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on December 22, 2010
For months, no years, my wife has been asking for a robotic vacuum. She does most of the house work and I do most of the fixing. I have followed the progress of the Roomba and decided to have another in depth look at the reviews and how it performed to date. What follows is NOT a Roomba/Neato comparison. I have never owned a Roomba nor do I think I ever will, but who knows. I purchased a Neato Robotics XV-11 about four weeks ago. What follows is a detailed look at what the Neato XV-11 is and how it performs. I will try to be as objective as possible and share my journey of how I decided which robot vacuum to buy.

First, a bit about me. I am an avid Amazon buyer and use them heavily for both personal and work related purchases. They are simply the best at the online experience and I typically only purchase items that they ship. They have the best pricing on a regular basis and ship promptly with a great online experience. I have only had two issues with Amazon and they recovered nicely. I am a former network and systems engineer in the field of technology. I am now a science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) teacher and a coach. I have coached sports, but mostly coach middle school and high school robotics team. Suffice it to say, I do my research on techie stuff and push the envelope in robotics.

The environment: a family of four (two boys) and a yellow lab (2yrs). I will leave the bird and rat out of won't actually. They get rat nest and bird seed all over so they are included too. We live in a single floor house of about 2k sq ft. The floor is a combination of wall to wall carpet, tile, hard wood floor and rugs on top of the hard wood floor. There are a myriad of transitions for the Neato to traverse between tile and hard floor, between rugs and the hard wood floor. We also have floor to ceiling windows with no trim at the bottom of the window. We also have some furniture that inclines backward to the ground. Meaning the opening in the front is higher than at the back.

After researching the Roomba I looked at what else was available. I could not get over that you have to clean the Roomba vacuum brushes a lot, especially for those with dogs. I also could not get over 50 minutes to vacuum a room of say 12X12. The Neato had some complainers about its performance, but I was the head of a Quality Assurance department in a past career and know you get some people that want the world and complain if they do not get it. While I do not think the public should beta test, that is the reality people. Lots of beta testing can happen and does happen prior to a product shipping, but until you have experienced a product build cycle you will never understand that all testing cannot be done to exacting standards. Especially with a new company with limited resources. If you don't believe me, look at Apple and the iPhone 4 antenna. I digress. I took a leap at the Neato due to its intelligent mapping system and the fact that Amazon has a great return policy.

Here is what I found:
1. The neato cleans my 16X12 den in 11 minutes on average. It is wall to wall carpet and full of obstacles and dog hair. I empty the easy to remove from the top dust bin. It did say on two of the cleanings that its brush was stuck and I disassembled the brush on the bottom. Basically it is like a regular vacuum brush, but has squeegee like brushes so no hair gets into a "brush." It turns out that it was in fact not tangled with something in its brush. My dog and sons playing had broken two loops of carpet and the Neato had found them and tried to vacuum them. one end of the loop was still attached. Now I know to look out for these and not take the brush off when it happens. The brush is easy to take off and put back on.
2. I can push the big green button and off it clean the entire house. It comes back and recharges as necessary and then goes back to where it was working and finishes. I have noticed it does not always restart exactly where it was, but it does get all areas at least once and often twice. Just now it returned to base, bumped into something, but got around it and is charging.
3. Not much to maintain. I think we will be replacing the filter and I imagine the belt for the brush eventually, but it pretty much just gets emptied by us. We are not doing the scheduled cleaning as the house needs to get picked up by teenagers first and that requires some whip cracking on my part.
4. My wife loves it. In the beginning she followed it around and would report back frequently on where it was and how it was doing. "This is the best birthday present I have ever gotten!" If we could just figure out how to get it emptied automatically. A docking station with a vacuum that sucks the Neato dust bin dry would be cool. Come on Neato can do this!
5. It traverses the carpets, throw rugs, various transistions perfectly. I put the magnetic strip down around the problem couch with underside that slopes to the floor. It actually went under one piece of furniture and disappeared vacuuming...only to emerge a minute or two later.

