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 I really like this watch and am impressed with how quickly it acquires signal and with how accurate it is. A few flaws keep it from getting a 5 star rating, but I'd definitely recommend it for most runners. Watch the video for a full review.

Update: 8-11-2014
I have now recorded over 50 runs totaling over 300 miles on this watch. Overall, I'm still happy with it and I still think it deserves somewhere between a 3.5 and a 4 out of 5. Here are some notes:
-Despite about 3 software updates and at least 1 firmware update, nothing seems to have changed. I am still not a fan of the software and am increasingly disappointed with the lack of improvement. An obvious display-related software bug has been annoying me for months and it still hasn't been fixed. There is also a glitch in which exported .gpx files have time stamps that are off by an hour.
-The watch is still very slow to pick up on changes in pace. Definitely don't get this watch for interval training.
-The battery life is still awesome. I haven't noticed any change in how long it keeps its charge.
-There have been some instances where it took a good 3-5 minutes for the watch to acquire signal (even in places where it sometimes acquires signal very quickly). I'd say it typically takes between 1 and 1.5 minutes. I don't know whether acquisition time is related to geographical location...for reference, I live in northern Colorado.
-After seeing other people with various versions of the Garmin 10, I have to say that the Garmin 10 is far more attractive. The one in the video was a women's version. Garmin also makes bigger men's versions of that same model. Garmin has made firmware updates which apparently make their watch display similarly adjustable. The Garmin (online) software is far better in my opinion. As mentioned, the Garmin 10 is unbelievably better for interval training and is just as accurate. If you don't mind recharging your watch much more frequently, I think the Garmin easily wins. Personally, I'd still rather have the 12-hour battery life (and significantly cheaper price) of this NB watch.
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on December 12, 2013
I'm a 2:55 marathoner who's used Garmin GPS watches for years (specifically, the 101, 201, and 305). I also own a Polar RS800sd. Looking for a smaller watch that would log my distance and paces (total and lap, average and current), I settled on this low-priced option after I'd read a favorable review on Runner's World. It's surprised me to see that something that costs so much less than some other brands performs so much better.

I'm extremely satisfied. The GPS gets the signal faster than my 305, and loses it less. I have used it for numerous runs in rural Connecticut and urban Italy, in heavily shaded areas as well as within canyons of large buildings.

The battery life is terrific. While the charger is a little fussy to attach, it gets the job done. New Balance's GPS Master software is pretty solid, although I had a tough time installing it on my Mac, and got little help and some misinformation from New Balance support.

The buttons work well and are intelligently placed. Navigation between screens is intuitive and smart. I think New Balance's corporate experience as a manufacturer of running shoes and other running gear helps to explain why this unit is so solidly designed.

The watch does not work with a heart monitor, but I've concluded I don't really need one -- certainly not on the vast majority of training runs for which I've used the watch. Excellent deal!
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on April 14, 2014
I bought this watch purely for the GPS capability. I agree with some other comments regarding GPS accuracy. I ran around a track 12 times, and the tracking was slightly different for each. It also seems to favor the east side of sidewalks. Not sure why, but if the tracking is off, it is always on the east side by a couple of feet. Having said all that, you can export the .GPX to your laptop, then upload it to online services such as Strava. This has worked out extremely well. The actual NB software is very basic, kind of what you would expect from a 1.0 version. If NB were smart ,they will issue a 2.0 with massive improvements of functionality. But I haven't seen anything like that yet.

So in summary, the watch works great. The buttons are intuitive. Finding the signal took about 20 seconds the first time, then only 3-4 seconds after that. It does exactly what I wanted, but not well enough for 5 stars. But I am satisfied and see no need to get anything more expensive.
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on April 21, 2014
Been running and cycling 35 years, when even simple running watches didn't exist. So this is a amazing way to track your running and cycling. First of all it took me a while to understand how it works, as any new gadget. Pushing the MODE button to select "running" will not instantly start tracking your run with GPS. The stop watch is going , but it does take a few minutes to acquire the satellites. ( I have a Garmin edge 705 on the bike and it is the same way). So set the watch to RUNNING a few minutes before you start, but press the START when you do start running.
You can select which data you want displayed on the screen while you run. Time, average pace, distance , etc. You can setthe auto split timer so the watch will automatically beep and show you your split time each mile.
You must download the New Balance program, from the website. I find the program is set up nice to view all your running data including maps, elevation chart, etc. I researched the Garmin Forerunner 10, and this NB NX950. . Besides being $30 less than the Garmin, the display is nicer, and the battery life is about 10 hours vs. the aprox. 5 hours on the Garmin. Yeah I love the watch !
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on September 27, 2014
This watch is cheap, and it shows. Turns out there, may be a reason quality GPS watches range from $150 - $500. I've tracked a few activities with this (including worn on the same wrist as another GPS watch from a reputable and well-known manufacturer), and here is what I have learned:

1) The amount of GPS track "wander" is unacceptable. There appears to be no algorithm that prunes points when you are stopped, meaning that by the end of a run / hike it can record up to 25% further than actual distance traveled depending on the wander/stop time. (Uploading both tracks (from this watch, and from my old standby) to a popular sports tracking site, and it didn't even recognize they were the same track.)
2) The buttons are cheap and don't press cleanly meaning it takes some mashing to get what you want selected
3) The watch back has an aggressive bend to it that makes it very uncomfortable to wear on large wrists
4) Activities can not be downloaded via USB mass storage, but you must use the proprietary software (see below)
5) The proprietary software (GPS Master) is clunky, ugly and Windows/Mac only. BUT since the manufacturer decided to use a proprietary .tkl binary format, you must use the software to some extent to at-the-very-least convert to the universal GPX format.

