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Format: Video Game|Change
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VINE VOICEon January 16, 2013
Need for Speed Most Wanted is a decent open racing style game. The openness is really just letting you choose which race to run next. There are plenty of cars to be found in the fairly large map and the races generally tend to last between 3-4 minutes each.
Over the course of the game however you will end up doing the same race again and again, just in different cars. It's not to the point that its boring but still more variety would have been nice.
The biggest downer to the game is lasting appeal. I completed the game in around a week, playing maybe a couple of hours per night and really have no desire to go back and play it again.
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on December 23, 2012
I have to say I did like NFS Hot Pursuit and the first Most Wanted. The only thing this game had in common with the old one is the races to get the other outlaws cars and the open world. Other then that it should have never claimed to be Most Wanted.

1. Good graphics just a touch below Hot Pursuit.
2. Big nice looking open world.
3. Cool cars
4. Driving is still fun and easy to take fast corners.
5. I played a lot the first few weeks it was out and never felt like I was always seeing the same maps.

1. Games claimed to be a Most Wanted series but in reality it not at all.
2. Game gets boring fast ( Lots of world nothing to do.
3. The only choice to race your friends is stupid little sub races or jumps that are nonsense.
4. During races its hard to follow the directions because its not a defined track they use hard to see white markers to follow.
5. Trying to find your friends on the map is a hassle.
6. No cops to chase you and your friends in multi player.
7. Trying to find your favorite jump locations is a hassle.
8. Very bad choice of sub games to play. Example jump over 8 cars total in a parking lot so I jumped over my friends car in a small lot and small jump 8 times.
9. You need to drive long routes to meet up with friends to the race site.
10. Every time I play it (not much at all anymore) I keep thinking how cool it would be if me and my friends were getting chased by the cops and what a failure it was to leave that out.

The problem with the great maps and open world is that this game leads you to think there is so much to do but when you try to figure out how you realize they didn't really follow up on that and its a big open empty game.
I think they should have at least made it so you could enter a race mode with defined race tracks or areas.

I really don't know what they were thinking this game has so much potential but they dropped the ball and gave us an unfinished game.
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on May 17, 2017
It is super hit and miss with whether the game will load when we put the disc in. Sometimes it will launch right away, but usually will just spin until it says that the disc is unreadable. Then we usually have to take it out and put it back in a few times to get it to launch. Game is great once/if we can get it to play.
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on February 6, 2013
this is the second time I brought this game. The first time was for the PS3 which I think looks and sounds better however, the game itself has many issues. lets first start with what is good. The city Fair Heaven is beautiful. it's very detail and lots of hidden ins and outs, you'll spend hours exploring especially trying to find all the cars. The sounds are fantastic. clank up the volume and drive through the many tunnels in the city and you will hear an orchestra of engines. They really worked hard to get every engine sounding like the real thing. The races themselves are engaging and challenging.

Now for the bad. The cops and their pursuit are best done when driving a low level car because when you get into the many hyper cars like the Bugatti or Zonda, the cops simply can't keep up. There's no pursuit soundtrack to amp up your heart rate. There's no pursuit breakers like in the original where you could drop a giant donut in the middle of the road. But worse, there's no penalty if you get busted other then losing speed point which can be earned back by driving dangerously. You will need to replay events to earn boost and other upgrades for EVERY single car including those in the Most Wanted list. Once you have about half the upgrades, the racing event become ridiculously easy. it's like the game gives up challenging you once you reach 50%. There's no longer a take down cam where you see your opponents crashing into a ball of fire and wreckage and damage to your car is minimal compared Burnout and even Driver San Francisco.

In the end, I just felt like I was doing a checklist. Find the Camero, do the event for the boost and off road tires, get the re enforce chassis, battle the cops and repeat.

Online it's chaotic. There are screens all over the TV and while there are challenges, you won't notice them because every time you get taken down, are new screen of meaningless stats of the guy who took you out fills your entire screen. if you are going online then it best when you have friends you know and just free roam and explore.

