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on December 31, 2013
There was some initial frustration with this frame. First off, the frame works well. So far I've only added photos to the thing, so I have no experience with videos. Its now setup and running nicely. The image quality is great, and I think the viewing angle with it hanging on the wall is perfect. I can see the images clearly regardless of where I am in the room, and the 12 inch screen makes it the perfect size for my room.

So why not five stars? Well that has to do with what I had to go through to get the frame to properly display the images. The resolution is 800 x 600 on the frame, so I understood that resizing the photos to be that size was something I had to do. Not a big deal, I just used a nice bulk resizing tool called Light Image Resizer. Its a free download and free to use for personal use. Made it really nice and easy. However when I initially loaded the photos, I found the frame wouldn't transition smoothly on all photos. The slideshow would freeze randomly on photos, taking longer than the 5s I had it set too. Sometimes upwards of 2 - 3 minutes to finally change pictures. I did a lot of research but NIX's own site has a blow off solution that basically says make sure its in the right format and check with the support site for advice, otherwise delete the picture. No thank you, especially since the photos were all taken with the same camera and resized the same way, so why would it pick and choose which to freeze on? I couldn't find any additional advice on their support site, perhaps I wasn't thorough enough, however after some poking around on other forums, I found the solution. Apparently the software on the frame likes the picture names on the memory card to be four characters long and a number. So 0001.jpg for example. I used a bulk renaming tool that I was able to download (free as well, worked beautifully) and sequenced all of the names on the memory stick accordingly. Now the frame slideshow works perfectly.

So, given what I had to do to figure that out, I had to drop it a star. NIX's instructions don't include any recommendations on picture formatting other than stating that it must be JPEG only. Otherwise I'm very happy with the frame. I just hope I don't need to deal with any additional support questions.

UPDATE 01/04/14:
So after using the frame for a few days, I've noticed that the motion sensor feature on my frame doesn't appear to function at all. It doesn't matter what setting I choose time wise, the frame never shuts off. I'm probably going to look into replacing it under warranty. I'm hoping its just an issue with the one we received.
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VINE VOICEon February 7, 2014
I am a photographer, and was not too happy with our existing digital photo frame. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio (similar to a HD TV), and rather coarse quality display. I thought I would take a chance on the NIX 12-inch display. Many of the reviews are pretty good. I was also drawn to the fact that the aspect ratio is 4:3, which is identical to our Canon G-15. It doesn't match the 3:2 ratio of my DSLR, but it is close enough. I like the fact that NIX includes a nice, compact 4GB flash drive. Saves me the trouble of getting another one.

Setup was easy. A few comments, however. The remote would be easier to use if it had the standard symbols for Play/Pause on it. The Time is set for 24 hour format, and can't be changed. This only impacts you if you use the calendar function. The Slideshow button on the remote is nice since it will take you right to the slideshow from whatever menu function you're in. Still, the ergonomics of the remote and menu system are lacking. I also haven't found a way to adjust the picture controls while watching an image. Instead, you need to exit to the menu, set the brightness/contrast/saturation, then return to the image. The factory settings are OK, but I brought down the brightness and contrast a step or two. The transitions are okay, but I noticed the fade (dissolve) transition is very choppy and stutters, making a poor transition. The other transitions for the photos are fine.

I use a 27" Mac monitor to process my images, and I am fussy about color balance, contrast, brightness, sharpness, etc. Nix does a decent job of displaying my images in a very pleasing manner. I notice a lack of punch in the reds and a softening toward orange. Skin tones look pretty natural. Sharpness and detail is pretty good, considering you'll be viewing these photos from at least a few feet away. All in all, I'm impressed with the quality. It should be just fine for all but the most critical eye.

Processing tip: Rather than 'dump' your images over to the USB flash drive, use some software that lets you export the photos in JPEG format, having 800 x 600 pixels, and 72 dpi. This way, you get just the pixels you need to fill the screen, and you'll fit more photos on the drive.

I haven't tested the movie feature of this frame, although I tried to export a .mov file to it. It displayed in the directory, but did not play. It was 45mb in size, and maybe too large for the processor in the frame. This isn't a feature I need in the frame anyway.

I found myself smiling as I watched the photos play in the slideshow on the NIX frame. This was all I needed to realize that this was a good purchase, and one that will hopefully last us for years.
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on January 8, 2015
This was such a disappointment. I had bought one about 3 years ago for my daughter & thought it was so cool to have pictures streaming that you just never get to look at. Christmas comes & I decide to treat myself to a digital frame. After HOURS of research I decide to get this one. Very easy to load photos. Set up menu is extremely user friendly - although it is a little old school in its simplicity but it doesn't have dozens of ridiculous questions. I get the photos - tons of room and plenty left over. Plug in the USB and my photos are upside down and sideways. Some of them are the correct orientation, but about 40% are flipped in some way or another.

