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on July 9, 2009
Now that I'm working on my second set of puffs, I thought I'd share my results. Just to give you an idea of my starting point- I get very little sleep as a result of grad school, sometimes I go on stretches of two weeks with less than 5 hours a sleep per night. This does not bode well for my skin, I break out under stress, I have blackheads the size of Russia, and my complexion is dull, rough, and discolored. I recently started freaking out, because I have what they call transition skin- I am noticing aging in my skin, but pimples keep appearing like fruit flies.

I decided to give the rejuvenator a try because I remember going for peels at one point a while back and how they helped clear my skin. Patience is key! At first my skin seemed like it would break out more than usual, but I know it is typical for your first few peels, so I figured I would have to suck it up. The first person to notice change was my boyfriend. He kept repeating, "Your skin is so nice! It is so clear!" Score!

I'm on my second batch of puffs and will continue to use this religiously. I rejuvenate every other day of the week (Mon, Wed, Fri), letting my skin rest over the weekend. I've been pairing it with the Neutrogena Tone Correcting Peel, but I have a feeling that wasn't doing anything for me. I also use the 2-in-1 fight and fade gel to zap those pesky breakouts I had in the very beginning. Now I do very little maintenance on my skin! It looks clear, tight, and good! This gives me confidence ++

ps. I'm lazy and a minimalist, so I do not apply makeup... ever. This is a great product if you don't like hiding under makeup.
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on May 6, 2014
I chose this item because my once perfect complexion has changed drastically at age 75. It still looks fantastic for a person my age, but because my skin was so extraordinary for most of my adult life, I am somewhat traumatized by quite sudden physical aging. This item does what it claims. I have used it to exfoliate and resurface and my face reflects a definite change in a short period of time. In accompaniment applied daily I have also used after treatment the Neutrogena Anti-Aging Retinol Daily Moisturizer SPF15 (morning application), and the combination seems to be working. My problem is that I am lazy! If one does not properly take the time to secure a routine, possible good rewards will not come. I do recommend this item for the price. I have experienced no cons. On the other hand, the eventual purchase of refills run into money. To avoid this one can purchase more expensive hand-held items that have different variable heads of all kinds, but are in the neighborhood of $200. So, for those who cannot afford the more expensive, this one will definitely benefit your complexion.
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on June 16, 2008
I am going to say this, trying to NOT sound like a freak fanatic, but I AM IN LOVE with this thing!

I recently quit smoking after 14 years at nearly 2 packs a day. My skin was looking so horrible... undereye darkness and bags, clogged up dark pores, grey overtones, it was disgusting, and I'm only 31 years old.

Before I'd quit, I bought this and tried it out. After the FIRST USE, my skin was much more radiant and pink, and oh my gosh how SOFT and SMOOTH!

I'm serious. Anyone... anyone with ANY kind of unhappiness about their skin should try this out. Every 3-4 days is the recommended usage, and I agree with it.

I used it one day before going out on a date with a guy I hadn't seen in a couple months and he remarked at how great my skin looked. He said it looked more even toned, clear, and glowing! :) I love it. I really just love it.

Oh, and I'd read a review somewhere (not sure if it was here) about someone who used it on her elbows, too. I laughed, but after using it on my face, I rinse off the pad a little and hit the old elbows. You wouldn't believe how much dead skin this little pad can take off! Word of caution: Use it on your elbows only AFTER you've done your face... it's kind of gross how much dirt and dead skin hides on the elbows.
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on May 11, 2010
I've been eyeing this product for a while, but wasn't sure I wanted to pay the price. I finally broke down and purchased it, and am so glad I did! The vibrating sensation feels really good on my face, and after using it, my face feels so smooth and silky, with a nice healthy glow to it. The air is very dry where I live, so I do put a moisturizer on afterwards. I don't have many crow's feet lines yet, but it does seem to slightly improve the appearance of them. The only negative is that the rejuvenating puffs are one-time use only (or, supposed to be). I am pretty frugal and actually push it and get 2 to 3 uses out of each pad.

I would recommend this Neutrogena product!

March 2011 - Okay, so I've had this product for awhile, and I still LOVE it.... however, it is very, very difficult to find the puffs! Walmart, Walgreens, and KMart all used to carry them, but no longer, as far as I can tell. I finally was able to find them on eBay, where they ranged anywhere from about a buck a piece (for a pack of 24) up to way over two dollars each... just for the puffs!!! Ridiculous! I guess they know they can no longer be found commercially, so some of the sellers on eBay are taking advantage of the consumers! Neutrogena needs to take note and make the rejuvenating puffs available commercially, and at a reasonable price!
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VINE VOICEon August 1, 2008
I was one of the skeptics about this product until I tried it.

I did it for the first time last night, and this morning when I woke up, my skin indeed looked fabulously glowy and smooth, even better than a lot of the high-end exfoliation products I'd used! I could not say enough good things about it, but here is the summary:

1. Very easy to operate.

2. Facial massage:
Despite the instruction that recommends three minutes of use, I did it for 10 minutes because it just feels so good!

3. Safe for sensitive and thin skin.
Mine is sensitive/thin/dry skin. With 10 minutes of use, my skin actually took it very well, no redness or peeling at all.

