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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon May 3, 2010
I have edited this review to keep up with my new review format, but the sentiments haven't changed!

Let's start with this: Is this of the same quality as a pro reflector? No. I am already feeling the rim starting to bend in places and ways it shouldn't, but I do not anticipate it breaking any time soon. The panels themselves are made of good quality material, and so far the case has withstood many travels! As one commenter helpfully pointed out, "the reflector folds up into a 16" diameter carrying case that is roughly 3.5" (but can be compressed to about one half that)".

Does this thing work like it should? Absolutely. As I mentioned it is made of good materials and has held up very well so far. I am a pro photographer, but never above a good deal - I am a big supporter of "the little guy". The versatility of this little reflector is excellent - you can use it for almost any situation, and I find myself switching from silver to gold to translucent within the same shoot, because we all know that changing an angle outdoors can completely change your lighting! Works quite nicely as a shoot-through if you have an assistant to hold it!

Would I buy this again? Absolutely. The sheer quality of this reflector at the price paid, makes the "best bang for your buck" cliché almost bearable! Out of all of my photog friends, not one can pick this out as a budget reflector, and several have been converted. It has stood up to the test of time (see updates below), and that is all I can ask or expect.



Almost a year, and PLENTY of shoots later, and this great piece of equipment is still going strong!!! I use this thing on most out door shoots which don't require off camera flash, and for portraits you can't go wrong! Highly recommended still! You can either order from Papa John's this week or get an excellent Reflector...your choice.

**EDIT 2**
It has now been 23 months, and the only issue I have had is some loose threads from the hanging loop. I cut them off, burned them with a lighter to stop any future deterioration and so far I have had no issues. My initial worries about it bending in the wrong places have been totally wiped out - this thing is still going strong. Highly recommended!
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on September 20, 2016
This reflector worked great on my senior photo shoots! My clients (and more importantly, their parents) loved them!
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on July 14, 2016
I am outdoor photographer and these shades are perfect to help me on a sunny day, they work brilliant under bright sun, i never thought as this could actually make my life this easy. I had watched videos to use this but didnt know it will be this good, value for money.

The material is really fine and the stitching is very neat, it has a small bag in which the 45" frame can be folded and kept, the wires around are very flexible can be twisted making it small in size and easy to carry, very rough and tough, i have travelled with it to my photoshoots and each time i open it , use it in sand, muds and otherwise leave it down on the mud, i have to just dust it and its as good as new. The durability is certainly not a concern as considering the money value to i had my doubts about how durable it will be, but actually its really strong and flexible, hence very easy to carry and no maintenance. The material of which its made is good quality and thick. As it can block the sun properly while shooting a image outdoor. Specially on beach you need it to monitor light proper and i was really happy using it. The gold reflection was really very good, bright and illuminating.
I am certainly impressed with the product.
1. The material used is very fine and good quality
2. it can be fit into a small pouch making it very easy to carry
3. Durable and needs no maintenance/care
4. Has 5 shades with a zipper you can open the inner isde and have the reflector shades open
5. The gold and silver material is really thick and good
6. Blocks the sun/reflects the light properly
7. It can be used for almost any light setup
8. You can easily switch from gold, to sliver to translucent as you need it and its right there handy for you
Its definitely a steel deal for the money the quality is impeccable and i intend to recommend it to my photographer friends around
Rare to get such good performing light reflector of such fine material at such low cost!
It also has a loop both the cover and the reflector itself making it easy for you to hold it while using it.

Cons: Honestly non for now i could find and share as quality and performance wise this is beyond my expectations, my photos are really coming out very good i am happy with it.

Folding the Reflector:
its very easy you have to hold it with your hands parallel and twist your hands in opposite direction, the ring will twist from center making a round inside the round and the frame will fold completely in 3 circles, just apply pressure when you are twisting the ring.

Sharing some images for you to see it yourself the size of the reflector and the small pouch in which it fits in, making it easy to carry.
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on March 27, 2017
It's definitely MORE than I expected for the price! I personally like the silver for reflecting the sunlight for outdoor portraits if it's cloudy (golden is awesome for blond models), the translucent to defuse the sun through it if it's too sunny, and the white as a reflector for the flash/speedlight for indoors. Light and easy to pack.

p.s. Another possible usage is as a portable backdrop. I used the golden one for one of the attached portraits as a creative backdrop.
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on June 4, 2017
These are great reflectors for the price and were larger than I expected (they are 43" as advertised). I should have realized this from the pictures but it's important to realize you can only use one of these reflectors at a time as the filter is the only frame and the reflectors are just covers that zip over the frame. I really need black, translucent, and gold or white reflectors that I can combine in a single shoot. So, I will most likely keep these but will need to buy another set to give me the flexibility I need in shooting.
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This works perfectly for me I use it in almost every shoot! Great for bouncing studio light for an under eye highlight and its also great for bouncing sunlight in those harsh conditions. My only caveats are that the gold side can look rather unnatural and I wish they would make the gold more of a gold/silver tone to balance it out. I also wish that the black panel was actually a gray card which would be TREMENDOUSLY more useful than having a black panel. Which in my opinion seems like a wasted opportunity. All an all I think a reflector of this size is almost a must for any photographers kit. Two stars removed because of the unnatural gold tone so I almost never use that color, and the wasted black panel which i've NEVER had a reason to use.
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on December 16, 2017
I bought this kit to use to photograph a friend's wedding. It is well built and compact. Folding it up takes some practice. I used the gold reflector to light up the groom and bride while they were posing for portraits while wading in a river. I needed someone to hold/shine it to get rid of the shadows on the couple and to balance the harsh reflections from the water. It added a warm glow to the couple's skin and lit up her brunette hair with golden tones. I was impressed. I have not used it since, so I haven't played around with the silver, white or diffuser screens. But for the price I would recommend it to other amateur photographers to add to the kit and play around with.
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on January 12, 2018
love it. I've no used it twice. The size is frankly huge and it's a little difficult to fold down into the bag (do not lose, it's a must of you'll never be able to store it). But once you've got the knack of folding it it's not so bad. Love the different colors and it works well as a diffuser as well in full sun. Picture is taken using the gold side as a reflector on the right with a flash on the left through the window so it's almost strong enough to replicate a gel effect. Very happy with it. Seems well made for the price, sturdy and the coating doesn't look like it's going to flake off anytime soon.
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on August 3, 2017
A very useful and well made reflector and diffuser. The ring feels like deforming with time, but I have used this for a while now, always folding it back into its little bag - no deformation whatsoever. It is very useful to have a diffuser base to the reflector, saved my life out on the shooting trip a couple times now. All the other reflectors do their job as they have to. The only thing to note is that this is a quite big and heavy piece. Even though it has a nice and compact bag to carry it around, shooting with one hand and holding the reflector with another is quite challenging.
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on April 8, 2017
OMG I thought that these were 5 different reflectors. It is but the zipper zips on and off different colors and they are reversible. They come in a black bag. They are really hard to fold back down to put in the bag but its cool because I just keep it flat behind my bed. I do love the way that the gold one reflects off of my skin. I feel so golden and royal. They are the perfect size to give me the right glow in different settings.
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