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on August 21, 2016
My cat started having "accidents" when I got pregnant and it seemed like she was marking her territory in the bedrooms of my house. Spraying this on and dabbing it up completely removed all trace of her indiscretions even when lit by blacklight.

I've taken one star off due to the lingering, potent patchouli-esque smell. Obviously my sense of smell is a little more sensitive so it doesn't take much to put me off. My cat seemed to find it equally unpleasant and completely avoided the areas that I sprayed this so I can't complain too much!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 7, 2017
I bought this more for odors than stains. It has a strong, persistent fragrance, which my family finds more objectionable than the original pet odor. I will be buying another product to try to neutralize the smell, as it has rendered our couch almost unusable. If this product truly neutralized odors, why would it need a strong masking fragrance?
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on May 15, 2017
I just got a puppy I am trying to house break. I love this stuff.I am very sensitive to smells and once I use it I do not smell the "dog smell" I don't let the stains sit but once dry you cannot tell the dog went in that spot either. I use it on carpet and it has a nice smell.
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on April 22, 2011
I spilled a quart of milk on the floor of my new-to-me car. Blotted up as much as I could and looked to the internet for instructions. Found that this product was recommended. Had it express delivered and sprayed it on fairly heavily over a three day period. No improvement. Took off the top and poured about half the bottle on the location of the spill figuring it would travel the same path. Got worse! Then after a couple of days it got better. It's been a week today since "The Spill" and while there's still a slight smell to the car it is no where near as bad as it was on Monday. Yay! I'll give it another week because the instructions say it can take up to two weeks to achieve full results and get the car detailed. Sure beats replacing the carpeting.

Update 1 year later -- smell is gone! Great stuff!
***Sorry, I was remiss in my reporting, as someone pointed out. The smell was completely gone within two weeks as advertised. No detailing required. ***
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on November 9, 2016
We have a 11 week old lab puppy and we are currently potty training him. This stuff is a life saver. We used it to clean up the accidents right away and it left a clean smell afterwards. It claims to get rid of the "sent" that makes dogs pee in the same place twice and so far it is living up to that claim. We have a mixture of carpet, hardwood, and laminate flooring in our home and it seems to work on all of those surfaces. The odor control of this product is wonderful. My husband came home one day and stated "Ugh! This house smells like a dog kennel!" and then proceeded to use almost the entire bottle spraying down or large living room. With minimal accidents from the puppy sense then, the smell has not returned in 2 weeks. I cannot really speak for the stain removal because we have never left anything linger long enough to stain. I gave this item 5 starts because although it is expensive, it is worth every penny. My friends and family continue to struggle with pet odors in their homes because they are using less expensive products or regular household cleaners. Save yourself the embarrassment and buy the right stuff the first time. If its a matter of money, you can purchase the gallon version of this product and it is cheaper because you are buying it in bulk.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 13, 2015
This has been reviewed many times before, so I want to add useful comments about how well it works for vomit, as well as old & new urine stains. My 13 year old dog is increasingly incontinent (I'll get to that) and also occasionally vomits. Despite fairly close supervision, he vomited on a dry-clean only throw pillow and we didn't see it until it had dried. I followed the instructions to treat the area and was quite surprised at the results -- no stain and no smell (see first 2 pictures for before & after). The only issue is that the area I had treated looked different than the rest of the material, so I used a damp cloth to dampen all the fabric, and once dried, it all looked the same (see 3rd picture; the light reflects a little differently at different angles of the pillow, but you really can't tell where it was treated). I am thrilled to have taken care of this stain at home, for much less $.

This Nature's Miracle worked amazingly well for urine, too. For weeks, I had noticed a faint smell of urine each time I sat on a certain part of the couch, though he hadn't had an accident there (that I knew of). Then he had another accident, wetting through the center cushion to the fabric covering the frame, which had a new wet spot, as well as a larger dried spot. Although I had identified the source of the persistent smell, I had low expectations -- but after carefully washing everything, there is no smell!! Amazing!!

I pretreated all the couch cushion covers with Nature's Miracle and washed on delicate cycle with Woolite. With some help, I pretreated the down-wrapped foam cushions (he managed to get the edges of both adjacent seat cushions, too) and then thoroughly soaked them in the shower. I pretreated a few throw pillows then soaked these in the sink. I also treated the fabric covering the frame. After several days, with cushions & pillows in the sun to help with drying, the couch is back together and it is once again nice to use.

The scent is fresh and pleasant. I often react to overly scented products because of my asthma, but I have been able to tolerate this.

Btw, I also highly recommend Dry Defender pads. I have placed a few of these in critical areas, like on his favorite beds, and the couch. They make clean-up much easier, so I have to use Nature's Miracle less often!!
review image review image review image
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 23, 2017
I'm not really sure what I expected with this spray but I don't think it did anything to the dog scent that Febreeze couldn't do. I have a beagle and well, he just smelled. I used this spray on his blankets and bed. I also sprayed the curtains near his cage thinking he may have got some excretions or something on them. It smelled good for a little bit but like I said, nothing Febreeze fabric refreshers couldn't do, and I like their scents much better. I used it maybe 4-5 times but stopped as I didn't see any point. I ended up switching dog foods and the funky smell from my dog is gone! Who knew?!?
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on May 27, 2015
Absolutely LOVE this battery operated sprayer. I have a pup who just can't hold it all night long and while I do put potty pads down, she always misses. My hand gets tired squirting a large area (if she makes a big mess) and this is the perfect solution. I now refill the bottle over and over and it's more then paid for itself, several times over. The cleaner really IS a miracle. It is made with enzymes and the enzymes digest the urine (blood, vomit, etc.) . I usually spray the area, leave it sit for an hour, then put a towel, or paper towels down and soak up the excess liquid. The stain is magically gone and it smells great!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 30, 2016
Buyer Beware. This is not the pleasant smelling product you may have experience with, and it is labeled as hazardous waste so Amazon will not let you return it. It probably works well to remove traces of urine, but it reeks of it's own strong chemical smell, similar to Raid Bug Spray. The smell has not left our floor for days. Whats worse is that we used it in the kitchen and I've had to smell it while cooking which really throws things off. Stay away from this one if you just need to clean up small puppy messes and the like, it's way overkill.
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on January 10, 2017
I love this product! We bought a home that reeked of cat urine. We figured we were going to have to replace the carpets but someone suggested I use nature's miracle to clean the carpets. It worked! No more cat pee smell!

Fast forward 3 years... We still use this product for cat and dog messes abd it works wonderfully! You can even add it to your laundry if needed.

I love this particular bottle because we use A LOT! (4 kids, 2 cats, 2 dogs and 2 puppy litters) I live the fact that I don't actually have to spray because it's got a battery operated sprayer!
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