One thing to consider is where to park it. While you could bring it out only when you need it and place it in a room and then hit the green button (this will clean that room only and then return to where it started) that does not use it to its full potential. To use its full potential you need to put the little base station next to a wall somewhere in the house so it can travel back and charge up etc.

After four weeks, we love our Neato and have no regrets. I will check in again six months from now and update. I am also going to update a little video.

One week after this review the Neato started making a strange noise. Kind of like a grinding roar. Very loud. We called support and they said they would send out a new Neato at no charge. They did ask for a credit card to go on file in case we didn't return the original. Access to support was very quick and the new Neato arrived in two days. We actually continued to use the original Neato which, aside from the noise, did a good job. The Neato arrived and we did not miss a beat. I can only speculate what the problem was. We are now on month three of our experience with robot vacuuming and our Neato is awesome!

Update 8/15/2011:

Time for another update. Unfortunately, I do not have more to say other than the Neato has passed the test of time! We continue to use the Neato in this fashion:
1. Pickup stuff on floor (no robot for that yet).
2. Double check magnetic strip under our couch that inclines to floor. It sometimes gets bumped by humans. This strip prevents the Neato from going into what I call a furniture wedge where the sofa bottom slopes to the floor.
3. Double check that the Neato dustbin was emptied after last time.
4. Open doors to rooms that I want cleaned in entire house (our house is one level). Neato will find the doorway, finish the room it is in, go back to the doorway and enter the room to clean it. Multiple doorways? Not a problem, Neato will clean each one and go back to recharge if necessary.
5. Press the big button to turn on.
6. Press the big button to start cleaning house.
7. Go away or continue to be in house and be careful not to walk on robot.
8. Neato finishes and returns to base and I empty dustbin.

A commenter recently asked about cleaning the brush. Another commenter already responded and I will add that I have only had to dig thread and hair out of the brush twice in about 100 operations. Keep in mind that each time I run the Neato it is usually cleaning about 1500 square feet of house.

At one point, I was going to connect the Neato to the Internet to see if there was an update. Do I really want to? Not sure. Why would I fix something that works great already? Maybe I will take a look at their website.

Go Neato!

Update 4/11/2012

Neato died. Or, started making noises that were not Neatoish and we humans got concerned. It was scary, thinking of life without Neato. My wife called Neato central support and described what was happening to our Neato. I apologize for sounding so corny, but the whole crisis started out feeling so Orwellian. Neato support responded with a new Neato on its way. Almost as if the little robot was phoning home or being watched by a rescue squad.

This is now our third Neato and I am happy to report that robots do in fact evolve. We have the latest firmware and Neato continues to zig and zag through our busy lives vacuuming up all kinds of crud. We have gotten lax with our pickups lately and the little cleaning bot does not care. It will bump around shoes, push electrical cords out of the way (this I may have to video, can't figure out why it does not get tangled), dodge yellow labs, and take ownership of a room. I actually hate it on when I am home, my wife tends to put it to work regardless.

The third bot was a refurb and free of charge. We ended up with a new brush (more like a rubber rotating squigee). I figure a brush is good for at least 350-400 cleaning sessions of about 1500 sqft. Maybe more. After pressing for the proverbial "why?" our Neato had a close encounter with death. I was told some had a gear not quite right.

I have built my share of bots and the fact that such a device, with so many moving parts, can last many times longer than your average $150 upright simply amazes me. Not to mention that you don't do the pushing.

Neato, and the support team, are our vacuum heroes!

