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Platinum set - Contains Episodes 15-17

Episode 15 - A break from angel attacks allows for some humor and character development.
Episode 16 - An angel that's 3 nanometers thick pulls Shinji into another universe.
Episode 17 - Another lull in the attacks. NERV comes up with a way to operate an EVA unit without a pilot, by installing a "dummy plug" instead. An additional fourth pilot is chosen as well, for the new Eva Unit 03. We aren't told who it is, but it's strongly implied that it's ...

Most of the material in these 3 episodes isn't covered in Evangelion 2.22. Be careful when ordering these single discs to make sure you're getting the episodes you want. Hey Amazon! Collection 0:4 (episodes 12-14) isn't the same as the Platinum Collection 4 (episodes 15-17).

Extra features

Clean Opening and Closing Animation - the credit sequences minus the credits.
Commentary for Episode 15 - Tiffany Grant (Asuka) and Matt Greenfield (ADR Director)
Animatic for Episode 15
That Little Red-Haired Girl - Tiffany Grant shows off her Asuka merchandise collection.
6 previews of other anime series
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on April 27, 2015
The cartoon are people but the people are spirit cartoon. Unlock the spirit behind the mask and win the tv show heart. I weep when I watch this. Help
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on October 29, 2013
Quality smooth
Unboxed in no time. Animation sharp as fire and they're talking rally fast. You should get it and view it alone in the dark
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on August 4, 2013
The animation holds up and the characters while not always likable they are always interesting. Craziness abounds and is awesome.
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on February 8, 2005
And once again another volume in the Platinum series has been released but unfortunatly its beginning to look as if this series, which started of very promising, can't fullfil the expectations which were created over the past releases.

This is still the Platinum release which offers an enhanced release of the original Evangelion series. It features better picture and sound quality - the sound even has been remade to meet 5.1 surround requirements - but all the extra's which one can expect from such a release are beginning to look much less special than they once did.

At first the number of episodes has been reduced from 4 to 3 (featuring episodes 15, 16 and 17), thus its getting at the same level of the original release. But all the extra's themselves are becoming mere re-runs of things already seen in the past as well! I really expected much better from ADV, especially when you take a look at another release of an outstanding Anime series; Robotech. This too is undergoing a re-release right now but when comparing the original boxed release of Robotech - Macross saga (3 boxes containing 3 dvd's each (2 episode disks and one special contents disk)) with the current Evangelion Platinum series the winner would still be Robotech; won by variation in every account.

So; apart from the 3 episodes on this disk it has a 12 page booklet, features an animatic of episode 15 (the same thing we've seen on disk 2), a commentary with Tiffany Grant (we've already met her on the previous 2 releases) and Matt Greenfield (we've heard and seen him on the previous release as well) and a "documentary" about (what a surprise) "That little red haired girl" where Tiffany Grant shows us her Evangelion collection (toys, posters, etc.).

Now; don't get me wrong here. This is a decent release with 3 cool restored Evangelion episodes, lets not lose track and forget that in the end its all about the cartoon itself. But having said that I simply cannot deny that this release is starting to look like a product which centres around a company and a few persons and totally seems to ignore what this is all about. While I consider the documentary about Tiffany's collection not that bad it would have been more interesting to focus on where those toys came from, get more into the hype called Evangelion. And although its nice to listen to yet another commentary I think that an interview with the original Japanese artists of the serie would have been more interesting. Allthough its nice to have the clean opening and ending on every disk so far it would also have been interesting to get into the shock which Evangelion has managed to create with episode 16. Even if they would have gone into that little extra detail about how the show was almost cancelled; showing us the warnings which have been send back then...

To summarize: ADV is making a decent collection but I can't begin to wonder if all the extra's are meant to be about the Evangelion serie or are mere there for the fame and glory of ADV and its co-workers. I'm not denying that they're doing a very nice job when it comes to the DVD releases and creating extra dubs. But please let us not forget that this serie is originally Japanese, with Japanese voice actors and a very rich history which goes back much longer than the people of ADV.

Is this disk worth it ? I suppose so. Still; if you don't care much about extra stuff like animatics, commentaties and such I'd seriously consider the orginal release. Although I think this collection is good fun, *nothing* can beat an original.
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on February 14, 2001
As others have said, this DVD marks the shift in the series. If you're like me, and are seeing this series painfully slowly with each new DVD release, you can still see the shift in the series. Episodes 12 and 13 are some of the most intense episodes in the series so far, but this intensity doesn't come from psychological things but from pure angel attacks. Still, they're pretty good watching. Episode 14 recaps and helps to explain the last 13 episodes. Unfortunately, it also hints at more, making the wait annoying for anyone who hates to not finish or understand a story, especially when a DVD ends like this one does.
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on December 22, 2007
I bought this item to help complete a collection of the series. I was wonderfully surprised with the condition the item was in.
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on November 28, 2012
Shinji is 14. After his mother's death and long separation from his father he is summonded to Tokyo 3. His father tells him he must pilot a giant humanoid robot to protect the world from the invading angels. The angels and the Evangelion that Shinji pilots both have a secret. They were both alternate possibilities of humanity in the when the world began. There are many dark secrets and conspiracies afoot behind the scenes. Shinji has some major psychological issues and they are compounded when he meets his fellow pilots Rei and Asuka. Evangelion is the story of Shinji, and his fight to save the world and find happiness.

