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Platform: Nintendo DS|Change
Price:$17.69 - $500.00
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on December 7, 2016
I'm not sure what this is or if may be i got bad copy. But nothing works, i can switch from menu to menu but it will not allow me to play anything at all. What a waste of money.
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on May 10, 2016
I bought this only for pacman. The Pacman is not as fun as the old nintendo version. The directional pad isnt as responsive as it is on other games. Overall i love pacman and this is a fun game
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on March 20, 2011
I bought this game for the same reason everyone else does. Im from the Pac-Man generation ( In my 40's ) and I cant tell you how many of my quarters was gobbled up by this game in my youth. I bought it for PacMan and Galaga. The other games I could care less about especially Dig-dug 2 ( Crap). In their defense, I must say they are exact replicas of their arcade counterparts. The game is fine except a game like Pacman requires a joystick and not a pad controller. You cannot execute the pacman smoothly without a joystick which is why I think this game will fare better on the 3DS since it will come with a round joystick. Believe me, my arcade high score on the Pacster was over 240k so I do know how to play it best. Galaga works fine with the D-pad. The other games I cannot comment on since I really do not play them but I dont see a problem either. Its really a personal judgement call since this game cost less than the amount of quarters I put in one week in the arcade version of Pacman lol. Im sure once I try it on the 3DS I will be able to give it 5 stars but for now on the regular ds it leaves you wanting something better.
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If you bought Namco museum game for the PS2 then you already know what to expect, if you haven't bought this game yet but or a fan of the newer games this one isn't for you. This has pretty much most of the games we remember playing in the 80's at the arcade or pizza parlors and now that it's on a more portable and accessible platform it makes playing these games just as fun now as back then. The basic games are Pac-man,Dig-Dug and Galaga though there are some others these games are probably the ones you'll spend most of your time playing though. Again if you're expecting graphics like Uncharted or Gears of war then obviously you didn't read the information or didn't bother, most of the games are pretty much going to look like games from the 8bit Nintendo days no surprise though but if you give it a try you might just be a little shocked at how much fun you get from these longtime classic games.
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on September 9, 2016
I'm 35 and had to have this!!! It's awesome!! You can play all the fun back in the day games!
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on June 14, 2010
Namco Museum DS is a fun collection of classic Namco games, including among them Pac-Man, Galaxian, Galaga, Dig Dug II, The Tower of Druaga, Mappy, Xevious and the new, multiplayer only Pac-Man Vs. All of the old school arcade titles are well translated to the DS, replicating the graphics, sound, and music to a high degree, though the DS's D-pad does not feel as natural as a joystick would for game control, especially in Pac-Man. And all of the games save your high score, allowing you to try to break your record time after time. The main problem with this collection, though, is not in the games it has, but rather with the games it lacks. Ms. Pac-Man and the first Dig Dug are nowhere to be found here, which is rather disappointing, seeing as they are so iconic and enjoyable. Even with these sad omissions, the Namco Museum still has a great number of great games on one game card, which makes it perfect for long trips where variety is needed. I recommend this collection, but continue to hold out hope that Namco someday releases a second Museum collection for the DS, one that brings Dig Dug and Ms. Pac-Man back into the fold.
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on February 23, 2015
Namco Museum DS is an entertaining video game. It has seven classic arcade games plus one multi-player game to enjoy for hours. My favorite game in this amazing collection is Galaga, even if it is a bit too similar to Galaxian. This game is fantastic. Two bonus games, Super Xevious and Dig Dug 2 Old Version, can be unlocked. See online game cheats to help you unlock them. I recommend this game to ANYONE who craves old arcade games.
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on October 30, 2016
Amazing collection of classics! There's even a library with sounds from the games, and a library that tell's you all about each game. Just like the originals except now I have them on the go! I recommend this to anyone who's a fan of these classics.
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on October 18, 2015
Pretty good PAC-MAN game for the DS. To play single-player go into Arcade not VS.
However, I sure wish there was MS.Pac-Man as well as I get bored with the same board layout and fruit not moving.
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on June 22, 2015
Awesome and fun game. Love that you can complete the The Tower of Druaga completely (you could not in the playstation Namco Museum Vol. 3- the little packet had the maze pictures wrong and I think there was a general glitch that didn't allow you do finish it.) AND that the treasure chest instructions are right in front of you. great game.
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