Customer Reviews: National Lampoon Presents Lost Reality
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on January 2, 2005
This DVD had me rolling from beginning to end. This was absolutly hilarious. These are spoofs of 'Reality TV Shows'. Highlights are as follows.....

1. He Said She Said. Guys compete for a lovely Asian girl's affections. Only problem is she has a penis.

2. The Amazing Racist. A dude goes through LA and Watts in a Ku Klux Klan robe. He goes into a convienence store with a wooden cross and tries to buy some lighters. Then he goes to a dry cleaning establishment, calls the guy 'Mr. Jefferson' and tries to get his robe and hood cleaned. Then, still in uniform, he tries to bum gas from people fueling up their cars. In another episode he plays a Jew that sets up a souvenier stand outside a mosque.

3. Don't get caught stealing. Two contestants are told to steal things. Watch a dude run out of the store wearing an Italian suit and steal a car from a car wash.

4. A dude has terminal cancer and wants to document the last days of his life. He tells off his boss then takes a dump on his desk.

5. The Whore. Guys go on blind dates with a prostitute, and when the sex begins your host goes in for an interview. The prostitue is the lovely girl on the DVD cover holding the coconuts.

6. Take that Drug. A great little gameshow

7. Money. Now here's the crown jewel. People on the street are asked to do stuff for money. One guy throws up on the sidewalk and then licks it for $1000. We got a little gay midget and people are paid to kiss him, lick his feet, and suck his toes. During the ending credits a guy is paid to eat in a Mexican restaurant with his date and do a poopy in his pants. And yes we get to see it.

If you've never laughed for one straight hour, then you need to pick this up.
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on May 31, 2015
A series of abbreviated pilots. A few were funny but overall disappointing. The Amazing Racist was really poor taste. I commend those targeted for not seriously assaulting the person acting out this unfunny stunt. It was like all that I dislike about Sasha Cohen without any of the creativity that barely redeem his work.
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on November 13, 2004
Oh MY GOD did this movie stink! It wasn't even kind of funny. It's basically a dozen or so so-called "clips" of tv shows that are (supposed to be) just like extreme examples of the reality crud that is on today. Trust me on this one, do NOT watch this! I didn't even watch the whole thing, and of the half of the clips that I did watch, I only watched a portion of them. It was THAT horrible. I'm glad I have a movie pass from blockbuster so I didn't have to shell out $4 to rent this one, because I would have been mad as hell if I did. Absolutely garbage! Total junk. This should be -10 stars at the most! But unfortunately, amazon's lowest rating is 1 star. AVOID THIS LIKE THE PLAGUE!
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VINE VOICEon September 27, 2008
Ok. First off, if you want anything even remotely serious out of your reality shows, don't even think about picking this DVD up. Go look at the more serious (and better) reality shows such as Project Runway.

Still here? Good. The disclaimer aside, I do have to say that most will get their giggles or shock value out of the "shows" presented in this dvd. Why did I say "shows"? Because it's VERY obvious that some of these were never actually a show at all, but rather something cooked up by the National Lampoon staff to fill the gaps in the DVD. Some were quite obviously real, such as the show where they dared people to do things like drink ipecac. Some were quite obviously fake, such as the guy who walked around with a gag erection. When you watch this, you'll see what I mean by which ones were actual reality shows that never made it & which ones weren't. Rather than be real shows, they're satires & parodies of the reality show genre. This however is actually in tune with what National Lampoon previously was when it was a magazine & their specialty still was satire & parody rather than brainless frat fare which seems to be their specialty nowadays.

Even with that, there's still some to enjoy in this DVD. You may wonder where your brain cells went, but you will be entertained. I would honestly recommend renting this first to see if it's anything you would like to own. Some of this is funny, but it's only entertaining for one, MAYBE 2 viewings. Some of it isn't funny at all. Still, it's worth at least one viewing for the entertainment value.
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on August 21, 2010
This movie reminded me of the type of humor we saw in the old Groove Tube movie. There is something to offend everyone in this film. I thought the Amazing Racist was offensive and stupid. Perhaps I am just getting a little too PC in my old age. The guys who thought they were making out, but were really with a hooker was out of Cable Guy. I didn't care for Dying Dave, the last days of a guy who knows he is dying. The old folks home stuff was simply gross and lacked any real humor. In fact, had it not been for the casting couch episode (watched twice) I would have only rated this movie two stars. Mostly juvenile humor. But hey, this is National Lampoon and what have they done intelligent lately?
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on January 21, 2006
At this time, I am on what you may call a National Lampoon investigation. You may have noticed the makers of classics like Animal House and Vacation are releasing 10 movies a year in hopes to get a hit. So I have been watching their latest films. When I reached Lost Reality, the idea of shows that could never air sounded funny enough.

Oh, it did, my friends, but after watching this, I had many emotions, none good. Disgust, confusion, and...well, more confusion. Is this supposed to be funny? Are these real show ideas compiled by NL? On the box it says there are 'creators' for the film. Creators of the made-up pilots, creators of a show that found horrible show ideas, what? Who can I blame for this travesty?

