Customer Reviews: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 - PlayStation 2
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on December 17, 2002
When I got Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 on 10/11/02 I thought wow this game will be the bomb! And it was!
It has the best graphics in the world!
The cops are very dangerous and drive as badly as you do! They send helicopters that drop bombs on you, fire missiles at you, and drop mini spike strips in front of you! The cops also set up roadblocks and spike strips to keep you from breaking the law.
The damage is realistic, but your car doesn't get all bashed up if you run into a tree at 221 miles per hour!
There is a lot of traffic, so you'd better watch out!
I have beaten the game a long time ago, so I know the cars are:
The McLaren F1, F1 LM, Ferrari F50, 550 Barchetta Pininfarina, 360 Spider, Lamborghini Murcielago, Diablo, the new 911 Turbo, the concept Carrera Gt, Mercedes-Benz Clk-Gtr, Cl 55 Amg, Ford TS50, Mustang, Lotus Elise, Opel Speedster, Vauxhall VX220, BMW M5, Z8, Holden HSV Gts, Jaguar XKR, Aston Martin Vanquish, Chevrolet Corvette, and the Dodge Viper!
Need for Speed addition cars have special colors and improve performance:
NFS Vanquish, NFS Elise, NFS Cl 55, NFS Clk-Gtr, NFS Speedster, NFS VX220, NFS HSV, NFS XKR, Challenge NFS Ferrari 360 Modena, NFS F50, NFS 550, NFS Mustang, NFS TS50, NFS Viper, NFS Corvette, NFS Diablo, NFS Murcielago, NFS 911, NFS Carrera, NFS F1, and The NFS F1 LM!
These are the cars the police will have:
Pursuit Ford Crown Victoria, Pursuit Mustang, Pursuit M5, Pursuit Corvette, and a Pursuit Murcielago!
The ways you could win these are to win an event or get enough points!
To get points is to get air, run a roadblock, lead a lap, drive a clean lap (don't run into anything), accelerate to top speed, or beat the cops!
The fastest you could go is 240 M.P.H. with any one of the McLarens!
You must buy this game!
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on September 4, 2003
Forget your nice driving techniques, throw away the "Worlds' Scariest Police Chase" videos, cause here comes Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2!Race the worlds' best high performance cars from, Jaguars, Lamborghinis, Porches, and McLarens on exciting and sometimes grueling street tracks from across the globe. Whether you want to run from the cops? Or just race to see whos' the fastest, this game has got you covered. You won't get bored with it, it's constant racing action with awesome hills for soaring jumps, off-road shorcuts to out maneuver your daunting opponents (or Cops), and a hefty engine under your hood to take you to the extreme of street racing. The controls are fairly simple, especially if you've played some of NFS previous titles, but you'll have to be careful with some cars for they might be more sensitive to steering than others. Car handling is very near to realistic. Graphics are in a league of their own. Every solitary detail is expressed, from flying gravel, to the reflection of trees off of your car. Realistic is the key factor in this game.Music just rocks and you can never get tired of it. While playing, the songs particularly picked by EA seem to just drive the andrenaline out of you to race these fast cars.The COPS. Uh oh, you're racing with your buddies on the streets, but all of a sudden you hear the sound of a blaring siren! The cops are on your tail, and sending reinforcements! Now you have to turn up the heat and out maneuver the cops to win! But these guys aren't stupid, they'll do anything (and I mean ANYTHING) to get you busted! From road blocks, spike strips, to the desperate sending of their Helicopter to drop explosive barrels all over the road to knock your car out of throttle, these guys are experts at catching abusers of the traffic laws, and they INTEND to uphold the law. But most importantly...THE CARS! Did you ever want a 49 car garage? Well yes you can have it! Any high performance sports car from American models to the ever so popular European models. You start out with the relatively small and weak HP cars until you keep racing to build up points to unlock cars. Play the tournaments in both "World Racing" and Hot pursuit modes' "Ultimate Racer" to unlock the cars, and the tracks. Speaking of which, you get 30 tracks from beginner to expert, so whatever you feel like handling your car on, you have the option to chose it. Basically folks, this game tops all the factors of the essence and sheer power cars can dish out on the streets, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is a car fanatic.
