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on July 18, 2017
Another great book by Joseph P. Farrell. Full of detail and connecting the dots once again. This book gets you thinking about history in a completely different way, giving you a different read on what 'really' is happening in the world todays and what's up next...
This book has had me connecting further dots and figuring out the 'real' agenda of the EU and lots more...
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on September 6, 2012
Nazi International provides the audience with cringing, credible information on how the Nazis escaped prosecution, infiltrated the Business world and to a great extent the US's political system. Its value is priceless and can only be compared to T.H.Tettens' reviews on the same issue. The problem is that the writer at some points, especially those which have to do with Richter and Peron, is over analytical, failing though,to explain the basics of Nuclear Physics to the reader who is unaware of the process. He also fails to explain what "The Bell" is, instead he cites his previous books, in which the concept is better explained. Generally, I enjoyed it and found the information both credible and extremely useful. It is a must for those who wonder how Germany has risen once again nowadays to claim peripheral hegemony over Europe!
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on April 11, 2016
The Nazi International – The Nazi’s Postwar Plan To Control Finance, Conflict, Physics And Space by Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, is essentially the prequel to his latest endeavour, The Third Way – The Nazi International, The European Union & Corporate Fascism.

Farrell’s book series usually come in trilogies, and although as mentioned this isn’t the prequel, it sure follows suit similar to how his previous trilogies would build on each other.

If you’ve read Farrell’s latest book, The Third Way, then you will want to read this book to be able to further delve into the inner workings of the Nazi mindset, and how they were able to accomplish what they did. And even if you haven’t, this is a great starting place from which to branch out into Farrell’s many other books which talk about the many aspects of the Nazis that most people are unknowledgeable about.

Moving on, Farrell gives a top-down lengthy synopsis into a sizeable breath of the Nazi’s post-WWII war machine.

Farrell begins by noting what he’s mentioned in countless interviews, which is that the military of Germany – the Nazis – did not surrender. That alone is an excellent foundation to the notion that the Nazi’s weren’t ones to roll over and die as many would have you believe. A small, but notable data point, because it extends further into the future. All the way into the present, in fact. In contrast, the Japanese surrendered in WWII was very neatly accomplished.

From there, the author continues with various examinations into the Nazi connection with corporations, spearheaded by the notorious I.G. Farben and its penetration of big banks, to the growth of the Nazi postwar network lead by Bormann. In conjunction with that, Farrell lays down many of the intricacies that allowed the Nazis not only to survive in a post-WW2 environment, but to actually thrive. That is a rather disturbing prospect indeed.

Another notable component that goes oft-overlooked is the analysis of Hitler’s alleged death. Many people take it a face value that he committed ‘suicide’. Farrell notes many of the points that are pointed out in a particular article which helps him sift through and narrow down what the probable truth might have been. That is rather intriguing as it would literally change history in more ways than people could imagine.

The Nazis surviving in a post-WWII establishment is a bold, but truthful claim. But the possibility of the boss – the very Nazi symbol – also making it through? Now that will make some folks’ head spin.

Not only is Hitler addressed, but his second in command, Martin Bormann is also all over this book.

Other quite notable components of the story are the Vatican’s connection to the Nazi ratlines, Argentina’s connection to the Nazis before and after the war, as well as how key individuals like Allen Dulles’ are involved in this whole ordeal.

Farrell from there does a compelling job of addressing what the actual postwar Nazi plans were, many of which serve not only to enrich them, but which helped further their power structure.

Another very incisive, and oft-overlooked component in Farrell’s research is the fact that the Nazis played an integral role in the Muslim world. This arguably has probably continued to this day, which is quite distressing. If such is the case, the whole Muslims-are-terrorist meme needs to be examined with precision, because behind the scenes much of what seems to be one element, might just be another. The surge of terrorism that has ensued since must be questioned given how much it has served to fracture how the US is seen in the world, how much profits the military industrial complex has achieved, and how much control over the region has been established in the Middle East and beyond. That’s not to say people are not responsible for their own actions. However, who drives those actions is just as, if not more important because that would be the root cause, rather than one addressing the symptom by only focusing on Muslims.

In any case, Farrell furthers his research by addressing technological components the Nazis were working on such as the notorious Bell, while also examining NASA’S secret history in connection to his thesis.

This book will make the reader see history from a few different lenses, much different than what conventional historians would have you even consider.

Mainstream history must fit in a box, especially since the lot of it is manufactured by the victors.

Anything that doesn’t fit in the box, anything that questions official records, anything that makes one think deeply about different possibilities helps fracture conventional narratives and bring about a wider scope of transformation. This book serves to do just that.

This book is the microscope from which to view post-WW2 Nazi machinations, and it does it in a way that’s sound, breathtaking and yet intriguing. That alone is worth the price of the book.

