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Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$35.90+ Free shipping
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VINE VOICEon September 2, 2010
I am 36 years old. My son is 6 years old. We both play this and have a blast. I have played all the NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, and Wii Mario games. This game utilizes everything from the earlier SMB games and adds some new things. It has levels that pay tribute to old levels (ie: 8-7 is different but reminiscent of 8-7 in the original SMB). There is even a level that has floors similar to the original Mario Bros arcade game. In my opinion, this is the best 2D Mario game out. The level design and fun factor in this game is off the charts. In fact, it inspired me to get some old classic handheld mario games...Super Mario Land 1,2, and 3 and the Wario Land games for the GB/GBC. I've heard great things about those and I'm looking forward to playing them.

In case anyone is wondering...this is a different game than New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii...they both contain completely different levels. The Wii version allows up to 4 players to play on the same Wii at the same's a fun game, but I like this DS game better.

There are 3 save slots, so my son has his own save and I have my own. He loves the game but has trouble after world 3, so I have to help him through some of the more difficult parts. He loves the minigames and begs me to play them with him. If you have 2 DS systems and 1 cartridge, then you can play the minigames against each other which is fun. I can't say I love the minigames as much as he does, but they are fun, quick, and it makes him happy. I just finished the main game a few minutes ago and it was a blast from beginning to end.

Each world is easy enough for casual gamers to get through and there are 3 coins in each level to collect...collecting all these coins gives more challenge for the more advanced gamer. The game got more difficult around world 6, so I went back through the earlier worlds again to collect those coins and to build up my extra lives. Then I came back to finish the game. To complete the game, you only have to go through 6 of the 8 worlds...the other 2 worlds have to be unlocked somehow.

Now that I completed the game, I need to go back and collect all those coins and unlock the two worlds I haven't gotten to yet.
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on July 11, 2016
I've always been a fan of the Mario franchise, and this was one of the first games I picked up when I bought a DS. I beat it, but somewhere along the way it got lost so I purchased it again.

If you've ever played Mario (the regular ones, not the newer 3D ones), you know what to expect from this. Each level is fairly short but as you go along, they increase in difficulty. Once you beat the game, it's fun to go back and gather missed items. It's also possible to unlock other worlds as you go along.

This game is becoming harder to find, so if you're on the fence, go ahead and get it before the jerks that resell at outrageous prices snatch up the reasonably priced ones.
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on April 27, 2013
As a fan of Mario games, this game is definitely a must own. I've heard people complain that it doesn't offer a whole lot of change or innovation compared to games like Super Mario Bros 3 on NES or Super Mario World on SNES, but honestly, that's kind of the point. This game, and indeed the series of games that it spawned (the New Super Mario Bros games) are very deliberately retro. They very deliberately use the same gameplay as the classics.

That said, they still do offer some new power-ups that allow for new/different ways to do things. So no, its not the next generation of games, but it is another iteration of the classic formula that people still love, and apparently still want, considering how well this series seems to be selling.

In addition to the main "storyline" game (if it can even be said to have much of a story), this also includes a load of mini-games and multiplayer games, some of which DON'T require a second copy of the game to play (as long as the other party has a DS).

All in all a great purchase for fans of the Mario series.
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on April 16, 2014
I've always been a fan of the original SMB for the NES & arcade. Who hasn't or isn't? The graphics are amazing,
very colorful. The music is classic SMB done right. The play controls are tight and precise. There are numerous
secrets to be found and the replayability is very high. There are some gamers who say the game is too easy.
There are some areas that are, but the difficulty is just right in my opinion. The fun factor is out of this world, I
won't reveal anything here, you have to play this game and experience it for yourself.
Very highly recommended for SMB fanatics everywhere.
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on June 1, 2006
I mainly bought this game because of the mini games. I had so much fun with them on the Super Mario version. I was dissapointed to see they were repeats, but they are still fun, of course. Anyway, I started to play the actual game and i was just blown away. I read the other reviews and I was expecting some real downers like the game being too short and other problems, but I have to dissagree. Even though the game reminds me mostly of Super Mario 3 of the original Nintendo, it has a lot of elements with the very first Super mario game. For instance, it has 8 worlds, a castle of course being at the end of each world, and a flag you jump to at the end of each level. Like the future Mario games, there are more than four levels in each world. What's cool is, you can go back to these levels and explore things you missed the first time. I like that there is a mushroom that makes you a giant and a mushroom that makes you a tiny mario. I thought it was cool when I saw the teeny tiny pipe only little mario can squeeze into. Anyway, like the original mario game, the first level in the world is rather easy, but gets harder with each level until you get to the castle. I'm still on World two, because I'm not getting the three special coins in all the levels and I'd like to unlock some bonuses with them. My favorite part of the game is the fact that you can save a flower power, big mushroom, mushroom etc on the lower screen (only one at a time though) and when your guy is in trouble, touch it and down if falls on mario. Also, every time you go into a pipe, unless it shoots you into the sky, mario goes down and the game appears on the lower screen. I think that was a very cool idea. It's just a really fun game. It's worth every penny. I can overlook that he cant fly, because he couldn't in the original mario game, but he becomes a giant, so who cares. Everything you have to do is where you can reach it most of the time. So in conclusion, I only gave four stars overall because, the mini games are repeats and I agree with other critics that it's annoying when you can't save from anywhere. That's why I try to get all the special coins. When you have five coins, you can unlock a bonus spot in the game, and before you get your bonus, they ask you if you want to save. You also can save when you defeat a castle or the smaller castle in the middle of the worlds. But still, that's not convenient at all. It's still worth the money and I can live with those two exceptions. Thanks for reading.
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on July 7, 2007
I have always played the puzzle type games (Tetris etc.) but decided to try this game with the new DS system. I became addicted....I love it. This is the first Mario game I have played so can't compare it to other Mario games but I have played such games as Shrek and Lord of the Rings and find the Mario game more fun and easier to play.

I am older (57) so don't have the skills of some of the younger users but enjoyed sharing it with my nephew as we compared gameplay. He always beat me of course....:-)
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on August 20, 2016
This is a review on an order that was fulfilled several years ago. It turns out this was a counterfeit copy of the game. It will not longer play on my son's 3DS after Nintendo sent an update to block the fakes. The cartridge that I received was labeled as NTR-A2DP-USA, which is not a valid product code. Be careful buying used copies of this game,
review image review image
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on September 22, 2006
Nintendo has done it again. I have been a Mario fan since the NES days. I never enjoyed any of the other ones more than Super Mario Bros. I was sure I would like this game, but not as much as the original. If I don't though, it is a very tight race. The graphics are wonderful (my previous handheld was a GBC - so you can only imagine.) The colors are vivid and the sound is good. And it is also easy to control. I now own 8 DS games and this one is my favorite. Also, you will never get bored with all the mini games included. I would highly recommend this game.
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on December 5, 2015
Even better than the Wii version - they are not identical games as I thought. This is a title every Mario lover needs in theor game collection such as my 7 year old is.
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on September 20, 2016
My 6 yr old loves this game! Nintendo rocks, great game play and easy enough for younger kids. Came in great condition, no damage plays perfectly.
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