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on August 8, 2015
This installment of Need for Speed was excellent because of the variety of cars and the challenge, but not so challenging to the point where all it seems like you do is lose. The incorporation of the game mode where you become the cop and chase down racers makes this Need for Speed unique relative to the others. The difference in graphics from the Playstation 2 and Playstation Need for Speeds are worlds apart. The gameplay for this Need for Speed is accurate all the way down to the speed gages for the cars. A game ahead of its time. Would highly recommend for those who like racing games. This game has an arcade style feel with a variety of cars to choose from while maintaining the competitive racing aspect to it.
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on December 30, 2002
Let me get one thing out in the open: I am a huge fan of Acclaim's Burnout series. The intense racing, blazing sense of speed, nerve-wracking crashes, and traffic-weaving are all amazing, and (I thought) unmatched among arcade racers.
Enter Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2.
EA's cop chaser came out about the time of Burnout 2: Point of Impact, which meant I was having such a blast with Burnout that I completely ignored NFS. But I kept hearing about how cool NFS was, so I gave it a rent, after exhausting Burnout, and was shocked out of my socks by the result: I think NFS: HP2 is a superior game, all things considered.
I will admit that Burnout 2 looks better, runs faster, and has a certain European style that I find highly appealing - not to mention the immortal Crash Mode. Hot Pursuit 2 might not have the technical advantages of Burnout, but what it lacks in style, it more than makes up for with substance.
First off, having licensed cars DOES make a difference. Blasting round a curve in a Ferrari is miles more sexy than speeding through the streets in a Sports Car. And what licenses: Porsche, Lambroghini, Aston Martin, Jaguar, BMW, Corvette! All modeled accurately, and gorgeously - there are over forty cars in all.
NFS's gameplay has more depth as well. While Burnout can seem at times like a tech demo for its superlative crash physics, NFS concentrates strictly on the racing. The well-rendered courses are long, with single laps lasting three minutes, and riddled with shortcuts that can make or break the race. Should I risk taking the narrow back road through the canyon and possibly nab first place, or play it safe and hope the other guys screw up? EA deserves a big hand for producing some of the most devious clever track designs you're likely to see.
You have a wealth of options to customize the races as well. All the cars have two different settings for handling: Classic (i.e. safe) or Extreme (for the powerslide freaks). You can race with commuter traffic on or off, car damage on or off, lap number, controller configuration, AI difficulty, weather conditions, camera views, HUD, car color.....I hope you're getting the picture. You can even adjust the licensed in-game soundtrack to play instrumentals only. Not since the Dreamcast's beloved Metropolis Street Racer has an arcade racer had so many options.
There are several race modes as well, which break down roughly into two categories: Hot Pursuit (i.e. the cops are lurking) and World Racing (no cops). Each mode has a 30+ race bracket with individual challenges, which get progressively tougher. The races also range from timed runs to GPs to some where you drive as the police themselves, chasing down reckless speeders under a strict time limit. Whereas Burnout can be beaten within a rental period, it'll take quite a while to unlock everything in HP2. And the variety, constant unlocked items, and non-linear branching gameplay ensures that it never gets repetitive.
While World Racing is noteworthy in its own right, Hot Pursuit is where the gloves come off. As you & your opponents (or a friend) barrel along the twisting roads, the police are waiting. You've got a radar detector that lets you know when you're targeted, as well as a scanner that contains some brilliant cop commentary: "27 to Central, I'm tracking a green Lotus Elisse that's doing 100+ and driving on the shoulder. Let's test his air bags." Ha ha - just try it. Elude the black & whites for a while, and they might call for a roadblock. Or a spike strip. Or a bomb-dropping helicopter. Yeah, it's all over-the-top, but oh man, what a rush: four cops on your tail, weaving around commuter traffic, dodging bombs from above, all while hanging onto first place by the skin of your teeth. Even the most traffic-choked Burnout streets didn't get this insane. Then you hear that police cruiser smash into a wall, and your scanner says: "27 to Dispatch - my cruiser is out of commission. Am unable to continue pursuit. Over." Awwww yeah!
