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on December 15, 2015
I bought this basically because I used to play Need For Speed High Stakes on Window's 98. I don't have internet at my house and this requires an internet connection to play. I wish it had offline mode, but it doesn't. They need to have offline mode for single lonely bachelors who don't pay for internet and their tiny one bedroom apartments. I just want to race computer ghost sometimes.
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on January 25, 2014
Two chief beefs with this game: 1) it does not work well with a PC driving wheel -- it requires too much programming to map the controls of the driving wheel to mimic the x-box control architecture for which the game is apparently designed around (and then, obviously, ported to the PC). For example, mapping the 'brake' and 'hand brake' controls to certain buttons (such as [gasp] the actual brake pedal for the brake and the steering wheel levers for the hand brake does not provide the touch tapping capability that is required for effects such as drifting -- I had to map the brake controls to the controller push buttons to get the game to respond effectively; this is counter-intuitive... the brake should work with the brake pedal and the hand brake should work with the hand brake lever!); and 2) in order to progress to successive levels, one is required to exceed the 'gold medal' mark on each race; that may be fine for people who want to spend countless hours finding the designer's tricks and singular routes/lines to gold, but I am happy to settle for a silver or bronze and move on. Alternatively, the designers could have provided 'easy/medium/hard' but they did not -- it is expert or bust and that makes playing this game tedious on the routes where the only path to victory is extreme precision. I find that laughable as it is often impossible to be precise when the game does not respond intuitively/precisely to realistic racing wheel controllers. Dear Electronic Arts: Did the programmers play this game with a driving wheel? This is a frustrating game to play with a driving wheel (a racing game that is hard to play with a racing wheel - oh my G**dness!!). One star and a BIG BOO!
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on April 20, 2014
I got this because I had Hot Pursuit 2 2002 and wanted something similar. It has some annoying stuff, like the cutscenes and such. The cars automatically help you drift, and with a keyboard and even somewhat with an analog throttle (from Droidpad) the acceleration at low speeds is too sudden- your tires squeal. The handbrake is the spin-out-of-control-if-you-even-think-about-turning machine. I wouldn't pay more than maybe $10 for it, but it's not too bad, and the graphics are definitely better than HP2 of course although I am surprised to be able to max it out with a basic $100 card. (7770 which is renamed now as 250x) even if the game is 4 years old.
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on August 13, 2012
Already owned PS3 version, for under $6 on PC version which can use Logitech MOMO gaming wheel. It is definitely worth it. Original though getting the PC version will connect PS3 to play multiplayer mode; however, according to EA that PS3 and PC are not on the same server. So, get another PC copied where my kids can play against each other.

Game play on the PC with gaming wheel is faster & easier than using PS3 dual shock controller, (same with those who own XBOX game pad controller). Logitech G25 (~$125) or Logitech G27 (~$250). So, it is logical finance choice to get PC with Logitech MOMO which I have already owned.

The game play is fun, player can be the racer or the police. EA should put more Hot Pursuit, Racing, and interceptor game play. Time trial or preview can be a bit boring.
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on February 5, 2012
I've been playing this game for over 6 months, and it's definitely worth the money. The graphics are great, and the weapons make this so much fun! There are a few drawbacks:

-Every month or so, the game will take a minute to reactivate itself online at startup.
-This isn't meant for keyboard. Get a 360 controller for Windows. It will infinitely improve your experience.
-The physics are iffy, even for an arcade game. Once a car runs out of HP, its crash is unrealistically spectacular. Once, I knocked out a Lamborghini, and it sailed higher than a nearby police helicopter.
-The PC version has no antialiasing. This isn't a horrible drawback, but it is noticeable.
-The online functionality need work. It can be hard to find people to play with, and there's no option to do things like joining a "wait list" for a game in progress or only find rooms that are occupied. Room assignment is all random. There are also no options for communication between users, besides posting to friend's online walls.
-No driver's view. A camera mod can fix this, but because of the zooming in and out to simulate acceleration, the mod doesn't work well.
-When picking a car before an event, a voice will read a manufacturer's description of the car. When all you care about is 0-60 and top speed, you don't need some lady telling you only 5 of the car were made, or it won some award you don't care about.

Aside from these minor problems, the game is fantastic. I highly recommend it. One cool thing: the seller upgraded me to a Limited Edition! Oh, and if you play the free Need for Speed: World, you'll get a free car rental and exclusive free decals when you register both games under the same EA account.
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on April 8, 2016
Compared to original NFSMW graphics are better but there's no story line, no immersion and game progress comes to quickly. Honestly, the game is too easy. In my opinion the original version of Most Wanted will always be the bar any successive iteration of the Need For Speed franchise will be measured by and this one, while good, is not up to that bar.
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on September 29, 2011
Game has good graphics, game play is decent. The objectives are a bit rinse and repeat, but if you like to race around and smash cars then this is for you. The free drive mode is nice as well, you almost get the feeling you are out for a drive.

The bad parts are that Electronic Arts had their hands on it and it is a 100% console port (never designed for PC, designed for a console like PS3 or Xbox then made to run on a PC with little to no thought of how a PC operates or is used). They want your life story to play online as well, which for me is disappointing.

For sub-twenty dollars it's a decent game.
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on January 9, 2013
Pros: - Download went as fast as my internet maxed out to.
- Everything worked as intended first try and multiplayer worked great.
Cons: - When I moved I had to reinstall windows because of a graphics card issue, when I downloaded the game again it took multiple trys before it worked again, it kept saying to download and retry again, if I hadnt had any problems here I would have given it 5 stars.

For the game itself excluding
Pros: Great multiplayer and awesome ability to play as cops or the speeder in career mode or multiplayer.
Cons: - You can only change the color of the car which is bogus, I want to be able to use credits to upgrade my car so its different but I feel I'm driving the same dodge viper as the one beside me just a different color.
- In other Hot Pursuit games you were able to choose what cars you race, not this game.
- In this game the cops only chase you, so not only do you have to race the computer, avoid traffic, lookout for short cuts, but you also have to contest the cops as the computers whiz by you with no cops on them, occasionally they crash or they get chased by the cops for 2 seconds but after that small time frame they are doing 200+ while you have 4 cops and a helicopter on your bumper.
- Replayability is low, after a few days it got boring with no customizations but I feel better knowing I bought this game cheap online and saved me the $59.99 I was going to pay for xbox version.

Overall I rate this game a 5.0/10.0 including the awesome startup music, this game just was half you know what of an expected Need For Speed Hot Persuit game. Best game in my opnion in the series right now is the first Need For Speed Most Wanted.
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on November 29, 2014
It's a very "arcade" style racing game, but it's fun. The cars are FAST! There is no "money" like there was in Carbon or Most Wanted. You don't buy cars and paint them and add graphics. You unlock cars and you can choose their color just before the race. You can pick up used for a song and it's a great value. It obviously took a lot of money to create this game.
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on May 6, 2012
I downloaded and installed this on a Windows 7 64-bit machine (w/ Nvidia GT 440) without a hitch, and it has been running without a single hiccup. It does want to connect to the Internet every time it starts up, but lets you play in free-drive mode without a connection. With Logitech game controller, is easier to drive in cockpit view - with external views it there is a tendency to over-control without a lot of practice. Sounds and visuals very realistic. Can't beat it for the price. Highly recommended.
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