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on October 30, 2011
I have had 6 different dehydrators over the last 20 years. This model (Nesco American Harvest 400 watt) works well, but if you are going to use it a lot I recommend spending a bit more money to get one of the other Nesco models. The fan on this model is fairly loud and after time the heat started melting the inner portions of the trays. I now have the square model from Nesco and it was worth the extra money. The trays have more surface area, the fan is much quieter, you can adjust the temperature and the heating unit doesn't go down the center of the trays so they don't get as hot and don't melt.
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on March 18, 2016
When I first was looking for a dehydrator, I'd read some of the bad reviews here but decided to get this one anyway. I've waited for almost three years to write this review because I REALLY wanted to make sure it was sturdy and reliable. I can honestly say, after using it religiously once a week for three years, it does the trick!

I've been making chicken jerky treats for my dogs, and my family's dogs -- six all together. They are so easy to make, healthy, are made in the USA, and the dogs love them. When I think back to all the money I've saved making chicken jerky with this handy dehydrator... WOW I could go on a cruise! Ok -- bon voyage!
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on August 28, 2016
I got one of these as a gift and had a grand time making jerky, chicken strips for my dogs (good idea since the Chinese started poisoning our dogs) and dried herbs from my garden. I even wrote my own jerky recipe that friends now ask for.
I used it for a couple of years and the motor gave out. Only complaint I have it that it is noisy as hell. Had to banish it to my shop in the basement to make stuff. A bit of a pain, but for $35 this is a pretty good buy.

When it died, i replaced it with the Nesco FD-80 square model. It is about two-and-a-half times the price, but well worth it. It is whisper quiet and holds a ton of stuff - six racks about 12 inches on a side, which means six square feet of drying space. I also prefer the temp control. This one here - FD37 - runs at a constant temp around 170 degrees F. The FD-80 has a control you can set from 90 to 160/

My conclusion is if you're tight on cash this will do just fine. If you can afford the extra cost, the FE-80 is like having a Lexus dehydrator.

Inexpensive. works fine. enough rack space for small to medium size production

makes a crazy-loud racket.
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on May 11, 2016
I was so excited to do my very first batch of activated nuts...soaked my organic almonds in himalaya salt, rinsed, and placed them in the dehydrator. They were meant to be in there for 12-24 hours, but when I checked on them after only 8 hours, they were all burnt and ruined! Also the machine had MELTED and BENT!!!!! I now have to throw it out! There were no different heat settings, so I couldn't have turned it down at all... A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY, TIME, AND EXPENSIVE ORGANIC ALMONDS AND SALT!!!!!
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on June 17, 2015
If you have a garden or fruit trees or buy in bulk, then this Nesco food dehydrator is a must in your arsenal of kitchen must haves. We have several apple, plum, pear and peach trees and although I can and freeze as much as I'm able to, I wanted another way to preserve what we produced. I had been reading about drying foods but was a little skeptical on the quality I would have. I purchased this Nesco as it had good reviews and I haven't been sorry I did. I did have a couple of trial mishaps to start with as I cut the fruit either too thin, which left me with almost nothing after it was dried, or cut the items too thick which made them never dry to what they should have and then tended to mold. The most successful item I have tried is, of course, the apple. I found that I didn't have to peel or even core the apple, just slice it, dip it in a fruit fresh solution, pat dry and then lay on the trays. It doesn't really take long at all to dry a dryer full if one is diligent about rotating the trays from top to bottom. I found a jar of apple slices that I had dried three years ago and they were as good as the ones I was currently drying. I experimented with a light sugar water and cinnamon to dip the slices in and they were delicious. These needed to thoroughly dry! I place the dried produce in quart glass jars and either cap the jar with metal lids and rings or the white ball plastic lids and put a piece of tape with the contents and date listed. Just store on a pantry shelf. These are great to snack on, low calorie and very satisfying. I have tried peaches but find that the smaller peaches work best if they are not peeled or sliced. Just pit, halve and place the halves on the racks after dipping in fruit fresh and drying. Zucchini is also a nice item to dry, adding it to soups in the winter. I'm not too wild about strawberries but must admit I didn't give them more than one try. One is only limited to ones imagination. There are recipes for fruit leathers and dried jerky which I haven't ventured to try yet.

This dryer is quite easy to operate and has a nice instruction booklet with it. There is some noise involved but as it placed it several rooms away, it didn't bother us much after we got used to the sound. The trays are easy to clean up and if there is any food stuck on, just a little soaking in hot soapy water will do the trick. I did purchase two more trays to increase my productivity with each load and they stack quite nicely. I place the whole unit, extra trays, booklet and all in a kitchen trash bag and tie to close and this keeps the dust off and makes for easy storage.
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on April 20, 2016
Love love love !!! Ive made a few tgings so far and cant wait to make more ! It comes with a little recipe book and it gives sigested times for different meats and vegetables and things and it also comes with an original jerky seasoning and some seasoning for curing.
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on February 15, 2017
I have purchased several. Good product. Seems to dry faster than other brands due in part to the heat/fan extends down through the drying rings vs. sitting strictly on top of unit. Better air/heat circulation=faster drying time. Would buy again.
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on March 30, 2015
I bought this to quickly dry out brass after wet tumbling with stainless steel media. I was hoping to cut my dry times from several hours or overnight to something more manageable, and this little dehydrator was surprisingly quick about it.

Filling the five levels with one layer of loosely packed .223/5.56 cases allows about 3-400 to fit. Cases came out dry in only 20 minutes, which was amazing considering how long I was used to waiting.

My only complaint is that the outside gets quite hot to the touch during operation, so after turning the unit off I have to let it sit for a few minutes prior to handling with bare hands. For what Amazon is charging for these it's a steal for reloaders who are trying to speed up their tumbling and drying process while attempting to avoid water spots on their brass. I'd happily buy another if something were to happen to this one.
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on November 18, 2016
Although it does exactly as it advertises, I would recommend anyone to buy the next grade up for an additional 10 dollars, because it actually has temperature control, which this model lacks. What that means is, it actually takes A LOT longer to dehydrate whatever you want to work with than the other one. We did a compare with our neighbor who has the next model up, hers not only took 3 hours less, but the end product was crispy (ours was dry and chewy, and for anyone interested, we used bananas for the comparison).
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on July 8, 2016
We dehydrate everything on this! Beef jerky is a family favorite! It's great for making non perishable snacks for camping as well! It is very easy to use. Food on the trays, stack the trays, plug it in and turn it on! My only issue is that there is not temp control or timer. But this is just a basic model, great for a beginner. I think at this point we will maybe need to upgrade to a more advanced model. This will still get used but some recipes call for specific temps and being able to set a timer would also be a huge help for a busy family! Overall a great product, I would say best suited for someone who is interested in seeing if they like this process but isn't sure if they want to make the investment.
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