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on September 23, 2011
Let me start off with this, the WNDR4500 is probably The best router you can buy that offers this kind of speed and usability.

Cheap wireless N routers do 150mbps

Good ones do 300mbps on both 2.4 and 5ghz range

Expensive ones get 300mbps on 2.4 and 450mbps on the 5ghz range

This router does 450mbps on BOTH 2.4 and 5ghz

Only 1 other router currently has this capability, a trendnet router, but it offers none of the user friendly capabilities as this one does. Its so fast, There are a very small number of wifi adapters that will even be able to utilize all 450mbps (most of them intel), so this router should remain top of the line for a good while.

If you are a router junkie, you might know that this router is a true upgrade to the renown WNDR3700 , rather then the WNDR4000. This router packs efficient high power amps on both the 2.4 and 5ghz antennas, meaning better throughput throughout the house and better signal and coverage. Whereas I used to get 3 bars in my room, I now get a full 5.

There is also a full host of features on this router,features any high end router has, such as gigabit connections, full range of led status lights, separate guest networks on both bands, etc.

Now, the router dosnt come with a CD, but that's a plus, you just open a webpage after connecting to the router it will have a prebuilt SSID and password) and type in or and press enter. There you will be directed to the "netgear Genie" program where you will have a host of things you can change from basic parameters to higher advanced functions. cool things this has is 2 usb ports which can connect printers and harddrives to your network and DLNA functionality. The Genie menu is very simplistic, with thumbnails of menus that actively changes statuses. There you can check everything, and they have a refined version of their "connected devices" list where you will see every device that is connected to the router (great for checking on intruders)

The physical aspect of this router is just as phenomenal. It comes with the clear base attached so its always standing, and its HUGE, well not that big, but bigger then most other routers. However its glossy meaning it will attract fingerprints. Even with it vertically standing, it has a firm foothold, meaning even with many Ethernet cables pulling on its back, it wont tip.

I took it apart and inside, whereas regular routers have one maybe 2 heatsinks, this one has 6 giant black heatsinks cooling off its cpu and ram blocks. While some other reviews may say there is a fan inside, there isnt, its all passive cooled which is good, it means you wont have dust clogging up the inside of your router. Also, the antennaes are patch antannes, which are taped onto the top half of the shell, so be careful removing it if you plan on taking it apart.

Going from the usual norm of atheros chips, the wndr4500 uses a Broadcom BCM4718 processor, the flagship of the Intensi-fi XLR family of router processors. and also ups the flash ram from the usual 64mb to 128mb.

Overall, this is a very expensive router, but you do get what you pay for. It fixes some of the problems of the previous crown holder, the WNDR3700, such as 5ghz connectivity and signal problems and upgrades the speed to a combined 900mbps on 6 spatial data streams. Saying this router is great for "HD streaming" or "gaming" would be the understatement of the year, it is networking overkill for many tasks. A definite buy if you have the means to afford it.


After A week or two of testing out its capabilities heavily, i can say this is probably my new favorite router. I have not had a dropped connection yet, or random restarts whatsoever, even with 11 wifi devices connected to the router, traffic was not noticeable. So far so good! future firmware updates should make this router even better.

Recommended setting changes----

-If you dont have any wireless B devices (97% of us) you should set the preamble length to short preamble (under advanced setup-wireless settings tab), this will give a slight boost in thorough put

-while its tempting to set 2.4ghz to 450mbps, i mean, who dosnt want max speed? however 450mbpd uses channel bonding (40mhz channel width), which will cause interference with your neighbor's wifi signal and also your own if their channel happens to fall under yours. If your house has wifi congestion, i suggest using 217mbps mode, this will give you fast speed without interference on your network, and your neighbors will like you more. 450mbps on the 5ghz band however is recommended because the likely hood of any 5ghz signals is small, and to have that signal fall under your 5ghz channel only decreases the chance any problems will arise. My neighborhood for example has 17 2.4ghz signals, 3 jerks who use 40mhz channel widths, but not a single 5ghz user.


-The router is still going strong, Since having it I have not had to reboot, even once!
-Firmware updates are not that helpful (except for the first one the boosted range of the 5ghz band), and also not frequent, maybe about one update per couple of months (and each one only fixes 1-2 specific bugs)
-Netgear needs to change their wifi policy, this router conforms to the "good neighbor" policy where it will automatically dial down wireless channel width when it detects other similar bands in the area, thus in the options, you can change the router to go "up to" 450mbps
-5ghz range while acceptable, wont go all the way to the end of the house

I am just listing most of the cons, otherwise, this is still an awesome router to get for the right price, though right now, there is a strong, possibly even better competitor, the ASUS RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router

^which uses mostly the same basic hardware but with upgrades to the memory and the antenna configuration, so check that out too!
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on October 3, 2011
This is a review of the Netgear N900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router (WNDR4500)

I am an IT professional, author of many technical books, and I work from home and needed a performance upgrade from my older Linksys wireless router (Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless-G Router). So I purchased the Linksys E2500 Advanced Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless-N Router (from and it was a disaster, see my 1 star review there for details. I packed it up and returned it. Amazon handled the return smoothly as always. I decided never again for Linksys.