I know these shows are SUPPOSED to be horrible, horrible shows, but aren't they also supposed to make the viewer laugh? Watching someone drink a liquid that makes you barf to get cash and then lick it up is toe-curling whether it's real or not. It LOOKS real (they're filmed like actual reality shows), so are these twisted people doing this to real people? Take 'The Whore,' where three men are set up with a paid prostitute. Do these men know about this? Who's in on the joke? The reason shows like Punk'd, Candid Camera, or the Jamie Kennedy Experiment are (or in some cases were) funny is because we're in on the joke with Ashton Kutcher and the actors he's using, we know it's Jamie Kennedy, and so on. Also, the gags done are funny. In the excerpt in Lost Reality called 'Casting Couch,' we have a man hiring women for movies and such based on whether or not they will read topless. Are these women aware? Is this man subjecting real (admittedly gullible and stupid) women to this? I somehow managed a chuckle or two, only because I saw what kind of shows they were spoofing. Reality shows can be brain-numbingly cheesy, which 'He Said, She Said' explores until it goes overboard (and below overboard, and below, and below...). And just when you think it's over, it throws in another 'Money' sketch, where a man craps his pants for money, and the camera ZOOMS IN ON THE CRAP.

All I can say is that National Lampoon has lost its touch whether this is real or not, because if it's fake, it's not funny at all, and if it's real, these men have no, repeat, no compassion for humanity.
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on January 19, 2005

No, this is not your typical National Lampoon film. This is the TRUE reality show, not that edited, scripted crap you see on prime (and I use that word loosely) time.

What you have here are mostly pilots of candid camera and reality shows that never made it in the States, though a few made it in Europe. What you will see is VERY VERY messed up at times, but always halarious...

...that is, if you can take a joke, and understand that this is comedy, and not racism, hatred, or about belittling people.

On the other hand if you have taken every single thing in your short and confusing life seriously, then you will hate this, and I don't know why would would watch it past the intro, unless you like being offended to the core... never know, some people are kinky like that. ;)

Anyhow, if you like Tom Green, or Jack (...), then be prepared to goto the next level. National Lampoon did not make this, so don't be upset with them, they merely collected this information to remind us how funny, er um, mess up reality really is.

BTW I found Animal House to be one of there worst films ever, and I like about all of them.
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The premise of LOST REALITY is that each one of the segments on the DVD is from the pilot episodes of proposed reality tv shows pitched to various tv and cable stations that were never greenlighted. In short, it's an attempt to spoof the reality tv genre. The segments on the DVD include:

"He Said, She Said"--this show is a dating show, ala THE BACHELORETTE. However, the joke is that the woman whom the men are vying for her affection, is actually a transvestite.

"Old Age Home"--hidden video cameras at a nursing home show the fun, hijinks, and violent episodes that happen to and among the elderly who live there.

"Amazing Racist"--broken up into two separate segments, the first has the "Amazing Racist" driving around a black neighborhood in his KKK robes. He drags his cross into a mini-mart and tries to get some people at a gas station to give him gas. Later he tries to get his robes cleaned. The second segment has the Amazing Racist selling offensive items outside of a mosque, interrupting prayer meetings, and touring the mosque for a possible location for a Jewish festival.

"Casting Couch"--a casting director gets women to pull off their tops, strip naked, and bounce around in their clothes.

"Caught Stealing"--a contest between two individuals. They are given various acts of theft they much complete without getting caught, from stealing everything at their table at a restaurant to stealing a car while it's coming out of the car wash.

"The Whore"--a dating show where contestants are set up on a blind date with a woman who is actually a prostitute that has been paid to have sex with them. At the end of the act, the host and camera men appear to find out the "contestants" response and see how the prostitute will lampoon the contestant.

"Psych Ward"--a group of patients in a psych ward are placed in real life situations. If they react as a normal person, they move on. Most do not and are forcibly removed from the room.

"Take That Drug"--a group of people drinking and smoking and challenging each other to "take that drug."

"Dying Dave"--a man who has just been told he has a terminal disease begins living life like a jerk. It doesn't matter who he hurts because he's dying.

"Money"--a host pays people money to perform a variety of disgusting acts from licking the bottom of a person's foot, eating dog food, and eating vomit off a sidewalk.

The only episodes on the DVD worth watching are the "Amazing Racists" episodes. The segments were clearly inspired by Sacha Baron Cohen (his ALI G SHOW had a fairly large following on cable at the time), but I found them funnier than just about everything in BORAT. Beyond that, there isn't anything on this DVD to recommend.

There has been some confusion among people whether or not these shows were real shows that actually were pitched to networks or if it's all a performance. I believe that the confusion has risen for two reasons. The first is that each of the segments opens with a short written statement explaining where the show came from and in many cases that it actually did air "in Europe". The other reason for the confusion is that the entire film is shot in a handheld, amateur style; I don't think a steadycam was used in any of the segments. Therefore, to set the record straight, LOST REALITY is NOT real. Though some performed under their real names, the people in this movie are actors. Some are really bad actors, but they are actors nevertheless.
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on January 19, 2005
I don't know what's up with that other dude. For a person who hate reality shows, I have to take a liking to this. It is not scripted, it is not fake, and it is VERY VERY good reminder of how really screwed up reality truely is. Thankx again for the laugh National Lampoon, you've collected quite the... collection. :)

Not for those who get offended at the drop of the dime. For instance, if you are white, and some black dude calls you a honky, and that offends you, then DON'T I REPEAT, DO NOT, watch this film!!! Life is too short to be taken seriously...

...but when we are not on camera, it is always good to be kind to one another and do out best to understand.

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on September 4, 2005
I actually picked up this and Lost Reality II based on a video posted on This video would be best described as "infantile humor". The video leaves you wondering if this is really happening or if it's all made up. Either way, I still had a good time watching it. I even brought one of the videos to work and everyone was laughing at it.

If you are a fan of CKY, Jackass or Punked, you will like this video.
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