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on December 29, 2011
Check out this video review of the CN-160. I highly recommend using this light. It was a lifesaver in a low light wedding event. I mainly shoot video, so this light is awesome for the $$. This light is so bright, I've even used it as a fill light in various lighting situations.

After using the light a little longer, I'm still a huge fan for the price. However, I should mention a couple of cons (all of which are minor imo).
1. The tungsten filter is too orange for my tastes. So, if you are relying on this light because of the tungsten filter, you may want to reconsider or make your own filter. There's a nice little slot where the filters slide into.
2. The construction is plastic, however, I wouldn't go so far as to say it's cheap plastic. I feel comfortable with the construction, but don't expect it to be indestructible.

All in all, this light still gets 5 stars.
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on August 19, 2014
Pretty great. I have used it in a couple of shoots since I got it, its very consistent and very bright. I'll upload some pictures.
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on June 27, 2015
Fast setups! I have used pro gear, and I have used these. I have to say I was really impressed with what I was able to achieve in such a short amount of time with these lights. They are light, easy to move (when on stands), and easy to control.

The first still is from a night shoot that we had zero ambient light for. I setup a 300W softbox in the back, and lit mostly with about 4-5 of these LED lights. The dimmers are a must, because sometimes you just need to bring out a little texture in the background, but not the whole deal.

The second still shows how the light performs as an edge/back light, I also used a second light to bring out the ambulance, and that's where the dimmer comes in handy. His key was two 300w soft boxes. (I'm not saying this is an amazing lighting setup, but, just wanted to show how they can work in a professional environment - they are so quick and simple.)

The 3rd and 4th stills highlight a cool effect that I just recently started doing, which is pointing these lights right into the camera just off frame to give flares when you're just shooting fairly static and inactive B-roll. With a heavy tungsten light, this would be an arduous ordeal, but, because the lights are so light, portable, and dimmable, it takes a few minutes to get a really cool effect.

If I had to do it over again, I would have sprung for the F970 batts for just a little more peace of mind. I have about six of the F550s, which, are good for about an hour, but, if you're doing any sort of serious shooting and you're trying to move quickly, and then you have to hold up the interview because you need to change out a batt on your lights, that's pretty bad.

Excellent overall though, when used correctly. I have three in my light kit at all times.
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on December 18, 2016
First off, I want to mention the price. As I searched for on-camera lights, many of the name brand products were relatively expensive (around $100-$150), so I decided to settle for this one. It does have the hot shoe mount, so it will fit on most DSLR's, stabilizers, and tripods. The mount slips in and you can adjust the tightness with a little screw. The light runs on a variety of batteries, but for me I just used 6 AA's and they worked perfectly fine. Just make sure to tape the back with electrical tape or duct tape if using batteries so they will not fall out. It does not come with a case, but it does come with two filters, a diffuser and a 3200k effect, with their own small case. The light was much brighter than I thought it would be, so that's nice. Just make sure to use the diffuser filter as you increase brightness so as to reduce glare and harming your subject's eyes. Overall, a very nice and cheap product that surpassed my expectations.
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Somewhat harsh light, I suppose if you're at a wedding and are using this for video and the quality of light isn't an issue, you're in a wonderfully lit dining hall with disco balls all over, this would be a HUGE plus to have on your unit, the battery life, well the draw on the battery is quite supreme because the batteries which are a standard type (they fit on many different products so are voluminous here on Amazon from many sellers = lower prices); I ran a test and the light lasted approx 75 minutes with the smaller 2600mah battery, you can use a much larger 6900mah battery which I have yet to test out, but if the 1/3 size battery lasts a full hour+, that's good enough for me with having a few backups fully charged and ready to go in your bag.

So, even though these come with color filters, I'd suspect using real higher quality gels (if you're doing a production of some sort) to tune the light is necessary. Also, I see people sell diffusers made specifically for this light, I can't speak to the quality of them, I mean, there's already a frosted diffuser that comes with it but goes a centimeter or two over the LED's, so it's more or less softening the light (and taking it on and off you can merely see a reduction in light output rather than a softening of it, unless you define a diffusion medium as doing both at the same time, another argument for another time).