As a replacement, I first thought about getting the NETGEAR N750 (WNDR4000) which had great reviews, but I decided that for the small difference in price I'd go for this top model.

I unpacked the Netgear N900 (WNDR4500) and had it installed in about 5 minutes on my home network (with 11 computers and many wireless devices) What I did:

1) I made the cable and power connections, and directly connected a PC to the Netgear router to obtain the configuration information.
2) With a web browser I entered the router's web address. The Netgear N900 reported:
* a 2.4GHz Network Name (SSID) : NETGEARxx and password
* a 5GHz Network Name (SSID) :NETGEARxx-5G and password

Also did a firmware update (single click of the notice that it was available)

3) I turned on a wireless laptop (Windows 7) and opened the wireless connections dialog, it listed the NETGEARxx SSID, I logged in (with the previous info.) and was immediately on the internet.

4) AFTER having confirmed that it was working, I logged into the Netgear N900 as administrator (admin/password) and changed the admin password, the SSID names and passwords. (Then made the corresponding changes on my laptop computer in the Windows' networking configuration.)

5) I tested it, did some downloads, Norton and Windows updates and rebooted. Then I went to [...] and watched several of my favorites videos (mostly games) in 720p and 1080p, and the video's played as well as on my direct connection (Road Runner Turbo Internet).

Played my PS3 with the wireless connection (online multiplayer) with several games with no visible lag. Connected my Kindles and they worked well.

Signal strength is excellent: shows 5 bars everywhere in the house, my previous router showed 1 bar (or failed) at some distant points in my home.

This couldn't have been a better experience, great product, fast and I'll update this review in a week to report about the reliability etc.
Great quality, good looking device, has 4 LAN ports and 2 USB ports. Includes an network (CAT5E) cable.

Highly recommended

UPDATE: Thought I'd give an update after several weeks of use. It's great, really worth the price.

We use this router for hours everyday with several laptops, tablets, Kindles, 2 PS3's; have a printer connected, I download software, ebooks, large work related files, view youtube and netflix videos and have seen no dropped connections at all. Signal strength is great. I am puzzled by all the reviews that report problems, couldn't have been happier with this router. I'd buy it again.
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on March 11, 2017
I am an IT in Silicon Valley. I must have installed about 50 of these in the last two years. They're all still in service and I have not had any problems reported, complaints, or need to replace. The wired Ethernet ports reliably pass well in excess of 900Mbps. In the same room with the WNDR4500, you can expect between 50Mbps and 200Mbps depending on how good your wireless receiver is. iMac receivers, for example, are excellent.

Transmit power of the WNDR4500 is excellent; the best, in fact. Power is proportional to transmission speed; the farther away you are from a wireless transmitter, the slower your Internet will become. So power of transmission is of paramount importance. You can reliably measure power using software like inSSIDer; don't go by number of bars. I prefer the WNDR4500's 2.4GHz transmitter (to the 5GHz 802.11ac transmitter) because signal power is about 12dB higher. Having two transmitted signals in a household just confuses clients and creates two separate independent networks; which is bad when you want all the computers and accessories in a house to talk to each other. So, I generally turn off the 5GHz transmitter in the Netgear Genie.

WNDR4500 is NOT a beamformer; and that is a good thing, in my opinion. The latest generation of Routers tout "beamforming". This is a good idea, theoretically, only if a transmitter knows (can localize) where the receiver actually is (your computer or cellphone). But I don't believe it is possible to localize a receiver well because a typical house provides too many reflections, barriers, and receivers to a transmitter. So if a Router makes a mistake in localization (points its beam in the wrong direction), then that means someone in your household is going to get a lousy low power signal.

The worst thing that I can say about the WNDR4500 is that it needs a power cycle when it loses sync. But that happens rarely (once every six months). Power cycling can be required, for example, after electrical brownout or if an upstream modem got reset. If you protect this unit by a Belkin Pivot surge protector, as you should protect all your household electronics, manual power cycles become unnecessary after a brownout. Many complaints on Amazon about the WNDR4500 could have been prevented by a Belkin Pivot. There is no federal enforcement of what may be called a "surge protector". I recommend Belkin Pivot because it works: it can absorb 4000 Watts of electrical surge.

