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on September 18, 2013
Let me start by saying that I normally am raving about the performance of these diapers. They're thicker than all the other brands that I've tried, chlorine free, and the most sustainable disposable out there. They're a little more expensive than some but in by opionion worth every extra penny. Well, I guess the gig is up. The last order I received were visibly thinner and didn't seem to fit as well. I hoped they would perform the same. Unfortunately, they didn't! We have had 3 episodes so far of my 18 month old leaking through. This never happend before! Not even at night when her diaper was very full. The worst is while we were out shopping recently, there was an episode where we actually saw moisture running down my daughters leg. Her pants got soaked. What happend Nature Baby Care?
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...when you love a baby so much that you'll take even a small step in hopes that he or she will inherit a cleaner world from you, this is one small way to do it.

Goodness knows none of us can be perfectly 'green', we don't live in a world where we can be.
But we can take a little step here and there. A few dozen small steps is a short walk, etc, etc.

Also, there may or may not be a connection certain negative issues and using chemicals, plastics, etc on a child's skin all the time. But if there is even the tiniest hint of a risk, you'd be inclined to triage your usage. You might not be able to stop using a plastic bottle, but you can use a greener diaper. We all do what we feel comfortable with, and this is pretty easy.
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on October 18, 2013
We tried these diapers and are not big fans. We use cloth diapers but the baby sleeps in disposables so we only use one a day. We usually use seventh generation but decided to give this brand a try. They were not as absorbent as the 7th gen - granted, we only use them overnight for 12 hours or so, maybe they are perfectly fine for use for just a few hours. But we had far more leaks while using these. Also, as others have commented, the sizing is a little off. My son is big for his age, he is approaching 30 lbs and we used a size 4 but found them almost too small. They worked but if I ordered these again I would just get a size 5. The other issue I had with them is that they seemed to shred on the outside, kind of like pilling on a sweater. I also noticed my son picking at it which I've never seen him do with other diapers so I don't know if that is because of the shredding or caused the shredding. But it was very odd and made little lint-like pieces in his bed. Anyway I appreciate the eco-friendly product but will not be buying these again.
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on May 22, 2013
I've been using this product since 2010 from size 1-4 and pullups with both of my boys (ages 3 and 18mo). About a year ago the quality of this product started to become unpredictable. The texture of the product went from soft like cotton to more rough and the back right stick tab (that connects the diaper to the front) would not be correctly attached so it would completely disconnect from the diaper when I pulled it open to use it. I am very committed to sustainability, so I continued using this product as it is partially biodegradable and the best option given my needs/abilities. However, the past three cases I've gotten of this product have been faulty...that's just too much for a busy mom that's juggling two kids and a full-time job. I don't have time to throw away and return diapers. As much as I hate to do it, I'm cancelling my subscribe and save order with this product and switching to 7th Gen. Lose, lose for all. Bummer.
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on November 14, 2013
I really wanted to like these diapers. We use cloth diapers normally, but we got these so we could pack light to travel to grandma's house. As my dad said after my toddler soaked so far through this diaper and her own pants that she soaked my dad's pants too, "These diapers are biodegrading before our very eyes!" If only this were the first leak casualty of the 5-hour trip! It wasn't. Later that day, one of these diapers somehow ripped and got the little gel pellet stuff all over my daughter and the rug. I'm 90% sure that she was wearing a onesie, and that her fingernails aren't to blame.

As a side-note, these diapers didn't seem to do much to keep moisture away from her skin. She started to break out in a rash after a few days in these diapers.

Overall, a bad enough experience that I won't be purchasing this brand again.
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on May 29, 2014
Many others must like them also, they seem to be out of stock often (hence the 4 stars). But for me they are worth the wait. Have have tried 5 other "natural" diapers and these by far are the best in my opinion. They absorb great and fit great. They don't get all clumpy (like seventh generation).
I've been mostly using these for 4 yrs. only tried other brands when this one was out of stock. And I'm really glad they fixed the problem they had with the size 2.
Love these diapers. Please keep them in stock Amazon.
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on June 11, 2012
We tried a couple of other brands of eco friendly diapers (7th gen, Huggies naturals, cloth diapers of various types) with our first two kids and finally found the Nature Babycare diapers for our third. What a difference it has made. Our baby gets fewer rashes with the Nature Babycare diapers than with standard (Huggies-type) diapers but without the massive leaks like with 7th gen. We have not found any difference in leaking compared to standard diapers.

