Customer Reviews: Namco Museum - Nintendo DS
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on January 27, 2008
I am a 50 something woman,not much of a gamer, but got a DS for Christmas, and have become addicted to these games, especially Pacman and Galaxian. Playing them was exactly like back in the good ole days...and even my 10 year old niece enjoyed them, but of course she didn't have to read the instructions like I did.the graphics are good, if you liked it back in the 80's, you'll enjoy this game.
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on May 29, 2008
I picked this up on the strength of Pac-Man Vs. last week, and was more surprised by the additional content than anything else. It's a simple collection, Pacman, Mappy, Galaga, etc. but the options are nearly endless.

In all of the old 'coin op' games, you can change up many many options; continues, number of lives, speed, difficulty, etc. You can even play with the dip switches as you would to adjust settings on a real arcade cabinet. I was shocked by the sheer number of choices available to the gamer, within each individual title.

For $15, this game is worth it for Pac Man Vs. alone. For the uninitiated, its a multiplayer PacMan, where one player plays regular old PacMan, but all of your friends play the part of the ghosts. The ghosts are given a very limited view, and the game plays like normal, Power pellets will kill ghosts, but its the basis for an excellent game of cat-and-mouse.

I would recommend this title to children or adult fans of the original titles. Due to the wide variety of difficulty and gameplay options, the player can choose just how challenging they wish the game to be.

My only real knock is that the selection is a bit limited. I would have appreciated a few more titles, or a few less duplicates. But again, for the price, you can't go wrong.
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VINE VOICEon October 9, 2007
Maybe it's a result of my getting older but I recently felt a wave of nostalgia for the 80's and one of my fondest memories was playing arcade games. The arcades from my youth have all long since closed but I still have feelings for games like Crystal Castles, Pengo, Marble Madness and so on. A little while back I bought the DS version of Bubble Bobble containing a spot on translation of the classic game. Despite being over 20 years old Bubble Bobble is still loads of fun. After searching for some more classic games on the DS I discovered that two I have particularly warm memories of were being released in the new Namco collection. These included Xevious and Mappy. I wasn't sure why Namco was releasing Galaxian since it's almost exactly the same as Galaga except not nearly as good. So is it worth the investment?

I must say that none of these games compare to Bubble Bobble but in their defense they were all released prior to Bobble. The first thing I noticed is how shallow these games are. The wonderful memories I held for Mappy were soon replaced by the boredom of the games repetitiveness. Xevious has more variety but I found the game bloody hard and difficult to see on the small screen. You can set up the game to play tilted at 90 degrees and it looks far better but then you're holding the DS at an extremely awkward angle. Most arcade games were built with a tall screen but the DS screens are built wide so either you play the games with black bars on either side or tilt the system. Neither is a great solution. Galaga is fun but it just doesn't feel the same without a big chunky joystick controlling your fighter. I only played Dig Dug II briefly because it's junk compared to the original Dig Dug.

I have to give Namco credit for trying its best to recreate the arcade experience on a handheld system. Games have simulated mother boards with dip switches that can be set as if the player were an arcade owner. Players can even play with known bugs on or off. The kicker for me was the inclusion of a faux screen burn on Xevious. Now THAT is the sign of a loving crafted game.

Some people have complained about the selection of games and although I would have swapped out Dig Dug II, Towers of Druaga and Galaxian others have complained about the inclusion of Mappy so for each his own. The main problem with the games is that the DS screen dimensions differ significantly from the original arcade games but there's not much Namco could do about that. Something that Namco COULD have done something about was the inclusion of continues. I mean if you're trying to recreate an arcade experience players should be able to simulate popping in another quarter. Unfortunately every game gives you a quarters worth of play and Xevious is damn hard. At 20 bucks it's a bargain game but I must confess that I lost interest faster than I expected. Still, it's fun to have many of these games available in portable form.
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on August 8, 2009
This game has 7 classics, all from 1979 to 1985, Including Galaxian(4/5), Pac Man(5/5), Galaga(5/5), Xevious(4/5), Mappy(4/5), The Tower of Druaga(2/5), and Dig Dug II(5/5). I like it how if you press START, SELECT, START while holding R, you can have a 2 player game on a single DS. And then there's a wireless/download game: Pac Man Vs.

How to operate Pac Man Vs.: Select Pac Man Vs.; In the middle of the touch screen you'll se a circle that says Wireless Vs. Touch it or select it with the A button. Then you'll see Create Room, Find Room, etc. I got stuck on the circle part and thought it was searching for opponnets. And I thought it was lousy because it wasn't working. So make sure you select Wireless Vs.

Anyhow, Pac Man Vs. is fun, and for the first time ever, you can be a ghost trying to catch Pac Man!

