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on December 20, 2011

I must say, I didn't have high expectations for this flash. I checked some of the reviews and they were mixed, but reviews are a small part of the reason I make a purchase. The flash is pretty well built for the price range, and seems like it will last for a long time. The optical slave NEVER misses, and it's extremely sensitive even when it's turned in the opposite direction of the master flash. Even though I'm a professional me...Light is light no matter where it comes from. If your flash cost you $500...can I use this flash an create the same image?...You bet I can...How you use your equipment is more important than what equipment you have. Don't get me wrong though...more expensive pieces of equipment usually have more options and allow you certain freedoms, but ehhh...learn with the cheap stuff, and once you see your limits with this equipment...move on from there.


Update!!!!: 9/11/2013

First of all (today is 9/11) my condolences to those who have lost loved ones as I did in the attacks)

It has been ALMOST 2 years since I've purchased 3 of these flashes, and they are still working PERFECTLY!!!
I'm not a fan of spending money on things that will breakdown in the future, and these flashes have been banged around and thrown all over the place yet they still continue to produce excellent light for my photography needs.

I usually use them for background, hair lights, and sometimes as a filler when it's needed and they have been great. The construction is solid, ease of use is key, optical slave is super sensitive and reliable. When you have good batteries in them...the recycle time is quick. I recommend VERY good rechargeable batteries (eneloop and powerex have never failed me).

Update: 12/9/2013

I ordered another one today to use as another slave...the other 3 that I have are still working perfectly fine and I have never had a problem with them at all. for such a cheap's pretty shocking that they last this long and contunue to fire on command in slave mode without a miss!!!! I might be getting 2 more of these for a total of 6...some of my light setups are very elaborate, and I've learned the distance to power ratio in my studio of these flashes and never need to meter tham...they add light just where I need it when I have a snoot on each one. PERFECT!!!
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on October 24, 2013
I have been a professional wedding photographer for 7 years. I have owned the nikon sb600, sb700 and sb900. After the sb600 flash tube broke and repair was almost $200 I got the sb900. Hate every minute with the sb900 (esp for the price). I use on and off camera flash and after my sb900 died at a wedding I looked into a non nikon option. I found this flash. After reading reviews and seeing the price I ordered 2. I have shot around 6 weddings so far using this flash both on and off camera. I am zoo happy with this flash I will never buy another nikon.

Recycle time is quick (if not on the most powerful setting). Battery life is pretty good. Produces overall very even nice powerful light. I can say I honestly see no difference between the power of this flash versus the sb600 and sb700. Sb900 was more powerful but the flash is a pain in the butt to overall and I never need that much power.

For the price and quality I am very happy and plan on buying 2 more for my off camera flash systems. If you can and know how to shoot in manual and how to control your flash, this flash is for you. If you need the camera and flash to think for you, maybe this is not the best option. Light is light and although it is not a fancy name it does the job. I am interested to see how long these will last me :)
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on May 7, 2013
(1). comes with a built in bounce card and wide angle diffuser (you dont even need this with anything narrower than 18mm)
(2). 8 steps of manual control in 1/8th stop increments (1/128, 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1/1)
(3). has an auto overheat shutoff
(4). has a PC sync cord so it can be used with PC capable light meters and cameras.
(5). the controls are super simple, bright, and easy to see even at a glance
(6). rotates 270 degrees and tilts from 0 to 90 degrees
(7). it feels nice in the hand. heavy but not bulky or overweighted. doesn't feel cheap, the hot shoe locking screw is secure but not too tight. there's no rattling or any sort of movement that's unwanted. stays securely on your hot shoe.
(8). HAS A SLAVE MODE. the slave is super sensitive and fires every time if you give it time to recharge (.1s for 1/164 and 5s for 1/1) and it even has a "slave 2 mode" that will fire only once your master and 1st slave have fired.
now for the negatives
(1). tilting the head from the horizontal to vertical position works like it should and clicks into the designated 45, 60, and 75 degree positions without a problem but when tilting it back from vertical to horizontally seems to get caught on something and takes more force and makes a different sound than the clicking that it should when changing the angle.
(2). the battery chamber has a problem. some brands of AA batteries work fine but others dont meet the contacts like they should. i tested the batteries and made sure they weren't just dead but there's just a problem with the way that batteries fit in the compartment. here's what i've found:
Energizer regular and rechargeable = works fine
Duracell = works fine
panasonic regular and rechargeable = will not work
i tried everything with the panasonic batteries. i switched the order of them, wiped off the leads and even scuffed them up a little with some sandpaper, i tried everything. panasonic batteries and this flash just dont like each other. sorry.
**if you've tested any other brands of normal or rechargeable batteries and can tell if they do or dont work please comment below to let others know.**
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on April 30, 2017
If i had more than 5 stars i would give it. This manual flash is all you need for both professional and beginners. Learn how to use manual flash and you will have excellent results. This flash unit is the best one I've owned so far and is far less than what i paid for my 2 other flashes. This one is a definate keeper and the reviews are real about it buy it with confidence, go out and buy more than one like I'm getting ready to do.
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on March 10, 2017
Great light. Took me a little while to get used to it since it is my first flash. Especially understanding that your shutter speed needs to be at 1/250th of a second in order to capture the light. Otherwise he get this half light half dark look.

