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on July 31, 2010
This was third type of hydration "device" I have ever bought, and I am finally very happy with my purchase!

I first bought a normal water bottle type belt by the brand "Ultimate" that did not stay in place and jostled around when I ran. I could cinch it really tight to my waist, but not only did I look ridiculous that way, but it was also very uncomfortable and interfered with my breathing.

The second "device" I bought was a handheld water bottle by the brand "Fuel Belt". I had read positive reviews about palm-holders/hand-held bottles and how they feel natural while running. Not quite! Let me tell you how annoying they are on your long runs, when you just want to have relaxed arms, instead of sweaty palms from holding onto the nylon fabric.

I was going to give up and just deal with the hand-held bottle when I saw a full-page ad in my Runner's World magazine about this Nathan Speed 2R waist pack. Searching around online, most retailers were $50, but somehow Amazon was offering it for $25. I figured I'd give it a try - it looked pretty good and all the reviews were positive.

I tried it out for the first time today on a 6-mile run and loved it. It did take a little getting used to in terms of how low I wanted to wear it and how tight I should pull the velcro, but by the middle of my run, everything was comfortable and in place, and I can honestly say I am done shopping for a hydration device for runs.

Some things to know: I am a 5'5" woman and normally wear size 4 bottoms. Another reviewer around my size had mentioned she bought a Medium so I did the same, and I am happy with the size selection. I wound up wearing this belt just below my hip bones and it was very comfortable and didn't move around. It was very easy getting the water bottles out during my run, too (I wore the bottles towards the back and the pouch in front).

The pouch is NOT very useful at all - I fastened my key to the clip, that's all. My cell phone and ID did not feel secure in it, so I wore my Nike arm pouch as well.

If you are looking to carry a lot of liquid, this belt is lacking, with only two small bottles, but other than that, I think it is a fantastic item.
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on March 9, 2014
This is a great race belt. Just got back from a long training run and it was a much-appreciated step up from the previous one that I had been using (also a Nathan). The sport cap water bottles that come with this race belt are leak-proof, and the belt provides a good fit and nice positioning. It is great to have two bottles for those longer runs (one for water, the other for a power drink). The pocket in the front of the belt just fits an iphone with a slim case, which is good if you track your runs through an app like I do. I was glad to have read the review that mentioned considering sizing up (thank you fellow reviewer!) as I did that, and agree it is a good idea. The best fit for the belt is just over the hips, and if you are wearing more than one layer for colder runs, really think about true measurements including layers, rather than just measuring your waist when considering this purchase.

- comfortable fit
- water bottle design much improved over previous Nathan bottles which tended to leak
- provides ability to run with a phone (for those of you with an Android however - the front pouch would not fit a phone larger than an iphone however)
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on August 30, 2014
For whatever reason, I'm pretty good in running for periods of time without water. My dog, not so much. So I wanted to get something that I could use to get him some H2O. And if I was in a pinch, well I could get some too.

There are numerous issues with this hydration belt. And the more I think about it, there are mostly cons.

-The water bottles are small. You take a swig and you've probably gone through 1/4 the water bottle. Today I did a 1hr trail run. I myself took 2 swigs of water and gave the rest to the boy. Needless to say, he was quite thirsty by the end, since the bottles don't hold much.

-I read numerous people stating that the bottles leak. I suspect the real culprit is the threading on the bottles is crap. I found I had to keep redoing the cap to get it to properly screw on. Threading isn't rocket science at this point, so I'm not sure why Nathan fails on these.

-You can't really run with this belt if you don't have a shirt on. I made that fatal mistake only to find out a few minutes later it was chafing my back. I ended using my shirt as a buffer. This only happened when the bottles were full. When empty, the belt doesn't move very much at all. Granted, I get that the weight of the water is going to cause some movement. I was hoping it would be minimal, or the belt would ride low enough (or high enough I guess) to not cause problems. I have a Nathan Shadow Pak to carry stuff, and that that doesn't bother me at all when I run shirtless.