I would recommend this game to anybody, especially old games fans.
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on January 13, 2011
Santa brought this game for our 10 year-old son this Christmas. He loves Pac-Man and wanted his own game to play at home. He was really excited to get this title. He enjoys playing the Pac-Man game, as well as several of the other games included on the game card. I am disappointed in the interface, however. Once you start any of the arcade games, the instructions, scores, and other text are cut off at the bottom, making them difficult to read. It is also difficult to use the button controls with one hand to play the game. He tried resting the DS unit on a table, freeing both hands to work the controls to the left of the screen, but his hands kept touching the lower screen and pausing the game. It would be helpful if the stylus were able to control game movements, or if there were a "virtual" keypad on the lower screen for controlling movement on the top screen. I downloaded a Pac-Man game to my phone, and he enjoys playing that version better since it does allow both stylus and virtual keypad control.
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on October 18, 2015
Pretty good PAC-MAN game for the DS. To play single-player go into Arcade not VS.
However, I sure wish there was MS.Pac-Man as well as I get bored with the same board layout and fruit not moving.
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If you bought Namco museum game for the PS2 then you already know what to expect, if you haven't bought this game yet but or a fan of the newer games this one isn't for you. This has pretty much most of the games we remember playing in the 80's at the arcade or pizza parlors and now that it's on a more portable and accessible platform it makes playing these games just as fun now as back then. The basic games are Pac-man,Dig-Dug and Galaga though there are some others these games are probably the ones you'll spend most of your time playing though. Again if you're expecting graphics like Uncharted or Gears of war then obviously you didn't read the information or didn't bother, most of the games are pretty much going to look like games from the 8bit Nintendo days no surprise though but if you give it a try you might just be a little shocked at how much fun you get from these longtime classic games.
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on February 3, 2013
I was so tickled to be able to introduce my daughter to the great PacMan game that I so loved when I was younger. She loves it as well. Your child will too. A great price for years of entertainment. Once you have this, you will never want to sell it, believe me. You will be able to enjoy time together with your child because you will both end up playing it.
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on December 26, 2011
My nephew is almost 6 and didnt really know any of these games but hes a big fan of angry birds and stuff on his iTouch. I picked this up for him on the DS so he could see what games I had while growing up. Needless to say he liked them but I had to relive my youth and took the DS away. I played the games for a couple hours and finally gave it back to him. Its a great collection of some of the classics and was a good price for the set.
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on September 17, 2012
So here we have another installment of the famed Namco Museum series. There are some good titles and some weak ones.

The most impressive turn-on is the game intro/music, where Pac-Man interacts with a bunch of other characters such as Mappy and Dig Dug. You wouldn't be that humored on previous Namco Museum installments. Now on to the games themselves.

Pac-Man -- 5 stars - playing the original Pac-Man on ANY platform, even the DS, is always a grand ol' time. The graphics and sound effects are exactly as the arcade version, so who could ever get sick of this game?!

Galaxian -- 3 stars -- graphics and sound effects are stellar, but the fun wears off rather quickly. You only have a few lives to blast all the ships Space Invaders-style. The controls are actually as good as the Gamecube version. It's also a looping game, so it doesn't really end.

Galaga -- 4 stars -- the sequel to Galaxian, the action is MUCH more fast paced. When you allow your ship to get captured by the green crab-shaped enemy, you can have a dual-fighting ship to help you advance into further stages. After about 30 levels, the game will loop again. However, it's one of the better Namco titles so you really won't mind.

Xevious -- 2 stars -- graphics and sound effects aren't half bad, but again the fun doesn't have a very lasting effect. Your ship fires at ground and airborne targets (you have to bomb and fire on each of the targets, respectively). If you lose all of your ships, the game is over. However, you will eventually unlock the sequel, Super Xevious. Unfortunately, it is EXACTLY the same game so it's really a bad waste, and you don't really get anything more out of it.

Mappy -- 3 stars -- this was one of the old arcade games that I played when the coin-ops were first out. You are the Micro Police, and you have to collect items on each level, all the while avoiding enemies and cats! You can use doors or bells to stun the enemies, but you don't really have control as to which direction the doors open, leaving you vulnerable to getting hit and losing a life. As you progress through each level, the enemies are much faster so you don't have much time to think. After 15 levels, the game eventually loops back to Level 1 (although the game will actually state Level 16).

Dig Dug II -- 4 stars -- this title is NOT the same as the original Dig Dug! However, it is still as fun to play. You still have to inflate/blow up your enemies, but you have the wacky addition of drilling. Being on an island (instead of underground, no less), you can section off certain chunks of the big island to make your enemies fall into their watery doom HA HA!! You have the advantage of a "dip switch" option to use a level select if you have a hard time beating the game. The only severe liability is the unlockable ORIGINAL version of Dig Dug II -- again, like Super Xevious, it is EXACTLY the same game.

The Tower of Druaga -- 4 stars -- this is one of the more rare Namco titles. The music is to die for. You are responsible for finding keys and progressing to the next level, all the while avoiding/slashing enemies. Hit detection is very poor, and you also have to watch out carefully for the wizards (your shield will protect you from their magic spells). However, the plus side is the treasure chests -- you can use the upgrades to walk faster and attack better. Hopefully, unlike the other titles, there is actually a PROPER ending to this game. You can also do a level select if you lose all of your lives (hold A and press Start to go to the desired level).

So, all in all, the selection COULD have been a bit more, especially for a DS game. The designers should have taken out Super Xevious/Original Dig Dug II and replaced it with either Pac-Man/Galaga/Dig Dug Arrangement OR Super Pac-Man. For shame, people!! But the good part is, you can find ALL of the above titles on OTHER Namco Museum installments, such as the Playstation Portable or the Wii. So with that being said, save your money against Namco Museum DS and, instead, purchase Namco Museum Remix/Megamix for the Wii.
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