Customer Reviews: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 - Playstation 3
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on March 6, 2013
I'm about half way through the story mode, I've jumped online a few times now, and though I haven't finished it I'm too eager to review this game!


If you loved Ultimate Ninja 2 you'll love 3. I didn't care for generations, though it has Generations character selection. I feel the dodge moves work better in this game compared to generations, though it still has the 4 log limit (I think it refills a little slower).

I stopped reading the Manga after the Paine fight because of how well Ninja Storm 2 presented it. So Ninja Storm 3 is my only way to take in the story... and I am very satisfied with that. It has some dumb fights in the story mode, some of those "I can't let you do that" "Try to stop me!" fights, but for the most part everything feels relavent.

There are 87 characters total I think. If you remove the Assist-Only characters (brought back from 1) and the doubles/triples for character with multiple forms (even though each plays very uniquely) you have about 75 characters. Not a number to complain about. Everyone is here.

The story mode is a combination of 1 and 2 - the world is rendered in 3d and has more of an adventuring feel, but it's not fully accessible like in 1 or the x-box games, lots of areas feel like the pre-rendered backgrounds of 2.

There is a small beat'em-up style mode in some areas that works surprisingly well. The only thing I could really compare it to is Tekken 6's battle mode, and it's definitely better than that.

My only complaints are - the camera angles are stupid. Early in the game you'll do a scene transition by walking off camera, and the next angle you see there is a long path behind you with people doing things. So your natural reaction is to walk toward those people- nope, that sends you back to the area you just came from. You have to walk toward the camera to continue on in the new area. I saw this 2-3 times so far in the game. It's a little silly, but something easily fixed with a patch.

The 3d is horrible. It reminds me of Sly Cooper Thieves in Time (which is a game I loved). If you have a 3d TV don't be excited to play this game in 3d. It is the most subtle effect even if you max out depth. The game just has a general 'blur' that doesn't justify the drop in contrast or resolution.

Otherwise perfect. Online is the same as the other games - most player like to stand still blocking the whole time, spam assists and grab moves, and hit you with an ultimate jutsu instead of actually moving and fighting. At least I didn't experience any lag :) I also feel the game makes that strategy a little less useful...


Just beat the game yesterday. I'll let it retain its 5 star review but I wasn't nearly as happy with the ending as I was with Ninja Storm 2. Without giving anything away I would simply argue that the presentation of these final fights becomes redundant instead of satisfying. They use much less quick-time style events which are generally the highlight of Ninja Storm bosses and instead have you doing up to 10 minute fights (due to the circumstances) followed by a 3-5 move quicktime event - instead of having those strung throughout the fights. It feels more like a way for the game maximize its time than relevant combat, and it becomes a battle of being overly cautious because for the last 30-40 minutes of the game they don't give you an opportunity to heal yourself between fights yet set the bar at "Keep your health above X" for each one.

Aside from the final fight though I was pretty satisfied. this was sort of the Metal Gear solid 4 of Naruto games in terms of cut-scenes, to the point that some felt silly. again, I've never watched the Anime so I have no idea if they pulled those scenes straight from it or what.

The game is massive though. After beating it the post-game begins and you realize how much is left. There is a Ninja Timeline you work on throughout the game. Most exceptional 'important' battles will reword you with events from the previous 2 games which you can then go and play through. In addition there are epilogue events you can earn by collecting enough Chakra fragments (I haven't unlocked them yet, but it sounds like it'll be a chore).

Great game. I'm planning on getting a platinum in it but I guess that'll take me another 10 hours (the game is about 10 hours long at base) - after Chapter 5 you start flying through them so don't let the length of those first few throw you off).

