Customer Reviews: Neewer Vertical Battery Grip(Replacement for Canon BG-E6 Battery Grip)Work with 1 or 2 Pieces LP-E6 Battery or 6 Pieces AA Batteries for Canon EOS 5D MARK II Digital SLR Camera
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on August 8, 2011
I own a 5dmark2 and shoot professionally. I own the canon grip (which costs a ton) but because I shoot professionally, I felt the price was worth the peace of mind. The first time I installed the grip, the gear stripped by tightening it down so essentially the camera had the grip permanently stuck on it(which was fine with me). Recently, the rear dial stopped working on my camera and in order to send it in for repair, I needed/wanted to remove the grip. I knew they would not be able to repair the camera with it on there, and while they may have been able to remove it, I was certain they were going to charge me extra..and once removed it would not be able to go back on the camera without an additional repair/replacement gear. I was able to get the grip off the camera using a small flat head screwdriver and a lot of persistence poking it in there and turning the gear..but the internal gears were ruined (plastic) when I was finished.

I sent the camera in, it was quickly repaired and returned to me however my grip was kaput(without repair). I don't like to shoot without the grip so rather than waste time, once I sent in my camera I ordered this grip for its LOW LOW price of about 1/6th of what Canon charges. I had the idea that I would use the grip as is maybe once or twice and then gut the gear mechanism and put in my my canon grip (mostly because I would trust the circuity more to the OEM piece). I put the grip on the camera, and it fits and works just fine so I've been using it without issue. the materials are cheaper (duh) and the shutter button is not the "soft press" like the 5d2 is but over all, for the price it's ridiculous. I would still say if you are a professional, you should probably entertain having the real accessory, but it's hard to argue against the price of this unit.

And for anyone interested, the design is very very similar, but not identical I have not been able to transplant the gear from this knock off grip to my OEM Canon grip..needs some modification but I did take it all apart and it has 3 METAL that is a TOTAL PLUS. The canon grip has 2 metal gears but the main wheel you turn is plastic for whatever reason. Maybe they have since updated..but I doubt it. Anyway, it's a knock off but if you didn't tell anyone, they would probably never know. I'd give it 5 stars just because it's so inexpensive and it works fine.

The OEM canon gear that originally was made of plastic is in fact all metal in the updated replacement part. The knock off grip in question starting showing some signs of malfunction and I have since stopped using it but for it's price I would still say feel confident you will get your moneys worth out of this product.
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on April 2, 2012
I've been looking for 3rd party battery grip for 5DM2 for sometime.

After reading reviews of different battery grip, it came down to 4 battery grips. I just picked this one for the lowest price, however, after reading positive reviews (even though only 7 total reviews on this one), I decided to order this one. From the product description, it doesn't say who's battery grip this is. I figure, I can play around for a bit but if I don't like it, I can always return via Amazon's great return policy.

The battery grip I received is made by MeiKe. There are few reviews of this grip for other bodies, if anyone is interested. Packaging is pretty much 3rd party standard with bubble wrap and some instructions inside the box. Nothing fancy but nothing broken, so its all good.

The grip itself, when I took it out felt pretty solid in my hand. Nice rubberized grip around where I will be holding the camera in portrait mode, so that felt good.

The battery compartment door felt not the highest quality nor the lowest quality...and good fit overall. I already have 2 canon batteries (LP-E6), so decide to place them inside. You have to remove the AA battery holder in order to place the LP-E6 inside (store the holder with the box and manual for future). I think one of the reviewer said the door was tight fit after the battery was inserted, however, I didn't notice this issue. Door closed without any issue, and it closed very nicely with nice click.

Grip itself has a place to put your camera battery compartment door so that you won't lose it.

Place the grip to the 5DM2, and started to screw on the grip. Didn't over tighten attach/detach knob of the grip of being afraid of "stripping the screws", however, it was tight. Only thing that was after tightening of the knob, the knob is loose top to bottom. However, it does not rotate side to side for tightening and loosen. I think the knob is operated by small gear system inside, and once it is tighten to the tripod socket of the body, it will not back out, unless user decides to loosen it.

Plastic used for this grip matched the main 5Dm2 body. All the icons are the same as the buttons on the body. Fit was perfect. Rubberized grip feels nice and does not slip even when your hands are slightly wet. Rubberized grip actually feels nicer than the 5DM2's grip.

Overall, I am totally satisfied with this purchase. Of course, I will continue to monitor this grip to see if I notice anything funny...but I don't think it will. After taking about 500 shots over last couple of days, it shows no issue what so ever. Also, I am going to test out the grips tripod socket. I just want to make sure this socket is nice and sturdy when placed on a tripod/monopod very soon.

