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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 15, 2013
If you have one of the new AC routers, you will need to also purchase and AC WIFI adapter to be able to take advantage of the additional speed on the 5GHz Band that the new standard supplies. Since I had upgraded my router, I wanted to have the extra speed and decided on buying this adapter.

My requirements for this adapter were that it needed to support Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines. Let me give you my results with each:

For Windows 7, follow the directions on the package. Ensure you load the software FIRST and then connect the A6200 adapter when it tells you to do so. In a week long test of this device with my Windows 7 laptop I have found the device to be VERY stable and to provide about 30% faster data transfers than my old N rated adapter. There is a software app that is also loaded called the A6200 Genie that makes checking your connections easy. This software is NOT required for the adapter to work. If you do not want the app, install the stand alone software only.

For Windows 8, DO NOT USE THE DISK AT ALL! Instead, go to the NetGear website and download the beta version of the Windows 8 software. Follow the directions for the download and ensure you unpack the file to a location that you can find (such as to your desktop - I created a file on my desktop call A6200 that I downloaded and unpacked the file to). You will find a set of instructions and the files necessary to install the A6200 on your computer.

Once you have that done, connect the A6200 to your computer. This is a large device and may cover up more than one USB port!! To allow for this, NetGear has provided an extension cable and mount. This cable and mount works very well and is a nice addition.

Now that you have the A6200 installed, open up your Windows Device Manager, select the A6200, and then select "update driver". Point to the folder you created (or wherever you located the files you downloaded) and update the driver. Windows 8 will then update the driver and your A6200 will be usable.

NOTE: if you accidentally loaded the software, UNINSTALL the software BEFORE you install the new driver!!! Also, as with any software installation, ensure you create a restore point PRIOR to installing any software. That allows you to go back in time to a stable point in case you ever load something that is not compatible with your Operating System.

I have spent a week running extensive distance and load tests with this adapter in Windows 8 and it has performed flawlessly.
The range that I am getting out of this adapter is about 20% father than I was getting with the built in wireless unit in my laptop. Part of that is probably because you can move the antenna (using the cable) around. You can also rotate the antenna 90 degrees (it pivots) to improve reception.

Bottom line:

This is a great adapter and I highly recommend it even though it is a bit of work to get it correctly loaded on Windows 8. NetGear support has said that they will be coming out with a finished software disk that includes an updated Genie app for Windows 8 soon. In the meantime, you can just load the driver for Windows 8 and it will work extremely well.

Once again, DO NOT LOAD THE SUPPLIED DISK for Windows 8. Download the driver (beta version) from the support website at NetGear. Follow the directions provided and you will be up and running in no time.
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on December 17, 2014
Don't bother. Keep looking if you are installing into a Windows 8.1 PC. Works great when it works. Tried the latest drivers for Windows 8.1 as well as the more current beta drivers. With both drivers the A6200 would suddenly drop the wireless connection. Could get back if reboot or unplug/plug the adapter. Since this is a PC used by my non tech wife having issues is a big thing.
Since I have a Netgear R7000 router I figured I would get a wireless adapter that would match the AC speeds of the router. Know that this speed makes no difference with Internet related activities but might speed up internal activities.
Went back to my old reliable ASUS USB-N53 adapter that just works.
With my experiences with wireless adapters I should have figured this would not work well as the chipset is Broadcom and in my experience not a vendor that makes reliable firmware for the wireless adapters. The ASUS is a Ralink chipset and in my experience more reliable drivers/hardware. Your experience my vary.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 6, 2013
Well first off this is not a full review because the first one I received is basically dead on arrival. The software loads fine, but when it is time to plug the A6200 in...the Windows drivers load .... it blinks 3 times .... but then it always comes up "Adaptor not found." I can see it in my network adaptors as the A6200 but I have never been able to actually Enable it.

I have loaded both the original software/drivers .18 and I have installed the latest update .23 neither of which has provided any difference in the outcome. I have also tried just using the standalone driver without the Netgear Genie. Again nothing has worked to this point.

I have a support ticket running with Netgear and I have to admit they are readily available to talk to you or email you; but there best answer was to try and install it in another computer to decide if it was working or not. While I did do that and the exact same issue happened....that is a poor form of support from the Netgear Tech Department. The other issue is that you can never get the same technician on the phone twice. I'm pretty sure that Netgear Support is based in another country and just kind of walks through a script....they are not really technicians (I may be wrong; but this is what it feels like to me).

Because I believe in Netgear products and I absolutely love my R6300 Router, I have asked Amazon to do a replacement exchange and see if it really is defective. I will update this review after I receive the next one.

