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Capacity: 8 Port PoE|Change
Price:$59.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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VINE VOICEon April 18, 2016
Unpacking this Netgear ProSAFE FS105NA 5-Port Fast Ethernet connector was the hardest part of the installation.

It works just as shown in the video on the Amazon page. You Ethernet Plug your modem into this gadget, then plug an Ethernet cord into one of the other plugs, and take that cord over to your device (computer, Roku, Tivo, whatever), and plug it in, then plug in the gadget's power cord.. Presto, the device finds your home Network, and you're off and running.

Each socket on the Netgear device has a little LED light that lights up bright green and flickers when there's activity, just like your modem lights.

It has a power cord plug that is long and narrow, not the big square boxy transformer you are so used to. It is not hard to plug it into a surge protector. BTW, I highly recommend good surge protectors all over the house, sometimes in addition to the whole-house surge protector you get from your power company (for an extra fee). The Power company's surge protector really is designed just for buffering the return of power when their service goes down. The indoors surge protectors for computer equipment are for buffering the smaller surges the power company thinks are forgivable and normal.

So Netgear once again has produced a no-nonsense, simple to use, necessary gadget.
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on October 19, 2016
Little or no network experience needed. Plug your ins and outs in any ports, give it power, watch it go. I use this to network my entire house.

I have my Verizon modem/router box connected to one of these, which networks the ports throughout the house. Then I have a Netgear Nighthawk (the latest and greatest) upstairs so you have optional wired or wireless throughout the house. This switch is actually smaller than the 10/100 switch, making it easier to fit in those tight wall panels.
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on April 27, 2017
I needed one of these to connect my kids games and the flat panel TV we have in our 'loft' area. The product is very high quality, solidly built, and worked right out of the box. One additional feature I liked was the 'off/on' switch that allows for resetting the product without unplugging. Worth the 15 bux if you need additional ip addresses that are generally faster than wireless.
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on August 31, 2015
Very easy to install, plugged the switch box power cord in, ran a short cat 5e Ethernet cable from the router to the switch box (doesn't matter which port on the switch box you plug this connector cable into, I had to purchase the short cat 5e cable separately, to connect the router to the switch box, the length of this cable depends on the distance between your router and switch box), as my router ports were full, had to unplug one cable from the router and plugged it into the switch box, so you loose 1 port on your router, and finally, inserted another long Ethernet cable from my Samsung player box attached to the TV, to the Switch box. The switch box is metal and of solid construction, I felt no heat on this box, so no worry of over heating, and is a heavy switch box for its size, for me, this helps prevent it was sliding around the desk when the cords are moved, it does come with mounting screws. I've had trouble with wireless connections in the past, and for me, hard wired connections are the way to go... I believe it took longer to open the box than to set the switch box up, really, about 5 minutes to setup.
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on December 18, 2015
Everyone is pretty much covered everything they can be covered but I will tell you this, after being a Linksys a groupie and then a D-Link groupie for many years, I am a 100% devoted Netgear follower. Their product feels like it could last forever. Whether it does so or not is completely up to many environmental factors because after all it is electronics, but Netgear seems to have gone out of their way, and continues to do so, to build robust devices that can survive the test of time. I have replaced every single device network wise in my home with Netgear product. The plain and simple, it works and you don't have to be a rocket scientist for it. Bravo Netgear, here's to adding another customer to your world of many I am sure and hopefully a long and fantastic relationship with your company. (disclaimer: I have not been provided any material ever buy Netgear, this is written completely unbiased and from someone who has gone through a God awful amount of other net and wireless products)
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on March 4, 2013
I got this switch because people in my house use wifi allot and it causes traffic congestion in the wireless network throughout my home. If you have three to five people using wifi daily you are going to have problems with internet speed and connection performances in that case you'll need to go with a wired connection. Personally I think wifi is a bad, flawed design that still needs work. That's why I switched to a wired connection. Also it is because the wifi on PS3 is pretty bad. I can have 95% to a 100% signal strength on my PS3 and it will still have buffering problems when I'm streaming a video on Netflix or something. And the quality of this switch feels solid! It looks like it can last ten to twenty years before a replacement may be needed. Set up was easy to. It says it takes 5 to ten minutes to set up and it only took me like 3 minutes. you can plug it directly into a wireless router and rout it to what ever devices you need wired via Ethernet cables(note that you still need a power outlet for the switch). If you want a solid high speed connection and if you don't mind wires around your house then I'd recommend this switch.
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This Netgear model has been around for a while. I use a lot of them in my small business. They're very handy to park on conference tables and desks to provide wired internet connections for multiple people. It's a very solidly built model (all metal), with a no-frills industrial design and small footprint. Installation is a snap -- just plug in the power supply, connect your PCs/peripherals with regular patch cables, and your done.

