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on July 22, 2013
I bought this initially for making baby food while traveling/on-the-go but as soon as it arrived, we used it right away. I make our baby food at home using the steam/hand blend/freeze method but this allows us to make baby food right there on the spot and it's nice and fresh. Sure one can argue (poorly at that) that a fork and bowl could yield the same results, but dump your fresh food right in, give the small pulverzier a push and about 2 spins later, you have fresh baby food. My little one is six months and she loves eating: bananas, avocado, peaches, nectarines, and melons. For the banana and avocado, mix it with a little breastmilk or formula to get it to the right runny consistency. The thing I like about this bowl for nectarines and peaches, those fruits have a tendency to be stringy and I'm afraid it will choke my little one. This device cuts up the string without making the mush too runny and leaving it a thick consistency (something a fork and bowl will take you quite a while to do). I often defrost a frozen cube of blended fruit right in the bowl and add half a fresh banana and mush them all together. I like that you can feed your baby right out of the bowl and clean up is a breeze. So glad I bought this thing and I can't see us living without it.

Update (11/15/13): My little one is now ten months old. This bowl masher has taken up permanent residency in our diaper bag. She now eats the same table food we eat. We just cut up smaller chunks of veggies and take more veggies/meat/carb in the bowl and mash that up then mix up the cut up foot with the mashed food to create a chunky stew-like consistency. She only has two bottom teeth and two top teeth poking out so she can't quite chew some of the harder cuts of meat, so this thing comes in handy when the meats aren't toddler friendly. It has saved us in packing baby food and BUYING baby food alone. We love this thing!
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on May 29, 2012
This was the perfect item to mash up food to give to our 11 month old. We have tried a few other products that didn't come close to this in terms of ease of use, effectiveness, and ease of cleaning. Some things I like about this product:

- The pieces are dishwasher safe which makes clean up easy.
- The bowl has a rubber bottom which makes it slip resistant.
- There are grooves in the bowl the provide a nice amount friction for mashing up foods.
- It is sturdy and durable (now is on to the third different child using this).
- It's a one "pot" meal - mash it up and serve right from it.

We have used this for about a month with all kinds of foods: pasta, meats, beans, fruits, veggies, etc. For the cost, I cannot recommend picking up this product enough - you will not be disappointed. It more than easily pays for itself in money saved from buying less jars of baby food!


- over 6 months later and we have pretty much stopped using this product as our son is old enough (and has enough teeth) to not need most foods mashed up. Although, he does enjoy potatoes and other veggies mashed up it still gets some occasional use.
This has held up through the entire time we used it and it will be ready to go for our next child! I stand by my original review of this product - it was a HUGE help for feeding our son all sorts of table food for many months.

Update #2 - 12/16/14

- baby #2 has officially started solid foods a few weeks ago and we took this right out of the attic. Since our first, we had let someone else borrow this and it still is in perfect condition! Bananas and sweet potatoes are being mashed to perfection already. We look forward to being able use this the entire time with this baby.
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on November 22, 2016
I used to cut the food into small cubes and put them in the blender to make the vegetable for my baby, but that is not a good way because you have to make a larger amount than the baby's needs! not convenient at all. I have to say it is a great decision to buy this for making quick and easy baby food, this great tool helps a lot. I meshed potatoes, carrots, and cabbages in this bowl, that can do the job well and with really clean a methods. the bowl is easy to clean as well.
I have used this for about a month, it is well-made and can make great baby food.
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on March 6, 2017
I love this bowl! My babe is only 5 months and I plan to start baby led weaning but before I started I wanted to try this out and see how well it mashed things up so I could skip baby food altogether and just use this. Cheaper! Cheaper because I could just put some sweet potatoes or whatever I planned on cooking anyway and add a little to this bowl and mash it up. If your baby is used to runny consistency (i.e breastmilk/formula) I'd add some of that to whatever you're mashing to give it a runny consistency and they'll like it. The bowl is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to transport. It doesn't tip over super easily but it doesn't suction to the highchair or anything either. The ridges inside I feel make it extremely easy to break food down. The only thing I wish is that it came with a top for storing.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon January 12, 2017
We started feeding my daughter solid foods at 6 months. By that age, she didn't need to eat watery cereal and could eat thicker purees. Some foods, like bananas and strawberries, can be mashed up as is. Some foods, like apples and pears, mash up really well once they are steamed.