They (NIX) are apparently already aware of the problem. They are so aware of this problem that there is a Q & A in the back for troubleshooting about just such a problem. Their response is that the original photos were rotated on something like Windows Explorer (I used Windows Media -oooooo how horrible!!!) and this Digital Photo Frame will not recognize this reformatting.

"To properly save photos in an exact orientation on your PC, you need to do so using a Photo Editing Program that enables this, such as iPhoto or Photoshop."

Really? REALLY???? So now if I want the 40% of my photos to be visible in an orientation that is not lying down or standing on my head, I now have to go through my photos and reformat them in something this frame will accept. Mind you they look just perfect on my computer. So I have to see it on the photo frame, make a note of which photos are upside down or sideways, take out the USB, reformat those specific photos using a Photo Editing Program that is acceptable and then do another photo the same way. Oh brother. This thing is on its way back. I'll go for a cheaper model that has all the bells & whistles. My daughter's digital frame took the photos immediately and even changes the picture depending if the frame is standing or on its side. Would have been great to know this first so I could have moved on to another one. Will not reformat a perfectly good photo that looks good on all of my media except the NIX photo frame. They have a remote that you can flip the photos for viewing, but it specifically states that the flipped or rotated photo will not be saved. That flipping or rotating must be done on the computer.

Note to self - if you can't remember where you formatted your pix, then you are in for a world of work with this frame. Some photos go back years and are then transferred between computers.
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on May 20, 2014
I purchased screen for my wife to display her photos on. Nice resolution, great color and seems to be very well designed at a good price point. It was easy to set up and get working, we liked having both the SD card and USB drive options. The motion sensor is a very nice feature.

Now the bad news. It turned on right out of the box and we had it operational on the 1st day, when we got up on the 2nd day, it would turn on. I fussed with it, turned it off and on, unplugged and replugged and voila! it turned back on and ran well for the next 3 days, then it would not turn on again. Fussing with plugs and such didn't bring it back to life.

I guess I will purchase another one of these and hope it is from a different manufacturing batch.

UPDATE: I returned the 1st unit to Amazon without issue, and bought another hoping for better luck with it. Well, it worked for about 8 weeks before it decided not to turn on. Went through all the plug - unplug routine, turned it's switch on and off and tried the remote control as well. No Joy! Unfortunately it is outside the return window and I tossed the box and packing. Two for two failures on a volume product tells me it has some design issues.

Looks like this is the last one I will buy. Nice when it works, but when it doesn't it is just a paper weight.
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on October 31, 2013
I have owned two nix digital picture frames with the automatic on sensor. I purchased the latest model NIX 12 inch a few weeks ago. It is fantastic. The auto on sensor works beautifully. The images display at a very high resolution and I like the fact that the frame size is 12 inches so that the images are sufficiently large for viewing. Custom settings are easy to adjust with the remote and you can tinker with those settings so that the images meet your personal preference (you should adjust the brightness setting to correspond with the frame location). On this newest model, the remote control has a built in holder on the back which is really nice; no more misplacing the remote. Overall I am really happy with the NIX digital frames and this is the only digital frame I will purchase in the future. I have family members who are also photo enthusiasts and I am thinking about the NIX frame as a Christmas present for them. Highly recommend.
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on December 13, 2014
I bought this as an upgrade to a 7" frame I have had for about 8 years because I want a bigger photo viewer. The NIX 12" is a perfect size and had some nice features I wanted. After loading my pictures on the provided USB drive, I noticed that many of the photos were taking a long time to transition (up to 2 minutes) even though I had the setting set for a 3 second transition. I called the NIX support line and talked to a the help desk representative. He told me to download the "Fast Stone" photo resizer/renaming utility (which by the way is a cool/free tool). Even though I had already renamed and resized my photos based on the advice of other reviewers, I followed the support persons instructions and reprocessed all my photos using Fast stone (I have about 3,600 pictures). I used the settings given to me by the support representative of 800x600 with 72 dpi (which is such a low dpi that it made many of my pictures grainy). But after all of this, I still had the very same problem with very slow photo transitions. I took the same memory card and put it in my old 7" frame and it worked great (except now the pictures were grainy because of the low dpi). I tried both the provided USB drive and an SD card (both regular and high speed) with the frame with the same results. I tried every possible setting and still had the same problem. After spending a lot of time with no success I am returning the photo frame. So for now I am using my 8 year old 7" frame which transitions even un-altered photos great (I just wish it was bigger).
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on November 6, 2013
I bought this frame to replace an older 8.5-inch (diagonal) Digital Spectrum Solutions Memory Frame, which was still working, because I wanted something larger and because the Digital Spectrum frame can't handle the collection of over 10,000 photos I now wish to display. The good news is the Nix is 12 inches (diagonal), a very nice size. Although the Nix has only 800x600 pixel resolution, the pictures have adequate sharpness. The Nix has no difficulty with the large number of photos in my collection.

