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on August 14, 2013
The author, John O'Hara played an integral role in starting on of the first modern-day tea parties that sparked off a nationwide grassroots movement. In this book, he explains how these protests evolved, the principles that drive them and why they are necessary.--This is a well-written, very well documented book and a good read--Get one for yourself and you decide.
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on August 16, 2010
This book provided me with good background information on how the Tea Party took off. I was a little late in reading it but finally got to it. It is truly inspiring to know that the an organic movement could start in five days without no leadership or plans. This only solidifies the passion and compelling movement from real grassroots. There is also some real good history of how the unions control political agendas and how they treat the employers. It really filled in a lot of gaps a had in my research due to the overwhelming amount of damage being thrown at the American public on daily.

I read some of the low rate reviewers and again am disgusted by their desperate attempts to dismiss the movement. It was ironic that the book actually describes exactly what the lefties are doing here on Amazon and every other outlet. This is scary but it reminds me of the bibles teachings of demons, or for movie buffs when the sunlight hits the vampires.

Keep moving forward American so we can finally cement down the lid on these real hate-mongers that have gotten their way for too long!!
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on June 8, 2011
O'Hara is a crafty writer with real-world activist roots in the beginning of the Tea Party movement; according to the author, the Tea Party was established as a legitimate movement after Rick Santelli's February 19, 2009 rant on CNBC Squawk Box. O'Hara claims the movement came about because of the already stirring dissent among the majority of Americans, and Santelli's rant was the catalyst.

I don't consider this a thorough treatise on the history of the current Tea Party movement, nowhere near being academic. Instead, it's a distortion of the truth behind the advent of the most divisive political party in US history. The Tea Party is portrayed as a genuine grassroots movement. The author adamantly denies its Astroturf label and his affiliation with think-tanks like his employer the Heartland Institute. Sure, there is Soros and his support for Leftist astroturfs, but the Tea Party was no exception. It is disingenuous for the author to play down his employer's role in the movement, along with the influence of many other conservative think tanks. O'Hara does not state exactly why or how much did the think tanks support the Tea Party movement in the beginning. Instead, the author devotes a few pages to show how his organization denied RNC chairmen Michael Steele's initial chance of participating with the movement, in an attempt to make it seem that the initial "grassroots" movement was independent of outside GOP influence. We know now of the GOP influence, just by researching the history of FreedomWorks and the GOP success in the midterm elections.

The author fails dismally to correctly explain the economic meltdown of 2008. In Conservative fashion, he places the majority of blame on those delinquent homeowners with their subpar credit ratings and low income, by incorrectly associating Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as the main culprit of the debacle. Albeit, this book is not an economic treatise of the 2008 meltdown, the irresponsibility that caused the near economic collapse of 2008 lied with the banks and their iniquitous trades amongst themselves. Those delinquent subprime loans were only the tip of the iceberg, as most of the delinquencies came from prime loans, which was stated by the lenders themselves. Of course, none of this is mentioned in the book, which either shows the authors bias or lack of understanding.

There are more topics of conservative interest covered in this book, which is covered in Tea Party fashion masked as a moderate conservative. I purchased this book to see it from both sides, but I'm sorely disappointed. I'm still waiting for a legitimate treatise on a supposedly legitimate movement.
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on April 22, 2010
It is a very well written and thoughtful book. I saw John interviewed by Jon Stewart, the Daily Show, on April 20th. It was a spirited but respectful give and take. I recommend you watch the show online. This will surely peak your interest and get you to go out and buy this book. It appears that some of the negative reviewers of the book never read the book because those reviews are littered with inaccuracies and false innuendos and accusations. Shame on folks for taking pot shots like that without giving the book careful consideration. It is non-denominational, not partisan. Anyway, with more than 20% of all Americans now identifying with the Tea Party Movement, this is a well written and important piece of work to read.
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on January 20, 2010
Ch 1: The Tea Parties - Discusses behind the scenes events that resulted in the large tea party protests on April 15th 2009.
Ch 2: How We Got Here Abandoning Principles and the People - Discusses lessons from Ronald Reagan, disappointments of Bush, the 1994 Almost-Revolution, and disappointments of the George W. Bush Big-Government administration, and the 2008 election of Obama.
Ch 3: The Whistling Teapot, The Financial Crisis, and the Bailout Nation - Discusses Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) as well as bailouts and corporate welfare.
Ch 4: The Political Class Reacts - Identifies ignorance of the political class and the misguided attempts of DHS to tag "Right Wing Extremism" as anti-government behavior that could include tea partiers. It also covers out-of-touch Nancy Pelosi references to an astro-turf movement.
Ch 5: The Media Strikes Back - Interesting observations of the Media Blackout followed by misinformation and sexual slurs (e.g. Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, and Keith Olbermann shows); reviews the absurdly racist accusations of Janeane Garofalo as well.
Ch 6: Radical Ideas: fiscal responsibility, individual liberty versus stimulus fraud and mythical job numbers - concludes with violations of the Constitution
Ch 7: Radical Tactics - Discussion on Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, ACORN, Unions, SEIU, and a culture of corruption. Correctly identifies that Tea Partiers are against bailouts and handouts.
Ch 8: The Teapot Boils over Healthcare, Takes Center Stage - Discusses town hall reactions to a "fishy" plan supported by White House Spin.
Ch 9: The Tea Party Manifesto - Emphasis on fiscal responsibility and limited government
Ch 10: Rules for Counter-radicals ... Asks why should we reward bad behavior. He places emphasis on roles of government as well as consistent principled action.

