agressive.

- Stupid linemen. On running, the pancake animation happens way too often. When it does, your run is busted. Also, when a lineman pulls, they will usually stupidly run past blitzers, which turns the play into a guaranteed loss.

- The new adjust defense option is too powerful. When you select pass, you get tons of interceptions. Guess right on the run - you get them behind the line.

So bottom line - avoid until its fixed. It could be a great game.
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on January 1, 2014
I have always been an NCAA fan and purchase the game every year when it is released for as long as I can remember. I choose to write this review because basically 14 is the last edition of the game and it's no different from this version.

I love college football, and the Heisman mode alone is well worth the purchase. Unfortunately, EA sports has relied for far too long on brand name and appeal. The rating for this game is much more dependent upon my love of college football and the excitement of the sport than anything else.

The physics and the programming of EA is more and more arcade like every rendition of the game. What makes me upset about these titles is that the trajectory of balls (chuckle) as well as the engagement of players change to the whim of the CPU. Most dedicated gamers can learn the ins and outs of the system, but they shouldn't have to.

If you're engaged then you shouldn't slide/fly to the ball carrier based on proximity. You could be running straight away and if you pass an engaged defender he'll glue to you.
- The ball trajectory is insane as well, if it's heading one way it will literally auto track to another player without any rhyme or reason. Another lazy glue tactic to allow for the catching motions which are the prized features of the franchise for some reason.

While the death of NCAA football game is already given, and somewhat upsetting, I'm hoping that maybe more companies can get involved. Monopoly inspires little creativity, and for a long time dedicated player it's annoying. They essentially just keep updating the rosters and port every other feature of the game, and add or bring back some other fan favorite gimmick and a spit shine and scream "are you happy now."
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on June 24, 2013
I'm a big fan of the NCAA series and basically have come to realize that you can skip every other year and save you money. The rosters are updated immediately if you get online access and when you play a dynasty it doesn't really matter to me too much after about 2 seasons. I had NCAA 2009 and 2011, really not much change at all. Graphics seemed about the same. However this version had vastly improved graphics in comparison. Granted it's newer but still was a big jump from 2011. I actually find myself watching replays now just because it looks good. Player mechanics and physics are less repetitive and while are basically unrealistic still, they make sense to what's actually happening. Its got the great option of setting up your own divisions/conferences since all these teams keep jumping around and now I have a perfect Mountain West Conference for the upcoming 2013 season. I bought this used off Amazon and it came with an inactive online code so that was good too. Not looking forward to having to buy another year but maybe I'll get 2015 by then. No glitches for me yet so they must have cleaned everything up by now. My one critique is that it seems awfully easy to recruit so far. As a woefully poor Colorado State team I'm already able to recruit 4-5 star players and 3 star players almost automatically commit when you offer them a scholarship. So if you want a challenge up the difficulty from the start on everything you can. I also went undefeated my first season and played Iowa in the championship which seems impossible but I think the #3 team had 2 losses so technically two undefeated teams played for the ship. If you like playing these games, this is has been the best one for me for a long time. I played 2007 for almost 4 years just because it was so much newer and better than 2005 but it stayed the same until this version. No need for me to get 2014 at least.
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on August 18, 2012
Having really enjoyed NCAA 11 and NCAA 12, I was really excited about NCAA 13 coming out. There are a good number of improvements, though I wish the NCAA team would add in multiple cameras and do stat overlays like Madden. Like many here, I experienced the Dynasty mode freeze after my first game. Plus, South Alabama did not make it into this year's game and two of the other three new teams appear to be playing in generic stadiums. I could live with all of that, but what broke my desire to press on was during the forth quarter of my second Dynasty mode game, post-patch one, where players began to become invisible. That's right, they where still on the field, I just couldn't see them. I tried lowering my settings for subbing players out and back in, but it didn't seem to help. Overall, I felt like EA rushed an unloved game out the door this year.
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on July 23, 2012
It is pretty clear that EA is focusing on the next generation of games. This year received few noticeable updates. If you have played it before, you know what this game is about. Having the same themes, music, and animations is getting annoying. I primarily play an offline franchise mode, so I was hoping the in game cut-ins with updates of games going on would have been fun, but it happens far to frequently and focuses on games I do not care about. (If I am just trying to become bowl eligible, I don't want/need five updates about a team ranked 8th upsetting a team ranked 5th.) Also, it seems like Cincinnati would be an easy name for the game to say for a custom team, but like last year, the game will not say it.

All of that said, it is still fun. I pre-ordered it from Amazon for around $45, which is part of the reason I am giving it 3 stars. If I had paid $60, it would have been 2 stars. If you can get it cheaper than $60, go for it, if not, just get last years version and save some money.
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on September 14, 2013
Ncaa Football 2013 is a great game.One to four players can play... Ncaa football 2013 has an all new passing game,Dynamic Dynasty.Dynamic recruitment added a whole new level of strategy to Dynasty. Ncaa Football 2013 has ESPN studio updates. Gameday Saturdays come to life during championship run.On the inside of the case it comes with a online pass to access online gameplay. It will have a 16 digit code on the card inside the case so you can manage your online dynasty via a console,computer,or mobile device.
2. Compete for the most coveted coaching positions in college football in online dynasty.