And obviously I'm excited for Ninja Storm 4, which I'm guessing will be the last game. Maybe it'll be a PS4 release so there can be better Anti-aliasing :D
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on March 5, 2013
With the new improvements in gameplay features, the huge character roster and an epic story mode Storm 3 is something Hardcore Naruto fans will love and casual gamers alike. Storm 3 is picking up where Storm 2 left off and it starts with the search for Sasuke. The same open world experience as Storm 2 where you have to go on foot and get to your target is a bit time consuming but still has many collectible a on the way so it is worth it. In the Sasuke fight and other kinds of boss fights it mixes regular fighting with beautiful quicktime events and awesome visuals that you feel amazed by. New features have been added to the gameplay system too such as ring out which has its up and down sides and automatic awakenings which can actually work out quite well in battle if you don't abuse the privilege. Then one of the things I am most excited about is the new characters like all the tails,Nagato,many reanimated characters, and my favorite,Madara Uchiha. These elements show great potential for a great game and hopefully more games to come. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is very lengthy, immersive and has a ton to offer so I definitely recommend it.
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on November 6, 2013
For once its finally nice to indulge within another game other then the ones out in the market such as the call of duty franchise. Getting exhausted of just playing fps games, its nice to play something unique such as this game.

I've been watching Naruto with my younger brother since a kid in middle school when it used to air on Toonami, and then moved onto just watching Naruto in Japanese with English Subtitles. I highly recommend that you change the settings in-game to Japanese; the voice actors in English are just terrible.


Multiplayer/Co-op: Pure enjoyment. Lots of variety of characters to select from, and can go on for hours playing with friends.

Storyline: This game summarizes the current Naruto manga events perfectly! The beginning of the game was parallel to that of God of War 3. Just like God of War 3, your thrown right away into this intense battle against a gigantic beast(kyubbi) and the size of the Kyubbi just makes you feel the depth of the game. Very EPIC submissive gameplay. You realize the vastness of the game. The storyline gameplay includes exhilarating moments such as bashing the Kyubbi all the way to tearful moments such as Narutos first encounter with his mother. The developers did an amazing job of fitting years worth of anime and manga into one game.

Graphics: 5/5 Since Naruto is based upon anime, the graphics did not have to resemble real life humans etc; that being said they were able to allocate those resources into making the gameplay and graphics fit that of an anime. Genius! It felt as though I was interacting with the anime throughout the whole gamep!


Only one complaint: there are too many things to do, especially for those new to Naruto console games. As odd as this sounds, there is just too much(Great thing for you hardcore fans, but also a con for those who just want to enjoy simplicity). "Less is more." I felt continually bombarded with tutorials; too much information. Too many of those and too many suboptions within the start menu for things I really am not concerned to much about. Although I reviewed this as being the only con; this did not affect the 5 star review because even though there is too much, the player can simply choose to ignore those features, and for those hardcore gamers, they can enjoy those.

Overall, it was an amazing game and still is. It was a great break away from all of those casual repetitive games in the market.
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on March 15, 2013
if you are a naruto fan, that's for sure if you think in buying this game, you will feell very satisfied, with the quality of this game, is a hole new way to tell the story you allready saw in the series. I NEVER get bored with this game even I ALLREADY know whats going to happen. and for the multiplayer, there is a real huge collection of characters.
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on November 25, 2014
OMG this game is amazing and so much fun . Im a new Naruto fan so watching the anime and getting hooked I wanted everything Naruto . So i bought this game for the PS3 and let me tell you, if your a Naruto fan pick this game up the animation is beautiful, all the voice cast is there and if not well they sound like there all there . The game play is so much fun and you really feel like your a total awesome ninja pulling off awesome ninja moves . This game is just what a Naruto fan would love .
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on April 28, 2013
After buying and playing the game extensively, though I've yet to beat it fully, ( I beat just the main story mode, not the side missions after the main game) I can without a doubt say that this is probably my favorite of the Ultimate Ninja: Storm series in the video game world of Naruto and co. Cyber Connect 2 has put developed 3 other game in the Ultimate Ninja: Storm series, those being Naruto: Ultimate Ninja: Storm, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja: Storm 2 and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja: Storm Generations. Those this is technically the fourth entry in the series, it ignores the game Generations in favor of continuing directly after Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja: Storm 2 game as it tells it's interpretation of the events of (at least part of) the Fourth Ninja War that's still going on in both the manga and the anime series. Now first off, the graphics:

