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on August 17, 2015
I wasn't looking for a digital frame with its own email address or a frame that was going to call me to remind me to go on another vacation. I wanted superb picture quality, and I needed a frame that would recognize portrait orientation and adjust accordingly. My old frame cut off the tops on all portrait pictures (a plus if I was in the shot). Well, this frame has better picture quality than I could have imagined, was a breeze to set up, and does adjust portrait pictures to display the entire image. It sits on my desk at work, and I am blown away by things I've never seen in some of these pictures. I usually only write reviews on products I hate, which tells you how much I love this frame.
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on August 15, 2015
Yes my five star review for the NIX X12D Digital Photo Frame is for the product itself BUT more importantly it is for the AMAZING customer service assistance my wife and I received from Daryl. The frame is for our grandson who has severe autism. At age 18 he doesn't yet talk and bounces off the walls. However, one of his favorite past times is sitting still for hours and watching videos of all the fun times we've had as a family - swimming, going on amusement park rides, sled riding, playing on park swings, etc. He has been using for years an older digital frame from Brookstone that played videos from our Casio Exilim camera. Up until recently all was well, but now with our videos being created with more updated cameras AND iPhones, his older digital frame was useless - it couldn't utilize the new video formats. Thus we purchased the NIX X12D. However, we found that although all of our videos from the past 8 years could be played on the NIX system, we needed to first convert them to MP4 format . We had no idea how to go about doing this - and we had 10GB of videos. We called NIX and explained the issue to Daryl. He spent over an hour PATIENTLY helping my wife, who by her own admission is a non-techie grandmother, to convert all videos which now work PERFECTLY on the new digital frame. We wish we could send Daryl a video to show him the delight that his "above and beyond" customer service produced for our happy grandson. Thank you NIX for not only building a capable, sturdy system (our grandson is not always gentle with electronics - so far so good) but more importantly for hiring support personnel such as Daryl who go the extra mile.
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on August 6, 2015
WOW! Where has NIX been hiding this frame all this time. It plays the slide show seamlessly.

I own three older NIX frames...a 10",12" and 15" and they all work perfectly; however, I purchased a second 12" NIX frame as a gift for a friend. The model I purchased was the NIX X12C and it just did not work properly. It would not play any flash drive that I purchased. Sometimes nothing played with one flash drive, while another flash drive kept repeating photos or froze photos for up to a minute, even though I set it for 3 seconds. I was also told that I had to resize the photos for them to work properly. I did not do that because I never had to do it with the older frames, and several people wrote reviews on Amazon that they tried doing that, but it did not help at all. I returned the frame and wrote a one star review here on Amazon for that frame. You can find that review under my name for the NIX X12C frame..

NIX Support viewed that one star review and contacted me. As a result, NIX took it upon themselves to send me this new NIX frame free of charge. The frame I was sent is this new NIX 12D frame that is now offered here on Amazon. Note the new frame has a "D" nomenclature whereas the older frame had a "C". I have nothing but praise for the NIX Support team.

Now, about this new frame. It works perfectly with the currently available flash drives, and I tried three different drives. The remote and the software are newly designed and more user friendly. Needless to say, none of that silly photo resizing is necessary, as it was not necessary with my older frames. I did not try the motion detection or the video feature, because I don't use these functions.

If you are going to purchase a NIX frame, make certain that you get the NIX 12D model. You will not be disappointed. Not sure if it is currently available in other than the 12" size, but I am certain it will be available shortly, if not available already.

Hope this review is helpful.
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on March 13, 2016
TL;DR: The motion detector is a blessing in that it will keep the electronics from overheating, and even people who are around technology all day long will take notice of the stylish device you have sitting on your desk. If you don't need WiFi, and want a modest digital picture frame (or several!), you could do much worse than the X08E.

