Customer Reviews: Neuton CE 6.4 19-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Mulching/Bagging Lawn Mower with Removable Battery
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I have not used this mower, but after 12 years with the B&D CMM1000 and a few weeks with the Toro, I thought I'd add some info to help buyers.

Our CMM1000 struggled in tall or wet grass, but most of the time was adequate on power. It had 24V with a 19" blade. Our 36V / 20" Toro has so far cut everything we've thrown at it, but lacks some of the nicer features the Neuton or newer B&D have.

Neuton was one of the first on the market with a cordless mower so I would trust them more than many of the other new entrants. That said, they are certainly pricey.

I've put a quick guide of the most popular models on Amazon. All info reported by manufacturer. Amazon won't let me put prices in my review, sorry!


Neuton CE5.3............14"/24V/240......48#....Plastic deck, Removable batt.
B&D CM1836..............18"/36V/NA.......64#....Plastic deck
Greenworks 25092......18"/24V/480......95#....Self Propel, Removable Batt
Worx ECO WG780.......19"/24V/408......80#....Removable Battery
Haussmann CLM46NU...19"/24V/NA........94#....Haussmann who?? Metal deck
B&D CMM1200.............19"/24V/432......76#....Update to our old CM1000
B&D CM1936...............19"/36V/360.......72#....Plastic deck, Removable Batt
Neuton CE6................19"/36V/360.......88#....Plastic deck, Removable Batt
Earthwise 60120..........20"/24V/480......92#....Metal deck, Removable Batt
Toro 20360.................20"/36V/432......77#....Metal deck
Solaris/Epic EP21H........21"/24V/NA......106#....Rmvble batt, self propel, steel


>>Why SHOULD I get a cordless electric mower? They are super quiet, clean, and convenient. No fumes or exhaust- because gas mowers don't have catalytic converters, they can pollute as much in a year as 43 cars!!!!. They aren't necessarily cheaper than a gas mower since they cost more up front but there is basically NO maintenance. (We spent $80 over 10 years for a set of replacement batteries.) Corded electric mowers are a cheaper but having a cord is a pain.

>>Why SHOULDN'T I get a cordless mower? They weigh a LOT more than gas mowers so if you have a hilly lot or have difficulty with physical exertion, forget it. They don't have as much power as gas and re-fueling means charging for a few hours so if your lot is over ½ acre you may want to reconsider.

>>Why do they all come with mulching PLUS bagging? Electric powered mowers have come a long ways but mulching still takes a LOT more power than discharging, so bagging is pretty much a standard feature.

>>What is a watt-hour? It's basically how big your gas tank is - the more watt-hours, the longer you can mow before you have to recharge.

>>Is the cutting path a big deal? Yes - for two reasons. 1) The first thing manufacturers do when power is marginal is reduce the blade size, so I tend to see the smaller mowers as more likely to be underpowered. Second, when you consider that you have to overlap each pass by ~3", a 20" blade now effectively cuts 13% more on each pass. If you have a larger yard, you definitely do NOT want anything under 18" Also, my measurements show most mowers overstate their blade size by 1/2" (Our 20" measures 19-5/8, our 19 measures 18-1/2)

>>Why might I want a removable battery? If you have a large yard, this means you can have a second battery charging while you are using the first. A second battery typically costs $100-$150 but it can make the difference between going electric or not. Finally, if you keep the mower in a shed that doesn't have power, a removable battery will let you bring it in for charging.

>>How long will my batteries last? That depends on your climate and usage. We had a small lot for many years and were religious about recharging right after use. We also live in a cooler climate (Michigan) so it's cooler and the mowing season is shorter. Our batteries lasted ~7 years. Most people should get 3-4 years easily but if you're careless and live in Arizona, you might be able to kill the batteries in a year or two.

>>Why should I care about higher voltage? Higher voltage = more power, PLUS you can recharge the mower faster. With the same chemistry and current, a 36V mower will charge 50% faster than a 24V mower.

>>Metal deck or plastic? Metal rusts but with minimal care it's not an issue. Plastic ends up giving you a more stuff to trim since you can't cut as close to fences, etc.

If you've found this review helpful or have questions/comments, please let me know!
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on April 22, 2010
UPDATE: I have now used the mower over 5 times, and I can say that it keeps getting better, I think it's due to the fact that battery powered tools take a few charge-recharge cycles to get to their full power potential. I now have no problem cutting my entire yard, and have not had it struggle or leave many clippings on the yard.

