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Flavor: Chocolate|Size: 630g|Change
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on December 20, 2013
If you choose this shake, you should seriously consider removing all sugar from your diet while you are using it. More on that later. I was given this by my sister when she decided she didnt like it (she was getting rid of anything with soy in it... apparently this product contains soy lecithen). I am a healthy weight and very active 39 year old female. I thought this would be a great thing for me to try drinking before my early morning walks with my dog as I always came back from these walks famished and low blood sugar, dizzy, etc. This tasted DELICIOUS (I got vanilla) and after one week my jeans were too loose! I wasnt even trying to lose weight. I felt so good that not only was I walking my dog at dawn, I was dancing half the time (no joke). This shake ended up being my gateway to including meal replacement shakes in my diet on a daily basis for the past 2 years. I did tons of research and bought Ultimate Meal, Raw Meal, Vega One, etc.
Ultimate Meal and Raw Meal are staples in my pantry now. But I am adding Metabolic Reset back in to my rotation because of its superior effects on my metabolism and weight maintenance. My dirty secret is that I had been a closet smoker for 20 years and recently quit. I was dismayed and shocked when none of my jeans fit over my hips two weeks into quitting. I never had weight issues in my life till now! Can barely wait to start back on Metabolic Reset as I am certain it is good arsenal to have in my tool kit to keep my weight down and help me feel energized. This is a fantastic shake, in my opinion, and far better tasting than any other Ive tried. It does exactly what its designed to do.
Note: I see a lot of people complaining about stomach issues with this product. The culprit hands down is Xylitol. Xylitol is excellent health wise, but it ALWAYS takes time for your body to adjust to it if you are not accustomed to it. I wish the people at Natures Way would provide this information on the container. The best way to get used to xylitol is to introduce it in small increments for the first week. Add more each day. Start with a small amount, and day by day increase till you have the full shake serving. If you dont do this you will likely feel really sick from it. It may even feel like food poisoning if you overdo it. The symptoms of too much xylitol are farting, bloating, stomach cramps, and diarrhea. However if you introduce the shake slowly you will likely avoid ALL of those symptoms.
Also... Xylitol will have a sugar cleansing effect on your system. This can manifest as intense sugar cravings for the first week or so into using the shake as directed (along with the gas and bloating). The xylitol in this shake literally kills candida (sugar-eating bacteria in your gut). I would recommend cutting sugar completely out of your diet while using this product. I know thats really hard for some people to achieve, but sugar IS the culprit behind most weight gain issues... As well as what will make your discomfort worse while adjusting to this shake.... That and processed packaged foods. If you cut out sugar, you will absolutely and effortlessly lose weight, and quickly. Sugar is also a drug. So you do go through actual mood swings and withdrawals when you first start cutting sugar out of your diet. But hang in there, it should go away within one week, and you will rebalance. I have studied the effects of sugar on the body and brain for 20 years.
A little bit about xylitol: You can do your own research, but as to the benefits of xylitol, they are... Prevention of tooth decay, tastes exactly like sugar, thickens epidermis leading to looking young longer (sort of like internal retin-a) safe for diabetics, etc. I personally love xylitol... I think its a miracle. I brush my teeth with it, use it as mouthwash, I put it in baked gods, chai tea, etc. As I said... dont be lazy... do your own research and come to your own conclusions.
Lastly, I'd like to add that while this is relatively healthy as far as shakes go, in the rare times I can afford it I also buy Miracle Reds and Miracle Greens (high quality powdered fruits and veggies and supplements) and I add a scoop of each to this shake. Doing this makes this shake my absolute favorite solution and if I could, I would do this all the time and use this shake always. It rounds out the meal and turns this shake from a simple weight loss tool into a very nutrient rich meal. However, this is a really expensive way to go. If you can afford it, I highly recommend doing this.
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on March 24, 2015
this product has truly increase my metabolism...I see that others are saying that it controls hunger...but I was taught that when your metabolism is working should be hungry more often...because your metabolism is burning off what you have should eat about 5 times a day about every 2 to 3 this is what I have experienced that my metabolism has sped up..that I am eating more but I am eating I always make sure that I have some healthy item on me that I can snack on when I do feel hunger coming on....its call reset metabolism...and that what this product has done for me it reset my metabolism that I am eating the right amount of food each day...
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on March 21, 2016
I love this shake! I've lost so much weight without even trying and it tastes great. I blend it with ice, skim milk, strawberries, banannas, and a little bit of yogurt. Not only does it taste great, it boots your energy through the day and helps you control bad eating habits. Its only downfall is that the jar is only 1/2 full when you get it so it runs out pretty fast and you have to order it like once every week and a half or two weeks. It ships so fast and its inexpensive, I cant complain.
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on March 30, 2016
This stuff tastes terrible... Have to put it with milk to even be able to drink it. It says water but would highly suggest not doing that if you want to be able to drink more than a sip.
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on January 14, 2016
Love this stuff, bought another brand just to try and was very disappointed that it paled in comparison to this, fantastic taste even when mixed with just water. Using this as a meal replacement a couple times a week (I.e maybe for breakfast or a midday snack) I lost 20 pounds in 3 months with moderate exercise and I certainly did not starve myself - college student who still ate late night pizza occasionally and drank craft beer quite often.
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on March 28, 2017
After reading everything about this shake, I was really hoping to like the flavor. It isn't bad and would probably be great with lots of added fruit but it was just very mild and couldn't stand on its own. I normally use the six star lean protein shake but they switched the formula so I thought I would give this a try. I usually make my shakes with almond milk, peanut butter and ice but it had little to no flavor. I didn't have any issues with cramping or stomach pain at all but I did start with a half shake as suggested. I just couldn't get past the lack of flavor.
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on January 10, 2014
This is my very first experience using a meal replacement shake, ever. I do not have any long term results to share as I've only used this product the last two days. So, my review is based solely on my first impression. I mixed mine with Almond Milk. The flavor is good, better than I expected, because honestly I was a little nervous. I like it, I've no difficultly drinking this shake. The consistency isn't bad at all, as long as you drink it right away. The first day I drank it, I took my time while I was going other things and that was a mistake because the shake tends to thicken as it sits and get a not so nice to swallow consistency. But this morning I just drank it right up right after I made it and it was great. So, first impressions are very good. I feel good so far, no adverse physical reactions. All good so far!
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on April 19, 2017
Had been losing 3-4 pounds a week but hit the plateau. Reset did exactly that. I've lost 4 pounds in the 8 days I've had it and hope it continues. Note: I used it to replace lunch
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on August 9, 2014
I was really hopeful for this product to work. It sounded like exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I did not like the taste of if and I did not feel and of the hunger control. I tried making it multiple ways and kept tasting the flavor that I didn't like and not getting the "filling" effect. I'm sad this didn't work for me because the price was great!
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on January 20, 2016
The product is great. I use it as part of my weight loss and workout goals. The last package I received, I had to cut open because it was sealed so tight, three strong adults could not twist off the lid. This is not a delivery packaging problem, it is a manufacturing packaging issue.
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