Don't use the WNDR4500 as an Access Point. There is an Access Point check box in their Genie interface. But as soon as you check it, you can't Administrate the WNDR4500 any more because the Genie loses its IP address (the IP assigned by an upstream device doesn't work to get to the Genie). Netgear should definitely fix that. If you need an Access Point, use an Airport Extreme connected to the upstream device by Ethernet cable. Yes, you can mix Apples and Netgears, but only by cable.

The best way to Administrate this device is by
The default address is (user id: admin, password: password)
The Netgear Genie will notify you when that changes to

NAS is only a marketing term that stands for North America.
This item is identical to NETGEAR WNDR4500 N900 Dual Band Gigabit Wifi Router
The photo demonstrates wireless speed at about an eight foot distance.

In summary, I buy only Airport Extremes and WNDR4500s.
review image
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 22, 2013
This router has solved many problems in my line of work when it came to complaints about no coverage/deadspots in a residence. It's more powerful, and if you have a mix of 2.4 and 5ghz devices you can split the load. It has yet to fail to make a signifigant difference in coverage on these type of service call issues.

So, why 3-stars?

When it dipped below $100 I bought one for the house and plunked it right where the previous Netgear sat. I got a stronger signal but noticed when I was streaming media through it to either TV (upstairs/downstairs) from my media PC, it seemed choppy, and in one particular case I knew it was a movie I'd watched before with the other router. They use the same output voltage/amp adapter so I just swapped the boxes out and put my old one back online, tried the same movie and it was flawless.

Thoughts: Definitely stronger for better coverage, and faster Internet browsing but didn't quite work as well as my other router when streaming media. So, I recommend this for someone who needs better coverage in their house to connect to the Internet for browsing, email etc. but I'd still recommend my NETGEAR 600 (but look carefully at the full model number - they have several versions of this) if you do a lot of streaming. The exact Model 600 is the WNDR-3800, which used to show up in the comparison charts, but when I pulled up the N900 page I didn't see it. I did a search on Amazon for wndr-3800 and it came up immediately.

Other than that you can pay the big bux and buy the 802.11AC routers and adapters, but I'd wait until the standard is officially ratified. At this time, none of the brands currently for sale can really claim to work flawlessly with each others components, so hang in there until you see it on the box "Certified 802.11AC Standards" just to be safe (the last I read, it should be a done deal before the end of the year).
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on December 29, 2012
I have teetered back and forth between Linksys and Netgear products for years. For the most part, Linksys has provided products that in my experience have been more consistent from a performance and reliabiity standpoint overall. While each manufacturer has had their quirks, I have received the best value from Linksys/Cisco.

I usually upgrade the router in my home every 12-16 months . I didn't upgrade earlier this year because of the cisco connect fiasco. Don't worry if you don't know what this is. It was basically a marketing blunder that Linksys pushed out onto its customers that changed the way that users were allowed to configure their routers. This upgrade also ocurred without a users consent, and this gave me pause. Linksys later retracted this update and allowed users to return to an earlier firmware, but I'm sure this cost them several customers in the process.

Enter the 4500. I had done quite a bit of research. The 3700 N600 was the main competitor to the Linksys product I currently own. While it was certainly next generation from a chipset and memory standpoint, it's performance wasn't so remarkable that I felt like upgrading was warranted. A 4000 N750 series was introduced shortly thereafter, but only offered a slight performance increase on the 5.0Ghz radio (300 > 450) making it's cost to value ratio low and once again not making an upgrade a worthwhile investment.

The 4500 changed this. It utilizes the fastest Broadcom chipset currently available in its class and is equipped with more/faster memory than its competitors. In addition, it increases the bandwidth performance on the 2.4 radio dramatically for those using wireless adapters capable of enhanced performance.

The biggest selling point for me however was the enhanced features and user configuration available in its firmware. It's light years ahead of any Linksys product currently. My review is based 50% on user experience and 50% on performance.

I don't use Netgear GENIE or Cisco Connect. So I won't speak to these. All setup and configuration is performed directly in the routers configuration menu using a web browser.

The customization in Netgear's fimware is just plain better (right now). There is greater granularity and attention to simple details which more advanced users will appreciate immediately and less technical ones can learn to utilize and appreciate. The router's configuration has two modes basic and advanced. It's wireless comes preconfigred for those who just want a "turn it on" out of box experience. I give Netgear high marks for a user experience that will meet the needs of the most basic or advanced customer.

