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on February 5, 2012
10 Years old and still going strong:

If you are considering purchasing Neverwinter Nights, then one of the main factors for the purchase should really be the current state of NWN's persistent worlds. Given the above, a review of those worlds and especially the ones that still have enough players to make them fun seemed in order.

Neverwinter Nights can be one of the best gaming investments you can make. The official campaigns can be fun and will build your gaming skills to a point that you will be familiar with the NWN interface and thus will be able to take advantage of the nearly endless possibilities offered by online campaigns.

I have played on several servers and wanted to share with the reader a very quick review of each.

If you purchase this product or already own NWN I would recommend taking a look at the following servers (They are totally free and have viable player populations.)

Action Servers:

Higher Ground POA (Look for it in the action section of Game Spy) (This world is gigantic, it is a mini MMOG, and has so much to offer that I could write a book sized review about this server alone. Higher Ground has all the standard D&D fair plus the Hells, Abyss, Elysium, and soon the Elder Evils.)

This server is totally free and its game balance and content could easily compete with any pay to play games such as WOW, Everquest or D&D Online etc.

This server requires CEP 2.3 etc. but they made it easy to install everything all at once via their helpful ARF2 download.

Just Google nwn higherground and click the getting started button.

Player vs. Player:

Heart of Winter: This is a very well designed world with a heavy Player vs. Player component that is always challenging (Trust no one and always watch your back.)

The faction fights are a blast! They have a capture the flag feel that really gets you involved and pulling for your team.


Role Playing Servers:

Escape from Undeath: This is the latest incarnation of, the Escape from the Underdark series of worlds. (Very low power and low magic (One of the DMs mentioned that no one had yet gotten past level 12), but extremely well crafted and balanced to be ultra challenging. (The slightest mistake will cost you 1/3 to ½ of your total XP.)

The role play on this server is quite serious and extremely fun. It really is amazing how much fun levels 1-12 can be.

If you give any of these a try let me know how you liked them.
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on December 1, 2015
Buy for $10 on
No other game made since this (13 years ago!) has the DM and Level Building tools comparable to this that I'm aware of.
Great online servers (including persistent worlds) with great role-playing communities still abound, such as Arelith:
I have been running this on Windows XP and Windows 8.1 without major issues.
Make sure to install the patch 1.69 after installing the game.
There's also a CEP (community expansion pack) that is used in many modules.
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on December 10, 2013
it's a good game even though it may not be played the second edition rules. These early epic adventure and travel Dungeons & Dragons role-playing games for the computer had only one fault with me it was too tedious to recognize where you are or follow a map also if you leave the game for any amount of time it might be hard to remember some of the locations of some of the stuff that you are requesting for or just left behind but if you can keep up with that stuff I recommend this version that collects all of the boxed adventure and expansions that came out publicly just remember and this is my largest complaint that it does not have all of the online expansion packs downloads specifically the infinite dungeons pack where you get to build game levels and dungeons and quests and set them up as you wish trying to go get it from the original download area you find that is no longer available
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on May 6, 2009
* NOTE *
Windows Vista owners: make sure you have all of your Windows patches in place and that you are using current hardware drivers. I had to download and apply Atari's Critical Rebuild 1.69 Patch ( [...]) and set the game to "Run as Administrator". You may have to make other setting changes depending on your PC's hardware and software.

I have enjoyed playing Dungeons & Dragons since the early 80's and have often been disappointed by some of the games released for the D&D franchise. Until NWN hit the shelves, my favs were Eye of the Behold I, the Baldur's Gate series, and the Icewind Dale series. Neverwinter reminded me of the days when I played it as an online game by SSI & AOL. Add to the fact that with the Aurora Toolset (comes with NWN) I can create my own playable content and share it with others. So in this package you not only get the base game, you get the 2 expansion games, plus the 3rd premium expansion which in itself contains 3 games, and the Aurora Toolset. Can't beat the price and will keep you busy for some time to come.

The graphics and sound are very good by today's demanding standards and makes good use of the D&D rule set which I think was version 3.x at the time. Hopefully you will enjoy as much as I do.
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on August 17, 2010
I remember seeing my friend play this game, and all day he would play it. He played so much that I got interested to play it myself... And I enjoyed it hard to the core. Now that I have this game, my life is complete. As for the game itself, it's much like any other rpg around, but this game has that one charm that would never seem to let you get off your computer. The replay value is always inviting, giving you a chance to play the game as a different character as well as a class, and being able to see different turns in the story. I really love that you can customize almost anything in your character, even if you have a limited selection of faces, hair, muscle mass, etc. I love this game, but I gave only 4 stars because, even though this game has a sentimental attachment to me, it's not without its drawbacks. For starters, being that this is an old game, and nowadays graphics are awesome, the graphics in the game are a tad outdated, but I can look past that. Secondly, the voice acting isn't awful, but it seems that it could have been somewhat better. Thirdly, sometimes my eyes hurt from looking at screen for too much when it is vital to always see what's going on around you, but that's just me. And finally, the battles seem a little bland, but being how this is an old game you can't beat on it too much... still it would definitely help to have some excitement and intensity in the battles in a way that you would fear having to make a wrong move and die. All and all, this is a great game that won't disappoint you, it's really fun, it's full of endless possibilities, you won't regret it!
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on March 26, 2013
It's old but it set the standard for the genre. Kids and I still play it and with the thousands of mods available for this game it'll always be interesting. There are even graphics overhauls for it to breath some extra life into it. But you get it for the game play formost, it's exceptional and you get your money's worth. Each campaign is massive, 40+ hours and the side quests are good too.