4. Multi-function:
Yes, I also used it on my neck. Then, I applied a thick layer of Vaseline lotion onto my neck.

5. Amazingly effective:
My face/neck visibly and feel smoother, bouncier, more even, less patchy, less red after only one application!

I cannot stop touching my skin!!! It feels so soft and looks so radiant! I also notice that it absorbs my moisturizer better, which helps a lot with the skin improvement. I personally use a lot of anti-oxidant products on my face on a daily basis.
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on May 19, 2010
I purchased this item on sale here at Amazon.com. What this product does is gently exfoliate the skin. A puff that has some sort of cleanser in it attaches to the end of the unit and pulsates. You move it around your face and allow it to pulsate for 1-2 minutes on your problem areas. After the very first use, my skin felt smoother. Some people have complained that this product irritated their skin, but I did not suffer any irritation. I should also note that the product features 2 different speeds. I use the slower speed. I used to use St. Ives scrub, but find that my skin feels a lot smoother after using this product. You do have to purchase replacement puffs, but the price here on amazon.com is very reasonable. My skin loves this!
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on May 15, 2012
I've had this product for a few years now and I love it. I originally bought it to clean my pores and I must admit it does not do that as efficiently as I hoped for but it makes my skin feel amazing.

I am originally from Argentina and after moving to the USA my skin didn't seem to agre, with the water here. My skin started feeling rough and dry and even a little itchy. The first time I tried this product I was in love. My skin felt so good I couldn't stop touching it, it was soft and silky, my break outs stopped along with the roughness and itching. I do understand tho that this might be too much for very delicate skin. The exfoliating pads can easily irritate you if your skin is delicate. However, for my skin they are perfect.

I highly recommend this product for someone looking for something to exfoliate and soften your skin. It did make my skin feel firmer, but I'm 28 and I know that that result is not always obteined, so I wont recommend it for that.
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on December 28, 2009
The only facial scrub cleaner that I've found more effective than this is the sonic at Sephora - and that costs something like [...] This little bargain honestly smooths out my face to be a soft as a ... well you know what!

At first you may notice some blemishes you never had before; although that was never the case with me, my daughter complained at first that she had "new zits." Stick with it. What you will notice within the first ten days for sure is that you have none of those little ugly blackheads, whiteheads, or hard as rock "fatty" bumps. I also find (at 51) that it makes my fine lines and wrinkles appear more smooth. I couldn't be happier with this purchase, and have given it as a gift to both of my twenty-something daughters.

And finally, the price on Amazon was FAR LESS than at Target or Walmart. I'm thrilled.
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on January 9, 2010
For the price, it definitely does something. It is not as effective as a salon microdermabrasion, but I wasn't expecting it to be. It is supposed to take the place of a scrub, and it is better than a scrub. It's easy to use, but don't use a lot of pressure when you are massaging your face with it, because the first time it left my face burning and stinging. Just use a gentle massaging motion at the same time the wand vibrates against your face. I can see some difference for a day or two after I use it in my face being smoother and softer. Maybe over time it will make a bigger difference. I bought it as something to use in between getting a salon microdermabrasion, because that is a bit expensive most places.
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on December 30, 2009
This product is even better than I imagined. After reading all the reviews, I just had to see for myself if it worked. I have never experienced this type of thorough exfoliation and cleansing of my face. I used to have stubborn clogged pores that would not be cleared by any other method, but this really helped. My skin used to feel bumpy (although it looked smooth)to the touch, but it's pure silk now. This product also significantly cleared old red acne scar marks. I refer to it as my "little sander."

Neutrogena recommends using the product 3 times per week, which seems really excessive for my particular skin type. I have very fair delicate skin with pink undertones and using this more than once per week is simply too much. I don't think there's anything left to exfoliate, since this product basically "sands off" the top layer of your face. Although it does this very gently, I wouldn't do it more than once per week, or at the very most twice per week. When I tried doing it three times a week, my usually combination skin became very dry and flaky. Moisturizing is extremely important after each treatment and I make sure to slather on a rich, non-pore clogging cream for at least two days afterward.

After I finish doing my face, I also use it on my neck and chest. I always add plenty of extra water so that the product glides more gently on this delicate skin. My neck and chest have never felt so soft or looked so supple! Finally, I use the product on my elbows and hands, concentrating on any rough spots, and even my fingernails. I'm still looking for new things to scrub each time I use it!

This product is great for acne, although not when you're having an actual breakout. I used this after a breakout, and it make the marks disappear faster and my skin has remained quite clear ever since. Also, my skin care products are far more effective now since all dead skin is removed and no longer preventing deep absorption. This product has been good to my sensitive skin and believe it is safe for most sensitive types. There are two settings on the machine, so anyone with delicate skin can try the lowest setting at first.

I also wanted to mention that others have been noticing how soft my face is looking and my mother is also using my rejuvenator. My boyfriend can't keep his hands off skin. He is particularly fascinated with my super smooth nose and chin and constantly wants to touch them! This is great, as long as it doesn't cause me to break out!

Although I'm 35, I don't really have any wrinkles, but I can imagine that this product could be helpful with this issue as well. I highly recommend this product and I will continue to use this indefinately.
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