As with the previous games in the series, the graphics of the character models of both in the free roam mode( where you control the character(s) as you explore the villages and surrounding areas and do side missions or run to the next area you need to be to continue the story) the ones you use to fight in the battles and the fully rendered cinemas are quite good and highly detailed. The unique manga cell shading style is very well done and even surpasses the anime visuals in many ways. All the character looks great and there are a lot of them to see with over 80 playable characters( more if you count the variations that some of the character have, usually with different clothing styles and different power sets)

The controls are largely similar to the last couple of games though their are some differences. You can now do team coordinated attacks by hold down the attack button which makes your character glow and upon release will make them shoot forward at your opponent. A small window will appear on your screen at which time you hit the R1 and L1 buttons to attack giving you the change to use a jutsu or ultimate jutsu to follow it up. Like wise if your team bar is high enough, you will get the prompt to hit the R1 and L1 button a second time after your teammates attack the first time to do further damage. There are also new attacks use when you fight in the new Mob Battles. a gauge will build up and when it's full a button prompt to hit the chakra button twice followed the attack button at which point time will slow down and let you attack and defeat all your opponents one at a time by pressing the button that appears on screen at that time. Beyond this,, controls are pretty much the same as the other games and are quite intuitive( they work well and are responsive)

All this said, great graphics and responsive controls alone don't make a great game , even if they do a lot towards that end. .. So we come to the story... I won't really spoil what happens other then it taking place during the Fourth Ninja War. If you've followed the ongoing Naruto manga and have played the previous games in the Ultimate Ninja: Storm series for the PS3/360 then you should do just fine and won't be confused by the terminology like the difference between the Mizukage and the Tsuchikage or what a Rasangan and a Sharingan are. The only other things I'll tell you involving the story is that it follows the ending if the 2nd game and ignores Generations completely and that like the previous games it doesn't cover any filler arc plots in favor of recreating a playable for m of the Fourth Ninja War's events( albeit a story that is somewhat different then the cannon of the manga/anime).

It should be mentioned that the game's main story is fairly short, compared to Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja: Storm 2 and will only take you around 10 hours or so to complete. Mind you, that doesn't include the side missions and friendship requests/outings/ dates though, that will add at least another 30 hours to the games time( at least for me.. I'm not done with all the side missions/date/friends requests and my in game clocks says I'm at 39 hours and counting). Even though there are only 10 hours or so in the main story the story is fun, action packed and I didn't want to stop playing once I started.

Another thing to mention is the new Ultimate Decisions that come up periodically in both the main game and I free roam mode after your beat it when your doing side missions. There are two choices that will come up, usually in boss battles( at least in story mode, though in the side missions it may come up randomly) and only one of the choices follows the cannon of the manga/anime, where as the other choice is an alternate way of the events playing out that differ from the normal manga/anime story. Also, each choice will put points towards either a Hero or Legend meter that allows for upgrades to your ninja items you can use during battles ( like sleep tags, explosive tags, paper bombs, Kunai Rain, etc.).

Another difference/change s that now some characters ( but not all) can activate/deactivate awakened mode when ever they want although it does drain and temporary reduce your chakra bar. Your chakra bar will decrease the longer you use awakened mode and it's up to you to decide when you should use it or deactivate it during the course of a battle. Those who do not have this ability will have the regular awakened mode that requires a certain amount of damage be taken to your character to be activated like in previous games.

I've pretty much told you all the good things.. But not all of the game is perfect though... there are some minor issues that may irate gamers in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja: Storm 3.. They are as follows...

I founds some of the battles, particularly the final two battles to incredibly hard and I had to restart them probably 3 times for one and 5 or 6 times for the other, with the game lowering the difficultly level for me a few times. Whether or not you'll have the same trouble I don't know, it's just something I thought I should point out. Other flaws are the short main game story time(which I already talked about) and other then that ,the only other thing about the game that isn't good is that they kept the substitution meter from Generations and that leads battles between two players to who has a substitution bar left and can go after the other player who runs out of them. To makes things easier.. I'll break my summery down a bit to pros and cons.