-Carrying capacity for other items is rather limiting. One would think that as people use more and more tech devices, companies would better understand the change and update their products lines appropriately. It is not unusual now for people to go running with their phones "just in case". When I run I pretty much take my phone, my keys, and my license. The storage areas are flimsy enough to make me not want to put stuff in it. And it most certainly cannot hold my iPhone. What I end up doing is using this as well as my Nathan Shadow Pak to carry my other stuff. Hint hint Nathan, build better compartments to help people carry their tech as well as things like keys and licenses/CC. All the cards I put in these belts get scuffed up (ie. wearing down the magnetic strip) because they are rubbing against my keys or my phone.
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on May 4, 2011
I'm a new runner. After a few months I have worked my way up to 4-5 miles per run a few times a week, my current pace averages at 10:30m per mile. I don't wander too far from home but on warmer days I need to carry water with me to make it through. The design of the belt is great, the bottles have lids/mouthpieces that don't require opening, but still don't leak while you are jogging. It is a one way flow sort of thing so you don't end up with leakage, but when you need a sip you don't have to fiddle with the bottles to get it, just suck a bit and/or squeeze. For the distance that I have ran thus far, I find the 16oz more than enough. I don't finish even one of them out of necessity, but I drink up what's left as I'm doing my cool-down walk. I can see that as summer progresses, heat intensifies, and my runs lengthen (goal for this summer is 6.5 miles), that I will finish the bottles - but I feel that it will still be enough to get me back home.

The fit is snug, but it should be. I wear a M in womens workout pants, but the M belt gives me a "muffin top" if I wear it low on my hips (perhaps more jogging will fix that?), so I wear it a bit higher up on the smaller part of my waist...which is fine. It doesn't bounce around or distract from my running experience at all. It would be more comfortable lower on my waist I think, but I wouldn't have purchased the larger size anyway. I have goals -you understand, ladies...the "buy the pants slightly too small" syndrome? It might even be meant to be worn higher on the waist, not sure...but whatever, it works just fine and I hardly notice it.

My only complaint is that the pouch is too small for my iPhone, which would also make it too small to safely carry an iPod touch. That isn't very logical in my opinion, because I'm sure if you pull the statistics of avid runners plenty of them have one of these devices or the other. If you have a smaller mp3 player or iPod you won't have any trouble. I have an otter box case for my iPhone that came with a belt clip so clipping that on to the belt works just fine. Of course, it would be nice if I carry it in the pouch instead. The pouch is good for a key, a little cash, maybe some ID...a SMALL mp3 player (no bigger than a nano) but not much else. It's almost perfect. I would definitely recommend.
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on August 19, 2015
This is a really great hydration belt. It doesn't bounce, and the bottles don't fall out or leak. I really like the bottle tops, too - you don't have to jack with them at all, you just drink.

It feel very comfortable and I greatly prefer the velcro closure to the closures on other belts I've tried. It's very easy to get your water while running, and there's a pocket for gels and a separate pocket for electrolyte pills (I sweat so much that I'm scared to put any in there, they'd probably disintegrate).

My only problem with this is that I've had to stop using it for my really long runs because in the summer heat I really need four bottles rather than two. 16 ounces isn't enough, and it's nice to have a dedicated gel/water bottle as well as sports drink and water bottles. But for more normal runs (not in 100 degree heat!), it's perfect.
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on September 8, 2013
I bought this for training for my first marathon. Unfortunately I should have gotten a 4 bottle unit, however that is not a knock on this particular model. It holds enough liquid for me for runs right around 2 hours or so, after that you need more. I think it may be okay for a marathon where you have water stops though, I will carry the drink of my choice and a couple of gels in the pocket.

The belt sits fine on my waist, and I don't notice it moving around at all. I have worn it running and trail running. At first I would check back to make sure the bottles didn't fall out over rough terrain, but they seem just fine in the holders. The belt is somewhat stretchy, so you adjust the fit on your waist. The front pocket does hold a Hammer Gel flask, I was worried that it would loosen the Velcro, but it seems fine. The belt disappears on your waist after a while, especially when the pain from running sets in : )

The only knock on the belt is the bottles. You have to make sure the caps are screwed on correctly else they will leak. They work fine and don't leak, but you must make sure there is no gap and that they are on tight. I have that part down after the first time I didn't have a cap on correctly and now it's all good.

I have a 32" waist and the medium fits me well.

I like this belt enough that I will probably pick up the same brand in the 4 bottle version, for longer trail runs etc. It would be nice if the bottle holders were removable to make the unit more flexible, say make a 4 bottle into a 2 bottle, but I guess the bottle holders can just stay on the belt empty. I'm giving it 5 stars because I can't find enough flaws to overcome the usefulness of the belt.
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on August 14, 2013
It's literally over 100°F here in the summer and training for a half marathon in that heat is difficult. This made it a little easier. I wore this with the top of the belt right at my hip bones. I couldn't find any official directions (maybe it was suppose to be obvious), but I wore it with the bottles in the back. At my hip bones, I measure 34" and the medium fit with the velcro fully engaged. If your hips were a few inches smaller you would still be able to wear it, but the velcro wouldn't be fully engaged and the end might flop around when you ran.