Sad news on the vacuuming front. A vacuum has passed away. Our upright! Our Neato continues to vacuum automagically! Our upright is still needed for occasional deeper cleanings, especially in furniture, corners etc. The Neato is great, but we still need an upright. In my quest for a new upright I looked high and low. I am sick of paying lots of money, but also sick of buying a new vacuum every 2-4years. How hard can it be right? And what of these pricey vacuums from Electrolux, Miele, etc. etc.?? Suffice it to say, I decided to go past the $200 price point and see if these pricey machines really do last five times longer and do ten times the job. The vacuum story continues in an upcoming review of a Miele. Go check out the review if you are in the market or just want...the rest of the story.
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on November 8, 2012
We received the XV-11 in December of 2011 and used it for the first time on January 3, 2012. It did not return to the base and it took a day to locate it under the bed. It does have a 'stuck' signal, but if you're not home to hear it...
We tried again 3 more times, this time closing the door to the bedrooms but each time, it was unable to find it's way back to the base. I boxed it up to return, but due to a family emergency, it was never returned. I took it out in May to give it another chance, and finally, it found its way back to the base and continued to do so consistently. The joy was short lived; the battery would lose the time every time the unit docked. In order to have it vacuum, the time and cleaning time had to be reset each time, as well as when it needed to return to base to recharge.

The customer service agent was professional and gave me several steps to go through to see if it could be fixed. I received a replacement unit on September 18. When the unit arrived, it appeared to have been opened which was evidenced by the fact that the clear sticker covering the product box had been cut. Unit #2 did not work at all right out of the box. After fully charging, the error message stated "I need to reset." Pushing the okay button would put you in an endless loop. Moving the unit away from the charging base was the only thing that would stop the incessant beeping; the reset and shutdown options did not change the problem. I immediately called Neato and asked if I could send back the faulty unit, and keep the original unit as it at least cleaned, but was told I had to send back the original unit, which I did. I was told a 3rd unit would be sent as soon as they received the original unit. By November 1, I still hadn't received the 3rd unit and the #2 brick unit was packed in the box waiting for the return label. I called Neato and they said they didn't know I wanted another unit. (No, I just wanted to give to your company a financial donation of $366!)I finally received the unit yesterday, November 7; I let it charge and then scheduled a cleaning for this morning. It moved 4 inches from the charging unit, made a noise like a jet engine and 2 error messages came up, the first, "My vision is blocked. Please press okay. 3000". I pressed okay it went through the same motions and sounds and repeated that error message. I moved the unit to a different spot, reset it,shut it down and received the second error message. "My fan is stuck." I called Neato and yes, you guessed it, there is a problem and they are going to replace this unit just as soon as they receive unit #3.Turns out the vision is not actually blocked,the infra-red light malfunctioned. I explained my frustration to the agent who seemed very understanding. She suggested that the new unit should be tested before sending it out to me. (Crickets...) Uhmm, I kinda figured that Neato WOULD test units BEFORE sending them out, especially since the customer had experienced problems.

The original unit comes with a 1 year warranty. After that year is up, you will only get a 3 month extension IF you manage to get a replacement unit before the last day of that warranty. This means that in 1 month, if they don't send a unit that works, I am OUT $366.

It's a shame because the original unit actually did a great job of cleaning. With 2 dogs, it really helped. Having flat rubber blades made cleaning the machine easier and pet hair and carpet fibers do not easily get stuck in it. I did have to frequently vacuum the carpet where the wall meets the carpet as it does not have an edge cleaner; in addition, on our hard wood floors, you could see that the fan actually blows dirt, dust and pet hair into the corners. If the fan was on the top of the unit, that would alleviate that problem.
I cannot at this time give the Neato vac a positive rating because I have yet to own one that works consistently as advertised. While it is wonderful that they will give you a replacement unit, I have never received a replacement unit that actually worked at all; it is a hassle for me to constantly scan the net for fixes and to go back and forth to Fed Ex when it would be far easier for Neato to just send a product that works.

