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on May 31, 2012
I got this product as an upgrade to a $10 cheapo soldering iron that I got from radioshack. I have been using my soldering iron to solder small components to pcb's(0603 size components, 30 ga wire, etc).

I was pleasantly surprised by this product. One of the biggest features of this product is that it is wireless and you dont have a flame to deal which is the downfall of many butane soldering iron. The only downfall of this is that it chews like batteries like there is no tomorrow, but if you get some good rechargeable batteries you will be fine. There is no need to do the mod that some other posts say you should do(adding a power supply), because that defeats the purpose of buying a wireless soldering iron.

Another thing that I love about this is that the handle is very close to the tip, this gives you more control of the iron which helps out when dealing with with smaller parts and working conditions. When using regular soldering irons the handle usually ends at the half way point, so it is hard to control the tip. This is not the case with this iron, it allows great control and precision.

One complaint that I have seen others say is that holding down the power button is hard. I do not find this an issue because my index finger rests there naturally and it is a very light pressure button. But if you really do not want to hold down this button you can glue it down and just use the switch.

In conclusion, if you need a portable soldering iron for light duty jobs this iron is for you. But if you are wanting to do bigger soldering jobs get a more powerful iron. Also, make sure you put the batteries in the right way, I have a feeling that is why some people are saying that theirs didn't work(even though there is a diagram on the iron that shows you how to you them in)

-Great for electronics/smaller jobs
-Bright led that lights up your working environment
-Heats up and cools down in a matter of seconds, you don't have to worry about burning down your house
-Leverage of the handle(it is close of the tip)

-Battery life(to be expected)
-not good for soldering big things together, this is for electronics, not your car
-can't regulate the temperature
-no instructions(but you can figure it out very quickly)
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on September 27, 2015
decent iron and feels nice. its not very powerful and i have found a wet sponge pretty much wont work because it cools to fast and doesnt allow you to properlly clean it. Will need to use the metal sponge style cleaner to keep a clean tip. also it is very easy to get a cold solder join with this and for that my work has told me i cannot use it. i would never let a cold solder joint leave the shop but its a risk we cannot take. for the general diyer it would be good. i tried it because sometimes i need to solder in percarious positions like upside down on the ground in the middle of the shop. and i felt like in those situations it would be nice to not have to break out a exstention cord and pull over the professional iron. and it is deffinatly great for that. but when quality is key this thing is hit or miss. got many great joints out of it but it is no substitute for a quality iron. i will bring it home and use it in my garage from time to time when i cant do things at my bench.

This iron is great but only for the diyer. altho i am remarked as the best solderer in my whole shop and it was hard sometimes to get a decent joint. definatly takes skills to use effectively.
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on March 7, 2015
Absolutely the worst soldering iron, ever. The tip, which seems to be irreplaceable, lasted a few seconds to minutes before it broke. I tried to unscrew the tip and check it out, but when I did, its electrical connection came undone. And when I did unscrew it, the poorly crimped tip-to-thread connection also came undone at the cheesy crimp joint. All of my attempts to reconnect the tip's contact to the tip were fruitless. By this time, I was well out of Amazon's return period. Not to mention the thing's design with AA batteries seems to be a bit strained and underpowered for a claim of 15W. I took my liberty with the piece of junk to open it up and look at its design... not too great. I can't see it would have lasted more than a few times without messing with the spring action of the red button. Also, the screw-on ends that are knurled... the black plastic one and the metal one... they are not good. The thing I like is the nice cap... except that in the extremely limited use I was able to put into it... it cracked slightly, too. J-U-N-K, JUNK. Anyone know where I can get a replacement tip?
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on March 31, 2014
disclaimer: i'm a first time solderer! purchased this to do a simple capacitor replacement on my lcd monitor... the iron seems to work well and gets hot and i'm sure it's hot enough to solder capacitors onto the pcb i'm working on. issue is that i first have to DESOLDER the connection between the pcb and the bad capacitors. the iron seems not to be hot enough to do that very well. from youtube vids i've seen, the desoldering process should go fairly quickly but it's clear that the heat being used in the vids are much higher than what i'm getting. also, because this is battery powered, the longer i'm at it trying to get joins to desolder, the weaker the iron gets... i was successfully able to desolder two capacitors before it seemed like i was unable to make more progress. so i was disappointed that i was not able to use this for every aspect of my project but i'm keeping it should i need to do additional soldering in outdoors or inaccessible settings.
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on March 17, 2015
This product is a good one, IF you can figure out how to install the batteries. After removing the battery compartment cover, you can see little icons showing the battery orientations.. They are WRONG*, showing that all 4 AA batteries shoulde be installed with the + ends towards the soldering iron tip. At first I could not even see the icons, so I tried what made sense to me. There are two possibilities, but only one will light the LED. The correct way to install the batteries is: the two that go in the TOP compartment, which is the side with the on switch, both go + side down, so that you are viewing the "minus" ends as you drop them in. The other two go in "minus" side down so that you are viewing the + ends as you drop them in.