3. Use team builder to create a school and customize uniforms,rosters, and more.

4. settle who's the best in college football with online head- to- head play.
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on April 10, 2013
I think I have bought every NCAA Football game EA has put out and, for me, this has to be the worst. I've never had a problem with their games until they pushed this junk on the shelves. My biggest complaint is the freezing on Dynasty Mode. I can play one game without it freezing up. Then I have to reset the system, play next game and if I start the next game, it freezes again. Tried on multiple Xbox's and all had same problem. A friend has the same problem so I know it's not my system or disk. Doing a Google search, many people have had this problem and after a year of being released, EA still hasn't fixed it. I will not be buying another one of these games again! Also, why is it that all the 5 star ratings on here are from people who bought the game for someone else and never played it?!? If my wife bought it for me, I'm sure if she rated it, it would be 5 stars also just because it's an NCAA Football game, even though she has no clue how much the game frustrated me. Wish we could keep the ratings to the people who actually USED the product instead of guessing how the person they bought it for liked it!!!
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on July 14, 2012
EA Sports played it safe with NCAA Football 13 by addressing some legacy issues while adding a highly marketable mode with the Heisman Challenge. Unfortunately for veterans of the series the game will feel all too familiar and those tempted primarily by the allure of legends may find themselves somewhat unsatisfied with the path they're being led down. NCAA Football 13 is a product as rich in content as it is uninspired in its execution.

What follows will act as more of an overview than a detailed review - that is still to come. As a whole the game could be best described as mediocre and inoffensive while still offering a respectable amount of depth and variety in modes. Fans of the series will not find much new - unless Heisman Challenge mode provides intrigue - while the lack of advancement elsewhere is immediately evident. Dynasty does come through with some worthwhile additions but the reach there becomes more limited.

Aspects like play action, pass trajectories, screen passes, and non-psychic defensive backs provide the improvement on the field. They represent significant advancements but at the same time it's hard to get all that excited about those things which should have been addressed long ago. Issues with the gameplay however were quickly identified. Poor safety play might be the most glaring of the bunch but at times deficient offensive line blocking along with the CPU being inept running the option and out of shotgun also stand out. User swatting or pick attempts with defensive backs appears to be terribly unresponsive allowing for some passes to be completed without any contesting of the ball. The CPU has also demonstrated some poor clock management and SuperSim is still busted.
Otherwise the game plays fairly clean with solid balance between offense and defense.

Recognizing just how many problems there are none really will be all that startling to those used to the NCAA series. They can at least be somewhat overlooked, especially considering the actual improvements that are present, but will understandably create some frustration as well. More though should be expected of the game than just being adequate.

There seems to be no point to the addition of motion blur other than to make the graphics somewhat worse and to act as a constant slight annoyance. Visually the game is still spectacular despite that. Presentation is less effective with a mishmash of broadcast style shots with replays and post-play scenes that come from cameras on the field that don't exist. Even though there is a disconnect in the post-play scenes - reaction shots often come from a totally different part of the field than when the play ended - at least it's not as utterly embarrassing as what was on display last year. Players still can't seem to walk around without bumping into each other but at least the focus isn't consistently on those interactions.

The additions to Dynasty mode are worthwhile. In particular the ESPN Studio Updates and Bottom Line Ticker are effective in making the games within Dynasty feel more important and connected to the other results around the country. However the updates become bland with audio sometimes poorly stitched together and when in the process of playing actually glancing down at the ticker could act as a distraction. More time will have to be spent recruiting but thus far the dynamic pitches, enhanced phone calls, and new scouting have added some much needed spice to the process.

Where the NCAA series has failed the most in recent years - and continues to do so with the latest iteration - is in providing a true representation of the college football experience. This is particularly the case in the audio area where crowd noise is often flat and in general doesn't have the effect that one would expect. The lead devs were at the Notre Dame vs Michigan game last year and still couldn't translate that experience to the game which is disheartening. Player reaction scenes are still weak and more often than not feel disconnected from what had just taken place. It's unbelievable how many teams have their uniforms omitted or incorrect. Commentary has grown stale but with the departure of Erin Andrews maybe EA will have the motivation to revamp it in the booth and not limit it just to the sideline.

Certainly an argument can be made that the resources spent on Heisman Challenge could have been put to better use elsewhere. Regardless it should be judged for what it is rather than what could have or even should have been. Heisman Challenge is a fairly inoffensive mode that lacks a compelling hook unless there is emotional attachment to one or more of the players. Even then once inside the mode it becomes a simple game of racking up obscene stats with players that aren't true replications of their past selves and that ultimately overshadows the worthwhile attempt from EA at paying them their due respects.

Online Play for NCAA Football 13 can be defined as a strength while still being indicative of the larger problem being faced by the series. Though the game performance is solid, and Online Dynasty remains extremely impressive, the suite of features feels more stale than ever due to a lack variety now having gone five years deep once NCAA 14 is reached without any notable additions.

There's value to be had with NCAA Football 13 - there remains a rich array of content and commendable depth to Dynasty mode. However those who play NCAA every year may struggle to identify what exactly would make it a must-have product.
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on July 20, 2012
I like other reviewers have been plagued by the constant freezing in dynasty mode. This happens when loading a game and right after the playbooks are chosen and you click start. I haven't tried installing to my hard drive yet, but a brand new game should never have this kind of problem. I'm disappointed EA and I won't be buying this series anymore.
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