DISCLAIMER: I paid full price for this frame, based on my purchasing and decision-making skills, and my need for a great digital picture frame. [...]
There's something about this frame, such that as soon as you unbox it, you realize that it's slick and special somehow. From the breezy and well-designed GUI menu system, to the basic good looks, and almost "polished" appearing screen, this motion-aware picture frame does not disappoint (except perhaps in one area–read below).

Since nearly all digital picture frames are the same, I won't bore you with the details, lest to say that this frames does NOT support WiFi (meaning it's affordable), so your choices for image hoisting are SD card and USB "stick", with the quote marks included as the angle of the rear frame bracket means that only the tiny "nub" style USB drives will work in this model. The box doesn't actually mention USB support, so rest assured that the port is there and functional (life hacking tip: you should actually be able to charge your iPhone with this frame!).

There is one confusing item in the menu system that warrants explaining. The setting for the motion control itself is pretty confusingly worded, so just know that as long as you avoid "Disable" (which mysteriously turns the feature off) you'll be okay. Translated, the other numbers are just how long it waits after you've left the room before the frame shuts off.

The CPU in this frame is fast, so the transitions look great, and it plays video with sound.

The Achilles Heel of this frame is animated GIFs. While the format is supported, and it does try to play them, they crash your frame, so be sure to filter these out before trying to play a slide show.

The battery in the remote will likely be dead on arrival, so while the remote is actually quite cool, be prepared to spend a few extra dollars on a CR2025 battery (you may want to order one when you buy the frame) if you want to use it. Considering the frame's control panel is in the back, facing straight up, you'll want to use the remote.
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on December 17, 2015
 Kindly sent to me for review this digital frame is a great way to show off your digital photo library.

The frame can read photo or video files from both SD and USB memory, with both options being hidden around the back. Both plug into the base of the unit that also acts as a stand and the stand also has controls on it if you don't want to make use of the included remote.

The NIX X08D frame has a 1024x768 high resolution IPS backlit display that does a great job of showing off your photos. The screen can be set to automatically switch off after a certain amount of time and will reactivate when it detects motion in front of it.

When you first power it up it will scan your memory card/USB stick for photos and videos and then it's ready to use, providing you don't mind the time being incorrect! It only takes a couple of moments to set the correct date and time and this is used in some of the display options to give you not just a photo frame, but also a clock and/or calendar.

There are lots of different settings to take a look at, for example as mentioned you can have the date and time displayed on the photo, the transition type can be changes as can the duration a photo is shown to name but a few of the options. It's well worth spending time in the settings menu to get this working exactly as you want.

Photos and videos look great, it's easy to setup, just remember to buy a memory card or USB stick if you don't have one spare.
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on March 26, 2017
We had a blank white wall in our living room with 2 return air vents up high that was ugly and boring. We bought 2 of these 15 inch frames and hung them from the vents. The frames looked great but the wires were ugly and the grand children could pull on them. I added an electrical box at about eye level running wire from the box below. Then made a frame out of 1X2 stock and covered it with a piece of luan and framed it with mitered door casing matching the trim in our house. A couple of screws in the luan mount the digital frames. The frame fits over the power supplies for the digital frames and rests on a couple of deck screws that are screwed into the studs. Now I have a photo art gallery with no visible wires that is nothing short of AWESOME. They are large enough to be viewed from anywhere in the room and the picture quality is as good as my computer monitor. Changing the pictures is as easy as powering down the frame, changing the usb drive and powering it back up.
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on April 9, 2016
While it doesn't come with any internal memory or a memory card it has great picture quality and is very easy to set up and use. The integrated base makes it very stable in landscape mode. Since the SDCard and USB both stick out the back of the base you won't be able to use a USB drive that is very long with it. The remote control is a nice thing to have as well as the motion activated automatic on/off. I would definitely buy this or the larger one again.
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on July 11, 2016
Disappointed. It worked great for about 2 months, after that all the pictures in the slideshow started cutting off. Each photo is our 100+ picture slide show is hidden by a defect. Can't return because it of course happened after the return window. Was a wedding gift for my parents. Very upset.

