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on March 24, 2013
After having so much fun watching Nanny McPhee with my granddaughter the other day, we couldn't help but rent this second movie right away. Just as before, this new cast of kids are great little performers. Emma Thompson returns as Nanny McPhee, and this time Maggie Smith plays an eccentric character. There's lots of mischievousness on the part of the children, as well as their conniving uncle.

Because of Nanny McPhee's scary makeup and costume and fighting among the children, I would recommend this movie for ages 6 and up. This second movie also contains a pretty sad scene in which the mother and children gets news that the father has died in the war. It made me shed a couple of tears, so it might be a bit much for small children. Don't worry has a happy ending.

These movies are full of laughs, but I also like that they actually teach some good moral lessons. I'm glad my granddaughter convinced me to watch these. I'm sure they'll be repeats on our sleepover nights.
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on November 7, 2012
This has to be one of the best films I have ever had the pleasure to see. Emma Thompson has done a truly magnificent piece of work with "Nanny McPhee Returns." As much as I liked Nanny McPhee, this movie outstrips it. Not only did Emma Thompson do a magnificent job writing the screenplay, but she was splendid again as the rather homely Nanny McPhee.
When she first comes to the door you find yourself unconsciously asking yourself, "Where did she park her broom?" Nanny McPhee, at first, is a very homely, overweight woman with warts and a buck tooth that has to be seen to be believed. Despite her appearance, she definitely projects an air of unquestionable authority, though at first the children do question it, as youngsters will do. Slowly but surely she teaches them the lessons they need, assisted at times by a thump of her magical cane on the floor.
In Nanny McPhee Returns, there are three rather unruly children who are the despair of their mother, since their father has been called off to WWII. To throw some pepper into the soup, their two cousins arrive from the city. It is obvious from the get-go that the two cousins are spoiled brats, so you have a fair idea of just why Nanny McPhee shows up. The five youngsters (obviously) do not get along at all, and in fact Nanny McPhee has to quite literally show them who's boss, which she does rather well.
There is more of her magic, but unlike Mary Poppins there are no songs to carry the story along and, in truth, they are not needed.
To add to the mother's problems, her smarmy brother-in-law is trying to get her to sell the farm. There is an ulterior motive for his actions: he's in debt over his ears to a casino. Worse, the casino owner has sent his "Hit-men," actually two rather bloodthirsty women, to collect.
An interesting tidbit is the jackdaw that hangs around Nanny McPhee and hold conversations with her. The bird is forever belching because it has a habit of eating window putty. This bird, and several other things, move the show right along. I must add that Dame Maggie Smith (remember her as Prof. McGonnagal in "Harry Potter"?) is absolutely delightful as the little old lady who runs the local store. She (and several others) remember Nanny McPhee very kindly. At the end of the film you find out why, but only if you saw the first film.
All in all, this is a truly delightful film, in spite of a little over-the-top acting on the part of the brother-in-law and the two ladies(?). If you liked the first Nanny McPhee, you are going to love this one, too. I do highly recommend it, and I'm very glad I have it.
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on February 3, 2013
This movie, just like the previous Nanny McPhee movie, is about a traveling nanny that teaches children to behave and get along better. This nanny, though is not like any ordinary nanny, can use magic that causes both miracles and chaos for the children she cares for. Many crazy thing happen during the movie that causes problems, but work themselves out in the end. In the end, when the children want her, but no longer need her, she leaves, leaving only the memories of her for the children. This movie is fairly funny, yet sad at some scenes. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes to laugh and to be emotionally touched with the lessions of life.
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on November 23, 2012
Having viewed both Nanny McPhee films, as well as the reviews, I was delighted with (the lovely) Emma Thompson's performance, who once again provides that wonderful touch of magic and charm. As another reviewer put it, and which I agree with completely, Nanny McPhee Returns was charming, funny, touching and intelligent. Like the first, this is a wonderful family film that I think adults and younger minds will enjoy.

In short, I think the positive reviews pretty much dismiss those few negative reviews I've read. For the price, it's an enjoyable sequel; wouldn't mind having Nanny return just one more time!
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on October 31, 2016
Well if you loved the 1st Nanny McPhee just as i did you will be highly disappointed. My 11 year old daughter didn't even want to finish watching it. Stick with the 1st one!!!!
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on November 4, 2014
Great family fun and at 57 I enjoy it very much alone. Emma Thompson is very hard to recognize if immediately look for her, Maggie Smith as an eccentric older lady who was helped by Nanny McPhee at some point in her life is a wonderful addition to the cast. Well done, moves along, takes you to a bad place at a bad time and shows you that life doesn't have to be bad and with a little magic it can be incredibly enjoyable.
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on November 26, 2012
This sequel suffers from what seems to be a typical syndrome; it is not as good as the original movie. It has its sweet elements: the scenery is beautiful, there is a happy ending, Emma Thompson is her lovely self at the end and Maggie Smith is a delight, as always. But....the plot is predictable and the fantastical magical elements are contrived. I did like Nanny McPhee's crow familiar who had a lot of charming personality. The movie did make me smile and brought moments of misty-eyed sentiment, but I don't need to own this or see it again.
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on November 23, 2016
Love the movie--it's fun and good entertainment for both children and adults. I would've given it 5 stars if it hadn't stopped after about 30 minutes and I had to turn off the TV and go back and forth to Amazon to finally get it to play again.
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on May 22, 2013
very well done! I liked the 1st one so I decided to purchase this since I had not seen it on TV. I viewed it and it was not as good but what can you do with the subject matter. Acting was well done in my opinion. I was glad they didn't tell the same old story the same old way. They changed it around. Then at the end reviling who the old lady was is a good touch. It tied everything together nicely. Made me wonder if it was not planned before the 1st book was completed that the 2nd would work out this way. Not a big deal but something to consider.
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on December 31, 2016
This story is even better than the original. It was magical, delightful and well told. I enjoyed it very much. It picks up about 80 years after the original story.
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