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VINE VOICEon May 31, 2009
There will inevitably be comparisons between "Nature's Most Amazing Events" and Planet Earth. While I can't say that this new series is quite as groundbreaking, it is still pretty great and has some amazing footage.

As its title suggests, "Nature's Most Amazing Events" focuses on some of the most amazing events in the animal kingdom. I actually like the fact that each episode stays in one location (as opposed to the way Planet Earth jumped around the world). However, I thought it could have gone beyond Africa and North America. I also thought this series had some amazing footage of birds and whales, particularly of birds underwater. Those scenes alone make the series worth buying.

One note: I originally watched this series on the Discovery Channel. For some reason, Discovery used another narrator (Hasani Issa), not David Attenborough. As viewers of nature documentaries know, Attenborough's infectious enthusiasm makes his programs truly a joy to watch. As such, this DVD will be much better than the televised version for simply having Attenborough as the narrator.

Now, onto the episodes:

1) Arctic Summer:
This episode focuses on Arctic environments and includes many of the usual suspects, such as Polar Bears. There was a great scene with baby Gillymots learning to fly. The birds essentially jump off a huge cliff and try to land in the ocean. Many miss and bounce along the ground - but survive! This scene evoked the infamous scene in Planet Earth with the ducklings jumping out of the tree - but many times higher, with Arctic foxes waiting at the bottom to eat any unlucky baby Gillymots.

2) Grizzly Wilderness:
This episode follows the Salmon migration in the pacifc northwest - and all of the animals trying to eat them. There's some great shots of the Salmon swimming through the water. In one shot, a Salmon is swimming through a waterfall, jumps out of the water, and - in slow motion - flies toward the camera. There's also a cool scene of a dead Salmon decomposing in fast motion.

3) Surviving the Serengeti:
Unfortunately, there wasn't much new in this episode. It covers the wildebeest migration in East Africa. The wildebeest migration is certainly one of nature's most amazing events, but the Serengeti is also one of nature's most documented events.

4) Army of Predators:
This episode covers the army of predators that chase Sardines. I loved the footage of Gannets plunge-diving into the water to eat fish. The birds look like they're swimming underwater. I've seen some other documentaries trying to capture birds underwater (including Blue Planet: Seas of Life), but this scene was by far the best. The episode climaxes with a battle royale between Gannets, Dolphins, Fur Seals, Sharks, and Bryde's Whale all chasing the Sardines.

5) Kalahari Flood:
This episode focuses on southern Africa, with the drying up of the Okavango River in Botswana. The footage of the Termites up close looks great in HD. These scenes were even better quality than the Termite footage in Life in the Undergrowth. Also lots of elephants wallowing around.

6) Pacific Feast:
This is another underwater battle royale, with Stellar Sea Lions, Orcas, and Humpback Whales all going in for some Herring. This episode includes some of the best blu-ray footage of whales I've seen, with extensive footage of Humpbacks hunting using "bubble nets." The "whale song" that the Humpbacks use while "bubble netting" is haunting. After watching this, it is absolutely clear that these animals are intelligent - coordinating group action, using tools (bubbles), and taking advantage of the Herrings' weaknesses. There's also a great shot of a Humpback exhaling through its blowhole and catching a rainbow on its breath. The mist from the blowhole changes colors from blue to green to yellow to red. I can't describe what it looked like other than to say it was pretty amazing. This is easily some of the best Humpback footage ever.

In short, if you enjoy nature documentaries, don't miss out on "Nature's Most Amazing"! It has wonderful footage of birds underwater and whales. While there are some low points (notably the Serengeti), the best moments far exceed the ocean scenes in Planet Earth.
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on May 24, 2010
I am a pretty picky movie watcher - just ask my family. I watched this with Panasonic Blu-ray player and my Optoma 720p projector with 5.1 surround sound and was blown away. Some of the stuff they show in this program defies imagination as to how they managed to capture it.