When she was about 9 months old we started putting whatever we were eating into the masher and it worked out perfectly. We put in pasta, stews, chicken and rice, spaghetti...all mashable! You can even take it to restaurants with you! Rather than spending money on a Baby Bullet, get a few of these!

If I were to ask for one thing in it, it would be to have a cover on the top or some sort of lid to make it even more convenient. It is easy to wash and clean as well. Great product I highly recommend it.
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on July 30, 2016
I like to make my baby food, but finding time after going back to work was difficult. I remember thinking after my first child I wish I had something I could use to just mash up whatever we were eating for dinner. Enter the Nuk Mash and Serve! It is EXACTLY what I was looking for. With this new baby, I have been able to mash up all our fruits and cooked veggies. I just add a little bit of water or breastmilk when needed to thin out, and so far it has worked perfectly. Plus it's easy to clean! Win win for our family!!!!
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on June 28, 2016
This mash and serve bowl is pretty great. It has made it extremely easy to mash pretty much anything that is soft enough to feed a baby. I only mash a few bites of food at a time, and it has been incredibly easy to smush things like steamed carrots or bits of chicken. You can twist the "pestle" as you grind, and the lines in the bowl will hold the food in place enough to help tear it apart. The are very shallow, so you don't end up with any chunks. Once you're done, I found that a sideways teaspoon fits perfectly in between the ridges to scrape everything out. The OlaSprout bendable baby spoon also works pretty well. The little bits of food left in the holes of the "pestle" are easily removed with a quick spray in the sink. Or you could throw it in the dishwasher, as it is top rack dishwasher safe (and microwave safe).

The issues are pretty minor. I don't find it worth the effort to pick the food out of the holes in the "pestle", so I end up losing a tiny bit. Because the ridges in the bowl are shallow, it might be difficult to mash a lot of food at once, and is a chore trying to mash fibrous stuff (you have to constantly move the fibers out of the ridges so new food can mash).

Buyer beware, I initially received a used/defective (pitted plastic, a manufacturing issue) bowl without packaging - gross and dishonest on Amazon's part. I contacted them and was able to get a replacement, and so am revising my review to fairly reflect the product.
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on April 26, 2016
I absolutely love this Nuk Mash and Serve bowl! My baby recently turned 6 months so I decided that I would be making my very own baby food for him. This thing is awesome! A lot of things can be easily mashed up (avocado, steamed veggies, mango) and this bowl just makes it so convenient and easy to use/serve my baby. He loves eating and it is so much fun watching him get excited when I start using this to mash up his food. The masher portion is nice and sturdy and works great. The bowl is a good nice size and is sturdy as well. I love that I can literally mash the food in the bowl and then serve him the food in that same bowl! What a great way to save on just the convenience of it is awesome. This is also great to use when out and about. At a restaurant, we can order something that he can partially eat...and I can whip this bowl out and mash it up for him and then feed him right there at the table with us! How cool is that? I highly recommend this bowl for anyone starting solids with their baby or even older toddler than still needs certain foods mashed up. It is the perfect baby shower gift. It is such a great price and I always tell al my friends that they need to purchase this one they start their baby on solids. Overall I give this product 5 stars because it is high quality, works great, and is very affordable.
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on January 27, 2017
Xmas gift to Grandma for her new grand baby.

She said she used several times--and then gave up completely because it was, "ridiculous how all the food gets caught and stays in the masher. I spent all my time trying to dig out the food."

She said she now uses it permanently "as an extra cup to water her plants."
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on November 30, 2016
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