I give this book my highest rating of five stars. John O'Hara has a wonderfully entertaining writing style that is very easy to read and understand. Incumbent politicians and those who aspire to elected offices should read this book to understand the "common men and women" who make up the Tea Party movement. It is a terrific primer in current events. John, I am proud of you for telling it like it is! Great Job!

Dr. B Leland Baker, author of Tea Party Revival
Tea Party Revival: The Conscience of a Conservative Reborn: The Tea Party Revolt Against Unconstrained Spending and Growth of the Federal Government
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on January 20, 2010
A VERY IMPORTANT BOOK! If you are fed up with high taxes, ridiculous government spending, outlandish national debt, and the current radical policies and corruption that is facing our nation, this is a must read! O'Hara presents an engaging and thoughtful read of a movement that will change the political landscape of our nation. He skillfully articulates the principles of the tea party movement and the problems currently facing our country at the local, state, and national level. This book will inspire you to create change. We must get involved NOW and improve our nation!
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on January 7, 2010
This book is very well written and offers a very unique first-hand perspective of the TEA Party movement not likely to be heard in the mainstream media. While the book definitely slants in favor of the TEA Party movement, and a is written from conservative/libertarian perspective, this book should be appealing to independents and Democrats concerned about the state of our nation too. The book criticizes the failures of Democrats and Republicans alike, and captures the frustrations toward government that many Americans now have.

Being a Tea Party organizer myself I found this book being a very accurate description of the real trials & tribulations of what a local TEA Party organizer, like myself, has gone through. It also provides great advice on how to avoid many of the pitfalls that could take the TEA party movement off of its intended course. Much of this book reads like a how-to book designed to instruct local liberty leaders on how to successful transition the TEA party movement from a once-off protest into a lasting successful political movement.

Perhaps, what is most important about this book is that it correctly diagnoses many of the problems facing local, state, and federal governments today and lays out a vision how ordinary citizens can become empowered to start tackling some of the most challenging problems that our nation currently faces.

A great read.
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on February 7, 2010
Once I got past the photo on the dust jacket and started reading, I was very impressed. Mr. O'Hara's in-depth knowledge of the most important movement in American history since the 1770's, is quite readable. Not only does he give the historical reasons for the movement, but, as one who has been involved for a while, I felt that he knew what he was talking about - something rare in journalism these days.

More than anyone else in print that I know of, Mr. O'Hara has a handle on the anger and frustration that Americans are feeling toward both major political parties for the extremely precarious fiscal position they've gotten us into. Fear for the future of our nation drives us to fight for liberty and justice for all, even those Americans who have yet to be born. For politicians, the tea parties are a force to be ignored at ones' own peril. Many on the left are trying to ridicule it into irrelevance, a la Alinski, not realizing that this nothing like the shallow, drugged up, make-love-not-war freak show of the 1960's. These tea partiers are mature, serious lovers of liberty, and they are the ones paying the bills in this country. They have every right and every reason to rebel against the looters in government who are stealing their children's futures.

With great wisdom, the author warns tea partiers of the dangers of putting personalities before principles. It is the timeless and powerful principles that give the tea parties moral power. Once corrupted by personalities, fighting for "fame" or "glory" or some other dubious power, their influence for good will be lost, or at least, weakened into ineffectiveness. To be truly effective, individuals and groups must maintain their integrity by subordinating their egos for the higher cause of regaining Constitutional government for future generations. Anyone who cannot get past the ego's desire for recognition is a potential cause for the downfall of the movement.

I think "A New American Tea Party" will be the historical record of this era when our great-grandchildren look back to find out what happened and why. I only wish Mr. O had chosen another photo for the book because this is a well-written, important book that deserves serious attention from all Americans!

If you like this book, I will suggest a great companion to it that is not as detailed or historical: Spread This Wealth (and Pass This Ammunition!) Why We Must, and How We Can Save America From Its Own Misguided Government. Spread This WealthThis one explains the moral, spiritual, and philosophical foundations for the Tea Party movement and the new libertarianism that will grow from it.
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