Customer Reviews: Neewer 43-inch / 110cm 5-in-1 Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector with Bag - Translucent, Silver, Gold, White and Black
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon May 3, 2010
I have edited this review to keep up with my new review format, but the sentiments haven't changed!

Let's start with this: Is this of the same quality as a pro reflector? No. I am already feeling the rim starting to bend in places and ways it shouldn't, but I do not anticipate it breaking any time soon. The panels themselves are made of good quality material, and so far the case has withstood many travels! As one commenter helpfully pointed out, "the reflector folds up into a 16" diameter carrying case that is roughly 3.5" (but can be compressed to about one half that)".

Does this thing work like it should? Absolutely. As I mentioned it is made of good materials and has held up very well so far. I am a pro photographer, but never above a good deal - I am a big supporter of "the little guy". The versatility of this little reflector is excellent - you can use it for almost any situation, and I find myself switching from silver to gold to translucent within the same shoot, because we all know that changing an angle outdoors can completely change your lighting! Works quite nicely as a shoot-through if you have an assistant to hold it!

Would I buy this again? Absolutely. The sheer quality of this reflector at the price paid, makes the "best bang for your buck" cliché almost bearable! Out of all of my photog friends, not one can pick this out as a budget reflector, and several have been converted. It has stood up to the test of time (see updates below), and that is all I can ask or expect.



Almost a year, and PLENTY of shoots later, and this great piece of equipment is still going strong!!! I use this thing on most out door shoots which don't require off camera flash, and for portraits you can't go wrong! Highly recommended still! You can either order from Papa John's this week or get an excellent Reflector...your choice.

**EDIT 2**
It has now been 23 months, and the only issue I have had is some loose threads from the hanging loop. I cut them off, burned them with a lighter to stop any future deterioration and so far I have had no issues. My initial worries about it bending in the wrong places have been totally wiped out - this thing is still going strong. Highly recommended!
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on March 22, 2010
When I say "cheap", I don't mean poor quality. I mean inexpensive. Digital Juice sells theirs online for $100- and it's the same thing! I have no complaints. This thing works great. But, let's say, for the sake of argument, that it IS poorer quality and only lasts 1/2 as long as the one digital juice sells. So what?! It's only $17! I can buy several more- and still pay less!
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on December 10, 2012
Works great and nice small pouch that the reflector easily folds into it. I had already owned windshield sun reflectors that were same design, so folding it back to its pouch was very easy.
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on January 29, 2010
Does the job its supposed to. When you get one of these, if you don't already know, look on Y-tube how to fold one back up and put into the case. The case is as big as a medium pizza pan; the disc is large enough to conceal half an average adult body.
Customer service was A+ to correct a slight issue with the order.
Would do business again with seller since they made the correction painless.

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on December 24, 2011
The product is great, does an amazing job, and is very valuable for such a good price.

PROS: Great quality, works well at refracting/diffusing light, several color options, compact and easy to carry, incredible value for price

CONS: slightly smaller compared to the rectangular ones, can be difficult to fold for some

OVERALL: Great product for the cost, highly recommended.


1. Hold in front of you like a steering wheel but with hands at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock
2. Release right hand grip, turn hand and regrip so thumb is pointing down (now ready to fold)
3. Twist wrists in opposite directions (right hand towards you and left away, creating figure 8)
4. Bring hands together as you twist
5. Reflector will be in 3 layers and middle will tuck into other two. Don't be afraid to use a little pressure!
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on April 11, 2013
I received my reflectors about a week ago. Since then, I have dragged them through hell and put them through the worst conditions. Yet, they are still 100% durable. Its so easy to pop them down into the little carrying case. My only issue is it is hard to switch the reflectors i.e if you want the silver reflector instead of the gold, you have to unzip it, flip the canvas bag, and zip it up, which is a little time consuming. Also, they are massive. About my arm span, so if you're looking for a small reflector don't buy this one.
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on October 26, 2010
I used this 5-in-1 reflector for a while and I can't say anything bad about the quality. However, I would not buy it again and just replaced it by this product which is the same price range:

Fotodiox 42" Silver/White Reflector Pro, Premium Grade Collapsible Disc

I recommend not buying a 5-in-1 reflector in general but rather go for a silver+white one. Here is why:

The 5-in-1 reflector has these two combinations available: silver+black and gold+white (and the softbox inside part that is not so great because too thin anyway). For changing between the two you need to unzip the surface, flip it inside-out and pull it over the frame again. Nothing you really want to do outside in the middle of a photo shoot. And that is the problem for me because I only need silver+white, a combination unfortunately not given.

Why you need silver+white:
The silver side is highly reflective and brightens up your subject quite extreme. It brightens both, shadows and highlights. It does not change the color of the available light. You need to be very careful to not blind your subject. It works best when you have an assistant holding the reflector from a more far away angle.
The white side brightens up the shadows way more than the highlights and thus producing a more soft light. It is not as bright as the silver side so you can operate closer/more straight at your subject.

Why you don't need gold:
The gold side works basically like the silver side (see above) but adds a warm color to the photo. In fact it discolors your subject and it will look super yellow-ish. In the world of digital post-processing that is nothing you would ever want! Making a cold-ish photo warmer with white balance or color-overlay is easy, but removing a yellow-taint from your subject without making the other colors look dull or unnatural is not that easy.

While I still give this product a 3-star rating for "It's OK", I would always highly recommend not buying it for the above reasons (surface change a pain + 3 of 5 surfaces not needed). However if you're absolutely sure that you need a gold reflector (or black...!?) then go for it, the quality is great for the price.
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on July 20, 2014
This thing is big, love it for my photo shoots (indoor and outdoors). I am uploading some photos. Very good quality and price.
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on May 7, 2015
I cannot believe the quality of this item for the price! This reflector is HUGE. Much bigger than I realized but I wasn't really looking for a specific size. (which I guess if you were looking for a specifically sized small one, then you would not want this.) It comes folded down in a little zip pouch and when you take it out it pops open. It has a bendable wire frame. You can unzip the cover and turn it inside out for gold and pearlescent white. I have not tried all of the sides yet but I have attached a photo I took yesterday of my daughter using a bounce flash off the silver reflector.

I used this reflector with the Neewer TT560 Flash and the Softbox attachment.
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on August 7, 2015
I have 2 of these bought at different times (one over a year ago, and just a month or so ago) and while they both will do the job and diffuse and or reflect. They both suffer from the exact same manufacture defect. And that is very very cheap metal used for the zippers. The zippers for the cover and the case have just literally fallen apart in my hands on both of them. Even my friend has one he bought a few months ago and the exact same thing happened.

While the fabric an material that is used for the reflection and diffusion seems to be of good quality. The zippers are total and complete crap, all of them. And I am very careful with how I used the second one because I knew what to expect, even still it broke. I would like to rate higher however half of the purpose of this tool is to be collapsible and portable and to zip up into an easy to use/transport way. Well once both zippers fall off, you cannot do that anymore. So the product overall is just plain cheap and not worth the money.
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