Two issues:

1) This is not a gigabit switch, just an old-fashioned 10/100 switch. If you're just using it for internet connections, that's probably fine, since you'll be limited by your internet speed anyway. But if you're running a gigabit ethernet and want to move gigs over the network quickly, you'll need a faster switch (assuming all the other gear on your network is also gigabit speed).

2) I have had a couple of this switches fail over the years, and it's always been the power supply that failed, not the switch. Given how cheap these are now, I'd suggest that you buy a spare, just to have the spare power supply on hand, if you can't afford to have a network failure for more than a few minutes. If the power supply fails, you can plug in a new power supply in under a minute, which is easier than replacing a whole switch. I don't want to make it seem like the Netgear power supply is unreliable -- I've had two power supplies fail over the past four years. I just wanted to provide a bit of useful "just in case" advice for small businesses.
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on June 7, 2016
Product works fine. Do not trust the rebate. I submitted as instructed and was told I did not. They can keep the ten dollars as a fools reward as I will not order any more Netgear products .
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on March 14, 2017
I've had this for two years and no trouble with it, It handles my security cameras, the PC's, Amazon Fire TV, and cable TV box. with out over heating or any other problems, I will blow it out with an air hose every 3 months just to keep the dust build up off the components .
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on September 23, 2012
Bought my first FS105 on 5/28/2012 from Amazon. It died several days later. That time, Amazon replaced it including return postage on 6/7/2012. OK, I expect a dud once in awhile. However, this morning, 9/23/2012, less than 4 months later, the replacement died. Completely. Disappointed in the NETGEAR brand. Please be aware that in keeping with the instructions, it is not in direct sunlight, not near a heater or heat source, and is in an open area where it gets plenty of ventilation and is climate controlled. It sits flat on a table, nothing on top or under it to heat up. So I can't think of anything that I have done to cause the problem. It was good while it lasted. I didn't overwork it; I simply wanted to connect my laptop and my desktop to my DSL Ethernet connection. The laptop is always connected; the desktop only occasionally. Last night it was working fine, this morning, nada. Amazon's solution is for me to pay return postage, and they will issue a "partial" refund in an unnamed amount. I suspect that the partial refund won't even cover the cost of return postage. Guess some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed! I sent email "feedback" to NETGEAR, since they don't provide any other options on their website. Their web forms would not accept a phone call or support, don't know why. I don't have high hopes for any assistance from them. Just wanted to let potential buyers aware of my bad experience. Lots of folks seem happy with this product, but I wonder how many of them will feel the same after 6 months or a year. Good luck everyone!

Update: 9/28/2012 I emailed NETGEAR about a week ago and explained what happened with their product, asking what recourse I had. I got 7(SEVEN!) emails back, stating that they had received my email and/or it was "referred" to such and such a department for handling. Then I got one expressing sorrow that my claim had been handled badly (Gee, I didn't see that they had handled it at all!) and would I fill out a survey so they could improve for their customers! What about helping this one!? The seventh email was a REMINDER to fill out the survey. Give me a break! Guess I just have to laugh. Draw your own conclusions.
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