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4.3 out of 5 stars
Capacity: AC1750|Model: Router|Change
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on March 3, 2017
This router is awesome! I went back and forth for a few months and was able to get this for like 70 bucks, buddy of mine got one as well.

I live in a 1800sq ft brick ranch. With a basement not counting as sq footage. The house is on a good size corner lot. The router is placed in the basement, almost in the corner. The 5GHz band, goes throughout the entire inside of the house, pushing the maximum speed I'm able to...100mb down. The 2.4GHz band has some serious range! I can be in my street and still get 2/3 bars on my iphone 6(15-20mb down) and we get wifi all over our property.

I'm sure if I had a newer phone, the I would get even better signal. The router's interface is awesome and lets you do many different things, the firmware upgrade was super easy. It automatically detected the firmware was out of date and upgraded it.

My friend who bought one has a bigger house than mine, on two city lots. Get's the 5GHz band all over his property...non brick house and router on main floor. Hopefully all this information helps everyone!
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on January 3, 2017
I originally bought a TP-Link router, but it wasn't working as well as I had hoped. I usually buy CISCO or NETGEAR so I returned the TP-Link and bought this one instead (NETGEAR Nighthawk R6700). I am SO impressed with this router! I knew my previous router was not giving me the speed that I could get, but I had no idea how updating to this router would provide incredibly fast speeds. Everyone who comes over and tries it is shocked at how fast it is. I use Cox for my ISP and have their Premium package, but I had it with my previous router and the TP-Link router... both of which would give me about 50mbps when testing it. This new router gives me 140-170 mbps downloads.... what took about 2 minutes to download a new app now takes about 5 seconds or less. I am SO very happy with this product. I did read the reviews and learned some tips, such as reserving IP addresses for known devices/computers in your house and changing some of the settings in the router. After playing with it/getting it set up, it has been working great for over a month. I've very happy with this purchase!
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on December 21, 2015
Bought one of these and had lots of problems. Inconsistent/intermittent failures, lag issues, packet loss, jitter. Under load, the wireless radio would shut off for a few seconds and then come back. All of this caused problems for online gaming and for streaming. Netgear support wasn't very helpful (spent about 2 hours on the phone with them over multiple calls).
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on February 7, 2017
I had an old tplink wireless router, and after it would disconnect a lot I needed to get another one. I did a lot of research and after looking into my max speeds and range needed this one was the best choice for me. It maximizes all my speeds on 2ghz and 5ghz never fails, strong connections, has great protection, and I got it with a $20 coupon! Remember if ur looking at the higher models, check out wether ur internet speed is fulfilled with the right one. Don't buy one that has a capacity u can't touch.
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on November 7, 2016
I researched routers for a while and settled on this one as a balance between price and performance. I previously had a single band 2.4GHz N router that was getting a lot of interference from baby monitors running on the same frequencies. WOW...what a difference with this bad boy. The basic setup was extremely easy, though you can certainly spend longer if you want to customize your network further. I liked that the setup process detected my cable modem had an existing wifi router built in and walked me through disabling it and setting up the Nighthawk to have the same SSID and password, so none of my devices needed to have any settings updated to access the new network.

Here's what I've been getting in my testing:
Plugged in: 150 Mb/s
Same room (<15'): 130-150 Mb/s
Same floor, 15-40': 110-140 Mb/s
+/- 1 floor: 100-125 Mb/s
Outside, 50'-150': 70-125 Mb/s

For my purposes of streaming video or browsing the internet, the drop-off is negligible. I'm now able to get fast wifi anywhere in my house or on my 1/3 acre lot without any trouble. My only regret is not buying this sooner!
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on March 15, 2017
I have owned Linksys products in the past and like the brand, but decided to give NetGear a shot since recent reviews from sites I trust smallnetbuilder etc. rate this highly.

I get 331 Mb/s download ( using an Ethernet cable connected directly to the router, I got 334 Mb/s consistently over WiFi on 5Ghz. My connection speed is 866.7 Mb/s and that's the fastest my WiFi adapter can support. I am located one floor above the router, separated by the floor/ceiling and one wall about 30 feet away in total.