I bought this mower as it is one of the Best Cordless, battery-powered electrics. It is rated at 36-volts and is 19-inches. This seems to compare pretty good to a gas model in terms of cutting time and speed.
I ordered the CE 6.4 model with the Duracell brand battery.

1. Removable Battery life is good (after first charge)
2. EASY adjust height of all 4 wheels with ONE lever.
3. Large diameter wheels, Clean sturdy Design. Quiet too.
4. Easy Start, hold-down power button, and squeeze levers.
5. NO GASOLINE, no more trips to gas station.
6. This is a push-mower, but it is pretty Light-weight and easy to push.

1. Don't let your grass get too big or overgrown.. it can struggle.
2. Similar to #1 above, the Bag is average for capacity of clippings.
3. Clippings are not always collected in the bag, even if bag is empty.

I unpacked (it comes mostly in modular assembly already) and assembled the entire mower in about 15 minutes, it is very easy and basically requires no tools, just use the parts supplied and assemble. Instructions could be improved. One of the things I didn't like was the Power cable that comes up from the unit to the handle bar is a little too long so it kinda hangs too much, even after you use the supplied tie downs, this can be fixed by adding your own zip-ties if you want, but not a major problem.
After the first charge, I mowed my yard, front and back, for about 45 minutes, at level 3 height, the grass had not been cut in a few weeks and the battery was dying towards the end, struggling to cut. The next time I went out to mow, grass only about 1.5 weeks had gone by and I cut the grass with not problems, mower seemed stronger and the Battery meter never went into the Yellow.
Overall this is a good mower IF: You mow regularly DON'T let it get too big and have a reasonably sized lawn. The mower will struggle if grass is wet or you are cutting too much length. My front and back yard are not small but I would say average size about 800-1000 sq. ft. total. If you have a large yard or multiple yards you can purchase an extra/spare battery for reserve. I do not think I will need that.
The only thing keeping me from 5 stars is that the bag doesn't always collect all the clippings and sometimes I have to go back over it with the mower to collect the remaining strips of clippings that were left on the grass... maybe loses 10% of clippings I would guess.

Also it comes with the mulching plug, but I have not tried that or any other accessories. I know Neuton offers a trimmer/edger attachment, but have heard its not very good. In the future I might get the Striping attachment which makes your lawn look patterned.
CHECK Neuton's website as some states or cities are offering CLEAN AIR REBATES for 50% off this product.
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on May 14, 2010
I traded in my gas machine for a Neuton 3 yrs ago, and I'm in love. I not only cut my 1/3 acre in the spring and summer, but also use the Neuton to grind ~10 tons of leaves in the fall for composting. Starts every time, no smell, no tuneups, no cranking. Folds up and stores in a VERY small space. I have a very hilly property with rock steps. I can take out the battery, fold up the mower and take it anywhere on my hip, if need be. I can fold it up and put it into the trunk of my car to take to another site, and I don't have to worry about gas smell/leaks.

Need customer support? I did. I spoke immediately on the phone to a knowledgeable human being in real English!

I own a lot of lawn/garden equipment, mostly Stihl. But the Neuton mower ranks among the best purchases I have made in my 61 years.
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on April 26, 2010
I bought the Neuton CE6 19 inch, and have mowed my grass now three times. The first time the lawn was wet, the Neuton had no problem. Each time that i mowed i never came close to running the battery down. The lawn looks beautiful. I do not have a large lawn, but it works great. I am very pleased and would highly recommend this mower.
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on May 31, 2010
We are on our second season with our Neuton CE 6.4 and I can now say thats its been great. My son uses the mower to cut our lawn and two others weekly. It is easy to start of course, its quiet relative to gas mowers and of course the best part - ZERO emissions. We have had no problems at all with the mower in over a year (times 3 lawns). We also have the trimmer package and this is very handy for trimming along staight lines like a sidewalk. not as good for curved but can still make it work well. the mower itself is light and fits nicely into the trunk of my car when needed. The one learning is that when the lawn is wet or grass is high, you will need to raise the deck to cut. we always mulch which works very well. A great purchase - we are very pleased and recommend this highly.
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on June 8, 2010
I bought this lawn mower at a local trade-in event, where the local air quality district was taking your old gas mower and giving out highly discounted electric units. I had the option of either Neuton or Black & Decker, 14" or 19". I opted for the Nueton, just liked its styling better. My old gas mower was self-propelled, but that feature stopped working long ago and made it even harder to push.

Well, if you think electic doesn't have the power, you are wrong. This mower surprised me! I am a gearhead, but opted for a battery powered mower to "save the planet". The first time I turned it on, I thought "WOW"!