UPDATE: 12/10/12
I received the "inspected" replacement unit, plugged it in and... nothing happened. After 10 minutes of staring at it it finally came on and immediately flashed the error message - "my vision is blocked". I called Neato for the umpteenth time at which time I was told that I could send it back, but that I could not get a refund; I was also told that the previous customer service agent was incorrect and that they do not inspect the vacuums before shipping. I immediately called Amazon, was given a return label and was told I'd be given a refund upon return. I am awaiting my refund.
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VINE VOICEon June 27, 2012
I have replaced my Roomba, finally, with this Neato robot floor cleaner. This machine is far better.

Between the cats, and dogs, the children, teenagers, and adults coming through my house on a daily basis, it truly needs to be vacuumed at least once a day, sometimes more.

The problems with the Roomba were multiple.
1. Cleaning the %^%$E$ every 5 minutes.
2. Bouncing off walls and furniture, sort of chaotic.
3. Constantly beeping to tell me it's stuck. I know it's stuck. It also beeps to tell me when it is out of power and when it is done. It just beeps. Beep. Beep. Beep.

It was my intention to replace the Roomba with another Roomba, a newer model that was meant for homes with pets. But as I began to read the reviews, I saw that even the newer models had some of the problems mine did - especially having to take it apart so often. With all the stuff that got stuck in it, at least it was clearly cleaning up the floors. But really? Did I have to dig it all out every time?

This Neato does a much better job of it.

The Neato makes an organized circuit of the room and plots out the room and then goes back and forth in an organized manner. It remembers my living room and avoids hitting most things. The first time I used it while the children were here, they tore up small pieces of paper and threw pieces on the floor in front of it and then ran away. That was the day we named it Oscar. They even conducted sneak attacks on it. Oscar kept them running around the living room and laughing for an hour.

The other most important thing about the Neato is that it does not require constant maintenance. I empty the bin. That's it.
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on April 23, 2013
There was an issue charging out of the box but after wiping down the metal contacts with a towel it worked great. Ever since, no issues there! The first 3 days was awesome. It cleans REALLY well, and it goes over rugs without issue (SEE UPDATE). I have hardwood floors throughout. It does an excellent job getting itself unstuck out of odd places! I like to watch it figure things out. It is amazing at getting close corners, it vacuums tight against the wall.

After the 3rd day it started acting crazy.. it started running into walls and over its own charging station. Husband called customer service and they said to pull it away from the base, turn it off and let it sit for about 30 min. That seemed to work temporarily. Every now and then it decides to go whack-o. It is almost like it thinks the front is the back and starts doing everything backwards. Once we do that trick above though it seems to work OK for a little bit. I thought I was going to have to return it but it still works when we troubleshoot it. The machine does have all its software updates by the way.

It seems like there are mixed reactions to the Neato, some say it works awesome, some say there are too many errors and it drives them crazy. If you buy this, know that it works really good for vacuuming! But be aware you may get annoyed with some nuisance errors and weird behavior. I hope my methods of troubleshooting keep working. This is my first robot vacuum ever owned so I am not sure how often people have to deal with these things. :)

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: Issues came back with it trying to climb up walls and what not, it eventually just wouldn't work anymore no matter what troubleshooting we tried. Had to part it out on Ebay, hope ya'll have better luck than we did! We moved on to the Deebot and so far haven't had to troubleshoot it... and love it way better! I love the idea of the Neato and it not being random, but the one we got was just not working. Maybe we got a dud.
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on January 6, 2013
We have had a Neato VX11 for nearly a year and half.
The house is a large flat with a combination of tiles and wall-to-wall carpeting of which we regularly vacuum about 2000 square feet. It is located in Costa Rica which can be pretty hot and pretty humid up here in the mountains, and Neato performs well in these circumstances.

We rarely use it by asking it to vacuum more than a pair of room at a time - usually we do the chores as a family: a parent and a kid fixing a room, then unleashing Neato in it, so the battery life is not an issue. When we ask it to clean the whole flat it usually nearly does it all on a single charge, returning to its base to recharge only to go finish the last room. It does clean every accessible spot in an orderly way.

