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on May 29, 2016
Purchased about two years ago refurbished from EMBIZ. It worked well on arrival and still does. I did put DD-WRT on it but used it for a few months with Netgear's software first. Worked well with both. I got v4, so plenty of room for upgrades too.

Edit: June 11, 2017. Thought I'd update this as it's been awhile. It's still going fine so added a star for reliability. Not bad for a 50$ used router.
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on October 20, 2011
Purchased from Amazon in September because of the great reviews and duel band offering. The delivery was prompt and the package was shrink wraped with inside contents sealed with a Netgear seal. When I went to set up the router I was having problems and discovered that tech support will only help after you register your Netgear product. When I tried to register the router's serial number it kept rejecting the registration. I got in touch with Netgear customer service who informed me that the product had been registered previously in March and the free 60 day tech support timeframe was up. Only after you can prove that you recently purchased the product from Amazon will you be provided any set-up or tech support.
Do yourself a favor and avoid wasting time on the phone dealing with used routers that were returned 6 months earlier. If you value your time spend a few dollars more and shop at some place that sells new Netgear products. Also, a quick note if you are thinking of buying a refurbished Netgear product be aware that they will not provide any tech support unless you pay for it in advance.
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on May 17, 2015
Product worked adequately for a year. About two weeks after the one year warranty ended the 2.4ghz standard wireless frequency became unreliable.where the connection would regularly drop no matter what channel it was set on in which I wouldn't be able to even connect to the routers 192.168 address for about 30 minutes. I also made sure that the router was on the latest firmware from the vendor and physically was well positioned away from other electronics. I contacted the email address regarding this issue and did not receive a response. I understand the product wasn't under warranty but a response would have been appreciated.
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on February 12, 2011
I have been a long time Netgear fan I started with my first one being the MR814 a wireless B router which was amazing for the time.

Solid performance and great security features well before the other companies like mac address filtering. The interface over the years has not really changed features added but by far the most easy to use and understand of the routers out there.

That being said I had read reports that this router may have hardware issues in REV 1. that was when it was originally called WNDR-3700.

When I saw the name change to N600 I assumed this was the REV 2 that resolved some of the issues but it was up in the air as to whether or not it was still suspect.

Well when this unit arrived labeled as N600 I quickly found out it was still REV 1. Now I still dont know if REV 2 truly fixes the issue but here is what I tested and determined.

Throughput of this device was atrocious on wireless and very suspect on wired. With my old Netgear WNDR-3500 my Gig Nic Performance was great. Id get a burst of 130 MB / a sec off my RAIDed archive server and it would settle down to about 70 MB/sec for the duration of the transfer. This is honestly great performance which is what I expected but the new router WNDR-3700/n600 only started at 90 MB/sec and quickly dropped to the 40 MB/sec area and in some cases the transfers PAUSED then resumed. This had me highly suspicious as to whether data would be getting corrupted. I also bought an E3000 from linksys to test and saw that the perf on that was identical to my original router on the wired so it did point out an issue on the netgear n600.

Now the BIG ISSUE was the wireless the highest through put I got off that wireless was 4 MB/sec. Well my old router the 3500 was no great performer either similar in speed but I expected a high performance router to welll ..... perform better.

At times I noticed transfers of only 500 KB / sec when doing sustained transfers on my local network. This was completely unacceptable since I bought this strictly for my media center extenders since the 3500 had issues sustaining HD quality network traffic. I then set up the E3000 for identical through put tests and was able to tweak that router to delivering 20 MB/s sustained over the 2.4GHZ wireless. This was a huge differance in bandwidth.

I am very upset about this because I didnt really want to go with linksys but the bandwidth of the n600 is a problem similar to all the reports on their forums and other sites. I guess its a crap shoot if it works or not.

I will say this if they can fix those Issues I ll buy one in a second as the WIRELESS signal strength was truly amazing it has to be the strongest router i have ever seen when it comes to signal.

I already am prepared to give my e3000 away for when netgear gets their act together.