But when you couple all of the above to the fact that people with the same Nazi-like mindset are still around [think of the Bushes, and the many corporate connections in America that took place during WW2 for starters] and share the same ideals et al., it makes it vital for individuals to know what’s going on, which makes this book much more important.
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on April 30, 2016
Excellent book, mind blowing.
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on December 11, 2009
Another well written and researched book from Dr. Farrell. The connection between Huemal and The Bell is logical and solid. You can't help but feel that the South American connection to the story isn't over. I dare say Dr Farrell will return to South America at some stage.

Definately looking forward to 'Roswell and the Reich' and Babylons Banksters' as I am guessing there will be some very large dots to be connected from Nazi International.

To the critics who keep proclaiming Occam's Razor etc-get real! Not all supposition and speculation is bad-especially when it is supported by documentation. The reality is that the 'greater story' being uncovered here can only ever sit in this realm of research-secret things are never obvious and easy to find.

I found reading 'Reich of the Blacksun', then 'SS Brotherhood of the Bell' then 'Nazi Internation' and 'Secrets of the Unified Field' in that order quite illuminating.
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on March 17, 2015
Great book , some info maybe a little too long.
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on November 18, 2014
Nicely done, and comes closer to explaining MIB than most books
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VINE VOICEon December 14, 2008
With this book Farrell takes a slight detour from his usual scientific detective work and moves into the realm of "conspiracy theory," or as he says, "conspiracy hypothesis." Using the same logical precision I have come to expect from his work, he analyzes the rumors and stories of Nazi escape at the end of World War 2.

Even in a work this size, over 400 pages, he can still only scratch the surface of the vast, powerful underground movement that the Nazi party created to facilitate their escape from their near-miss at world domination. As Jim Marrs has pointed out in his new book, and Farrell echoes here, the Nazi Party never surrendered - Germany, Japan and Italy did, but the Nazis did not. To drive the point home clearly, Farrell reproduces the "instruments of surrender" signed at the end of the war. Was it an incredible oversight to let the Nazis slip through the cracks like that, or was it just another part of their extraordinary plan?

The book is 12 chapters in 4 sections, and begins with a look at the surrender, the science fiction novels of Wilhelm Landig, Nazi UFO myths and Reinhold Schmidt, and part of the information Carol Rosin communicates from the late Werner Von Braun (a greater portion of which is available from Steven Greer's Disclosure Project, and well worth your attention). I was especially happy to see more information on Landig, as I was intrigued by his mention of Landig's novels in an earlier book.

He goes on to describe the financial processes by which Allied banking and other Big Money interests helped create both the Nazi party and the Bolshevik revolution. Again, he shows that the financial dealings and corporate underground created are so vast and powerful that even a book this size can only hit the high points. The legal wrangling of I.G. Farben's breakup took 52 years because the corporation was so vast and convoluted!

He discusses the escape theories surrounding Martin Bormann, Heinrich "Gestapo" Muller, and Adolf Hitler, having dealt with Hans Kammler and others in his previous books on Nazi scientific work.

He covers the migration of Nazis to South America and other places, and spends a large part of the book looking at the financial and political threads that indicate the heavy influence of the Nazis, even to this day. An interesting revelation is how important Nazis such as Otto Skorzeny were to the creation and training of our current nemesis, Arab terrorism.

He ends the book with information on the secret scientific work in Argentina and elsewhere, with a final chapter on Nazi influence in NASA. In the NASA chapter he quotes heavily from the research of Hoagland and Bara, which is also worth reading in depth. This is the only section where he gets back to the science we are so used to him writing about.

As always, Farrell dishes up a fantastic survey of the situation, paying great heed to detail and corroboration. He cites his sources, and provides actual copies of many documents, both in the main text and an appendix. He proves once again that he has the skills of a scientist with the intuition of a street wise detective. His procedure is logical and follows his usual structure of point by point elucidation backed up by evidence and lists of conclusions. Also, as always, he gives the reader lots of entry points to go deeper into the information.

While something of a departure from his more science oriented books, he proves that he can handle the topics of finance and politics as well as he does science. If you liked his other books, you'll like this one. If you are interested in just how much influence the Nazis still exert in this world and how they managed to get in that position, this is a good place to start.
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on April 9, 2015
I have read most of Joseph P. Farrell's books concerning the high tech Nazi secret weapons developed in Germany during the end of WWII. I enjoyed his book "Brotherhood of the Bell" about anti-gravity devices but this book is one of his best. He has done extensive research on this very shrouded subject and has explained the involvement of the OSS/CIA massive "3rd Power" cover up in 1945-46 that allowed a large number of Nazi SS to escape to S. America and elsewhere to continue their work on flying discs and anti-gravity propulsions. It certainly met my expectations.
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on August 16, 2013
An excellent introduction to neophytes in their quest for the truth in regard to the real end to WW2 and the Nazification of the United States before & after the WW 2's end. The American & British elite's(&other) put Hitler into power and are attempting the same here, and elsewhere, through these endless wars that profit "the military-industrial complex" that Eisenhower warned us against in the 1961 Farewell Address. 5 Stars---4 if you are a veteran of the Post WW2 studies and the Nazi International.
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