Performance was no different. My 2 story home will challenge any wireless router's capabilities. We have 23 wireless and 4 wired devices connecting to the router at different times throught the day and night. All devices are G and N band, with both 2.4 and 5.0Ghz radios. We use the network for streaming video, FTP, web server, video survelliance and often transfer large amounts of data between clients on the inside and outside of our network. The 4500 has handled all of this easily. I have not bothered to officially test the router's bandwidth or wireless performance. I have verified that each device is connecting at at least its minimum rated connection speed and those I have looked at more closely perform consistently well. No one in the house is complaining. They're happy, I'm happy.

The 4500 is a great router offering an exceptional cost to value ratio. I would not hesitate to buy another one or recommend this product as a solid technology additon to your home.

**Have had the router for 6 months now. Working great!. So well that I have purchased a second one for my parents. Very pleased with its performance.
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on February 4, 2012
I am amazed by the improvement this router has made in my home. Netflix and Amazon movies no longer pause because of signal issues. I am getting speeds as fast as my AT&T U-verse connection will permit. One of the things I like best about this Netgear router is the documentation. The help available in the setup Genie explains what is important instead of only pointing out the obvious.

I am not a network or IT expert like so many others reviewing this router claim to be. I need it to just work despite my lack of training. I've learned some things over the years, but each nugget of knowledge was obtained after lengthy sessions of trying to make devices "talk" to each other as they should.

I can't say for sure if a total "newbie" will find this router so easy to set up as did I. However, I feel that the default router options and helpful documentation provide an advantage for the user. I've previous only used Linksys/Cisco routers and each time it was a battle. I had no problems with setting up this router at all.

The setup Genie interface is wonderful and one can use it in a simple mode or advanced mode. Simple was all I needed. I also like how I can save the configuration so that if I get brave experimenting and screw it all up I can just fall back to my previous working configuration. Nice.

This router works great with ATT Uverse gateway. The gateway is bridged by placing it in DMZ mode and the router connects just fine. This way I can use my Netgear for wireless and guest accounts. The ATT gateway lacks guest accounts and only is a single band wireless router.

I love this Netgear router. It really performs well. It seems to blast a strong signal to all areas of my home on both wireless G and N. It costs a bit, but it is worth it to me.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 23, 2011
Bought this router for its features and capabilities; particularly the QoS function.

Found a problem with the current firmware(V1.0.0.58_1.0.13) release. A reboot of the router erases all QoS settings. Call tech support(case number 17220352), spoke to 3 different support rep's. The 3rd rep(a supervisor) had me performed a factory reset of the router and still didn't work... Then he suggested I downgrade to older firmware release(v1.0.0.50) that's when I put a stop to this troubleshooting madness(2+ hrs). I then insist that he document this problem as bug and have their engineer to fix this bug. He said he will comply and transfer me to a higher support(engineer). He then came back suggested that the firmware might be corrupted, so he had me to download the firmware(same version that came with the router) and applied to the router and... it didn't work! That's when I gave up! I told him I was not going to perform any more troubleshooting with him and that he has to document this problem as a bug and escalated to their engineer. He did complied with my request and came back with a new case number(17220499) and he said Netgear tech support will call me when they fixed this problem. Really?! I really doubt they will call me when this problem is fixed!

Most people will not use the QoS function. However, this encounter illustrates the weak tech support(from India) from Netgear!!!
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on April 16, 2017
This was a great router that I used for four years until today when a power outage killed it. I had my router and my PC hooked up to a high end Tripplite surge protector so I thought my stuff was safe but earlier today the power went out and back on and it just had a constant flashing green power light with no internet access. I tried everything online but couldn't get it back up and running. So not sure if this was an issue with poor surge protection on the router since everything else was fine or not but hopefully Tripplite will honor their warranty and pay to replace this. I've already ordered a brand new Netgear router to replace this one.
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on January 3, 2014
In the third month I started getting an yellow power light, and I contacted Net gear as I have 3 months of free Technical support( Just 3 months are you kidding me??).

Now I spent an hour on the call then they decided to replace the product, now I got it and the second one works fine.. this time it worked for 8 months and I started seeing the same issue again. Now Net gear does not provide any support and it is a piece of crap hardware.

And I payed 150$ for all this to Net gear and I am thinking is this worth it? Do I need to give these guys a third chance??
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on October 14, 2012
I've had my router just over nine months. When it was working, it has great range, speed and no network slowdowns with 6+ devices attached. The software was also incredibly easy to use. I was completely satisfied with the product.

The Bad: About a week ago the router stopped transmitting wireless entirely. Support was hard to understand, and when I finally gave all my information they told me the one year warranty is only honored if paying for technical support that expires in 90 days. So if your paying for it, its not really warranted for the year they advertise. Truly disappointing because it was a great router.

Two stars because I loved it when it was working, two stars also because it simply doesn't work!
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