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on September 22, 2017
Just when I think I'm done with tales from the undead apocalypse Necrophobia creeps along and snatches me back in with it's cold, rotting claws. Nothing necessarily new here but that's ok. It hits the spot like a Coke. Loved the Iraq flashback scene. Wish they would make a movie already from one of Curran's books. Guy kicks all kinds of ass.
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on October 8, 2013
Awesome! Starts at a run and doesn't slow down, Necrophobia by Jack Hamlyn has got the lot zombies, people trying to survive, fortified farms, and bigger guns then the Rock.
Necrophobia transports the reader into the book next thing you know your trying to think of a better way to escape but there is no way but into the jaws of a really good read. Looking forward to his next book and will update you as soon as I can, but until then lets hope our hero can keep his wife and son alive and free of Zombie infestation.
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First of all, I adored this one as the dead are actually dead, as in from-the-grave dead, as opposed to infected. A nice throw-back in a day when most zombie works feature the infected. Make no mistake- if you're bitten, but happen to escape being torn to shreds, you'll still expire and come back shortly, but it begins when the dead rise from their graves. This origin lends itself to some terrific visuals of not just the 'eaten' corpses staggering around, but the ones long (or not so long) buried who've escaped the grave. A nice change of pace, in my eyes.

The story is very well written. I love it when it just flows, and you can get immersed in the story, instead of jumbled up in oddly-phrased bits or weird word choices or reptitive wording. There was none of that here. Some phrases were so well done that I read them more than once, just to savor them a bit more-they were that good. The author has a knack for 'realistic' descriptions that just feel...right. Have you ever read a zombie novel where the descriptions just don't 'work', but feel artificial and stiff instead? Again, none of that here- beautifully done. I could count the minor editing errors (misplaced comma, missing comma, that kind of thing) on one hand, so no big distractions there.

I really enjoyed the characters. Their interactions and personalities were believable, and comfortable. There were no way-out-of-left- field additions thrown in here to force the story along, no actions on any characters part that felt artificial to strong arm the story in a certain direction. The characters, and their actions, decisions, and behaviors, all felt very natural and true to life.

There's a nice balance between battling/surviving the dead and tangling with less-than-savory survivors here. Both are a huge issue, and both types of conflict were well-rounded and well done, making for a very enjoyable read.

This one fell short of a five star read due to a few minor issues I had. Starting off, there's a lot of Right/Republican bashing, particularly aimed at Fox News and the like. I'm not a huge fan myself, but it's a major turn-off for me when an author interjects personal views just for the hell of it. Had the strong opinion worked to shape the main character, to set up a tangible, important piece of the puzzle as to what makes him tick, then fine, I wouldn't mind. But the Right bashing added nothing but a peek into the author's political views. It was just political rhetoric thrown in to get it in, instead of benefitting the story. Not a fan, not in the least. Fortunately, after 2 or 3 episodes of this nonsense in the first half of the book, it disappeared.

At one point, one minor character is very clearly going to be a detriment to the group. It's not exactly his fault as he's not in his right mind, but it's clear to both the reader, and the other characters, that no good will come of that one and he'll probably endanger the whole group. Still nothing is done to prevent this. There's a group-wide "He's going to get us all killed" feeling, yet everyone kind of shrugs it off and wrings their hands instead of being pro-active about it. A snag in an otherwise fantastic tale.

My last complaint is a small one, but I still didn't care for it. At various points in the story, hand-drawn maps to demostrate how an area is set up, or pictures/basic info about military weapons, are randomly inserted. I found them distracting and unnecessary. If the author did a good job assmebling the setting with his/her words, I don't need a map, thanks. I'm not a military buff, but I have enough of a general idea to get a workable picture of various weapons and equipment in my head. Finding random maps and pictures in the book just yanked me out of the story and I found them distracting and unwelcome.

This is a worthwhile read, in general, as the author writes quite well and the story's a good one. If you enjoy 'realistic' zombie apocalypse stories, with realistic charcters and happenings, this is one to read.

Check out my profile to see all of my reviews (on zombie books and other things), or to find my blog, Utterly Undead Reads, for my zombie book reviews.
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on December 23, 2013

This book really offered nothing new to the genre. You have the usual zombie stuff, with all the gore and military talk. In that regards it's pretty average. What got me was how many strokes of luck the main character seems to catch. The first one is how when the main character and his family are hiding in the basement that they just happen to have an industrial sized basement freezer to block the door, or how the main character just happens to know a crazy end of the world nut who just happens to have a fortified tower in the middle of nowhere where everyone can hide out. I felt like I was rolling my eyes every few pages.

I also felt that the zombies were, well, rather odd. Let's go back to the scene where the family is held up in the basement. Zombies are literally surrounding their house with their arms reaching in through the small basement windows, the zombies know they're hiding in there, but then they just get bored and leave making it possible for the main character and his family to escape. Since when does a large group of zombies just lose interest and walk away?

The author's political biases also got on my nerves a bit. Was it necessary to write a disparaging comment on Fox News? Did the author feel like that would add something to his character building? Also the author felt the need to making a point about drug legalization, which again adding nothing. I don't care what your opinion is about either subject, but this is Zombie Novel, not a soap box. I don't know about anyone else, but when I read it's to escape the problems of the real world. I don't like having to deal with petty real life issues when I read.

I also found it weird how after the main character's wife dies how fast he's on top of her drugged out sister. It's not just how quick he gets over his wife's death, but a drugged out ditz? Seriously, someone has no taste lol.

The character writing is also rather disappointing in this book. I mean it's hard to get attached to anyone, and when one character dies you see it coming from miles away.

If you want a good zombie series to read check out the White Flag of the Dead Series by Joseph Talluto.
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on September 5, 2017
This is a very well written and plotted out story. I really liked the characters, except the bad guys of course. Lots of action and terror.
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on November 22, 2013
Although I definitely caught a shadow of Walking Dead in this book, it was neither overdone or bothersome. I did enjoy the descriptions of the weapons, and the military theme, not so much how the main character who had a military background kept having to remind himself that he was at War and how many other people got killed because he forgot his training. But overall it was a good zombie book.
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on July 3, 2015
Anything involving zombies automatically gets at least 1 star, this book couldnt get past that. I read, I read a whole bunch. I made it 500 pages into the 3800 something my kindle says make up this book and that was enough for me. Sorry, not well written IMHO.
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on November 26, 2013
When in doubt, find the crazy prepped guy. Good story along a fairly standard theme, what happens in the zombie apocalypse. As in most stories there are clashes with militia, the military and each other but they mostly survive to fight another day. If you enjoyed any Romero movie you will enjoy this.
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on December 27, 2013
Great book with good characters. Fast moving to keep you up late into the night. Going forward to second book. See you there
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on April 18, 2017
A little dicey and slow to understand but once you see how he thinks the story comes alive. Im onto the next
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