+Lots of fun playable characters, over 80 of them in all

+ Beautiful graphics for the characters and environments in both battles, free roam mode and pre-rendered cinemas

+Great and epicly fun multi-part boss battles that deserve second playthoughs for fun

+Great new additions to the attacks in a one on one battle such as team charge combos, Mob Battles, and Ultimate Decisions

+Well done English voice actors/actresses for the characters

+ Interesting and well done cut scenes that can be surprisingly emotional at times

+ Lots of good action and drama in the game

+ a plethora of side missions to do after you beat the main game story in addition to the free battle and tournament modes as well as the unlockable Survival mode


-Difficulty can be a bit hard at times and may frustrate you

-Not being up-to-date and very familiar with the Naruto/Naruto Shippuden anime/manga as well as the previous games in the Ultimate Ninja: Storm series will leave you lost at times

-As good as they are, some of the cut scenes drag on a bit too long

-Why the Survival mode needs to be unlocked by playing through the side missions doesn't make a lot of sense

Bottom line, despite a few hiccups here and there, it's a great game for any Naruto anime/manga fan.. oh and there's blood for the first time in the game.. not too bad ( with a few exceptions her and there) but it is noticeable and bother some younger gamers/ parents of young gamers.
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on April 14, 2015
First, I got to say I love the previous game Naruto: UNS2 and I think its fantastic on presentation, animation, story and gameplay. I would give it two solid thumbs up for what it does. Later, I remember all the backlash from Naruto Generations of fans saying that it was just a cash and grab by Bandai Namco, so I skipped it. I figured UNS3 was a return to it's true form...nope. Other than incredible animation sequences, it brings nothing new to the table. UNS2 had a lot of story arcs, introduced a new type of gameplay and expanded on the open world aspect for a fighting game. Yet UNS3 is pure laziness. A lot of the the open world is there to take up space. The need to build friendship levels was necessary in the previous game but feels like they accidentally left it in, as it brings little value to the game this time. It feels like they really need to overhaul the gameplay for the next game, as the fighting portion needs to become a major focus again. Most of the fights only take 20 seconds, yet you get a 5-10 minute cut-scene right after. That's jacked-up.

Not a good fighting game. Outside the origin of Naruto's birth and the explanation of what happened to his parents, the rest of the story was boring. I never skip cut-scenes in games, yet I did for this. If you liked UNS2, then avoid the sequel.
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on March 12, 2013
Storm 3 was way better than Generations. I have beaten story mode and overall I found it to be fun.Lets start with the cons first.

I felt that some of the cutscenes during story mode were way too long. I guess if you haven't read the manga or watched the episodes then its a great way to fill you in but for me I felt they could of cut a couple of minutes on some.
Not overall happy with the character roster.
They left out the seven swordsman, the previous Kages, a few minor characters like the people with special unique abilities example the magnet guy, Hokages assistant, white zetsu, black zetsu, and a few others I wish they added. Hopefully they will add a dlc.
They got rid of survivor which I kind of liked in generations.
Some characters are still way overpowered. Madara, masked man, sasuke, naruto tailed beast mode, edo itchy, minato,deidara are way too cheap. Madara and deidara are the worst.
I wish they did more boss battles with the seven swordsman with each one of them. They were a pretty cool part in the show.

Now for the positives of this game.
The graphics were great.
Very detailed story although like the other games they did change some parts.
Playing online is fun and addictive. It takes about a minute or two per match.
They finally balanced the game out. Hidan was ridiculously over powered as a support character.
Boss battles are back and are still good.
After you beat the game you still have missions and stuff just like storm 2 to give you something to do.
It's worth the money. I know I gave you a long list of negatives but that's just because it wasn't perfect but it was good enough for me. I give it 8/10 just because they combined the swordsman battle when in the show they have them in separate battles,and they didn't include characters that were in the game itself.
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on June 6, 2015
Great game. Many characters for choose and much action. Story is very interesting according to anime. The reason why i do not rate five stars: some characters are only playable as support in combat mode.
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on July 15, 2015
Best Naruto game out there. One of the most entertaining games I've ever played. Really good story and boss battles. The graphics are incredible and thy really blow me away. An incredible game and truly a must have for any Naruto fan.
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