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on October 15, 2015
This used to be a wonderful product, I would have given it 5 stars if this was a little over a year ago, but it's very different than it used to be. I started using DIM Plus in 2013 for perimenopause symptoms which, for me, include high estrogen/low progesterone. It was wonderful, changed my life and I was feeling great! But somewhere around early 2014 they changed the formula. The pills went from green to white, and I noticed that it wasn't really working as well for me anymore. I didn't realize then that it was the formula change. They added soy to the formulation, which WAS NOT in it before (see pics of old and new labels; soy wreaks havoc on my body and I check out ingredients carefully, I knew it didn't used to be in here or I never would have bought it). This was recently brought to my attention and now, it makes perfect sense. I actually started taking an extra capsule when I found it wasn't working as well, which made things even worse. How I wish I knew about the soy addition, I could have found another DIM product with no soy a long time ago and saved myself a lot of grief and discomfort.

This is also not a pure DIM supplement, If you read the label, actual DIM is only 25% of the "proprietary blend", so I have no idea how much actual DIM is even in this product. I switched to https://smile.amazon.com/Best-Naturals-Complex-Capsule-Count/dp/B00SVMB3NW/ref=sr_1_5_s_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1473455979&sr=1-5&keywords=dim which has no soy or titanium dioxide (this is a new addition, as well, and is why the pills are white now), and 100mg of actual DIM in each pill.
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on May 2, 2014
Exactly as described! Ive ordered this twice and will be ordering again this month! I take it daily as a required supplement to offset my weekly testosterone shot that I have to take. I have chronic spinal pain so I am on long term VERY strong pain meds and that crap sucks the testosterone out of your system! Doc said I had the test level of a 90 year old! No wonder I didnt even want to get out of bed, much less do anything! Dim-plus, I use it to offset so I dont grow man-boobs and the like from taking the necessary Testosterone, lol.
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on March 21, 2015
Works amazing on mood, metabolism, and weight. I love this stuff. Been taking it for years now.
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on February 9, 2016
This supplement has helped balance my hormones. Was losing some hair due to thyroid/hormone imbalance. This stopped it and I now have new hair growing back in. If you are estrogen dominant or getting testosterone therapy DIM helps with the negative side effects like weight gain and hair loss.
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on November 28, 2015
When I suddenly started getting intense hot flashes I began searching for anything that would stop them. My body would go from normal to furnace in 2 seconds flat! Anyhow, after finding Dim-plus capsules, I began taking two along with my vitamins every night. I noticed results immediately but the hot flashes took about 2 weeks to go away almost completely. What I mean when I say almost is I still get an occasional warm feeling. I'll take that over the towering inferno any day!
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on September 6, 2016
This product totally cleared up my acne within a week, but I've experienced bizarre side effects over the month that I took this. From headaches to weird stomach cramps and now backaches and spasms... Not worth it! I usually stay away from soy, so it's possible that's what I'm reacting to, but there are also other fillers in this product. I wish I had researched this a bit further before buying. I'm looking to try another brand that is soy and gmo free. Also their return policy is a pain and you have to pay for return shipping. Instead of returning, this has been tossed in the trash.
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on February 21, 2015
I am so very disappointed in this product. When I first started taking DIM-Plus from Natures Way the capsules were green and they worked perfectly, having a profound effect on my body (I have PCOS). I took the recommended dose of two capsules a day and while I did not notice the benefits of clearer skin at all, the product did help to regulate what was virtually a non existent menstrual cycle before I started taking DIM PLUS. My body begin to regulate receiving a cycle every month without fail and also worked to balance my hormones. I completely felt a change in my body as it normalized, I was amazed, I felt like a teenager again. As you can imagine I was absolutely thrilled. I gave no second thought to the capsules being changed to veggie, I even thought possibly, it could be a good thing! I couldn't have been more wrong!!! I noticed an IMMEDIATE CHANGE as soon as I started taking the white capsules, and not for the better. This new "DIM" had absolutely no effect whatsoever on my body, at first I was like -- maybe it's me, so I proceeded to get through the first bottle of white capsules; only to be left with NOTHING at the end. I bought a second bottle and discontinued it half way through-- I was so disappointed I started to look elsewhere, and so I did, I purchased PROMEVA another formula created by NATURES WAY begin taking those and Nope ... still nothing. TBT I didn't get through Promeva either, because I knew the product was not working (But that's another review). Needless to say I was very upset!!!!! After years of searching for an alternative method to balance my body, I find it, only to have that snatched away!!! Ever since the green capsules have been changed on the DIM PLUS I had experienced ... NOTHING ... no cycle, no hormonal balance, NADA!!!!! Then I started to research to see if I was the only one who noticed this change?!?!?! NOPE ... there's others as well. I have recommended this DIM PLUS to soooo many people telling them to try this brand and I regret it. There are so many people I know who never experienced the green capsules, who have actually gone on to purchase this in Veggie Cap, only to discover it doesn't help them. I WILL NOT be using this product again or any other product from NATURE'S WAY, they truly have lost a loyal customer. I have since found DIM else where... What would have been a 5 star review is now a two star review. Two Thumbs down on the change (Don't try to deny it, somehow the formula was changed) ... No longer a customer.
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on May 16, 2015
I began using these pills about a year ago in conjunction with the progesterone cream. These items have been amazing! I am only 28 but have experienced severe cramps and heavy bleeding for as long as I can remember. My cycle was completely messed up - usually about 40 days. These items have completely changed my life. I hardly have any cramps, and when I do, they are manageable. I have very light bleeding. And zero PMS moodiness. I definitely recommend this product if you have tried birth control pills that just didn't cut it.
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on January 16, 2015
My friend who is a nurse practitioner suggested that I try this supplement for my cystic acne that occurs right around my period...after trying all sorts of topical things in addition to expensive prescription medicines from the dermatologist. It's been nothing short of a miracle! I rarely get cystic breakouts anymore. Big bonus? I'm 43 years old and these supplements completely stopped my night sweats which had begun in the last year! I take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 before bed. No side effects...but I did notice that the symptoms returned when I went out of town for a week and forgot to bring them along. So I know that they definitely work well for me. I won't go without them again!
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on December 13, 2015
Started using this after experiencing severe menopausal symptoms. It took me about 5 or 6 months to figure our the right dosage for me. Although I did receive some relief immediately, it wasn't until I figured out the exact combination to use that I felt complete relief of my symptoms. I did have my saliva tested and had a dosage recommended to me. However, I continued to experience symptoms. I continued researching on the internet and tried increasing/decreasing and combining this with other supplements. Finally no more hot flashes, vaginal dryness and libido has improved, less anxiety and definitely an increase of energy. I no longer feel like I need to take a nap in the afternoons. I would also say my brain fog is much better. Clearer thinking! This is certainly a product I do not ever want to be without. Combined with Calcium Glucarate, Smoky Mountain Astro-Life and Emerita Pro-Gest, I have found my magic formula!
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