EDIT: Amazon waved the return window and I swapped it out for another one. It's been a month and so far so good!
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on September 6, 2012
NIX X18A Digital Frame
My wife and I purchased this device recently at the end of August, 2012 from Amazon and enjoy it immensely. This unit delivers a bright, sharp, saturated, colorful image right out of the box.
This model is a widescreen model. We own cameras of differing formats. Fortunately we have a widescreen format camera (Canon SD 3500) and I think that is the format of the future. However, we have thousands of images on the older 4/3 size format, and the same is true for my SLR 3/2 format digital camera. Our images are mainly nature photographs with a few family images spaced throughout the slide show. When using the NIX X18A unit the screen is full size for all image formats when the display mode is set for "Optimal". This setting is found when clicking the "Settings" button on the remote and is the default condition. When setting the Display mode to "Original" there is no stretching applied to fill the screen so images of people are far more flattering. However, there will be a vertical black bar on both sides of the images when viewing the older formats. This is not a problem for us, so our picture frame is set for "Original".
My opinion is that if you have mainly people images on the older, almost square 4/3 format, I would buy the smaller NIX X15B which is a 4/3 format unit and you might be happier. The photos would fill the screen, and on the "original" setting, no stretching would occur for any format. If you were to use widescreen images, a horizontal space appears at the top and bottom of the screen on the NIX15B.
I use a San Disc 8 GB SDHC (Class 4) card for the photos and the music. It can be purchased at Amazon for less than $6.00. A comment was made in a previous post that you cannot load the pictures directly into the card and then place the card into the picture frame. I resize all my image files to 2000x2000 pixels (~700 jpg images and growing) in a separate folder on my computer, and then copy that folder onto the SD card. I also place the mp3 audio file in the same folder. That way the music is just for those files. I have no trouble viewing my image files on the NIX. As an aside, I found the PNY 8GB Optima HD card (Class 4) was faster in downloading the picture files from the computer to the card. That is a small issue but where I am putting in 100's of files, it saves me a bit of time.
Our slide show time is set for 5 seconds. This is done by pushing the "Settings" button on the remote. On our NIX it appears that the actual timing depends on the transition (fade) such that the time the image is viewable can vary between 4 seconds and 10 seconds. This is not an issue with us.
If the image has a title, it can be viewed by pressing the "Menu" button on the remote.
The addition of music to the slide show is a bit tricky, but once learned it goes quickly. On our NIX, the slide show comes up if the SD card is in place. I insert and replace the SD card with the unit powered off. With the unit powered up, push the "Exit" button twice to get the screen to show the icon with "Pictures" on it. Push the right arrow button once and the "Combo" icon should be highlighted. Then push the "Enter" button twice. Wait a few seconds until you see the list of picture files on the screen and then push "Enter" again. You should then get an almost blank screen and after several seconds the sound will come on. Make sure the sound volume is up in order to hear the sound because the unit comes with the sound volume off. The volume control is on the remote too. We have found that the sound seems to be too loud or too soft at first, but if you go behind the unit and press the "Up/Down" controls, it seems to adjust in smaller increments.
I have loaded an AVI video file into the included 4 GB thumb drive, and inserted it into the NIX and that worked beautifully, too. If you go to the FAQ on the NIX site for the NIX 18-A, you will find a link to a video converter that works well, but also loaded an unwanted search engine into my computer, so beware.
It seems that whenever a button on the remote is pressed the music goes away and you have to start over again to get it back. The music "Combo" function is an area where improvement could be made.
The NIX 18-A digital picture frame is a great piece of equipment. We thoroughly enjoy it with or without the music.
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on May 31, 2016
This product got good reviews elsewhere but I'm returning it for the dumbest of reasons. The "protective" sticker on the screen won't come off entirely. The backing is left and I won't be able to get it off without scratching the screen and leaving a sticky residue. So I don't even know if the thing works well because I didn't get past unpacking it completely. How dumb is that?!
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