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on December 20, 2009
Quite sensitive - maintains a fix indoors in places where we've not gotten any handheld dedicated GPS units to keep a fix.

Works out-of-box with Ubuntu, though the kernel puts it at /dev/gps0 instead of the more common /dev/ttyUSB0.

Under Windows XP, it keeps coming up as "Microsoft serial Ballpoint", and the GPS NMEA data coming from it gets interpreted as mouse movements and button clicks. The fix (although not easy to accomplish with mouse moving on its own...) is to open up Device Manager, and just after plugging in the GPS when the ballpoint device first appears in Device Manager, right-click it and select 'Disable'. Doing this over remote desktop or VNC is tons easier as you can keep the mouse cursor in one place... GlobalSat has newer Windows drivers, one explicitly saying it's for the ballpoint problem, but the only way I could fix it was to disable the ballpoint in device manager.

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on August 7, 2010
I gave this product 3 stars as the average of the good and the bad. First, the good. I tried it initially on a Linux netbook. After downloading and installing gpsd, the receiver quickly initialized and I could read the stream of NMEA messages.

Now, the bad. After that success, I used the supplied mini-CD to install the drivers on an XP machine. After connecting the device, I opened the COM port with Hyperterm at 4800 baud 8-N-1. The device was putting out a data stream, but the characters were garbage. No baud or parity configurations produced an intelligible stream. Searching the web, I found suggestions to download other software to set the baud rate. This failed to produce good data. With more searching, I found a discussion in the users' forum about reflashing the device, and using yet another version of the driver. This also failed. A further comment suggested installing the unified driver, which finally yielded usable data at 4800 baud.

Once the interface was ironed out, the receiver was able to initialize quickly indoors. I have evaluated similar products that functioned just as well but worked with the provided drivers out of the box. While I understand the problem of replacing obsolete media, a prominent notice on the company's homepage would eliminate the installation hassles and improve the user experience greatly.
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on April 30, 2010
OK, here's the deal. I bought this to get a portable GPS that I could play with on my laptop. I recieved it, spent an hour trying to figure out how it worked (because on windows it masqueraded as a serial mouse, had to edit the registry to make it work, which was inconvenient, and on linux it was as convoluted a process as these things usually are#. It worked ok for a few hours #accuracy wasn't great, ~20m).

Then it stopped working.

I did what was suggested in the forums, and on the FAQs. No good. I contacted support, and they had me do all those things again. Now I have to pay for shipping to send it back, and because it was purchased through Amazon, they may not replace it. And the return instructions say:

"--All products deemed Out-of Warranty are subject to a minimum $35.00 USD charge, excluding freight.
--You may be subject to a $15 service fee and return shipping costs on items found not to be defective."

So it could double the cost of the thing.

NOT recommended.
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on February 12, 2010
I installed this device on a tablet running Windows 7. I downloaded the Windows 7 driver from Globalsat's .tw website because I couldn't get the driver on the provided CD (XP and Vista only) to work with Globalsats GPS utility (Mini-whatever). I never did get the GPS utility to work, but after a couple of hours of frustration, I downloaded MS Streets & Trips (trial version), and the device connected flawlessly. During my attempts to use the GPS utility, I did the firmware upgrade, but I'm not sure that I needed that.

The device is very sensitive. Even indoors, it picks up signals from 7 or 8 satellites. In that respect, it seems to be much more sensitive than a hand-held GPS I bought a couple years ago (and have since ruined).

The instruction manual (on-line only) is poorly written and out of date. Arguably, following the manual instructions will lead you further astray than if you wing it. Notwithstanding all the flaws, the device a good buy.

