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on July 28, 2014
I ordered this lens, mainly to snap wider shots with my iPhone 5 while on vacation. Both lenses are removable, which is great because the Fisheye lens was kinda useless. It was fun for a few snaps, but the distortion and lack of clarity made it something I'd rarely use. The smaller lens worked wonderfully, you just needed to make sure that you're getting the shot in focus. Normally you can get away with just snapping a photo in a hurry - with the lens attached, you'll often want to tap the screen to make sure the focus is locking properly.

It fits rather snugly on the camera, but can slip off when pulling it out of a purse or pocket. I just added it whenever I thought it would be cool.

1) It's really only designed for a nude camera, unless you've got a case that's crazy razor thin.
2. I only works on the back "main" camera - and it blocks the flash.
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on May 27, 2017
Second item I received today that is clearly used. Or at minimum a returned item that I was lucky enough to get.

At first glance the lens is brand new. It was in the original box and there was nothing to indicate it has been used. I put it on my camera (iPhone 5s) and tested it on the wide angle side. That's the side I wanted it for. It is ok. It makes the picture slightly blurry, like there's a soft filter on it. Not ideal since I'm using it as a security camera (using the Manything app) and having a sharp image is needed in case you have an issue. But it's ok. I wanted it for the outside view, to be able to see my entire backyard, but I'll just use it for the inside view and I'll be able to see the entire main living area.

The real problem is that when I turned it around to check out the fisheye and macro side, it was so blurry you can't even see anything. Like someone smeared Vaseline over the lens. I know enough about lenses to know this happens when the lens is backwards. I carefully took it apart to turn what I thought would be one internal lens around. But there are a total of four pieces inside. I played with it for a long time, maybe 90 minutes, trying every configuration, but I could never find the proper configuration to actually use that side of the lens. It's not a big deal to me since I bought it for the wide angle side. But it means that 2 out of the three lenses are worthless.

I deducted three stars (one for the wide angle being fuzzy, one for the lack of a fish-eye lens, and one for the lack of a macro lens).
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on February 24, 2015
Bought this for my husband for Christmas and we both love it. It is a bit of a pain that we have to take off our otterbox cases in order to use this - but that is normal for most lenses - so we just make sure to be extra careful when we are shooting with these. It's very easy to attach onto the top of the phone and is pretty easy to use. For how shockingly cheap this was the quality if actually pretty great. Fun to play around with! - See my photo of a shot of my wedding ring shot with the macro lens.
review image
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on March 14, 2015
works good .. but if you have a case its not so great. its the same with all of these lenses, they rely on the stock dimensions of the phone without a case, once you put on a case the lens doesnt fit. pretty easy to deal with, just take off your case, right - but now every time you want to take a pic you are taking you case off and then putting on the lens and then taking off the lens and then putting your case on. you will get tired of doing this.
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on June 23, 2014
This is my favorite toy right now and the best purchase I have made for a while. I originally bought it for work just for the macro lens because I needed to take some super close up photos and this lens excels at that for a fraction of the price of other models available. The fish eye lens and the 180 are fun but I mainly use the macro and have taken some excellent photos with it.

Some advice to those who buy it
Your phone will constantly keep trying to refocus and it will make it hard to get where you want it. Press and hold on the screen what you want to take a photo of to focus lock then physically move the phone to get the focus you want, found that it works much better for me that way.
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on December 24, 2013
What a great deal. I was only looking for the macro lens and thought it was bonus to get the other two lens (fish eye and wide). I read through most of these reviews and found them to be fairly accurate. There is a small shadow around the edges and not super convenient to take apart the lenses to get to the macro but for the price, it's totally worth and I'm really happy with it. I don't even mind having to remove my phone case to mount the lens! The macro does work and it's totally awesome. I leave it rolling in my purse pocket most of the time so the little pouch is absolutely perfect. Overall, a really great gift and toy to have for the iPhoneographer!
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on November 30, 2014
I've bought this item for film-making purposes with my iphone 5/5s.

Multi-utilization in a small package
Generally well made product
Allows you to use your iPhone as a fully-functional camera

Had to get a replacement, after lense fell out without provocation
First set did not have following issue, current one does: Black around edges of images when used.
If you intend to use this with any screen protectors, you can't

If you are looking for a quick, cheap option of lenses, and you aren't using a screen protector/cover, than this product would be great. Remember that if you buy this, you aren't guaranteed 100% clear images, as I had 2 different pieces (with one having the issue of black edges, and one did not).
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on June 6, 2015
Purchased this for a trip to Europe last year and was very glad I did. It was easy to put on the iPhone and helped the quality of the videos we shot all over Europe. Provides a cool fish-eye effect as well with the larger lens option. Good little tool for bloggers that take video on the go when they are out and about. A must have for anyone looking to get the most out of your iPhone's video capabilities.

I would highly recommend this with two thumbs up!!!!
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on May 31, 2014
Amazing how closely in you can focus with this thing. Just get used to NO iPhone cover when you're using it. The little carry pouch is convenient, so I throw it in my computer bag. Always at the ready for parts documentation, etc.

Can't beat the utility for the price. iPhone 5s camera was great to begin with; this steps it up. Try holding screen to LOCK AE/Auto Focus. Then you can adjust your angle and perspective, and take Burst photos - 3X -10X in rapid succession, choose the best one.

Will keep an eye out for similar kits.
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on September 19, 2014
This is my favorite purchase by far for my iPhone 5. When it first arrived in the mail, I was ecstatic to try out my new gadget. However, in my excitement, I didn't realize you just pulled off the cap of the lenses instead of twisting it off. I accidentally twisted off the fisheye lens and everything fell apart! All was well, however, and I was able to fix it. Note to everyone else though: just twist off for the macro/wide angle lens.

Something that bothers me (not really, though) is the black outlines that sometimes appear on the edges. Sometimes, I just crop them out or sometimes I just use the square option on my phone. Also, I hate that I have to take of my phone case in order to use the lens but I know that there is really no other way to be able to use it so I don't mind so much. Also, for the macro lens, you have to be really close in order for the camera to focus. That sucks a bit.

Other than that, I love this for my phone and I carry it everywhere, just in case I come across a really nice place or thing that I'd like to photograph. It's easy to slide on and also to put away. It even comes with a cute little pouch and fits everywhere!
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