Having said all that... From an IT standpoint....do not be misguided by the Netgear claims of spped for this adaptor. The best thing about it is that it will work on 5 ghz.... the next best thing about it is that if you are using a Netgear Router the operations should sync seemlessly. If you are looking for massive 900mb throughput...forget it...it is absolutely impossible for that claim to happen. Why? Because USB2.0 which this adaptor is designed for cannot achieve any greater throughput than 480mb. That though is still far faster than just about anything else out there that is wireless like this.

So far I'm very dissapointed, I think Netgear brought this prodct out to market a little too quick without a full and thorough testing of the software and drivers. If you read on-line, there are far more negative reviews than positive and that is not common with Netgear and their products. I pretty well believe that Netgear will obsolete the A6200 pretty quickly and move to an A6200 v.1 that will be designed for USB3.0 and have backwards compatibility at slower speeds. I have been a big supporter for a long time and I am going to give it another shot. I will let you know.

****UPDATE***** 04/09/2013

Received the replacement A6200 yesterday (Amazon is the best when it comes to this).... But alas the A6200 did not work once again. This time I was able to power it up and keep it powered (There is a trick for those of you that talk about lost signals or disconnections) but in my case the adaptor could never be found and recognized. So this time, I am sending it back for good and going to go with a different product for A/C speed and throughput.

For the Amazon Netgear folks the case number is 20935428 and I am going to tell you again, that while the person on the Netgear support side was very nice...I knew more about wifi in genral and computers, etc...than she remotely did. On the outsourcing side of things....it still made for a very, very difficult time of communicating and this may have hindered our efforts as well.

For those of you that are having problems with the adaptor having to be reset because it loses connection. Many have told you to go to your Device Manager and make sure that you un-check the boxes on your USB ports that allows them to be powered down. THat is true and you need to do that. BUT .... there is also something else you need to do that I discovered by accident... Do the fololowing:

1. Windows Start Button
2. Right Click over the word Computer
3. Click on the word Manage
4. When the computer management screen pops up -- click on Device Manager in the left column
5.Click on the Network Adapters triangle to expand the choices in the main screen
6. Right click on the A6200 adapter
7. Click on Properties
8. When the box comes up ... Click on the Advanced Tab
9. Now you will see a big list of confusing options about the adapter specifically on the left hand side and there will be a single box on the right hand side that says things like "auto" or "enabled / disabled" etc....
10. Scroll down the options till you see the one about Power to turn off to save energy.... You will see in the right hand box that it is "Enabled"
11. Disable that power option and your A6200 adaptor will now stay on 100% of the time and will not lose connection from inactivity.

Good luck....I am sad to say that I am off to try a different brand of High Speed / High Throughput Adapter.
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on July 5, 2015
Given that the 802.11AC standard is faster than USB 2.0, and it is compatible with Windows 7 but not Windows 8, I would give it 5 stars. I have several Win 7 boxes with USB 2.0 and it does everything I need. What I am really slamming here is not this equipment but Netgear support, to which I would give a negative 5 stars if that were possible, I acquired a new Win 8 box and, happy with this item for my older boxes, ordered and received a new one in June 2015. It didn't work, and immediately contacted Netgear Support for help. They put me through hoops looking for irrelevant data such as serial numbers, when and where I bought it, etc. After several useless chat exchanges, I was finally told that the item had "passed its expiration date" and he couldn't help me! And I had received it less than a week earlier!
Oh, yes, I finally solved the problem. I found it listed in Microsoft's list of compatible hardware, which also provided a link to a Netgear download that immediately fixed the problem. All that kid needed to do was give me a link to Netgear's own site.
Bottom line, Netgear has lost a customer. My entire wifi system is Netgear, but when it comes time to replace it, it will be anything but Netgear.
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on October 29, 2014
Seems to work really well, then drops connection freezing computer. Have to unplug and replug every time you reboot. I have disabled USB selective standby and disabled the PCI card wireless that came with the computer, and it still keeps disconnecting. I am using it with the NightHawk and a Win 7 64 bit. I have used it on another Win 7 for a year and it works well - can't figure out why my newest purchase is going so poorly.

Update Dec 2, 2014. This product ending up trashing my computer. I gave up using it but was never able to restore the computer to full functionality again despite uninstalling the driver and reversing the changes I made. It was easier to get a new computer than to contemplate doing a clean install of the current one. REALLY BE CAREFUL ABOUT ALL THE CHANGES NETGEAR ASKS YOU TO MAKE TO ACCOMODATE THIS WORTHLESS PIECE OF HARDWARE.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 9, 2014
At this time the highest rating I can give this adapter is 1 star. I, like many similar reviewers here, am having issues with my Netgear adapter randomly disconnecting my desktop from my NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 router.