Keep in mind this I flashed it with the most recent firmware and it still functioned the same. I also used DD-WRT on it and the router performance stayed the same so this is completely hardware based. I can see if you only use the router to surf the internet that you would think this is the most amazing router because the signal can literally penetrate two houses away but even then it at times hampered my 8 Mbit connection.
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on January 31, 2013
I've been using this router for about two years now, and for a long time it worked just fine. The range is quite good as well; I have the router on the first floor and have a good connection on the second floor and in the basement and garage. However, in the past few months I've noticed issues with the connection, mostly to the high speed. Suddenly the high speed connection gets lost on my iPhone and iPad, and sometimes both connections disappear (My new TWC modem also has WiFi built in, so sometimes I notice that my wireless devices are connected to that instead of the router). I recall that with my iPhone 5 there was no problem with the connection, and when I went to Netgear's website they have a notice that says

"Wi-Fi issues with iOS 6

There have been widespread reports of wireless connection and speed problems with devices using Apple's newly-released iOS 6 connecting to NETGEAR products. The problems that you are experiencing may be due to a recent upgrade of the Apple iOS 6. While the nature and extent of the iOS 6 and Wi-Fi connectivity issues are unknown, NETGEAR will do our best to continue to monitor the updates from Apple and continue to work with our customers to ensure that we can help provide support and work-arounds (when possible) to get your devices connect properly.

In the mean time, please check out the following websites and forums discussions for additional updates and information regarding this Wi-Fi issues between your Apple iOS 6 devices and NETGEAR wireless devices:"

It's nice to know that I'm not going crazy, because I kept restarting the router to try and fix the problem, but it doesn't seem like they are too concerned with the issue. The upgrade was a number of months ago; if they cared about the customers I would think they would work with Apple to address the issue and not just "monitor" the situation. The connection seems quite good with other items I have that use a wireless connection (Roku, Sony bluray player) and the wired connection seems solid as well, but considering that I use my iPhone and iPad constantly for work it's a bit of a deal breaker. If Netgear doesn't fix the situation, I'm upgrading to the Western Digital router which seems pretty awesome (they were at NYCC and the sales pitch was pretty good). If you don't have any Apple devices (or are using an older iOS), then this is a good choice for you. Just remembered, I sometimes use the wireless connection on my Mac mini and that worked fine as well. So let me actually amend my statement to say this is great if you don't have any iOS 6 devices.
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on January 17, 2016
Just what I needed!
Long enough range to get from one end of the house to the other.
(two story home about 2500 square feet - with the unit at the far end of the house)
Two channels - set one up for the lap-tops
the other for the cell phones
Now everyone can be online with no problem.
Very easy to set up with the disk provided.
Step by step instructions get the job done quick. (very few steps)
Netgear was recommended by a friend, and now I am HAPPY to recommend it to you.
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on April 21, 2011
I started using WiFi technology 11 years ago and tried several standards and vendors of this technology, such as DLink, Belkin and Linksys, and always have decent coverage, throughput and features at a reasonable price. Since I entered into the HiDef world I've got a chance to Netgear due the specifications and feedbacks, as well as I assumed that a such priced equipment should perform as announced. But I was wrong. It don't give you decent coverage: my old Pre-N Belkin coveraged all my two story apartment and this one don't. It don't give you throughput: ten feet away and you can't have more than 75 Mbps for the 2.4GHz band and it is impossible to work with the 5GHz band if you far away than 30 feet. The upload and download through the file server is ridiculous and you can't have more than 1.5MBs of upload to the USB drive attached to it. It means that one of the supposed differentiator feature for this router doesn't work and you have terrible experience trying to backup things - it doesn't matter if through wireless or wired connection. Last but not least it don't give you the features it promisses and even a reset button doesn't exist on its management interface. The firmware is deffective and keep losing the 2.4GHz band and DNS forwarding and you have to reset it. Look into Netgear forums e see by yourself what I mean. Those issues are well known by Netgear but they can't issue a new and robust firmware, instead they keep change the name of the router. There are cheaper and better options in the market so keep away.
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on November 14, 2011
UPDATE 2011/12/2: Going strong for half a month now. As far as I recall, no reboots, or maybe one for an unrelated reason. I am raising my rating from one star to three stars. It would have been four if I wouldn't have had to go through all of this hassle to get it to work right. Netgear should have left well enough alone with firmware v1.0.4.55NA and hardware version 1.