About one year later.....
I lost my original and bought a replacement. The only difference I could identify is that the first one was white and the replacement is black. After initial installation, it worked once or twice then quit. I gave up and bought a BU-353. It seems to be working perfectly.
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on January 19, 2014
This unit works great! I like how it can be easily plugged into a common USB socket. This makes it very flexible! I have used it on several devices with a USB outlet and it captures satellites and gets a fix pretty quickly and keeps it so long as you have an open sky above. I have used it with success through a car windshield as well as a plastic canopy. I have tried it in my house but I have a metal roof and it does not work. When I take it outside it works just fine. So I think this is a very useful GPS.
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on February 12, 2014
Has no problem acquiring satellite signal indoors and inside a vehicle. Using it with Linux. It works phenomenally! Will purchase more for next projects.

One thing though... when I purchased this item it was "shipped and sold by amazon". I wish I could file a complaint through seller feedback, but that's not an option for direct-Amazon sales. The GPS dongle arrived "open box", but this is not an open-box advertised product. The packaging was completely cut open (blister pack). The device was in perfect cosmetic condition (no scratches, blemishes or scrapes), and I tested the device and it works perfectly... but YMMV.
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on February 28, 2014
Worked great with my mom's tablet prontotec but not with my kindle fire HDX the kindle can't power usb devices
For android tablets just get the free " you are here " app and GPS navigation app of you choice
Attach the GPS dongle to your tablet open the " you are here " app and wait for the blue light on the dongle to blink then open your navigation app
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on August 21, 2012
Initially it did not find a satellite inside my dinning room and I was thinking it is just like my old GPS, not very sensitive. So I took it outside and it locked on satellites within seconds. For some reason still unknown to me how GPS works exactly, since then this GPS became so sensitive even when I close my bathroom door, it still worked. May be there is some kind of memory inside that remembers the approximate GPS location. I have an Upod GPS dongle purchase about 4 years ago which is less sensitive then this one It picked up the interference from my laptop and I have to use a 1 foot extension cable to make it work. This dongle still needed the cable the very first time but after it had locked on to the satellites once, the cable was no longer needed. May it remembers a location in China where it was made and took some time to relocate. This is the first GPS dongle that somewhat works without extension cable with my Asus laptop using Deloreme 2008 street atlas. Four years ago I had tried 4 different GPS dongles and all failed. They all needed the extension cable for sure. On occasion some would work without the cable but very inconsistent, depending on signal strength. I now have a 14 inch screen GPS and my Garmin is on the shelf collecting dust. You don't know how hard it is to use a 5 inch screen GPS until you use a 14 inch one!

Update, I took it out on a trip to Monterey on Labor day. It did not lock into satellites when plugged into my laptop directly due to interference. I tried an USB extension and it worked. After it started working, I could remove the extension cord and plug into the laptop. It just can not be left unplugged for too long or it will not lock in until an USB extension cord is used. It does work a bit better than the other 4 GPS I had but it is not perfect.
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on October 22, 2013
Handy as a backup to the GPS receiver used on my boats laptop. Takes a bit longer to acquire and lock from a cold start, but this is due to the older technology of the SiRFstarIII receiver. Does the job for me, and the price was right ($37). If you want better performance, you should get the latest GPS receiver technology but be prepared to pay twice the price.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 24, 2011
I have had an ND-100 for about 2-years now, which I bought here on Amazon. When I first got it, I used it on my XP Pro Netbook, and after a few hours of fighting with installation, I finally got it to work - and it is everything the positive reviews said it was: fast, accurate, great signal. The problem is, it has a bad conflict with "Microsoft Serial Ballmouse", and the MS driver overtakes the ND-100 driver. In XP, you can (per-boot-up) defeat this in your control panel's device manager - if you have fast hands to uninstall the MS driver, before your mouse goes nuts.

However, I purchased a new HP notebook, with Windows 7 Home Premium, and this trick doesn't work. Now, I have already flashed the device with the new updates, and have installed the Windows 7 no simple,"oh, you didn't do...", because I did. My Garmin works on my computer, just not the ND-100. The GPS with Streets and Trips 2010 works on my Win7 machine too.

Sorry, but I have to give this device a 1-star. The manufacturer should go back through their drivers for it, and fix them, before selling it. If you do an internet search first, before buying it, you will see that there are a lot of 'ND-100 mouse' issues out there...don't be another victim.
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