Customer Reviews: NAKED HAPPY GIRLS (HC)
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on March 20, 2004
Who can resist a book with a title like Naked Happy Girls? And it pretty much lived up to my expectations.
Too many photographers of nudes forget how important the facial expression can be. After awhile you get tired of seeing women with these serious "arty" expressions. You just want to enjoy the female form and get the impression that the woman being photographed delights in sharing with you. And though there are serious expressions here, Mr. Einhorn achieves his greatest effects in the relaxed attitudes and the smiles.
Though there is very little text in this well-made little volume, I also enjoyed that he gave a brief paragraph before each selection of pictures telling the model's name and a little bit about her. This increased the relaxed atmosphere of the book for me.
If there is a weakness in the book for me, it is a personal one. I am not very fond of tattoos and many of these women have very prominent and, in some cases, extensive tattooing which ruins the beauty of the form. Still, this is a small complaint and many of the subjects here--Cara, Christina, Diana, Jen, Julia, Kaiama, Tamara, Thuc (my personal favorite) and Chadia--are astoundingly beautiful; especially when they smile.
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on November 9, 2003
The book "Naked happy Girls" by Andrew Einhorn is printed in Germany and published by Goliath Verlag.
The size is a petite 195 x 145 x 35 mm and the book has 368 numbered pages. The quality is good and the pages are bound.
Several models (almost 40) are portrayed and all photos are monochrome. The models pose mostly nude with only a few shots veiled in clothing.
A chapter is reserved for each model, with short descriptive forewords. From the models point of view this is a sort of mini-portfolio, and I think this is a good approach.
The relaxed and mostly happy photos and models within have some similarities (apart from their natural beauty); several of the models have cats as pets, many have tattoos and some smoke.(quit; it's deadly unhealthy!)
Some of the photos show (deliberate) movement and are partially blurred. There are several serial pictures which could easily be consecutive shots from the negative.
Part of the relaxedness stems from the fact that the photo session is done in the models own surroundings, mostly the home. Some of the models photograph the (nude)photographer during the shoots but he can be seen in only a few of the pictures. The last numbered page in the book has a nude (genitals covered) photo of the photographer himself.
This is a very compact set filled a lot of photographs by Mr. Einhorn, some easily passed and some very interesting. The price marked on the book (37.95 USD - 27.90 EUR) is a good one and it seems offers it even for less.
My personal favourites are; "Andrea" on page 30, "April" on page 45, "Cara" on page 63, "Hil" on page 145 (left), "Julia" three pic' set from page 198 to 199, "Maya" on page 263 and 267, last but not least "Thuc" four pic' set from page 328 to 329.
Robie Kulokivi
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on September 11, 2005
The major selling point of this volume of nude photography is the attitude of the models; traditionally, nude models have taken a 'runway' approach to posing: aloof, nearly petulant, totally unapproachable. Einhorn, to his credit, has broken this tradition, choosing models who embrace their nudity, love posing, and enjoy sharing their happiness with the viewer. Even more important, the models are not 'perfect specimens', whose smile might carry some undercurrent of erotic sexuality...these are 'flesh and blood' women, accepting imperfections as part of their uniqueness, and nudity as simply a natural state, nothing more.

If you are considering purchasing this volume as photographic eroticism, you will be disappointed; there are far more provocative volumes available to choose from. But as a celebration of the feminine mystique, the joy of woman in her natural state, and some of the most relaxed shooting sessions you'll ever see in book form, "Naked Happy Girls" is a rewarding experience!
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on September 2, 2005
I think I need to stop buying books by this publisher, or at least double-check the dimensions of their things before I buy. This book is ))) TINY (((. Be aware of that before you order! It's very small pages contain mostly still smaller images.