I don't know what Turtledom is talking about. The Serengeti episode was unforgettable. The intimacy of the segments following the lion pride as its members struggled to survive the dry season was heartrending. No one has ever filmed animals like this before. You are literaly there, just a few feet away, watching these emaciated, diseased lion cubs as they strain to keep up with their pride, and against all odds rejoining their family and frolicking in the bounty of the rainy season. The shots of the grizzlies from the salmon run episode are breathtaking, watching these skinny cubs follow their mother out of the den in the snow packed mountains, then climb up and down steep grades on their way to the swelling streams below, all the while panning out from close up shots to super wide aerial views showing the bears as tiny dots in the vastness of the Alaskan wilderness. STUNNING. Then they get these super close up shots of grizzlies' fishing tactics in deep water, from above and below the surface, that no one has ever captured before. Watching how they did it in the Diaries segment at the end was just as impressive.

BBC is the best in this genre because they not only educate, they create a visual work of art that is mesmerizing in its aesthetic beauty. The zoological expertise of the people filming these animals is what sets BBC apart, creating images you have never, ever seen before.

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on May 10, 2017
There is nothing compare to wonder the great nature and its inhabitants. This series shows the great nature events like the Africa's wildebeest migrations and Salmon's migrations.
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VINE VOICEon June 7, 2011
After buying and enjoying both Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series and Life, I decided to give this a try since the animals are what I liked the most from those programs. However, I am very glad I waited for it to drop below $10. There is overlap between this and the two previous programs, and it isn't as in depth as you would expect either. So, you don't get as much bang for your buck. Don't get me wrong, the footage/photography is literally amazing and David Attenborough is brilliant once again as narrator. There are six episodes: three based on water/ocean events and three on land. (The Great Melt, The Great Salmon Run, The Great Migration, The Great Tide, The Great Flood, The Great Feast).

I do recommend this, just not at the list price, especially if you already own the other two programs. I'll definitely re-watch the other two programs, but I probably won't watch this one again.
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on August 15, 2017
Wow , amazing , I lived on this earth ,once , I got to see it all before I die. Thank you so much .
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on December 5, 2010
Actually, this might have been recycled from footage from Planet Earth as some scenes are very similar and this is seemingly an encapsulated version of Planet Earth and somewhat better than the "mother" series itself. It also is much better than "Life." the other heralded BBC nature documentary.
And, this product does not have any confusing versions, which Planet Earth has. Not to mention, the HD version, the Standard Definition version, but Planet Earth's blu-ray has two versions 1080p and 1080i and within the latter version a four and a five disc version and additionally these versions are from US or UK.
BBC denies that there are two versions and claims that only 1080i version exists and 1080p was a misprint but some reviewers still believe that there is a 1080p version though BBC might have stopped producing it.
Nature's Most Amazing Events does not confuse you about different versions and is the best documentary I have ever seen but that is not a definitive judgment, as I have not seen enough!
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on June 15, 2009
I pre-ordered Nature's Most Amazing Events on blu-ray a month before it came out. All of the reviews talk about how the crew used the same high def cameras as in planet earth. Being a huge planet earth fan, I was stoked for this one to come out. I had high expectations. But I have to say that it has let me down. The picture quality is excellent but the film is very jumpy. In fact in some parts it seems as though the disc is scratched. After a while of watching the jumpiness I turned up my Sony Z flat screen to 120 Mhz and it seemed to help a ton. But I am still wondering why there is so much jump and digital noise. Can anyone help me with this? But as for a sweet documentary, it is awesome. For example, the "Salmon Run" is one of the cooler documentaries I've seen. Overall it is a good documentary but I feel like they hurried to quickly to get it out and failed to polish it. Also, the cardboard case is kind of lame. 3 out of 5 would be pretty accurate.
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on December 28, 2014
These BBC and David Attenborough presentations are always stunningly filmed. Thanks to all the people behind the scenes for all the trouble they went to in bringing these beautiful episodes right to our homes!
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on April 7, 2015
I kept this movie on my wish list for about six months because I thought it was a bit overpriced. I'm so glad I made this purchase because it is an awesome dvd. Nobody can take you on a journey about nature and animals like David Attenborough. He's so passionate. The photographers & aids work really hard to make this a very interesting movie. I loved this dvd and will watch it over and over again. The kids will love it. Worth the money.
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on March 16, 2017
These BBC documentaries on nature are film at its finest.
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