The cleaning it performs is excellent - the advantage of a robot is it does not get bored doing repetitive chores, so it just goes its pace vacuuming around the room, not very fast but thereby vacuuming everywhere at an efficient slow speed. This combined with the very good suction of a vacuum cleaner that is very comparable with a stand up model yields a better result than what I was obtaining myself with our prior vacuum cleaner. The hairs of the old and battered wall-to-wall carpet in my office stand on ends and it looks visibly clean.

Neato does not get easily (or sometimes at all) very close to the small corners or very close to the walls or furniture, so we usually quickly sweep the sides of the rooms towards the center before letting Neato loose. This works more than fine enough for us.

In the year and a half we have had it, Neato only got stuck in a corner three times. More often it complains that its brush is stuck when it has been vacuuming hair that got wrapped around the brush. It is very easy to take the brush out, cut the windings of hair and remove them. It did damage the brush in a few places (I suspect someone pulled on the hair without cutting it first) but this does not seem to impact the efficiency of the robot. I am thinking of procuring a spare brush (more like a rotating squeegee, really) but I don't feel in a hurry as it really works well so far even with that damaged brush.

I had bought a collection of replacement filters but after sixteen months we are still using the first one: when Neato is done we empty the dust bin and use our former vacuum cleaner to vacuum the filter in reverse, which cleans it very well and makes it as efficient as new if not as white.

One thing we do is systematically search the content of the dust bin after emptying it as Neato has no way to know if it picked up small Lego or Playmobil parts in the kids' place. With the tidiness of our kids it happens from time to time.

Similarly I had bough another magnetic stripe to put on the floor to limit Neato's range and I hardly ever used it: it comes with one to start with, which we cut to length to bar doorways without having to close the doors, and it was enough. Some other reviewer complained about this system but I find it way good enough in a low-tech, no BS no nonsense approach to placing barriers that are unobtrusive to us humans.

One advantage of a robotic vacuum cleaner such as Neato is that its low profile allows it to go under furniture in places that we almost never vacuumed before. It will go under the low-profile king-size beds and do its job without a problem, even with feet in the way.

It is pretty well designed: when you place it against its docking / charging station it actually backs up a little to ensure a good contact. It sometimes has an issue staying connected to its charging base but I suspect that the kids play around it a little too much or that we don't put it into contact properly. Each time I tried to see what causing the issue it worked just fine. Not a biggie anyway, and quite rare.

Overall, it does the job very well, without being obnoxiously loud, its maintenance is very easy and it takes some abuse. Considering how much we used it in a year and a half, if it were to break down completely right now I would buy another one immediately.

Job well done: +2 stars
Simple to use: +1 stars
Little maintenance: +1 stars
Does my chores for me and hardly ever complains: +15 stars
Total 19 stars, rounded down to 5 as this is all Amazon will let me put here.
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on September 10, 2010
I really like this robotic vacuum. It cleans a ridiculous amount of pet hair and dust from my carpet! I used a Roomba, which was fairly good but the drawback was it couldn't navigate to other rooms and back as well as the Neato does. The other drawback was it couldn't figure out how to get onto area carpets without the spinning brush on the front getting stuck. For the Neato, this is no problem at all. Instead of bouncing all around looking for light houses it will detect doorways and move from room to room in a more logical fashion.

The suction and cleaning ability is amazing. I would place the suction power closer to an actual upright vacuum. The noise level is a bit quieter than an upright and maybe a little louder than the whine of a Roomba. There is significantly less bumping, which overall, makes the Neato quieter. It still bumps into things (mostly table legs) from time to time but nowhere near as hard or as frequent.

Battery life is adequate. About an hour to 90 minutes I've seen. I have several large rooms for it to work on and it doesn't do them both in a single charge. The nice thing about the Neato is it will recharge itself (2-3 hours) when the battery runs out then it will resume exactly where it left off to complete the job.