I have tried the following fixes -

- Installed it on a fresh Windows 7. Used the latest driver available.
- Uninstalled and re-installed the driver several times, both the stand-alone and the one with Genie.
- Set device manager option "Minimum Power Consumption" to "Disabled".
- Disabled all sleep/hibernation options on my system.

My wife's phone/tablet have had zero connectivity issues. My desktop's connection however is very unreliable and disconnects at random intervals and will not reconnect until I unplug and replug the adapter. When the adapter goes out, I can look at it in device manage and it says the device is "unavailable".

I recently upgraded to this setup with the expectation of zero issues. So far all I have had is headaches... I will give the support team at amazon@netgear.com a chance to make this right and earn a higher rating before I return this unreliable product.
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on September 16, 2014
Because my office is in the basement of my home, and my router is up on the 2nd floor, on the opposite end of the house (along with the family-use iMac and TV) I needed a USB Wi-Fi adapter with both better-than-average long-range capabilities and the chops to handle the very large graphic and video-heavy files I transfer back and forth between me and my clients.

The Netgear A6200 does not disappoint. The wireless network connection status on my PC indicates 4-5 bars, and a speed test on Ookla, indicates ping, upload, and download speeds that are virtually identical to iMac mentioned above (which has a wired connection to the router). Note that unlike many folks out there, I've got strong Internet connectivity, so consider my recommendation in the context of your own specific connectivity situation.

Set up was low-effort, with the help of the "Netgear genie" software downloaded from an included CD. Instead of plugging the adapter directly into a USB port, I'm using the optional "desktop dock" (also included), which attaches to a USB port via a cable (too short by about a foot - seems to be an industry-wide standard).

Other USB adapters I looked into had marginally better overall performance. But if like me, you need an adapter that can bridge a long distance between your router and your device, be sure to look into the A6200.
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on October 29, 2015
There is a well-known malfunction with this adapter: Upon restart of the computer, it does not connect to the router. You have the physically unplug the adapter and the re-plug it, and then it works fine. Of course, I did not know this when I bought the adapter; I only found this out after experiencing the problem and then doing some on-line research. LOTS of people are having the same experience. What perplexes me most is that this has been an issue for a substantial period of time (comments go back a year or more), and one would think that Netgear would come out with a driver update to fix it. But when I called Netgear tech support, they did not acknowledge this as a known problem (despite a long thread on the subject on their community board). Who needs this aggravation from a WiFi adapter? Not me! I returned mine.
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on August 25, 2013
I have the Netgear R6250 router. I had to remove a star from it today. It seems that every morning I have to reboot the R6250 router in order to get AC speeds of 866 mbs. What happens if I don't reboot is that I only get 175 mbs when I turn on my Dell notebook. I will update this if Netgear fixes this issue. Sometimes I can get AC max speeds when I go through a reconnect with my A6200. Something not meshing on either side.

UPDATE 9/8/2013: OK, I was able to get a constant 866 mbs by setting the wireless AC "channel" on my Netgear A6200 router to a different one - in my case from 157 to 161. I don't know if other wireless devices in my home were interfering with the router, but making this change has fixed (so far) the issue. I have monitored it for the past week and it now holds at 866 mbs. I hope NETGEAR will provide this advice to others with this problem. So I have to give back the star that I took. Other than this issue the AC Dual Bandk (A6200) is terrific!
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on December 14, 2012
Bought this to go along with my R6300 router. The new router did a TON for me in terms of internet speed/coverage, but this dongle was the icing on the cake. I can run my current built-in wifi card simultaneously with this USB dongle, and I get 585 Mbps on the 5GHz band ALONE.. from the farthest side of the house, thru 2 stone walls, several "drywall" walls and 1 hardwood floor.

For anybody who complains about the throughput limitations of USB 2.0, do a little research beforehand. Early tech adoption is great, but the entire purpose of the new AC standard is to allow for HD streaming across MULTIPLE devices SIMULTANEOUSLY. That is a very practical goal, and USB 2.0 has WAY more throughput capacity than is required to stream 1080p +7-channel uncompressed audio. So, everybody in the house that owns this adapter gets to surf/stream as fast as they could possibly want. Under what circumstances would 1 user require the entire 1.3 Gbps that 802.11ac is capable of delivering? Is anybody out there really watching 3 bluray-quality streams on 1 PC.. at the same time? Of course not. Unless you are using your PC to simultaneously torrent 50 different files from all over the globe--24/7--you have no use for USB 3.0 on a wifi dongle. But that scenario applies to nobody, because Gigabit wired connections have been available for a decade.

The only drawback to this product is that.. if you don't own a next-gen AC router.. there isn't much point in buying the A6200.
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