I filled both bottles up all the way. With all the water in them, the belt didn't move on my waist at all. Once I started drinking the water, unsurprisingly, I could hear the water sloshing around alot, but it still didn't move on my waist. I drank from the opposite bottle each time to make sure the weight stayed even. The bottles stayed in their pouches without any movement. To drink from the bottle, you have to turn it upside down and then you can squirt it in your mouth or sip it.

My iPod Nano (5th generation, 3.5"x1.5") with the headphone jack coming out the bottom JUST fit in the pocket in the front. You would not be able to put a smart phone in it, though you could easily use this as a belt, use a jogging case (like the arm band ones), and attach it that way. There's a tiny pocket that you could fit a key in (not a set of keys but A key). In the bigger pouch (the iPod one), there is also a little spot with a card in it that you can put your name, address, emergency contact info, and medication/allergies on. It says "ID" on the outside so if you were to keel over someone might see that if they were trying to help you.

I'm very happy with this. As my runs get longer I may order the 4 bottle version so I can carry more water with me.
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on July 27, 2012
I originally bought the large. To keep the full flasks from bouncing around I had to cinch it in so that half the velcro closer was overhanging and snagging the belt. I swapped it for a medium and voila! In addition to keeping the bottles steady, the snugger belt helps motivate me to keep from putting a gut back on!

I noticed other reviewers here and elsewhere mentioning two problems with the Nathan flasks, the caps leak, and the plastic taste that won't go away. Here is what works for me.

Leaking: Hold the flask in your left hand. When the cap seems to be seated, push it into the web between the thumb and forefinger on your right hand. Gently rotate the BOTTLE (not the cap, keep it steady) about 1/8 turn. That gives it that little bit extra. Also, when drinking from it, don't squeeze it like a bike bottle, just suck it like a milkshake - the valve in the nozzle works better with negative pressure.

Plastic taste: Our house water comes from a well and God knows where the water at work comes from. Both taste crappy but in different ways. I normally put a spoonful of plain lemon juice in my Nalgene bottles to take the edge off. After washing the new Nathan flasks with dish soap, I rinsed them with a spoonful of plain lemon juice, then filled them with water and about a 1/2 to a teaspoon of lemon juice. Perfect! An added bonus is that the water tastes a little crisper & fresher - very nice when your mouth starts to get that drying, gooey thing going on a few miles into a run. Just use regular grocery store, unsweetened lemon juice, e.g. Real Lemon (or lime), and not those overpriced "water enhancer" chemical cocktails.

And, as usual, the return of the first belt to Amazon was quick and easy. Rock on.
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on June 14, 2014
I tried a backpack for water for a while and hated that it would make my shoulders and back sore after a run. I have seen many of these out there and thought they seemed like a better way to go. My only beef with this is the seal on the MUST tighten them down REALLY WELL or they will leak all over your shorts and legs.
Seems to me a simple O-ring would provide a better seal but once I tightened them down super tight I only noticed a very minimal seepage on my first 50K.
The pockets in front are perfect, the fit is perfect, the weight is perfect and the simple fact that this thing does not move while you run is perfect.
Highly recommend.
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on October 13, 2012
After I tried a few different belts from Fuel Belt, Ultimate, I almost gave up on hydration belt. But I needed a way to refuel on the run, as my new training course doesn't have any water fountain. Then I noticed Nathan. I actually tried Nathan years ago and HATED it.

Well, they really made difference in design. This belt does NOT rise up or spin like Fuel Belt! Wow! They stay where they are, low or high on stomach. And water bottle stays in. And water bottle, the race cap, is very cool (takes a little getting used to...) Simple squeeze and water pushes into my cool is that!

The pocket on the front is zippered, and just big enough for my smart phone. I added a pocket so I can carry some gels and sunglass.

Overall this is a killer deal and great design. don't waste money on fuel belt, they are junk. Nathan is the way to go if you are serious about long training run.

***Note to AMAZON***
Please update the photo of your website. I think you have older version's photo. One I got was zippered pocket!
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