This is a very deep anime. You could watch it over and over, but still find a different meaning every time. The story is very heavy. The emotions of each characters are explored in depth. It's an older series, but the animation, voice acting, and music are all top notch. It is a near perfect series. My only beef with it is the final episode. The final episode is pretty much a psych evaluation of the main characters. When I first saw this series, I hated it b/c of the ending. Since then they have released "Death and Rebirth", and "The End of Evangelion". They wrap everything up very nicely. Evangelion is incredible and you should check it out. I hope you enjoy it.
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on July 9, 2012
After the unity of the three Eva children, Shinji(Unit01), Rei(Unit00) and Asuka(Unit02) has been achieved in Episodes 11 to 12, Episodes 12 to 13 highlight past experiences of Misato(episode #12) and Ritsuko Akagi(episode #13), the chief engineer at NERV headquarter located under Tokyo III, formerly Hakone. Misato, who takes care of military operation by Eva machines, Ritsuko, the top engineer at NERF headquarter, and Ryoji Kaji, ex-boyfriend of Misato belong to the same generation who were nearly the same age as Eva children when the second impact about 15 years ago occurred. The first half of Episode 14 recaps what had happened between episodes 1-13 in the form of reports submitted to Seele committee a secret 12-member organization which are undertaking "human instrumentality project" and Eva mission is a part of the project according to Gonzo Ikari one of Seele committee members and the father of Shinji. The second half is a bit surrealistic, it plobes on inner world of both Rei Ayanami and Shinji Ikari. The experiment to trade the pilot of Eva Unit one and Unit zero fails because Shinji become trapped into Eva machine and the machine becomes out of control. Another secret mission involving Rei Ayanami and Unit zero has been going well and Eva unit zero holds the spear of Longinus. But as the reactions of a pretty female NERV staff, Maya Ibuki, assistant engineer(the cover illustration of 0:4)suggest something evil in NERV plan has been going on.

Verdict: Character development of Eva characters
Rating: 92 out of 100
Recommended for: Hideaki Anno and Yoshiyuki Sadamoto fans. Some of Nausicaa fans.
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on December 27, 2011
Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:4 is a single DVD that contains episodes twelve through fourteen of the series.

When I first put this disc in the player, a trailer started. It turns out that there are roughly nine-and-a-half minutes of trailers at the beginning of the disc before you get to the main menu. Luckily, the disc was authored in such a way that you can skip ahead to the menu. However, I feel that including that many trailers at the beginning of a DVD is rather obnoxious.

On the disc, you can select from four menu options; the options are "Scene Access," "Communications," "Extras," and "ADV Previews." For "Scene Access," you can choose which episode you want to watch on the disc. "Communications" is the option for subtitle and language selections. For subtitles, you can choose to either have them on or off. For language, you can choose from English, Spanish, French, and Japanese.

The "Extras" menu contains three options. The first is labeled as "Character Bios"; the bios include a picture of the character and a brief text write-up. The characters included in this feature are: Ritsuko Akagi, Maya Ibuki, Adam, Tenth Angel, and Eleventh Angel. The next feature is "ADV Website"; all this selection does it to take you to a screen that has ADV's website featured on it; however, since ADV no longer exists, this link is rather irrelevant. The final extra in this menu is the DVD credits.

The final selection on the main menu is labeled as, "ADV Previews." Like the second and third discs, there is no menu to choose which previews to see. Instead, it goes straight into the nine-and-a-half minutes of previews that are at the beginning of the disc.

I was a little disappointed to see that like the third disc in the set, this disc only contains three episodes. However, the authoring of the disc is the same as for discs one and three; the viewer has the ability to skip the ending credits to get to the preview for the next episode and the subtitles were easy to read.

When watching the episodes on this disc, the religious allusions I have heard about in regards to this series finally become a bit more blatant. While some earlier episodes may have subtly snuck some imagery in, the allusions have become more readily apparent to the viewer. The first two episodes on the disc progress the story a little further, and they also include some character development for Misato and Akagi. The third episode on the disc is basically a recap episode for the first half of it, while the second half involves a synchronization experiment with the Evas. The recap portion of the episode was done in such a way to resemble a report to Seele. Personally, I'm not a fan of recap episodes; however, I'm grateful that only half of the episode provided a recap.

If you're a fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion and haven't either already picked up this DVD release or one of the DVD box sets that were released for the series, this could be worth adding to your DVD library if you can find it for a reasonable price.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of this disc that I checked out through the King County Library System.
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