I am an Amateur so there are many things I am picking up learning from my friends and YouTube.

all and all a very good product. I will probably get another one soon.
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on March 5, 2016
 I've only used this for about a week, but I'm very satisfied with the improvement in my photos.

Please watch my video review.
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on May 2, 2017
I am using this flash for my Canon SX60 HS for longer flash pictures. The Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite helps with the longer lens on the Canon SX60 HS as the on camera flash casts a shadow when the lens is extended. This flash is a manual only flash, with the Canon SX60 HS, so you will want to take some test shots to learn to use it. Once you get used to the light output from this flash, setting it up for pictures gets a lot easier and faster. I do wish it had an auto setting but for the price, which can't be beat, this is a good deal.
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on January 29, 2014
I gave this product four stars because it has just as many functions as I want to fool with, while still not being a professional grade flash. I can use my AA batteries with it - and have them recharged and have no down time because I have to charge some special battery. There are additional little built in features that I haven't figured out just yet. It doesn't seem to take very long for it to warm up and charge at all, and the amount of light that this thing can put out is absolutely amazing! I haven't had to go past the 3rd flash intensity. Also, the recharge time between flashes is super fast.

I would recommend this flash for anyone that is looking for one that isn't name brand, and doesn't care about all the extra additional buttons and features that most people, even professionals, don't even fool with.
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on February 23, 2016
Refresh rate is alittle slow but hand to have in a pinch. A few more options for settings would be nice but for the price it is right on point. I give this item three stars not because it is low quality, but rather it can't compete with a 5star product and most people dont actually bother to read reviews. If you want high end, or are a professional that can't use a flash without meter and other itens to tell you how to set up this is wrong for you. If you know what you're doing or just want it for family photos it's worth the price but not much more.
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on December 31, 2015
I purchased this approximately 75 days ago and I've used it 3-4 times since then. My experience has mostly been to use this as a slave flash as a back light, so this is how I will be reviewing this product. I use this flash to shoot head shots, mostly.

First of all, I'll start this review by saying it is important for you to read the product description to know exactly what you're buying. If you want a flash with an 'auto' mode or TTL technology, this is not for you. What this flash is, is a basic manual flash which has 8 steps of power, diffuser and bounce card, test/pilot button, rotating head that locks in large intervals (horizontally and vertically), and manual/S1/S2 modes. It also mounts to shoe-mounts, which is tightened by hand.

I've rarely used the flash using the shoe-mount on my camera and in manual mode. When I do, the flash syncs with the shutter just fine. My main usage is in S1 mode, and I normally use an off-camera flash to trigger the Neewer flash, which works well. I've shot this flash in slave mode in normal ambient light, and it picked up the flash of the key light well. It syncs well with the key light and I see no banding at 1/160 or slower shutter speeds.

In very, very few cases (under 5%), the light didn't flash when the key light flashed. I figured out it happened when rapidly clicking the shutter and the flash did not have time to cycle to another charge. Another time, it happened when the Neewer flash was not in a clear line of sight of the key light (flash). So, bear in mind that when using this flash in slave mode, you'll want to have a clear line of sight. When you do, it works flawlessly.

I've used it during shoots that have lasted about 1.5 hours, taken approximately 120 photos, and the flash goes strong with fairly short cycling times. Like all flashes, cycle time to re-charge increases after each burst, so no surprise there. This flash takes 4 AAA batteries, and its charge and cycle time is comparable to modern flashes.

When I attach the flash to a shoe mount, it feels very secure. To me, this is important, because I've had flashes that felt very loose when attaching to an external shoe mount, like on a tripod. This guy feel snug when he's on a tripod adapter or something similar.

The light itself is smooth.. not much else to really say about that.

For a $25 flash, why wouldn't you include this flash in your bag? In my experience, it works great as a slave flash and does the job well. There aren't any real cons that I can think of. I give 5 stars and have recommended this to several photographer friends.
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