I would recommend this to other folks who is looking for 3rd party grip for your 5DM2.
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on November 26, 2012
I'll keep it short. Product works well just as any other battery grip. After a couple of months I turned my camera on and the upper dial (from both camera and grip) didn't work. I freaked out a bit because I just had bought both the Mark II and the grip. I read online that someone fixed the problem by removing the grip. I took it off and the camera dial worked fine.

Bottom line: I won't use it again and put at risk my perfectly functioning camera. Not worth it.

I guess you get what you pay for.

UPDATE: I decided to give it another try after I found out that some of the buttons on my camera wouldn't work (without using the grip) sometimes and discovered there was a problem with the battery lid contact. I even tried using a brand new lid but the problem keeps showing up. It turns out that the problem doesn't happen as often while using the battery grip. The problem with the dial I described on my original review still happens, but very rarely.

I now use this grip on a daily basis.
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on February 19, 2011
This is the cheapest grip I found. I have grips for my other cameras. Canon grips and clones. I don't see much difference between any of them. I took a chance on this "cheap" grip. Turns out, it seems I struck pay dirt. This grip is as good as any grip I have. It's a little finicky to attach. You have to sqeeze the grip and camera together as you tighten it down, and really tighten it down. For all I know, that may be a problem with all the grips for this camera - there's a lot of pressure from the spring inside the camera ( a lot!). Other than that, the grip is just as good, and is just as comfortable, as any of the other clones I own, as well as the Canons. My personal opinion is that it's a great deal.
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on November 12, 2012
I bought a grip made by the same company for my Canon T2i, and it works flawlessly to this day. This grip however, malfunctioned in the same exact way twice; which is to say, I ordered one, it failed, ordered another, same issue. The grip attached fine, and supplied power to the camera with one, or two batteries. The problem was that none of the buttons would work; shutter, focus select etc. Toggled the switch on the side several dozen times, no go. Thought it might be my body, brand new from J&R. Took it to Keebler and Schutt, and they plugged in a genuine grip, no issues. Bought a different off market brand with no problems as well. Never read another review similar to what happened to me, so I'm chalking it up to bad luck, twice in a row.
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on December 3, 2012
I usually don't do reviews. If I like it I like it, if not I send it back.

I've been using a Canon BG-E2n on my 30/50Ds for years. After getting a 5D mkii recently, I didn't want to shell out $200-300 for a grip. I took a chance on this and for far it's been great. So far the only negative thing about mine in particular is the battery door rattles a bit. But for almost a tenth of the price of Canon's official grip, I'll live with it.

It doesn't feel quite as solid as a Canon grip, but it doesn't feel flimsy either. It looks identical to Canon's grip in almost every way and the dimensions feel the same. If you're considering this grip, I'd say go for it. You won't be disappointed. If it breaks in a year, I'll buy another.
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on August 7, 2016
I shoot photos for a small weekly in California's central San Joaquin Valley. I'll go from covering a rummage sale (not my favorite) to baseball and even armed standoffs. This drive I bought for my new Canon 5D Mark II, which is used but new to me. It allows me the added battery power required by a job that can send me on multiple assignments in a day without a chance to return to the office, download images and recharge. I also carry an extra battery just in case. But so far, everything has worked fine. One quibble is that the right battery sticks and doesn't pop out like it should. I don't care. I simply eject the other battery first and reach a finger in and pull the second battery free. Otherwise, the product is perfect. It balances out my go-to lens, a Canon 24-70 mm f2.8 and makes my long lens a little easier to bear. So thumbs up. And I hope to put it through many years of abuse.
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on August 24, 2015
DO NOT BUY! Ok this may sound weird, but this product does work exactly the way it is supposed to and was incredibly helpful for filming a long event. Here is the reason I gave it two stars though. I was filming an outdoor wedding and after about 40 minutes of recording, the battery pack started getting warm and created some sort of surge. My Canon 5D Mark II stopped working. $300 later I found out that if an after-market battery pack fails or has any sort of surge, it can completely FRY your cameras internal motherboard! This product literally fried my 5D! Camera is all fixed and works great now, but that $300 could have bought me an ACTUAL Canon built battery grip.
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on July 17, 2014
I've experienced the official Canon one and this one. As others state - it will quit working at inopportune times. Additionally it's not as heavy and doesn't quite feel right in the hand in terms of balance. The canon on the other hand is perfectly balanced on my 5DII
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on April 29, 2015
This is a fantastic product for a fraction of the price of what Canon sells. It looks professional, it feels professional, and it'll give you the option to either add an extra battery or power your camera with AAs. In fact, the only downsides to this product are its tendency to have the rubber lift a little from the plastic, and the way the screw securing it to the body of the camera will sometimes loosen. However, both these problems are small ones, being almost unnoticeable in the case of the first, and requiring only ther occassional check-up in the case of the second.
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