In short - this is a cheap watch, and you get what you pay for. I would strongly suggest spending the extra $45 for a reputable brand of GPS watch that will give you accurate results, be more simple to use, have more features, and plays nice with other software (including universal web-based upload / data crunching).

In short - DON'T waste your time on this watch.
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on March 16, 2014
I would have given it 5 stars except for a few things. First, the instruction manual is poorly written. I can never understand why e manufacturers do not engage someone knowledgeable with the product to write an easily understood and useable manual.
For example.-1) Charge the watch using the instructions given but do not hook up to your computer. 2). Download software from the website.3). Look at the settings you want for running, interval, cycling before you connect watch to computer. 4). Using USB cable, connect watch to computer.5).Use computer to make your desired settings. Of course, all of these steps should come with the instructions that are given in the manual without having to hunt all over the manual for the desired instruction.

I also found that I had to change the time zone otherwise the watch is ahead by 1 hour. Why this is, I do not know. Now for the good news. I had a Garmin GPS watch Forerunner 310XT previously which cost me about $170. The strap on the watch broke after 1 year of use. Garmin wanted $99 to repair it. Well I purchased the New Balance NX950 for $89 and it works better than the Garmin. The GPS signal engages faster and, for what I use it for, it works fine. I don't use all the possible settings . I use in the running mode,- time elapsed, distance traveled and pace (minutes per hour)
Another nice feature is that it can also be used as a ordinary wrist watch with easy to see and read face. The manual indicates that it can be used in this fashion for a year without recharging.
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on May 26, 2014
i ended up returning this despite many positive reviews. i returned it mainly because it wasn't pulling the correct time of day from satellites. the garmins i've had in the past (despite other issues) never had this problem. maybe this would have resolved itself eventually, but for..

another dealbreaker issue: this watch is too narrow for my wrist. the two points on this watch where it comes down to meet the band are hard-molded before the band takes over. this distance was far too narrow for me, a reasonably-sized male (185lb, 5'11''). the watch simply pinched my wrist bones. this wasn't an issue that manifested well into a run; this watch was painful from the moment i put it on, regardless of tightness.

a silly design flaw, in my opinion, with what would otherwise be a great value in a gps watch.
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on September 1, 2014
A useful GPS watch for casual runners.

I had used this product for 10 months.

1. Battery life is not bad, I charge once every 2-3 months. But then I don't use it often, perhaps once a week.
2. The back of the watch shows water resistant 5atm. I ran once in a heavy rain, I was soaked, but the watch still function well after that. Didn't encounter any problem in this area.
3. Looks stylist and easy to clean.

1. It used to pick up GPS signal quite fast, but these days, it took a while, perhaps more than 3 minutes. I use the time for warm up. So no major issue to me.

Others commented the GPS distance measurement is not accurate, I can't attest this. But when I compared to mapmyrun and the distance seems less by 500m when I do 13 km run. However, who can confirm mapmyrun is 100% accurate?

So far I am satisfied with this product.
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on June 14, 2015
I have had this watch for a little over a year now and could not be happier with it. I have run with it at distances up to 50 km and in remote areas and have had no issues with battery life or picking up a satellite signal. I have also worn the watch for Spartan races and Tough Mudders and have had no issues with it. I have found the watch to be accurate when compared with other devices worn by other runners when I have been on group runs. The main things that I care about are pace, distance, and time and this watch is fantastic at all 3. The software interface doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles but I don't really care about that. I export the files as .gpx files and upload them into Strava and this works flawlessly and is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Bottom line is that I don't know why you would spend big money on Garmins or Suuntos or those types of watches unless you are doing some more fancy stuff. This watch is a bargain at twice the price.

I have never used this watch for biking or swimming so can't comment on that.
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on May 14, 2014
I am a casual runner who would likes to run anywhere without a preset track. I just want to track my overall pace and the distance I covered. Other things I was looking for were quick sync up with satellites, light weight, robust, good battery life and ease of use, "reasonable" accuracy

Coming to this New Balance GPS watch, it works perfectly for my requirements. It picks up the satellites fairly quickly (1 to 3 minutes). I can sync up with my laptop to get the route I ran, elevation, average pace per mile. Accuracy was reasonably good. In a recent half marathon I ran, it showed 13.5 miles. It accuracy of the distance went bad mostly in and around a stadium that the marathon route was passing thru.

Some of the improvements that could be made: The software is only in Kilometers, even though the watch itself can display in miles. It could not pickup the satellites when the weather was overcast. Better user instructions.

Considering the cost, this product is great value for your money. Good luck with your purchase
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