I could go on but it hurts too much. I was really looking forward to this game but NFS Most Wanted is a safety game. Not to bold not too bad. It's in the middle and that why I don't like it. Criterion Games has always been innovators and it saddens me to see their name on this. Each event starts with an artistic and at this mental cut scene. These scenes are by far the most interesting thing about the game but there no explanation for why they are there yet there so visually engaging, that I want to know why they there. Really this game needs a story and without one it makes the experience average and uninspiring.
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on December 29, 2012
Bought this game about a week ago and have played it a few times and already have a list of things that annoy me.

First the gps is in the bottom left hand side so you have to look down to see where you need to go and by doing so you end up hitting walls,making wrong turns etc.. and during races is when it affects you the most.. esp since they put these "check point" signs in terrible positions. They'll have the "check" sign half a foot from the wall so when you go through it you automatically hit the wall. Very frustrating.

Secondly, every time you bump a car, wall or anything it breaks into this "crash" screen which leaves you unable to control your car temporarily, pretty annoying when you are tryin to evade the cops.

Thirdly before every single race they post some weird unnecessary video that is basically just a waste of time,

and lastly I purchased this game because the last "Most Wanted" was excellent. I loved the level of custimization and game was just overall fun, this game is not like that at all. You don't purchase cars, all you have to do is ride around and find them, which is alright I guess, but the custimization is virtually obsolete.BIG let down. I actually have fun playing this game at times but %80 of the time im ready to throw my controller through the tv screen.
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on December 13, 2012
I've put my time in on NFS Hot Pursuit (PS3) and NFS The Run (360), maxing out all the trophies and obtaining 100% with all the DLC. Easily a couple of hundred hours between them. I find Most Wanted equally as good as Hot Pursuit, for obvious reasons as it's Criterion - the same developer. Going into this as an arcade racer, geared more to the action/fun side of things you'll love it. While it may lack the underlying physics engine of say Forza Horizons it by no means drives like a brick. As an arcade racer it's the perfect pick up and quickplay game. Everything is seamless and there is almost no loading. Everything just flow together without a loading screen and that's greatly appreciated.

I've got 44 hours into Most Wanted and I'm at 42/46 achievements completed on 360. The achievements are more Single Player focused by far, but my public multiplayer experience has been great and it's something I'm happily working through in order to max out all the car mods on the cars I like. Completing every race in 1st with every car will take a lot longer than I expected, along with unlocking all the Single player and multiplayer mods.

It's fast, looks excellent and the experience is exactly the arcade racer I was expecting. Another win.
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on June 20, 2015
For a driving game need for speed most wanted is ironically not very driver friendly. Yes I understand this is an arcade title and not as simulation game. still would it kill NFS to allow you to manually shift your damn car. also there's not much to do. you basically search for these top most wanted cars, you get them, you level up a couple stats and then you're done. Far too shallow for me and not worth $60. graphics are slightly outdated. still all things considered this is a fun game, it kept me entertained for about 10 hours and that's really the point in the end.
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on December 30, 2012
Graphics are horrible. Too much going on is distractive and its glitchy. I'm leaning more towards 2 1/2 stars but if the graphic were better I'd give it 4-4 1/2 stars. Just got done playing horizons and then to this it was ruff. CPU opponents are aggressive and their timing for slamming u is annoying. Traffic will turn into your path or come out of nowhere and hit u. I hate cutscene crashes.
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on February 25, 2013
I know most of the reviews about this game are negative, but I find this to be a fun game. If your looking for a realistic simulation then this isn't for you. I believe this is the best Need for Speed, but for $40 its worth it. You are able to drive the city in just about in any as long as you find it. There are 10 races you must win in order to unlock the rest. Still a good game for racing fans.
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on August 9, 2017
Not my favorite Xbox game overall and for racing.
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