Coverage is very good. It does seem to miss very small parts of the room but nothing major. I have debris from a litter box for it to clean up and it does get nearly every single scrap that comes out. I have it scheduled to run nightly and it picks up way more dust and fur than the Roomba.

If you don't want the Neato to go somewhere your only choice is to close the door or place down a black magnetic strip. Very ugly compared to Roomba's lighthouse solution.

Another thing to mention is there is no option for it to clean a small area. It has to do the entire job.

I've taken a star off because the customer service is HORRIBLE. Mine was broken from day one due to a known defect (the battery is buzzing and not charging when connecting to the dock). I spent FIVE days and FIVE CALLS on the phone with customer support and it got me NOWHERE. First they said they'd give me a next day shipping label which sounded reasonable. That never came. After more and more calls getting nowhere they then wanted me to ship it ground and CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD AGAIN FOR ANOTHER ROBOT??? Again, I still don't know if I would ever get a shipping label. Truly frustrating.
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on August 19, 2011

I have reduced my rating to 1-star. It's 14 months after receiving my replacement Neato, and I've been having problems with the unit for the last 4 months. The roller brush kept saying it was stuck with debris and the unit would stop. I have followed the cleaning video sent by Neato and now the brush simply does not start at all. BEWARE: YOU MIGHT BE BUYING A VERY EXPENSIVE DOOR STOP.

So here's the history of my Neato(s):

1) December 2010 -- Original Purchase
2) Neato is immediately problematic getting stuck for no reason
3) January 2011 -- Receive new Neato (to be fair, this was handled quite quickly)
4) December 2011 -- start having problems with roller brush error and Neato stopping mid-clean
5) I stopped using Neato between February-May 2012 as I'm too busy to deal with it
6) June 2012 -- I contact Neato for help as the unit stops moments after starting with a brush error
7) I follow Neato's instructions to clean brush (I've been doing this for months anyway) but to no avail
8) Neato tells me it might be the brush motor but opening the unit will void my warranty

First I'll say that Neato customer service processed my exchange very quickly after I returned the first unit. Based on that, I am giving this product 3 stars rather than 2.

All in all, the vacuum does a fairly good job of vacuuming, and I am always amazed at the amount of debris in the trap. Not so good on corners/baseboard though, but I expected that considering it does not have a brush for that purpose. It's ability to go under things is quite impressive and this is due to good design on clearance.

I returned my first unit because right out of the box, it would get "stuck" in places where there was no apparent reason for being stuck. And at the end of cleaning, it would get lost trying to find its base about 90% of the time, and the battery would run low before it got back for charging. I figured something was wrong with the unit, as I had followed the instructions on how to position the base (which incidentally is problematic I would imagine for most layouts). I'm sorry to say that my replacement unit has all the same problems, and so I am assuming that it's not a faulty unit, but inherent to the design and programming.

I feel the ease of use and dependability of the XV-11 is just not up to what it is hyped to be.

