Customer Reviews: Neck Pillow - made in USA!
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on December 5, 2011
I think pillows are a difficult item to rate/review given the unique nature of everyone's varying estimations of what they personally find comfortable. With that said, I could not seem to find a comfortable sleep position with this pillow.

Generally speaking, I don't find travel pillows especially comfortable-- and trust me-- not for lack of trying. My work requires me to extensively travel by air (I'm on a plane traveling anywhere from 2 to 4 days a week) across a large territory. I can sleep on planes fairly well, with or without a pillow to support my head. Obviously I'd prefer to use a pillow that increases my comfort (and it would likely be better for my neck, and tension in my shoulders and back), but this isn't that pillow.

First of all, it's pretty big, even when secured in its attached traveling sack; I like to travel light, and there just doesn't seem to be a good place to put this. Second, the flap that goes down the back made it a little difficult to get situated in. Third, the amount of filling behind the neck forced my neck forward into an unnatural position, which is actually one of the two things I'm looking to prevent by using a neck pillow in the first place. In order to lean my head back even slightly, I had to constantly utilize my neck musceles to fight the filling in the pillow, creating strain and tension in my neck. Last, the shape of the pillow on the sides promoted my head rolling forward as opposed to it's being able to easily tilt to the side in a supported, resting position. Here again, if I wanted to rest my head truly to one side or the other, I was going to be engaging my neck muscles to fight the shape/filling found in the back of this pillow.

It's worth noting that I only purchased this pillow because it was available thru prime and I wanted it quickly. However, I also purchased a "TravelRest" pillow at the same time (which was not available via prime when I ordered). For my purposes and comfort, I have found the "TravelRest" pillow to be vastly superior, and would recommend checking it out before purchasing this pillow.
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on May 10, 2012
This pillow is not as comfortable as it looks in the photo. My neck ended up very stiff for days because I was forced into an unnatural position. It's also much too bulky to take on an airplane. I read the reviews today again because that is what convinced me to initially purchase this product. It seems like someone from the company may be posting their own reviews. None of the 8 reviews that were posted all on the same day (May 8th 2012) were from "Amazon Verified Purchasers" which means they did not actually buy the product on Amazon. It seems very unlikely that all of these reviews happened on the same day from real product users. BEWARE!

UPDATE Feb 2014: The 8 glowing product reviews that were all posted on May 8, 2012 have now all been removed. Seems the seller decided to remove them!
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on March 31, 2011
I was hopeful that this pillow would work for a long flight. It's basically like the traditional U-shaped pillow (although softer) but it doesn't keep your head supported enough to fall asleep. It looks sturdier in the photos but it's too soft to hold your head up. I didn't have a window seat so I had to rely on this to support me and it failed. Nice fabric and a thoughtful design and I liked that it packs into it's own bag. The other problem I found is that it didn't fit in my purse because it's too bulky so I had to carry it.
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on October 26, 2011
I purchased this pillow based on all the reviews claiming neck support like the Pillow's Name Claims " Neck Support Pillow for Travel and Home". Now a real honest review - THIS PILLOW GIVES YOU ZERO NECK SUPPORT, it's like sandwiching your head between two spongy wedges that are velcroed together. The attached bag is in the way when your trying to put the pillow in place, and unless you are sitting in a high enough seat to support your neck this pillow will leave you frustrated. Spongy YES neck support NO!
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on May 14, 2013
This was a waste of money. I bought it to fly to Africa and failed to read the negative reviews first (being blinded by the positive ones). The pillow parts are underfilled and provide very little support.
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on June 16, 2012
There are some positive and negatives to this pillow.

The pillow is very soft and folds up nice and small to put in your carry on bag. Being soft is also a negative point. I didn't find it very useful using it as advertised. I had to kind of bunch it up to make it useful. Being so soft it didn't give me the neck support I expected. When wrapped around my head, the pillow made my neck hot.

I'm not sure there is a perfect neck pillow. I have used many of them on trips. The harder ones seem to give you more neck support but they are a pain to try and carry around. So making your decision think about what you desire most. Portability then go with this it is excellent. Neck support, find one that isn't as soft.
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on June 12, 2014
I've never been able to sleep on a plane. Heck, if I don't have the ideal conditions, I can't sleep at all. Especially if it doesn't involve a bed. Planes are the worst for me though. I've done the whole shuffle of propping my head against the window, reclining my chair and slouching down in my seat, and the notorious faceplant on the fold out tray. Nothing worked. Which was why when I was gearing up for a red eye flight I was frantic to purchase something that would have me well rested when I landed 12 hours later. I will admit that it's a bit bulky and looks a lot like a neck brace but at 1am in the morning, I simply didn't care what others thought of me. Within minutes of putting it on I was out like a light. Sure I woke up a few times due to turbulence and the fact that my butt was going numb from the uncomfortable chair, but I'd quickly dose back off with my head nestled in the neck pillow.

I even used this pillow on my cross country road trip. Due to our cars full load of stuff, I wasn't able to recline the chair more than an couple of inches. So I pulled out my neck pillow and the next thing I knew I was waking up 3 hours later.

Best $40 spent!
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on January 5, 2011
I travel often, and had given up on travel pillows - they were too bulky and put my neck in an uncomfortable forward position, and the blow up ones were even worse. A friend convinced me to try this one, and my new husband and I both took one to Italy for our honeymoon - what a difference! You can actually sleep with your head tilted ever so slightly back as the pillow supports you under your jaw and doesn't shift. I'm glad we started our honeymoon as well rested as possible after dealing with the long lines, crazy searches and tiny seats!
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on June 23, 2014
I was very disappointed with this pillow, this after having such high hopes for it due to the great reviews. I was looking forward to using it on a long trip to Roatan but when it arrived a couple of days before my departure I disgustedly discovered the pillow to be useless for the intended purpose (ie, sleeping on the plane)... this is like just the 2nd or 3rd item I've ever had to send back to Amazon. Maybe my mighty head is too heavy (full o' brains, yeah!) but this pillow is waaaaay too soft and offered no support whatsoever. I mean, it is like it is not there at all, not preventing my head from tipping sideways in even the least. The design looked promising, with the high sides and chin support, rather than just the traditional inflateable inner-tube rings that neck pillows usually resemble. Maybe if it were some 5-10 times firmer it would have a chance to do what it aspires to do but, as it is now, it fails miserably. I'm sorry to say that the inflateable neck pillows work much better--- and they work terribly.
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on January 26, 2013
This pillow has cushioning on the sides, but nothing behind the head. I needed another pillow behind my head. After using the pillow in this manner for about 15 minutes, the material became uncomfortably itchy. Bulky, and uncomfortable. Way overpriced.
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