BUT, the thing that makes initial battery installation so frustrating and time wasting is that the battery compartment cover CANNOT be latched into place without assistance of a tool to push the batteries down while sliding the cover into place. This has to be done for BOTH battery compartments, A small diameter screwdriver can be used to accomplish this. The actual size needed is the same as required to take the whole thing apart - which I was forced to do to to figure out the correct battery orientations. No combination of orientations, including the correct one allow the cap to be latched in.

Once the batteries were correctly installed the soldering iron seems to work very well. I say "seems" because I only tried it once before writing this review. I seldom write reviews, because they are only useful if there is a significant problem with the product.

*The icons suggest the two compartments work in parallel which is impossible because the metal clip touch the two sets of batteries is not connected to anything metal.
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on August 1, 2017
Great price, works fine with Eneloop NiMH batteries, even if the battery cover is a bit hard to put back on. Note that the 7-seconds spec is to reach 365 deg, it takes longer to get to 1050 deg (if it ever does) as mentioned on the packaging. Those who don't like it must be expecting instant heat like a soldering gun. Be a little patient and you can easily solder wires to switches etc. Not enough heat to do heavy wires (think 12 AWG) but great for occasional small jobs.
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on October 18, 2014
It drains a pair of rechargeable AA batteries after around 30 minutes of use, but it's great for remote soldering locations like cars and and it's also portable so it's easy to store till you need it.

Though you want to keep it hot as you move between solder beads so it doesn't cool to quickly. Anyways, it did a great job with the circuit board on my "XBOX 360" controller. I've got two new analog replacements in place and they feel great!!! ^_^

Also, a little sand paper to keep the tip clean will keep it happy for a long time.
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on November 17, 2016
I bought this because I misplaced my electric soldering iron and had a few projects I needed to get done. The soldering iron worked as expected from how I remember battery powered irons to work. Later when trying to use it again it seems the batteries were too spent to power it properly so I had to use fresh batteries. I always buy the bargain batteries and not the most expensive "long lasting" Duracell or Energizer. So maybe, for a device this power hungry, cheap batteries aren't a value.

Overall, its not bad for a cheap portable electric soldering iron but nowhere near as good as some more expensive rechargeables my dad had thirty years ago. (I kind of figured, after thirty years, that something similar might be available at a lower price point. Apparently not.)
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on July 10, 2017
these are amazing for how cheap they are! Switched from 110v powered on to this because I had to do some soldering on a roof and didn't want to use an extension cord. I was amazed that it heated up even faster then my AC powered soldering iron!!!
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on August 10, 2017
Complete junk, tried first order with new batteries, nothing worked, no light no heat, made mistake of asking for a replacement. Different new batteries, different brand. Said the return shipping costs would be taken off the "credit put into my account" if I want a refund.
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