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on December 2, 2011
First impression on the Vigilon? FUN!

(Note: The only other Nerf gun I own is a Maverick, so most of my comparisons will be to that lovely revolver)

It feels beefier than my Maverick, though I don't think it weighs much more. It feels great in the hand, like you've got yourself a real canon.

Loading it is a cinch. A switch accessible by your thumb opens up the side-loading magazine. Stuff in 5 discs, slap it shut and you're good to go. And in case of a misfire there's a switch on the side that clears out the loaded disc really quick, so props on that. It makes a very satisfying sound when you cock it, and the discs fly out at a nice zoom. Maybe not as fast as typical darts (comparing to my Maverick again), but I think that's countered by the range. Holy cow do these discs fly! If you've got some distance and practice, I can see making some tricky banked shots by tilting it to one side or the other.

Only major downsides I see are going to be with the whole Vortex line, specifically with the ammo. The discs will ricochet in any direction off of everything. Though they're bright green and pretty easy to spot, I can imagine them getting lost in an indoor environment very quickly. And at the moment, a 10-disc refill pack is $10. At a dollar a shot, these things are pricey! (Though I've noticed you can get the combo pack that has 10 discs and a magazine for the bigger Vortex guns for $8, how does that make sense?)

In summery, this thing is SO MUCH FUN! I'd give the Vigilon 5/5 stars, except for the expense of extra ammo.
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on December 10, 2013
My husband and I decided on small presents last year so I purchased this for least it started out that way. We opened it up on Christmas, and it immediately became the favorite present at our family Christmas (everyone present was 18+ years old). The discs are really soft so they don't hurt. The accuracy is pretty spot as well. My husband and I play with this all the time... I am probably going to get another one this year just so we can have a "battle". Make sure to purchase extra discs because they are easily lost and its more fun to just load it up and keep shooting. It is a really fun toy. the only problem is that the sound sometimes scares our dog...
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on February 22, 2014
I got this for a friend's son, age 6, for his birthday. He has had a ton of fun with it. The discs shoot surprisingly accurately, and the magazine feed is neat.

However, the gun jams frequently. I'm still not quite sure how I managed to unjam it 4 times in a single night, or how it got jammed in the first place. Moreover, the discs actually fire at a surprisingly high velocity for a young children's toy. Even the older kids (up to age 18) and myself were complaining of how the discs stung on impact.

Overall, not a bad deal, but I probably would have purchased a different Nerf gun had I known these facts.
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on July 10, 2013
Our one cat fell in love with a pair of sink washers. Didn't really want her putting sink washers in her mouth, so I went looking for an alternative solution.

The pucks were the right size. The gun shoots a lot faster and further than expected. A little to fast for the cat I wanted it for. She's intimidated. The other cat loves it, but we don't have a long enough straight away for her to fully chase after it. I will lay the gun on it's side so the puck will roll on it's edge so they have the option of chasing it like a mouse.

It rolls and shoots on target.

I did notice it wont load easily when the gun is tilted. When the gun is upright there hasn't been a hitch.

I should also note 30 something boyfriend loves it as do I.
review image
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on September 12, 2011
The Nerf Vigilon is one of the new range of Nerf disc blasters. I ordered it for my daughter last week and just got it today.

The gun looks really cool: with its odd-shaped hand grip and small magazine, it reminds me of a Mauser Pistol, but with a beefed-up futuristic barrel. The hand grip is very comfortable and the cocking mechanism works nicely, with a loud set of clicks as you pull it back. The gun can be used single-handed or two-handed (it has a handhold in front of the magazine). The magazine reload switch works for both right-handed or left-handed people, and an adult can easily reach the switch with the thumb. The gun has a rail on top that accepts N-Strike attachments.

This blaster is well balanced and you can quite easily do a nice Wild West style twirl. It's definitely one of the easiest Nerf guns to spin - its light weight and hand grip shape makes it almost as good as the Nerf Maverick in this regard, even though the Vigilon is a bulkier gun. The pistol is surprisingly light for its size and it seems that the plastic used in its construction is not quite as thick as other Nerf blasters. This may be a weakness, as it seems a little on the flimsy side, but I guess only time will tell on that issue.

The major problem with this gun is the loading system. The side of the magazine slides down automatically, which works well and looks really cool, but loading the discs is clumsy - rather than moving cleanly up into the gun, the discs tend to tip up on their side, so you have to fiddle with each disc as you try to reload. I feel a better system would be one that allowed discs to be inserted from the top or bottom. Loading from the side or rear is bound to cause problems. Fortunately, all the other Nerf Vortex blasters use a top loading single-shot or magazine system, so the problem is confined to this gun.

Another problem is the discs themselves. I've seen them fly far and fast in video tests I've seen, but my experience is nowhere near as good. While they do fly fast, the discs seem to dip down sharply in flight, meaning that if you hold the gun level, they impact the ground about ten feet in front of you. Clearly this can be overcome by tilting the gun upward, but I would have thought that the developer could have found a way to give the discs more lift so that they flew straight and level. I think the problem is probably caused by the hollow bottom, which creates drag underneath the disc. Nerf fans may find that filling the bottoms of the discs with foam or lightweight plastic filler and sanding the bottoms flat might improve their aerodynamics.

This blaster's problems may make this gun less suitable for serious Nerf Wars fans, but for casual use, this gun is fine. My daughter is really happy with it.
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on January 27, 2016
This is an awesome product. It is easy to use. The disks last forever. Very durable. I own four of these. It is a pity that NERF doesn't list these in their catalog anymore. The disks are so much better than the dart, which quit working almost immediately.
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on December 20, 2013
I bought 2 of these as a funny Christmas surprise for my boyfriend and I to play with. The only down side of this product is it only came with 5 discs. I had to order more, which were more than the actual gun itself. Other than that this will be a fun toy. I am please with the price, and the fact that it arrived so quickly.
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on August 26, 2013
I like this gun, but I took one star off because of the release mechanism on the magazine door comes open automatically when your running with it, not all the time, but enough that it can be a pain. I like pre loaded clips better, like on the praxis, nitron, or Pyragon, but this gun is fun to have and easy to load with discs laying around when your in the heat of an epic nerf battle. I also found ways to fit 7 discs in the's pretty easy if you have played with Vortex guns before...the chamber holds one, plus you can comfortably fit 5-6 more in the loading area...this is a really fun gun to play with.
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on June 27, 2012
So after more than 2 years worth of longing glances, gentle sighs and off the cuff remarks to our son about being older so they can get some nerf guns, I relented and purchased this for my husband.

He had quite a fun time shooting the discs out into the breeze and sending our five year old after them, as well as showing them how to handle the gun and not point it AT people, etc. First time our daughter pulled the trigger accidentally, we still can't figure out where that disc went, lol, it's got great range. Only thing he wishes it did was take the disc clip instead of needing to repack it every time, but overall, he's very satisfied with his father's day present. Boys and their toys...
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on January 9, 2013
I bought three of these, one for me and one for both of my god kids (7 & 9 then) and they're an absolute hit. The disks shoot far and accurately and bouncing them off walls adds a great new dimension to nerf wars.

Eventually we ended up adding the Praxis and Vortex to the arsenal, but these Vigilons are still the favorites and are going strong more than a year later. For simplicity's sake I bought the 40 round refill pack, just so that we didn't have to scrounge around after every game or worry if a few got lost, and I'd recommend you do the same.
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