So, long story short, quality of light not so bad, a tad harsh, but the obvious trade off in how long the light lasts, the ability to mount them on a hotshoe (either on camera or on a stand) or screw them on a stand, or even put them in nooks and crannies like a nooklite (except this LED won't get to 120 degrees Fahrenheit) makes it something great to have in your kit.
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Bright!!! That's an understatement. I was debating on whether to get the softbox cover for this thing, but I didn't. I figured the diffuser would be good enough, but if you have this mounted on your camera at your subject and turn it on past 40-50% power, there is no way your subject will be able to look at the camera without squinting. So I guess I will have to order the optional softbox cover even though people are complaining about it falling off.

I do dislike the fact that the cold shoe mount is screwed directly into the bottom of the light. If this thing breaks off or the screws strip out, then you'll be rigging this thing with gaffer's tape to your stand. Other than that, you can't beat it for the price. I cannot comment on the accuracy of the color temperatures. I also ordered a LED308c and know that the colors are not exactly the same, but I believe they are close enough not to cause too much white balance issues.
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on April 20, 2017
Great light. Must buy a soft box addition to use with faces, but very bright and batteries last fairly long with this. I would recommend buying a rechargable battery for this though. Good addition for video and photos.

Also helped me see the raccoon on my roof during the middle of the night, so I could scare it down which is a definite plus.
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on September 20, 2014
I have 6 of the earlier versions (120 led) and 2 of the 160s. I'm a pro photographer and educator. I use these lights for quick product shots, casual portraits of family, light painting in dark environments, and anywhere else where setting up ARRI or strobes would be too much trouble.

The color balance is a bit green, even with the magenta filter, but a little strip of Lee gel fixes that. When using daylight CFLs, the included magenta filter works well for a pleasing balance.

These are great for use with children because of the low heat. Also good for brightening up dead corners in architectural interiors. Very useful for placing inside a shooting cube to pick up a highlight or make a glow on the background. I have velcro all over mine to combine into bigger sources. 6 of them with a sheet of diffusion material yields a fine light panel that can be used inches away from subjects hands or face.

In summary, these are a great value. Not high quality like Lowell panels, but a fraction of the price. Curb your expectations and dive into the creativity of a handheld cordless light. It's a good thing.
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on October 7, 2017
I have three Neewer CN-160s. I got them because I like the idea of being able to power them with AA batteries when the need arises, and they are among the brightest lights in their price range that I am aware of. Their small size makes them really convenient as hair lights in interviews, or filling in shadows where a bigger light won't fit. I've actually done entire projects using nothing but these just because they're so easy to set up and move around.

What's convenient is it has not only a hot shoe mount so you can stick it right on the camera, but the bottom of the hot shoe has a 1/4"-20 thread so you can mount it on a tripod or a light stand if your stands have 1/4"-20 screws on them (the ones I had at the time didn't, so I had to buy some 5/8" stud adapters).

Neewer also sells cheap, light-weight stands that will go up to nine feet high. While those are pretty flimsy, they don't need to be particularly strong to hold up these tiny lights, so these lights in combination with those stands provide a very inexpensive but versatile solution.

No flicker is visible, even when shooting slow motion. Having tested it at 150 frames per second, the color remains consistent.

One thing you need to consider is the plastic hinge is really flimsy and actually broke on one of mine. I managed to glue it back together, but now I hesitate to put my larger batteries on it.

Tightening the angle adjustment knob will lock it in place, but it's also cheap plastic and doesn't hold its position very well if you use a heavier battery such as the Sony NP-F970. It will hold long enough to shoot a video, but the slightest shake will make it flop over.

If you use one of the smaller batteries like the Sony NP-F570, the battery is flush with the back of the light so you can lay the light on the floor pointing straight up if you want.

The light also comes with an adapter plate so you can mount a Panasonic D16 battery, but I don't have any of those so I haven't tried it and don't know how well it works.

Another thing to consider is the CN-160 dims as the battery drains, and I don't think the battery meter is accurate. The little LEDs used for the battery meter are actually really bright, so much so that it can be unpleasant to look at them, so I would recommend not using it.

