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on December 22, 2014
Wish I would have read the reviews a bit more clearly. I read quite a few good reviews and thought I would be ok, but ended up returning it do to it showing pixelated photos for over half of the ones I put on it. I was reading more reviews and found a comment from the manufacturer that photos needed to be scaled down to 72dpi due to the screen on the device.

I'm confused why the scaling isn't handled internally to avoid this issue, I'm guessing the processor is to inexpensive to do this properly and thus is why the device itself is so inexpensive.

If you want to dump a whole bunch of pictures saved from facebook onto this, then it will likely work great, but going direct from our phones and digital cameras was hit or miss due to the dpi restriction.

I've since bought a Philips frame which seems to handle the dpi of my photos just find and have decided to return this. Hopefully this helps others that are having the same issue and it should really be listed in the description somewhere.
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I've been using this NIX digital photo frame for 5 years now and am ready to upgrade to a new, bigger model. I'm going to avoid the NIX brand, though, because it hasn't been very good for us at all. Here are our problems:

1. Photos get cropped. So if it's a portrait photo, instead of sizing it to fit the frame, it just gets cropped. Hello Boob shot of my mother in law!

2. The frame cycles between the same 5 photos--no matter how many photos I have in there. It's annoying!

Other than that, it's great to have the motion sensor. Guests and my kids really love to sit at our breakfast bar and watch the photos cycle through!
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on December 7, 2012
I bought this frame as a gift, to give my parents. I wanted to completely set it up for them, so I saved 200+ photos onto a 2GB SD card and inserted it into the frame. It was all very easy. If I were keeping it, I think I would use the clock/calendar function, where you have the date & time displayed along with the photo slideshow. I am very happy with the frame- I'm having a hard time putting it back in the box to give it away!

My only problems with the frame were that
1. on Random mode, I saw a few photos too often. Changed to sequential mode.
2. when deleting photos, using the remote or buttons on back, it's a little clunky. After the deletion, you are set back to the beginning of the list of photos rather than put back where you were in the list of photos.
3. When I initially inserted the SD card, the frame must have saved some number of those photos, because even after I deleted some of the unnecessary photos from the SD card, they would still show up in the frame's slideshow. I had to use the remote to get rid of them.
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on July 11, 2017
Really like this, I've had it 4 years with no issue. For the money and compared to similar units, this one is really good. I would recommend and buy it again. It goes perfect on my dresser. It's a little small to put in a living room, and the remote is kinda useless, but I really like it.
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on March 2, 2016
I bought this frame for my grandparents who were running out of space on their mantle and walls. They have 6 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren to have to try and keep pictures of which takes up a ton of space as you can imagine. With this frame, it not only takes away some of the clutter my Nana could not stand, but also gives her a fresh display of pictures that she can look at without moving. The clarity of the pictures in the frames is magnificent. The frame is also easy to set up and takes less than 2 minutes from taking it out of the box to inserting a USB to have pictures streaming on the frame. I plan on picking one up for my office so I can always have a great view of my family through this very affordable and worthwhile digital photo frame. Thanks Nix for providing a great product for me and my family to enjoy!
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on October 17, 2012
On my first foray into digital photo frames, I purchased the NIX 7" based on its generally good review and reasonable price. At the same time, I purchased a Pandigital 8".

Out of the box, I found the NIX much easier to use than the Pandigital (I am using loaded 16GB SD Cards). I plugged it in, plugged in the card, and boom, I had displayed photos. (I had much less luck with the Pandigital which took about 10-15 minutes of frustrating troubleshooting to figure out.)

Sadly, I've nixed the NIX, and I'm sending it back to Amazon, disappointed with the quality of the image and the plastic frame around it. Teh resolution of my unit was not what I'd hoped it would be (the Pandigital looks great), stretched the images just enough to be noticeable, and was too bright even at its lowest setting.

It's not terrible, but I probably won't purchase another NIX.
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on December 31, 2012
My wife and I got some amazon gift cards for Christmas and used them to buy the nix 7 inch digital frame. We got it on time, and love the product! It is so simple! just put the card in and it shows the pictures that are there! The remote is a nice touch too.

A couple of things that cost it 1 star:
It's default settings have the motion sensor turned off. It took me a while to realize this. I was first concerned, thinking that it was broken, but after a few minutes of going through the settings, i found where you could turn in on and for what amount of time you wanted it to last for. It should be on already in my opinion, but it's easy enough to find in the settings.

the seconds thing is the default setting for "optimize" for showing photos. This setting will "optimize" the screen's area, but it stretches the pictures in order to fill the space on the screen. Again, it's easy enough to change it to "auto-fit" which shows the pictures with the proper ratios on all sides. I would just rather have the pictures automatically show normally, and have the negative space on the sides.

Again, fabulous product, just a couple preference things that keep it from being the top of the top in my book.
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on December 20, 2015
Absolute and utter trash. This thing literally belongs in a dumpster. To start, the picture quality is terrible. Theres probably 20 pixels that show up on this thing unless you are using professional pictures with your 2,000 dollar camera. Next, its "random" setting isn't random at all, not even close. It plays the same pictures over and over. I could have 30 pictures on here and it will play the same 3 back to back. Mine keeps playing this one photo I have after every single picture. Sometimes it plays it back to back; its almost funny how bad it is. Save your money, buy a real picture frame. This is the absolute worst way to spend 40 dollars.
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on February 9, 2017
This is an excellent frame for the price. The features and image quality is great. I was impressed with the packaging and quality of the instruction book. I think it definitely helps if you have some knowledge of electronics and image manipulation software. The quality of the photos and their orientation are not dictated or affected by the frame. It's up to you to know how to rotate or otherwise edit your photos. I also liked that you can turn off the "Hu-Motion" capability.
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on January 14, 2014
I bought this for my grandmother as a Christmas gift. If you saw her house, you would understand why. Her house is loaded with pictures of family. From her own kids to her great grandkids. No idea why no one in my family thought to get her something like this. I loaded it up with pictures before I gave it to her. I used a 4GB SDHC Sandisk. I put about 100 pictures on it. She placed it in her room and she finds herself waking up and watching the pictures that roll through. The only thing I wish was that the pictures wouldn't repeat as often when you put it on shuffle. Instead of a different sequence of pictures, the same picture often pops up more than once. I also wish that the pixels were a little better. Some of the pictures look blurry and others look really often. Most of the pictures taken on a cell phone and transferred, look better than ones taken on a digital camera. I'll end up playing around with it a little more when I upload more pictures. I'll probably end up getting one for my mother. I wish there was a wall mounting size. I think that should definitely be next.
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