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on April 17, 2017
There is nothing really new here except for a remarkable analysis of how the human ego forms and covers the pure consciousness at our core. The book is not an easy read and tends toward repetition but that makes some of his central arguments more clear. If you are on a spiritual path from whatever religious discipline you like, then you very well might find this book of value. Although Tolle does not address this directly, I have not found a better explanation of the Buddhist doctrine of anatta anywhere. This book is not a how to particularly but more of a psychological treatise. In the maze of a lot of new agey junk published over the last 50 years, this book stands out as a valuable addition to the spiritual literature of the world.
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on February 7, 2017
Outstanding book. For anyone who is on an inner journey of discovery, this book offers provocative insights about how our ego hijacks us and holds us hostage in order to feed its insatiable appetite for control. Eckhart Tolle offers us new tools that can liberate us from this endless roller coaster of self-sabotage.
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on June 16, 2014
This is a must read book for those seeking to re-Member, awaken to who and what you are. Eckhart Tolle is an excellent writer clarifying his information in simplicity ... understandable without having to re-read passages.

His treatise on EGO became tiresome until I realized how important the information had become that my own ego was fighting me for dominance while beneath my Mind, my Spirit was struggling upward for dominance. I let go, and the rest of the book flowed.

Tolle certainly takes you inside. Periodically he will suggest a method for Feeling, for practicing standing in the Present Moment ... the NOW of life ... Eternity in the presence of the creating Source.

Throughout the book I worked ... some days struggling to release all thoughts cramming their way through my brain ... a busy mind that never ceases. I was successful without realizing it until several days after completing the book these stupid thoughts begin again. My countering is to pick up his book each day ... randomly open to a section and read to the end of the chapter keeping me in the Zone of Presence. I also take his advice and when I find Ego slashing and dashing to my forebrain, I stop. Right then. And breathe. One ... two ... three breaths, listening to the in and out. Feeling the moment on the out breath when everything stops. Centering on that moment, my Mind stops, the brain relaxes. Stupid thoughts vanish. I return to the Present Moment .... a space, personally. I never choose to leave.

As Tolle says, "A new species is arising on the planet. It is arising now, and you are it!"

Tolle, Eckhart (2006-08-29). A New Earth (Oprah #61) (p. 309). Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition.

Read this book. Study this literature. Practice this method. You may grow more spiritually through these ten chapters than in the past ten years.

Highly Recommend.
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on May 7, 2017
Mindfulness and focus on the present moment in your life has personal benefits in your whole life. Eckhardt is easy to read. However the impact might be more beneficial on a second or third reading after you think you have learned what he is trying to teach. There are study guides to his writings on YouTube that you might find of benefit.
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on July 18, 2016
I felt quite bored when reading the first several pages of this book. Then the author began talking about the ego, page after page after page. This book talked about the ego, my ego, in more ways than I had previously ever imagined, confronting and exposing my precious ego. On at least a couple of occasions, I threw the book across the room into the wall. Then I became aware that this was exactly what I needed. I have never before read a book describing the human ego with such logical description. His work on the "pain body" is some of the most valuable work on understanding human relationship behavior that I have ever read. I strongly recommend this book for anyone that is willing to take another step in becoming honest with one's self.
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on May 23, 2014
The words are used as a guidepost to help us remember about who we really are, and what is important in this lifetime. We spend our lives focused on the physical world and the physical self, and pay no attention to our real self, which is our inner Being. We spend so much time thinking and learning and contemplating...always living in the past or the future, and not being fully present now, where all of life happens.

This is a way to help you unlearn all that you think you are and need to be. It will take practice to learn to be present in each moment...we aren't use to doing that. We pride ourselves on multi-tasking! It's so simple, and yet so difficult, especially when everyone around you is asleep to this way of being. One by one hopefully we can awaken.

I tried to listen in each week with Oprah and Eckhart. It helped to clarify a few things, but I still have questions. I am also re-reading The Power of Now, which is similar in many ways. I enjoy the interpretations of Bible passages and parables in a way that I was never made aware of til now. It really makes sense!
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on June 8, 2015
I had tried to read "The Power of Now" before this and could not get through it, but after reading this I was able to get back and read it. I now see what the fuss is about. Tolle is great. I often use some of his techniques to get out of my head. There are so many gems of insight in this book that are readily usable. I wish everyone would read this and take it to heart. It breaks down what the ego is, and how to recognize what really creates drama in your life. Very good information.
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on June 10, 2014
This book changed my perspective on life. I have a pretty good life. I make a very comfortable living, have a beautiful wife and great kids, but there has always been a discomforting feeling in the background of my life. The day-to-day BS that wears on some people certainly has weighed on me. Before reading A New Earth, I would often find myself "partly cloudy" for no good reason. I spent so much of my time imagining hypothetical confrontations with friends/family/clients that were likely to never happen. I spent so much time and energy imagining those confrontations that I was never actually paying attention to the present.

That's what the whole book is about. I've found that some people are intimidated by the thought of reading the book because they're afraid that it will change them and they don't want to change who they are, but it will only bring out the best in you when you use its lessons. I still find myself in mental ruts but at least now I can reason with myself that I'm taking life way too seriously. Sometimes your body will make you irritable, hostile, envious, or nervous, but if you just accept yourself for who you are and try to bring yourself back to the present moment, you will realize that you are either dwelling on the past that you can't change or dreading a future that is not here yet and may never come to pass.

Everyone should read this book when they're ready to read it. If you read this book DO NOT PRESS IT ON OTHERS as you will just alienate them from ever wanting to read it, like my wife. Great, great, great book that will change your life if you soak it in and take it seriously.
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on June 20, 2013
Tonight a thought came to mind about how what I read is a bit parallel to the first Matrix movie and would be a good way to explain some things to others considering buying this book.

Morpheus' line from the Matrix movie: "You were born into a that you cannot smell, nor see, nor taste, nor touch. A prison for your mind." This prison, like the matrix, is a dream like state. A state of unawareness in which your thoughts that have been running around in your head (conditioned thought) hides the true reality of life from you like a veil over your eyes. Once this veil is lifted so much of the world and the Universe flows in. The ego being like a dam wall which held back the waters of truth, compassion (including self compassion) and beauty will fall if one takes to heart the pointers in "A New Earth."

Like Neo, from the Matrix movie, you may reject or rather the ego may reject these ideas as the Self (your spirit) begins to put some space...some distance between your thoughts and your spirit. When you open yourself to these spiritual truths that will ring true in your mind and heart you'll know it is right. Not because of a convincing argument, but a deeper truth that lies beyond our essence, our nature.

There is more space and peace within me each day in which I need much less and wish to give much more.

* Neo means "change"...a fitting name for the character.
** You are not your thoughts because you think them.....
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on May 15, 2016
I've had this book for years. Always too "busy" to read. As of late, started questioning. "What next? Why can't I be happy after achieving all of my life goals? Why does life seem meaningless without the prior chaos in my life?"

Now I understand. Looking forward to accepting the formerly unacceptable and stop resisting "life."
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