UPDATE 2011/11/15: Smallnetbuilder dot com stuck with firmware version v1.0.4.55NA according to one of their articles that referenced the WNDR3700v1 test results. That version was still available on Netgear's support site (just click "show all versions"). I loaded that with the following ritual:
Hold reset switch 30 seconds with power on (still firmware). Keep holding, turn power off, hold for 30 seconds while power is off. Still holding, turn power on. Then turn power off and let go of reset switch and wait 10 seconds. Boot up, leave on for at least two minutes, and do software factory reset (from backup menu in web GUI). Let it reboot. Then upload and install v1.0.4.55NA from web GUI. Then do a software reset again. Then re-upload and install v1.0.4.55NA. I don't know if all of this is really necessary. It is my compilation of all the posted paranoia out there. Now set up your preferred SSID names, Port Forwards, DHCP range, etc. I didn't change any of the QOS or WAN settings. I left NAT as secure. I set up the 2.4GHz radio as G (54Mb/s) with WEP, the 5GHz radio as N single band (130Mb/s), WPA2 Personal AES. You can probably set it up for 300Mb/s (double wide) if you want. Now everything with youtube and IPTV have been fine for about a day. l already received an RMA number. But if all goes well for another couple of days, I'll keep the unit. If not and I return it, I will let you know here.
The rationale behind the paranoid flash procedure is to make sure that another firmware version's setup (usually a slightly different size when backup-stored, with slightly different options) doesn't corrupt the the new firmware footprint (I guess). I don't know if someone had a rational method of coming up with it (e.g., ex-Netgear engineer with some inside knowledge) or it was just someone's gut feeling. END OF UPDATE.

I searched out a WNDR3700 VERSION 1 because that is the version that got rave reviews at [Netgear screwed up the version 2 by skimping on the antenna array.] I found this "Refurb" version 1 and thought I had lucked out. The seller was very helpful in making sure I got the right version.

I suspect Netgear takes defective returns, wraps them in new plastic, and labels them "Refurb," and hopes they work or that whatever defect they had would not be noticed by the new buyer. For some reason, they scratch out the serial number to signal that they won't support their refurbs. Why not? Cisco-Linksys leaves serial numbers on refurbs and give them limited warranties. Or maybe Netgear so screwed up the firmware for this device that it doesn't know what to do.

This router started out looking good but then gradually slowed down to the point that even standard def youtube videos and highly compressed IPTV from Hulu Plus would slow down and freeze or stutter. I tried at least three versions of firmware and continued to have the same problem ( as shipped, and then,, and finally the latest The labeling of firmware itself is a mystery and suggests that this company is just scrambling to put out fires. What happened to everything between 1.0.7.x and 1.0.16.x for example? And why was label reused for the beta instead of calling it Also, the auto-update only shows up to

The internet is filled with similar complaints about slow downs and freezes, trying various firmwares, and doing various magic spell rituals before upgrading (holding reset button for 10 seconds, or 30 seconds, or doing it twice, unplugging with reset pushed, and so on). I tried the most burdensome rituals in case there was something to them.

Just in case anyone gets one of these, the only way I could get even initial acceptable results in youtube was to change the NAT setting from "secure" to "open." Not so safe.

I have applied to return this piece of garbage. It is back to my old Linksys WRT600n with DD-WRT for now. My only complaint about that dinosaur is that it suddenly looses the 5Ghz wireless connection when streaming a lot of video, probably because of overheating. It is about 3 years old. So I am still looking for a reliable replacement.
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on July 29, 2016
(Preface: I am not tech savy) Purchased this item based off of reviews to replace my previous wireless device that was struggling to cover my home. The pros: Very easy to set up, as a parent I like the Parental controls. The cons: Does not stream well, struggles with buffering. It has slowed my internet down to a crawl. I am not sure that I would recommend this device to someone with similar technical capabilities.
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on November 7, 2011
purchased this item a little over a month ago and since day one the router will all of a sudden lose internet connectivity, most of the time lasting about 15-20 minutes unless i turn it off myself and turn it back on. I have gone to the Netgear forums for help and i have done all the standard troubleshooting like updating the most recent firmware but this does not help. I have even emailed the support email address for Netgear that i see on some of the negative reviews and not one word for almost 3 weeks, maybe they are waiting for any type of warranty to be expire. The router obviously works great when it wants to but why should i lose connectivity 3 to 6 times a day and that's when i actually notice the issue, it may lose connectivity more often. I don't know if this has to do with that fact that its refurbished, either way for any of you who do not have issues i am happy to hear that for the rest of us, i feel bad having to deal with slow response and bad customer service from Netgear. My next router will definitely not be from Netgear.
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