In short, these are quick to put on, more convenient than cloth diapers, and still eco friendly. The only trade-off is price, but with Amazon Prime and Subscribe & Save discounts the price differential is not that much.
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on August 19, 2012
I love the idea of these diapers! They have corn plastic for the packaging, and great marketing with the "European design" angle. I was bought in 100% from the get-go... being an eco conscious consumer and self proclaimed tree-hugger, I wanted to believe that these were truly bio-degradable and planet friendly. Alas, and after a couple years of use with two kids, my analytical side finally took over and I was forced to admit to myself that these diapers are very similar to conventional, but perhaps about 40% better than regular diapers in terms of all-around eco-friendliness. Unfortunately they also seem to run about one size too small (at least). By comparison, my 15 month old son (28lbs) fits fine in a size 4 diaper when we've run out been forced to buy the generic supermarket store brands (e.g. Premier Value). The cheap generic diapers actually fit fine and lasted through the night, while the Nature Baby Care BARELY fit around the waist and get saturated with pee during the night... at which point they begin leaking at around 5 or 6am. I really wanted to like these diapers, and have been buying them since my first daughter, however given the fact thaht I've spent a fortune on them over the years, buying one size bigger than should be needed, and putting up with leaks, i'm going to have to switch and am inclined to write this review to inform others. Despite the leaks and size issues, I still give this two stars for great packaging, comfortable fit (if you buy the bigger ones) and phenomenal marketing (albeit with a bit of "greenwashing" thrown in).
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on January 9, 2014
These are terrific diapers and well worth the (small) amount more than conventional ones. First, they are derived from natural ingredients and don't contain bleach or other harmful chemicals that are dangerous for everyone, and especially babies. Second, they are very soft against baby's skin, on the inside and outside, and are the nearest thing to cotton fabric you can find-- they don't make noise, they don't cause red marks and pinches in the baby's folds, and they are breathable so prevent diaper rash. Third, they are super absorbent and absolutely never, ever leak.

My son has done his best to defeat these diapers but they never fail. We had to use a conventional brand once (we were on an island during a vacation and ran out of Naty's; the small village store had nothing else but Huggies) and they were not only unpleasantly plasticy, and covered in sponsored cartoon characters, but they leaked very quickly and had a really weird gelatinous substance that was activated by the moisture and then held against baby's skin. We also tried another natural diaper brand that had cartoon characters all over them (I don't like to be a walking billboard for sponsors and don't want my baby's bottom to be one either), were super crunchy and not soft, and leaked very quickly.

Naty's, by comparison, take a lot of fluid to fill up and hold it well away from baby's skin so he stays dry, as do his clothes and bedsheets. Our son has never had a diaper rash using these and no creams (per recommendation of The New Basics book) which I attribute to their breathability and lack of harmful chemicals.

The one drawback with Naty's is the occasional batch with quality control problems around the velcro tabs. Over the last year, we have probably lost 10-15 diapers total to this problem.

Really can't recommend these highly enough.
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on January 31, 2014
These are the best disposable diapers ever. Having done a lot of research and having used them for the last two and a half years, I can safely say that I didn't have problems with rashes, etc. These don't contain the chemicals that other diapers do, so not as hard on baby's bottom. I wish other companies would be conscientious like this one.

update February 2014: I have been using these diapers for over 2 1/2 years and recently, they have changed! I subscribe and save every month and bought two orders (eight packs). I am so disappointed, as I always thought they were the most pure disposable diapers on the market. Since they changed the packaging, every package of diapers I have received has been defective. By defective, I mean that when I would open the diaper, one end of the diaper would leave a "gluelike" substance on the main diaper part, where baby's bottom is! Which totally defeats the purpose of why I buy the diapers! Nearly every diaper had this residue when I would peel the side away to open the diaper. I am beyond disappointed. Now, I have to switch to either Earth's Best or Seventh Generation because I refuse to have this "gluelike" substance on my baby's bottom! Amazon's policy on the issue has been great, and they have rectified the problem. However, I am concerned with the fact that the company is not taking care to make sure their diapers aren't defective. I really hope they fix this problem and that it is an isolated incident, but after eight packs of diapers, I am not so sure and now do not want to purchase anything more from them. Quality control seems to be an issue with this company at this point in the game. It's very sad because it didn't used to be this way.
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