I cut my lawn on the lowest setting, and it did great, considering that my old gas mower used to cut it at a higher level. It did bog on some big patches of crab grass, but it only slowed the blade down a little and kept on going. My lawn is about 3000 sq ft and the battery level only dropped by half, by the charge meter. Deffinately works as good as my old gas mower, but easier to push. It didn't pick up all the grass, but neither did my gas mower, going back over the area sucks it right up.

The best part is, no more having to wonder if I have enough fuel to cut the grass! Just take the battery out each time, and charge it. Throw the battery back in later, once I notice its done charging.

Since the outside is smooth plastic it also cleans up really easy too.

Very happy that I have this mower. Check with your local air quality board too, maybe they'll offer a discounted one in your area.
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on May 3, 2010
Seems like a great product for me. Our lot isn't that big and it only takes 20-30 min to cut the grass.
I got this mower because:
I hate dealing with the gas and oil and all that.
Breathing in all that exhaust can't be good for you.
My Neuton is lighter that my old plain jane gas mower - about 10-15 pounds lighter. (look at the shipping weight)
One touch height adjustment.
My wife can start it by herself, when she wants to.
It's fairly quiet - about the same as a canister vacuum. Mowing in the cool of the morning shouldn't disturb the neighbors.
Once around the yard mowing and once around with the weed whipper means less stuff to store in my garage and no other cords, chargers or any of that to worry about.
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on June 12, 2010
I'm not sure about what others may be complaining about concerning the CE 6.4, but I have nothing but positive things to say about it. Number one, it's quiet. I have had it with loud gas motors and even worse with all the smells of gas and oil. The Neuton has none of that, and I don't worry about my kids getting asphyxiated using the thing outside either. In addition, there's the power of the machine. I have had problems for years with mowers that seemed to clog up, throw up, and then throw a rod when used in regular lawn situations. This Neuton I took outside after charging the battery only FIVE hours (couldn't wait to try it), and I mowed the entire lawn and more--and I have a huge lawn. It cut and mulched like no one's business, and the grass was even damp. Now, I have Kentucky Blue grass, so with other types of grass I am sure that the result won't always be the same...but with regular lawn types like mine--you just cannot beat the ease of use, the charging value, and of course the idea that you never have to change oil and mess with air filters, spark plugs, and the general mess the old Briggs engines brought to the garage. Time moves on, and this will be the last mower I buy...ever. Thanks Neuton company, I could not be more pleased.
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on November 10, 2013
I have had this mower for five years now and can attest that it does everything it claims. My yard is approximately 4000 square feet and I can get at least two mowing out of one charge of the battery. This amounts to a per cut cost of about $0.12. The original Duracell battery that came with the mower is accepting and holding a charge with very little drop off. The only problem I have ever had is with the mower bag. The frame is a little weak and about once a season I will have to bend in back into shape so it doesn't drag on the ground. This mower has enough power to discharge mulched clippings evenly across the yard with little clumping and it will also fill the bag completely when it is attached. Now the caveats. This is not a 5 horsepower Honda, so don't expect to be able to cut down a hayfield in the pouring rain. If you are a procrastinator and routinely let your yard grow 5 or 6 inches tall before cutting you will be cutting twice. This is a push mower, so if you have steep grade differences of over 5 or 6 feet in your yard, you will be huffing and puffing. That said, it has large back wheels that make maneuvering and pushing mower easy on gentle slopes. In summary, I would unhesitatingly recommend this mower to anyone who wants to break away from the gasoline engine mower line (and save a lot of money and the environment) if they do not routinely let their yard turn into a hay field before they mow.
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on April 17, 2010
I went green!!! Well I tried to. I bought the Neuton, CE-6 mower, along with the Neuton chainsaw, blower. I returned the edger, chain saw within 3 days as none of them worked very well. In fact the chainsaw is downright dangerous to try and use. Cutting a 2 inch oak tree branch was impossible and two of us were working at it. It is so light it bounces off the branchs and jams up, I almost cut Dad's fingers off (not sure the saw would actually penatrate skin). It might work as a trimmer for small vines and plants, but it doesnt cut wood. The mower works, but it does not cut thick grass very well. It boggs down very easily. Fortunately I bought it to cut small areas in the yard where my riding mower won't fit. It does that, but certainly would not last if I was cutting a larger yard. It's not very sturdy especially for the price. The edger attachment is useless and flimsy, I took it off before it fell off and threw it in the storage shed. This would be a good mower for someone whose yard was small and the grass was thin (Bermuda). If you have thick St Augustine grass.... buy real mower.
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