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on May 31, 2013
I bought this watch a while ago from a different vendor and loved how unique it was compared to all the others. The sleek and modern look makes it a competitor with the watches that cost a hundred times more. Although the look is great, the instructions are unclear and the strap is horrible quality. They say "smooth leather", yet it takes a while to break it in. Also, whenever you bend the leather, an unattractive crease appears. I would recommend to change the strap once you get it. I would have given this a 3-4 star rating just for the watch, and I feel like giving a one is just too harsh, but the quality of This distributor sent me a watch that was within the 4-14 day delivery, but when I opened the package, there were no instructions on how to set the watch, which meant the consumer would be utterly confused for quite a while. But that wasn't a problem for me because the watch wasn't even working. Whatever I tried, it didn't work, which lead to me filing for a refund, but got no response in 48 hours.


-Horrible service
-Bad quality
-Unclear instructions

Overall, I would recommend the watch for someone who likes the idea and has a strap that they can use. If you want to buy this watch, I strongly recommend you buy it elsewhere.
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on November 20, 2012
When i first received the watch it looked amazing. Upon taking it out of the package the common issue of it having a dead battery right off the bat appeared. Knowing it might happen i had spare batteries just in case. The back plate covering the battery was IMPOSSIBLE to remove, it took a lot of work just to remove it, and once removed and the battery replaced the plate would not go back on. No matter how much force and effort you use to try and place it back on it just wont stay. Now its just an expensive paperweight. I had really hoped it would've been better quality for the price. I've bought many LED watched for much cheaper and they have lasted for months and are still going (never changed a battery yet!)

I highly recommend that you look elsewhere. This was a waste of money and time.

after contacting the seller about the watch they sent another to me free of charge, with a live battery. i was pleased to see that it was easy to set and the battery didnt need to be replaced.
although i had to wait an extra week or two for it to arrive. all in all its an amazing watch, but because of the hassle i had t go through im only giving it 4 stars. it would be 5 if they had sent me this good working one instead
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on April 7, 2017
Worked for a week and stopped working. Been sitting in a drawer since. Was fun for the week
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on January 2, 2012
First; THANK YOU for sending the watch ahead of time which it usually takes a couple of days. This watch is fun my favorite one, because people just stair at it and don't understand what it is when I'm looking to check my time, but it's great to have a watch that tells time in lights. I was doing my laps in the swimming pool one morning and forgot to take off the watch, I noticed I was still wearing the watch, I took it off my wrist and did my forty laps, went into the dressing room took off the back plate and removed the battery wiped it off with a tissue, took the blow dryer set it on low and dried it . Then I took apart the board by unscrewing the four screws VERY TRICKY but was able to adjust the four screws to work it properly. It never had any problems since works great.
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on May 3, 2017
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on October 12, 2014
Pro: novel and bright concept
Cons: quality and software issues. Does not hold time - 30 minutes ahead in an hour. The software needs major rework - reading takes a couple of seconds and sometimes incomprehensible.

* Hold your finger on the glass for ~1 second
* Watch through a 3 second fancy light show
* Be quick to remember what did it say after the show

Useless in the dark, especially at exact hours, with just one dot blinking - was it 7 or 8?
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on July 1, 2012
This is a very cool looking LED watch for a very low price. I was a little leery of the price and that it comes from Hong Kong, but it seems to be good quality. I've seen similar LED, touch-face watches sell for $40 to $150. Watch works by touching the face and the blue LEDs light up. The LED corresponding to the hour will blink while the LEDs corresponding to the minutes will stay lit around the face to the minute. For example, 2:30 will have all the LEDs around the face from minute 1 to 30 lit and the LED at 2 o'clock will blink. The instructions are very small print and a little hard to understand due to broken English. My only concern will be how easy it will be to change the battery when needed.
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on August 27, 2014
The watch is neat, THERE ARE NO NUMBERS, just the dial lines and from there you "decode" what time it is. It took us all a minute to figure it out (got it for our 10 year old boy). As for setting, the instructions we not helpful that came with it. My husband used a review on here and when I asked which one he said, "the one that said just keep tapping it until you figure it out"! ha ha.
My son thinks its cool, cant wait to show it off at school....
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on July 14, 2016
Looks like a $150-$200 Watch, looks and feels great. Once setup, easy to use. Watch Band not the highest of quality, but still durable, I have yet to replace. Standard Size for replacements.
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on August 6, 2012
I have only had the watch for a couple if weeks now and it had stop working already. Won't light up or do anything. I have taken it to watch repair and they said the lights are blown. Really??? I guess you get what you pay for. Not that expensive, so I have thrown it in the trash. Nice concept though.
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