Did I mention you can play as the cop and chase down your friends......even calling in the chopper and roadblocks to stop them? And that you can unlock Corvette and Murcielago versions of a police cruiser? Let the trash-talking begin.
My intent is not to bash Burnout 2 at all - it's a definite keeper based on the amazing graphics and Crash Mode - but as far as pure pulse-pounding intense arcade racing action, I've never played anything as fun and insane as Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. Toss sim racing out the window and smash down the accelerator - this game'll give you whiplash!
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on November 16, 2004
This is, to date, my favorite racing game for the PS2. Others are more realistic, a couple may even be faster, but for sheer fun this is the one I always come back to. The track design is superb, the shortcuts are numerous and appropriately tricky, the car selection is diverse and exotic, the control is tight superb, and the racing and police interaction cannot be matched. It's challenging without being frustrating, and even the most veteran racer will have some trouble beating the later challenges. There's plenty to unlock, and I find myself coming back to challenge and multiplayer mode over and over again. It's unfortunate that more recent NFS titles have lacked the track design (and shortcuts), the police element, and the remarkable cars that make this game such a good time. Here's hoping that, eventually, the franchise will come back to its roots and give us a Hot Pursuit 3.
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on May 12, 2016
HOT PURSUIT 2 - The 1st PS2 Need For Speed game, there are 30 events in World Racing Championship mode, & 30 events in Hot Pursuit mode, World Racing is better as you race against other cars without cops, Hot Pursuit mode the cops chase you down relentlessly, there is a mode where you can be the cop & try to bust racers, handling of cars is average, for a 2002 game these graphics are good. The nature environments are good, tracks that include Tropical Island, Woodland Forest, Desert, however, UNDERGROUND 2 is the best because the racing is fun URL, Street X, & Drift events are the best & customization is best in any NFS PS2. UNDERGROUND 1 is fun, exciting, challenging & no open world. CARBON is fun with Drifting, night races & open world. UNDERCOVER is a good fun game. MOST WANTED cop chases & top 15 blacklist racing. PROSTREET is track racing. Recommend Need for Speed Carbon, Underground 1 & 2, The Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift & SRS Street Racing Syndicate.
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on February 2, 2015
so glad I found this game! It's one of my favorite where are the first person can be a cop and the second person can be the bad guy.or vice versa. I wish they would remake this for the ps3 or the ps4. Not a scratch on it brand new.the previous owner took really good care of this I'll always buy quality over quantity
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on September 2, 2005
NFS:HP2 is a really awsome game. It is, of course, a racing game with high adrenalin and excitment, where you can race alone or with others, with or without cops in many different tracks. Plus, you earn awsome cars along the way. Yes, it has it's cons,(replay cameras aren't very good, Be The Cop, where you can chase the speeders, could be better) but I still rate it a five. I don't know why anyone would not like this game.
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on July 6, 2015
I love this game. I used to play it on XBOX, but when I moved out my parents house and got their old PS2, I decided to buy this game for that system so I could play it. Fantastic racing game that not only let's you play yourself, but in championship modes as well. You can also be the cop and bust speeders in this game. If you are a racing game fan, this is worth owning in your collection.
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on January 18, 2003
BUY this! I am glad that EA finally published this game. I have all the earlier versions of NFS for the PS One. This is by far the best one.
Gorgeous graphics, great choice of automobiles, incredebly well designed tracks. First rate rendering with subtle reflections, shadows, etc. Sometimes I stop the race just so that I can look around the environment. Sunsets, waterfall, drive through town squares, etc. (I was disappointed in the GT3 seeing how Polyphony only created three new tracks).
No need to spend enormous amount of time passing driver's license tests or upgrading and tuning the cars as in GT3. Just pick a car and race.
I find this game addictive, incredibly fast paced (like cars with WARP engines), unlimited short cuts and secret passages.
Very entertaining slowmotion camera views (you can have it on or off) everytime the cars "hit the air" or drive through police barricades.
I do not recommend this if you want a driving SIMULATOR like the GT3. But, for sheer driving fun and entertainment for hours, it doesn't get any better! Enjoy!
My only complaint is that this game does not allow you to save the REPLY files.
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