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on January 4, 2011
I ordered this for my 8 year old and she likes it.

PROS: The color matches the picture exactly and it's made with really thick silicone. The case fits the nano snug but still allows it to be removed without much effort. The silicone is also very flexible but will not tear easily because of its thickness. It will also provide ample cushioning if the nano is dropped. The buttons are covered but are still easy to use/identify while in the case. The headphone jack is also easily accessible.

CONS: It doesn't have an opening for the charging cable. What that means is each time you want to charge or load more songs on your nano you'll have to remove it from the case. This may not be a big deal for some but my daughter and I thought it would be more functional if the nano could be charged while its still in the case. So I cut out a hole the size of the charging cable. Problem solved but this would have been much better if it was originally designed this way.

Overall: Good design and excellent material. Only gave it four stars because I didn't like the idea of having to remove the nano from the case every time it needed to be charged.
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on September 2, 2016
I purchased this item to run the Northwest's Toughest Half Marathon and didn't end up wearing it. I trained with it on and it would just get too sweaty between the silicone and my wrist. It was uncomfortable and I couldn't stand the feeling of it sloshing around on my wrist. I know, it's weird my wrist sweats! I was really running up a storm so for casual wear it was nice! It was easy to remove the iPod but when it was in the sleeve I never worried about it slipping out or being damaged. The buckle on the watch is comfortable and adjustable. I would have loved for this to work our for my race but I still wear it around town occasionally.
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on September 30, 2013
I first purchased this product in pink, which I love, however I couldn't wear it in uniform, (military). This black is basic, and so within regulation. I love that it provides a layer of protection for my device. It's comfortable to wear and doesn't irritate my wrist when I run, (ran eight miles in it this weekend, forgot I was wearing it). The only down side it that the material will collect a lot of lint, but if you are wearing it strictly for workouts you won't even notice. I also noticed that the black seemed to pick up more debris than the pink one. It's not just the color either, it literally collects more, and you can tell the difference. Either way it goes, I would recommend the product and I plan on purchasing at least two more before they are impossible to find.
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on March 14, 2012
The item was shipped out promptly, but without a tracking number. All I had to do was ask for a tracking number and Nanotch responded immediately with one. I received my item sooner than the expected delivery date, but when I opened the package I wasn't satisfied with the color of the band. It was a little lighter than the picture, more of a "sky" blue and I was expecting a more "neon" blue. So I emailed Nanotch and told them I was expecting more of a brighter blue like shown in the picture and asked if I could exchange for a green band instead. They emailed back shortly after and told me they were just going to send me a new band. The new band I received was the green one, I'm very satisfied with how I was treated by Nanotch and the quality of the products i've received. These bands a very strong silicone, not the cheap stuff offered by other companies. The band is very durable and makes the back of the Ipod Nano water resistant with the way it slips on (This is ideal for working out!). Although it does not have a open slot to charge the Nano, I do not mind because it keeps dust out of the Nano. The silicone is raised up enough to protect the Nano, should it ever fall. (I have yet to drop mine, but I believe it would be protected enough if I did so as to not crack the screen.) This is one of the only cases/wrist band I would recommend to anyone with a Nano 6th Gen. I have bought other cases and have been very disappointed. Nanotch will not let you down!!!! I'm probably going to purchase a black and a white band to have enough variety for whatever I am wearing. I would love to see a standard case from Nanotch!
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on July 22, 2012
This is a great product for turning your iPod Nano into a watch. The Nano clasp fits over a back strap, and the sides of the Nanotch snuggly hold the Nano in place. The Sleep/Wake button, and Volume buttons are replicated in the Nanotch and are very responsive. There is a single hole for your headphone plug. The silicon material is very compliant and comfortable. The sizing clasp accommodates a large range of wrist sizes. The rainbow of 12 color choices is another great advantage.
Now that I have a Nanotch, I can't do without it.
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on October 7, 2012
Certainly does not live up to its hype. Don't get me wrong, it's cute, but that's about it. And, as one other poster indicated, there is no way to connect your iPod Nano without removing it from the strap OR modifying the holder by doing some chop-shop work. It's a "jelly" strap and not all that comfortable to wear.

Do yourself a favor and look at something else. Like this, maybe: iWatchz CLRCHR22BLK Q Collection Wrist Strap for iPod Nano 6G
It comes in colors as well.

Removed comments regarding display orientation.
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on January 4, 2012
After writing a 3 star review I took another look at my new Nanotch and realized that my complaints were my own "operator" error. I've been wearing my band almost all day and have no complaints ..... but .... when it comes time to charge it up or cable it to my computer I'm probably not going to like having to pull this out of the silicone casing but that's about it.
BTW ... my earlier problems were because I didn't slip the clip through the slot .... be sure to do that step :)
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on December 16, 2013
1.) Inexpensive
2.) Fits the iPod Nano ((6th generation))

1.) Cheaply made
2.) Plastic kinda stinks
3.) Doesn't hold up well under a fair amount of normal use
4.) Gets sweaty against wrist

Bottom line:
For what it is and considering they aren't a lot of alternatives, I would say it's only ok.
Probably would not buy this again.
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on January 28, 2012
I received this yesterday after waiting impatiently - I was afraid to take this tiny iPod anywhere for fear of losing it. The protection on all 4 sides is terrific -- the frame will never receive a direct hit or ding. I understand and agree with the concerns about the charger port being covered and a nuisance to recharge -- but then I watched the video as a reviewer recommended and I understand why they don't open it -- better safe to keep water out -- the charging port is a huge area for even a drop of rainwater if you're outside -- and I wear mine to walk dogs and keep track of time AND use the pedometer.

I slipped the iPod into the square band -- quite safe, but white screen areas showed. After watching the video, I realized, it also has accommodated the iPod clip, so you clip from behind and then slip over the corners. Then you can flip your "watch" over and have the perfect Apple logo on the back and the iPod will never fall out or shift. All edges and corners are protected in silicone and the buttons work easily. This band is been DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY for the iPOD Nano 6th Gen and it's amazingly comfortable.

The headphone jack IS a bit tight. My best headphones don't fit because they have a right angle connection, but my cheap ones that are straight are fine. The band is very comfortable.

Looking at other products, I would buy this one again in a heartbeat. I'm such a worrywart, I have ordered clear screen protectors so I don't ruin this lovely little iPod.

Word of caution -- when you receive your envelope with the band, be careful and DO NOT cut the envelope -- the band stretches from end to end of the envelope. I snipped mine along the envelope fold and then wondered why my band had a slice missing -- until I looked at what I'd cut off.
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on September 11, 2012
I don't go around writing reviews for most products because I'm too busy or lazy. But Nanotech's protective watch strap for the ipod nano 6th generation was truly impressive. The strap is designed in a way where you have access to the volume and on/off controls. The even designed a hole for the ear phone jack and the nano fits perfectly snug into the protective strap.

I have seen other similar products where users complained about their nano's dying because too much sweat got into their nano. The good thing about this product is that it is waterproof from the back side so no matter how much you sweat during your workout you are protected.

I rate the product 5/5 stars.

Their customer service is even better! I had lost a strap piece that holds the watch together and I contacted seller to see if they can replace the missing part. Within three days they had sent me the missing part. Great customer service!
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