I was considering an expensive AC3200+ router, but after reading into the 5Ghz bands and how they function I realized that would be a waste of money for my needs. Then focusing on MIMO technology, but realized that only works well in a network environment where your devices also have full MIMO support. Almost nothing has listed it's products as supporting MIMO, I have heard my new phone might and even then the company doesn't state it in the specifications.

This router has nearly everything the AC1900 Nighthawk has, USB 3.0, 1.3 Gb/s on 5Ghz band, support for all 5Ghz bands. You can even flash the firmware from the AC1900 if you're feeling "techy". The one feature you miss between the two routers is Turbo Boost speeds on the 2.4 Ghz band and if your device's wifi adapter supports this it definitely supports 5Ghz as well, which will be faster 99% of the time anyways. For me that made the 2.4 Ghz band speed boost a moot point.

I did quite a bit of research and won't post it all here, but if you have questions please post and I will try and answer them. Also in conclusion what really sold me on this router was the sale price put it at nearly half the price of the AC1900 Nighthawk.
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on March 22, 2017
I returned it after numerous issues. Mainly looking to replace my Apple AirPort Extreme because of its lack of QOS. The Netgear's speeds were fast, and QOS worked well. Time machine backup for my Macs would not work and this was a deal breaker for me; I followed all of their instructions to the letter, I tried on a few different macs and with a few different hard drives but time machine would not work. The router admin page has a highlighted banner message to update the firmware, but it would never work as it couldn't seem to download it and it would just time out connecting to netgear's servers. The product support page for this router (r6700v2) does not exist on netgears website so it's nearly impossible to find clear instructions, and netgear support was very slow to respond. The router admin page and their genie app both seemed really buggy and erratic; for example if you rename some devices on the router admin page, they do not get renamed in the genie app. The hardware seems great, but netgear's software and execution are pretty bad. Perhaps I got a lemon, but compared to my old Apple airport this thing seems pretty poorly executed. Returned for another brand with similar feature set.
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on March 15, 2017
This is my 2nd purchase of this router. I bought it to set up an extension of my router in a boathouse that is connected under ground with about 150 ft of cable. I used the lan port on the r6700 in my house and hooked to lan port on the 2nd router. It doesnt allow me to login to the 2nd router unless it is disconnected from router in house. I have it setup so the wifi is the same login on the 2nd router but a different channel. My devices seamlessly switch between the strongest signal. Works great and i dont use all the features. I tried setting it up as an ap or bridge and i probably dont understand what those do but the way i hooked it up worked better for my purposes. I wanted a hardline because it is much superior to wifi!
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on February 17, 2017
This is my first ever 1 star review for a product anywhere on internet. I will be short
I went shopping for a router because the modem signal after 40 feets in my 1 floor apartment (without wall interference) was very weak
Then i choose this one and get the following dissapointing experience:

1- Super Low 32% signal Strenght, (see attached picture) that was just 2 or 3 feet away from the router.
No signal at all 30 feets away with door close (thin wood like doors, not the solid ones)
All steps followed by the manual, including turning off wifi signal from my arris modem.
2- Then comes The Super Low User Friendly Customer Service System, for the average user will be very HARD to find the phone number to call.
i do not consider myself the average user and i was 2 minutes away to quit looking for a phone number and jump from the balcony. They dont want you to call them.
Then... 2 customer support calls for about 30 mins each with 2 different persons, but they cannot make it work with good signal strenght. The last customer representative help me change some settings and then literaly run away before i can test signal strength... thats when i too decided to run away from netgear.
After 1 or 2 hours of additional research i will go with ASUS routers, fingers crossed!
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on March 13, 2017
I recently purchased this router hoping that it would meet my needs but i was wrong. Easy to set up but many headaches. I have a 200 mb connection and i'm pulling inconsistent speeds with my router. I consistently lag on my ps4 pro. It's connected straight to my router. I called netgear text support and it's basically useless. The techs try to sell their service/insurance in order to resolve the issue remotely. I don't even have a month with the router. I followed the tech's instructions and no change. Amazon sent me another one and i have the same issues. I plugged my pc straight to my modem just to make sure it wasn't the modem but that wasn't the issue. Not sure if i ever will purchase another netgear product.
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