Also, since the dimmer knob also doubles as the on/off switch, you have to dim the light all the way down to turn it off (either that or just take the batter off), so if you want to turn it off to save battery between takes, you won't be able to keep the brightness the same when you turn it back on unless you were either using it at full or minimum brightness.

The light comes with two slide-in filters, one white frost diffuser and one orange (also frosted). I'm not sure how accurately the orange filter converts the light to 3200 K, but I would say it's close enough to match with most indoor light fixtures.

One thing that struck me as odd is the first of the three lights that I bought came with a magenta filter, but the other two that I bought at a different time didn't. I looked at my order history and saw that, indeed, the original listing that once came with the magenta filter doesn't come with it anymore. I don't consider this a big deal since I never use it, but it does strike me as a really cheapskate thing for Neewer to do.

Also, I once lost one of the white filters and had to order a new one from a Chinese seller on Ali Express, as it was the only website I could find that sold them (at least at the time). I haven't been able to find the orange filters online, so if you lose one, you might not be able to replace it. You could always just tape a gel to it, but then you lose the convenience of a filter that already fits it and just slides in. So if you don't like the idea of not being able to replace parts, this might be something to consider.

Overall, the build quality and feature set is pretty much what you might expect from a light in this price range, but it is really bright for a ~$30 LED panel and is very useful in a wide variety of situations. I just wish it had barn doors.
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I have had some unfortunate situations where I have had to shoot photos with low light outdoors and using my flash and avoiding the use of a very high ISO, the end result were blurry pictures because I had to guesstimate.

I invested in ring lights but the problem was the light was not strong enough. I needed a better light to shoot my subject(s) and figured, I would need to invest in purchasing an expensive lamp and a battery pack.

But my friend in Japan had a device that connected right on top of his hot shoe and he had control of how much light he had. But he was in Japan, I was in the USA and was a bit bummed because I wasn't planning to go to Tokyo any time soon. But my friend said they were available in the U.S. and pointed me to the CN-160 on Amazon.

And sure enough, having received the device, here is my review for the Neewer Pro CN-160.


Inside is the Neewer Pro CN-160, battery adapter, one white, one pink and one orange filter plus a silver wallet to store each filter.

The battery adapter allows for one to use three kinds of Sony lithium batteries, a Panasonic lithium battery or six AA regular or rechargeable batteries.


Well, in terms of the Sony or Panasonic lithium batteries, I didn't have the right size to test those out on the adapter but I did test them with six Eneloop rechargeable batteries.

But all you have to do is remove the back cover and insert your batteries and install the back cover to make sure your batteries don't fall out.


Attaching the CN-160 to the hot shoe was easy. There is a locking mechanism to keep the device in place, you can adjust the amount of brightness with a knob on the side of the device. There is a button that you can press to test the charge capacity of a battery.

But went outside at 9 p.m. to shoot and immediately, I was please by the amount of brightness there was from the device. Granted, it won't be comfortable for portraits as you don't want people looking directly to your camera with the bright light shining on their faces. But if you have them looking to the side, it works perfectly. Great for those shooting objects, flowers or plants at night and once again, you have control over the amount of light by a simple turn of a knob.

In front of the LED light are holders, so you can use the white filter for a diffuse effect, the amber/orange filter for a 3200K color temperature effect or a pink filter. But the regular light on its own has a color temperature of 5400K.

Because this uses six batteries, not only did I find this device to be affordable but also cost effective if one uses a rechargeable batteries. The device runs on battery power for a long time and just a great lamp light for your DSLR!


For those who have shot photos or video outdoors and have been through those moments of wishing you had strong light at that moment, well now you know that there is an affordable device that gets the job done.

All you need is a hot shoe, so if you have one, Canon, Nikon or whatever brand of camera that you have, this device will work.

Avoid the ring lights, the Neewer Pro CN-160 LED camera video lamp gives you the light you need for those low-light situations for a wonderful price under $35. It takes six AA batteries and also utilizes Sony and Panasonic lithium batteries. It comes with three color filters and does what is expected of this device!

A magnificent lighting device that I highly recommend!

5 Stars!
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