If you have an Nvidia video card AND have a multi core processor you will want to enter the Nvidia control panel and set threaded optimization to OFF for this game only. You'll do that in the game profile itself. Don't do this in the global setting or you'll hose current games that use it. NWN is too old and you'll get all kinds of weird lag issues if you don't. Other than that, this decade and a half game runs just fine on current hardware.
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on April 30, 2012
The best game I ever owned.

A good PC title with plenty of patches under its belt, plenty and plenty of user content, and a long legacy of player-run servers, some of which had numbers rivaling MMO servers of today! It is just unfortunate we are long past this legacy. The game, while well put together and quite moddable, now no longer has such a great showing for player servers. Some remain, but variety is sorely lacking and the player count dwindles. There are maybe 4, 5 servers with populations above 20 regularly.
And the 3.0 ruleset is really so ancient.

That said, this game has been revived for me about every year for the last 5 with promise of some new server with good DMs, great area building and big goals. But they never last.

And it is probably past that now.

NWN3? Fingers crossed.
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on October 11, 2008
When I was younger, I didn't have the patience to wade through NWN's seemingly endless quests as you participate in the spiralling plot. This kept me in the first two chapters indefinitely. But when NWN2 came out, my interest in the NWN franchise was renewed. NWN2 was more immediately engaging for me than NWN, but the denouement of the original NWN campaign makes the foot-dragging of the mid-game well worth it.

Coming back to NWN, I can say I'm glad I did. BioWare adventures like this are always worth your money if you're an avid RPG fan. With my Diamond edition, I beat the original and part of SotU, and still come back to play it from time to time when I am craving a well-designed and interesting single player RPG.

I'm also hosting a NWN dedicated server campaign on my Internet-facing Linux box. Some friends and I work on the module and deploy once in a while, then partake in a little roleplaying environment when we all have the time. So the multiplayer and modding aspects are actually the best of any Bioware game (except, perhaps, NWN2). All of this is great fun, and puts Mass Effect to shame.

Those unfamiliar with BioWare's legacy may not be convinced by the name alone; but once you've taken the time to play through just one of their games, you'll have no doubt that BioWare titles truly live up to their renown: a genuinely interesting, intense, engrossing single player RPG experience that will keep you glued to your screen until you've finally restored order to the Forgotten Realms once again.

Stability/System Reqs: 4.5/5. Game is well-engineered to scale to high and low-end hardware, and has never crashed on me. Minor Windows Vista issues can be worked around.

5/5 for replayability/moddability, excellent main storyline (in all the expansions), value (only $20 for all of this!), and graphics that are serviceable even in 2008. Recommended as a gift to folks who are stuck with an older PC that can't play the newer ones like Mass Effect. Highly recommended to anyone who has ever played a BioWare game, liked it, and somehow skipped NWN.
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on October 23, 2009
This is truly a fun game to play. Its not too video demanding so older computers systems shouldn't have any problems playing it. Its based of of Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 rules and is filled with loads of game time and features. Character creation and features are really one of the finer features this games has. For the age of this game it still gives me hours of enjoyment. The single player game with all its expansions could have you gaming for months on end, however the real fun is in multi-player mode. NWN has an awesome online multi-player function that is unique indeed. Its completely free to lof in to independent designers servers or (realms) to keep the game going on and on. There are still a very reasonably large amount of players still logging on to the multi-player games featured by game spy, and development by people like you and me that host their very own NWN server in the D&D fashion. I've lost and also broken a few of my play disk of this game over the years, however I always find the little bit of spare money it cost to buy another to replace the original, and keep playing NWN.
I truly recommend this game if you like RPGs and the option of online play as well. Its great for low level or older systems.
I give it a A and two thumbs up!
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on December 13, 2009
What a great game. Even better because it will run nicely on older systems! Detailed, involved, and if you are a D&D freak, a good one to have in between gaming sessions. Highly recommended.
One thing to bear in mind with this product, however, is that even though the box says "includes all patches", it doesn't. New patches have come out since Diamond was released. You will have to go to the BioWare website and download the v1.69HotU patch and run it after you install if you want to run it on Windows 7. I ordered 2 copies, one for me and one for my hubby (I'm running XP, he runs 7) and we had quite a bit of "fun" trying to get his to work so we could LAN. The 1.69 patch fixed that problem quite nicely.
All in all, good product, great price.
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