The main shortcoming is in image quality, specifically in color balance. Photos that display correctly on my ViewSonic monitor, two Samsung monitors, a Dell laptop, and the Digital Spectrum frame, show up with too much red on the Nix frame. There are controls for brightness, contrast, and saturation, but not for color balance. I tried changing brightness, contrast, and saturation, but the color imbalance remained. I would have to edit my entire photo collection of over 10,000 pictures by trial and error in order to get them to display correctly on the Nix. Also, the Nix has a narrower viewing angle within which the photos display with good brightness. One more thing -- the infra-red sensor that is supposed to turn on the frame from 6 feet away does not work reliably at a distance of more than 2 feet.

Update 11/14/13. Nix contacted me after seeing the review above and attempted to resolve the problem. We exchanged email messages, and I sent them photo files. Based on the questions and advice received from the most recent Nix technical representative that contacted me (which included putting the photos on a different memory card to see if that would make a difference) I concluded that my only practical recourse was to return the frame to Amazon before the 30-day window was up.

One interesting footnote. I took photos of the frame when it was displaying photos with too much red (in order to send samples to Nix). Sometimes I had to stop the display and toggle backwards to display a photo again. When I did so the photo then displayed correctly. I tried it a few more times, and each time a photo had too much red, a toggle backwards and redisplay showed the photo correctly. This appears to be a software issue.

When the frame was displaying photos correctly it was beautiful.

I have ordered a different and more expensive Nix 12-inch frame from Amazon, the model X12B.
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on July 10, 2014
I ordered it from Amazon because of the Product Ranking among its category. It was rated #2 in digital photo frames. Amazon shipped on time and it was delivered on time. But the problem was with the product. It could not display photos in a slide show. It started randomly to freeze after certain number of photos. When it froze nothing including the remote buttons and/or manual forward/go back options did not work. We had to power off and power on the device then it will start the slide show and then will freeze. It froze after displaying 20 photos, 10 photos and as low as 7 photos once. I tried various options like playing photos through SDHC card, USB reader that came up with the product etc. I also tried creating photos without a folder on the SDHC/USB and with one folder as well as with multiple folders etc thinking whether number of photos/folders is an issue. But the problem still persisted with freezing around maximum of 20 photos display. I am returning this product to Amazon. I am surprised how it had an overall above 4 star rating and ranked #2 in product category which led me to trust it and buy it.
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on December 30, 2013
Purchased this as a gift for my parents based on the reviews and ease of setup. The 4GB USB drive was a bonus. I spent several days sifting through thousand of photos and resizing them to optimize the space on the 4Gb usb. The transfer was simple enough even from my imac. Tested the frame in my home overnight setting the menu to display images randomly. Packed it all back into the box wrapped it, and brought it over to my parents for a pre christmas celebration. In front of the entire family the big reveal was a big dud. It would not turn on. Tried several outlets, tried reseting it, nothing. Explained what everyone was suppose to see, then removed the usb drive and plugged it into their smart tv so they could at least see the effort in selecting the images. They liked the look but now are gun shy about these "smart frames". My mom said she will stick with the regular frames.
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on July 14, 2014
After some research and reading the reviews, I was disappointed with the frame, but not for the reasons others have noted. Although 800x600 isn't exactly cutting edge, we all knew what we where getting into. Setup was easy, loading photos... easy. The unit is designed to be as simple to operate as possible and, to it's credit, NIX does a pretty good job. 4GB memory card is a fine plus.

However, the unit I received as a handful of dead or stuck pixels. Noticeable when the screen is black and during transitions, but due to the 4:3 aspect ratio, they were also very prominent when displaying portrait images (because there are black bars on either side). We have a Canon S95 which takes amazing photos. Unfortunately, this NIX adds a red hue to everything. The color accuracy was the most disappointing.

Considering the intent of this device is to accurately display digital images, which I would say it does poorly, 2 stars might be generous.

Note: I would have returned the item, but I had already recycled the packing materials before I tested it.

Update 8/16/14: Shortly following the review, the manufacturer contacted me. Truly the best customer service experience I've ever had. They were easy and quick to communicate, and offered to replace the device. They sent me a new unit that works perfectly. Highly recommended! Great customer support goes along way.
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