The quality of the book itself isn't very good either. Fortunately, it won't be seeing much viewing time anyway as the photography isn't very good. Boring and little or no technical merit. Someone else in another review here brings up the point that if the creator himself doesn't consider his work to rise to the level of being "art", then what exactly is it doing in a "coffee-table" art book? This makes no sense at all and so I must agree with the other reviewer. If it's not art, then don't publish it in a format usually reserved for the presentation of art! Would one seek to hang their "non-art" pictures in an ART GALLERY? Perhaps these photographers who use pronouncements of their work not being art are simply using that as a "best-defense-is-a-good-offense" deflection of the fact that they are simply incapable of making truly artistic photos? Who knows. In any case, this is a small, poor quality book of basically very weak pictures of girls without clothes. My advice is to spend your money on something else.

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on December 10, 2004
The women in this book are indeed naked, but not nearly as happy as I had expected them to be. The happiest photo, in fact, is the one on the cover. The girls are smiling on the inside pages, but they are overall more serious that the title would seem to imply.

What's nice about this book, though, is how comfortable each girl is with her nakedness. Each is photographed in her home or apartment where they feel most at ease. But in looking at the pictures, one soon forgets that each woman is unclothed - and that being nude is unusual.

Quite a few of the women would be unspectacular if you met them on the street (although many of the subjects were quite attractive). But it's the level of emotionality that they all convey without their clothes that makes this treatise remarkable. Each woman is beautiful in her own way. And on that level, the book is very successful.

As a follow-up, I'd like to see the author compile similar photographs of women happy and naked together. Being comfortably undressed with each other, and using their flesh to emotionally communicate with one another (without being physical or jealous of each other's beauty) would be the next state for women to aspire to.

As a comparison, a similar group of photographs of naked men would be utterly disgusting. I think it's important for us to remember the powerful emotional role that women play in our society. And little books such as this one help to remind us of the beauty in the world that surrounds all of us.

(Said differently, that woman who rides the bus next to you on the way to work would be quite beautiful -- if only you could see her naked! But hey, you had probably already figured that out, but in a much more lascivious way.) Enjoy.
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on July 24, 2003
Andrew Einhorn has a knack for photographing naked happy girls. His subjects move around their New York apartments, joyful, smiling, and in the glimpse these photographs give, nude.
Beautiful. Unique.
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on May 29, 2014
These was a book that I read, and read reviews on before I purchased it. Then I saw the short show on Playboy TV and it was amazing to watch. These are all natural girls, very beautiful indeed, just being for the most and best part just being Happy Naked. The book, is small, as others pointed out, but really, it not all that small. I truly have purchased smaller books. What I loved the most is the fact that most of these beautiful, down to Earth, Natural Girls are smiling and of coarse happy. I when I when looking for this book, because I collect them, was able to find a new one. So if your looking, I would buy now, before all the New one are gone.
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on April 21, 2013
This book has some great images, but the book dimensions are a bit too small, especially for such a thick book. Also, some of the model poses are too similar to others, so it tends to be a bit much. I wanted to put it down and pick it up again later.
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on July 31, 2007
I found this book a bit disappointing. Fair enough, the title suggests it is just gonna be `Naked, Happy Girls' and to that end it could hardly be called misleading. However, I guess I'd hoped for a little bit more. A little bit more composure to the photographs (not posed, just not quite so `passing snapshot'), a little bit more interest or theme than can be generated by a collection of photos of naked, happy girls. Spend a few Summers on the beach with lots of naked people and the novelty of naked, happy girls starts to fade and you need something more, it makes it too much like random photos of people just going about their business. Not a misleading title but once you realize that's the sum of the content it seems a bit........ and?

It feels like if this was a collection of your own photos of your own group of friends it would be perfect, but when it's someone else's collection of people not known to the reader it's too much like looking through someone else's personal photo albums.

Notwithstanding, if you'd like a little book of pictures of naked, happy girls this is just that-and naked, happy girls are always a guaranteed spirit lifter!!


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on September 24, 2011
Photographs often leave one wanting more of any subject. Who doesn't like to look at naked women? The photographer has portrayed a number women made all the more appealing by the obviousness of their finding this photographic adventure fun... Nevertheless, it sits mostly unopened....
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