JULY 2012

I've set the rating back to 4 stars. Neato has come through with good customer service to replace my 2nd unit. I believe they have addressed the issue of hair winding around the brush motor. At the very least, I know what to look out for to prevent it from happening.
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on April 29, 2012
My husband is disabled with MS but insists on helping around the house now that we're both retired. I have mobility issues and difficulty vacuuming, so he has assigned himself the vacuum duty. He would set the canister on his walker and push the wand ahead of him. For his birthday I bought him a Neato XV-11. We weren't sure how well it would clean, if it would be easy for us to set up, and if it was a good decision. Wow! That robot has changed our lives. The first time we turned it on, it was our morning entertainment. We weren't sure how effective it would be, but picture this: We leaned back in our recliners and watched it go through its paces. It sized up the room and busied itself with running under our chairs and over the carpet and hard surface. We are easily entertained, but you must understand we were born before there were such things as Angry Birds, TV, or 3D. Our Neato cleans better than we did and is easy to use. When it quit midcycle one time, customer service walked us capably through the reset process. It was definitely a good decision to buy the Neato XV-11.
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on February 4, 2012
I owned one of the original Roombas and my cats and I were entranced as it trundled about the room but it was very redundant going over and over the same spots. My reading is that the basic program of the Roomba has not changed. Not only that I had to set up little battery operated devices to keep it out of certain areas (and now to permit it to go from room to room). I read some of the reviews of the Neato IV-11 at Amazon and thought it was now time to give robotic vacuuming another try. And, wow, am I pleased. The Neato is significantly better programmed than the Roomba. As others have noted, when you turn it on it pulls away from its base and surveys the room, then goes to work first cleaning the perimeter and then the central area. In very large rooms, it divides the room into sections and does the sections in succession. It definitely recognized doors, although I have a very open upper level in my house and it seems to define openings that are wider than doorways differently--just another part of the room. The only drawbacks I have found is that it does not clean just next to the baseboards. It misses little specs of dust and now the Asian ladybugs crawling there. They should probably add a little spinning brush like the Roomba for side cleaning. So, you will still have to dust/sweep around the perimeter of the room occasionally--small price to pay for have a little machine slave that does most of the sweeping. Note that it does not ram into furniture but detects obstacles a couple of inches away and turns. I found that a room with too many minor obstacles like extension cords and boards lying on the floor and shoes can cause it problems. So, my experiment with cleaning the cluttered area of the basement was a failure. It got tangled in a cord (pick up your extension cords and computer cords if they are accessible). Then I found the Neato stuck on top of my work shoes. In that case, after being picked up, moved and restarted, some location errors were introduced that kept it from finding its way back to its base. I found it searching about five feet away from its base--poor little thing. Otherwise, it has flawlessly found its base after it is done. In the upper level it cleans about three-quarters of the area, returns to its base and recharges (and asks to be emptied if full), then an hour later it goes back to where it left off and finishes the job before returning to base. When it finished cleaning the bathroom at one end of the upper level, I thought it would never find its way back through the bedroom and hall and around the corner to the great room and its charging base, but no problem! Absolutely amazing. Now I want the Neato people to add some camera eyes, a little arm and dust cloth and a little tray to transport milk and cookies.
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on June 16, 2014
My Neato was fantabulous when I first got it. Life was glorious, knowing the floors were getting cleaned while I was doing something more worthwhile, whether that was yoga in another room, attending to urgent business in the bathroom, or practicing sexy tunes on the electric guitar. I never programmed it (I probably should have) because I was uncomfortable with the idea of it starting when I wasn't home, plus having to remember to clear certain items off the floor first, like cat toys, electrical cords, etc.

Yes, it's as loud as a normal vacuum, because it essentially IS a normal vacuum, just with a much smaller collection area for dirt and debris. My cats hate it. All those YouTube videos of cats riding around on these futuristic Star Wars/Wall-E type of robot vacs really got my hopes up that my cats would love it while providing me with several minutes of gleeful entertainment. Alas, all those YouTube Robot Vac Cruising Cats must be stone deaf.

The one drawback I've noticed (why I took away one star) is because in the last few months I've noticed Neato gets tired very quickly and has to return to its base to recharge....sometimes after literally TWO MINUTES of work. It's as if it's not really charging up inbetween cleanings (I usually run it once a week). It used to be able to clean my living/dining room in one go, but now it seems to take at least two recharging attempts and even so I notice several areas Neato has missed....probably due to the intermittent recharging and losing track of where it has and hasn't cleaned. Perhaps it's a problem that can be fixed if I sync it and see if there are any updates.

At any rate, it's still pretty handy for when you want to feel like you're cleaning while doing something else (finally multi-tasking done right--by outsourcing the menial tasks!) but just like humans, Neato seems to slack off on the job after awhile.
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